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'William & Kate' Lifetime Trailer Released!

'William & Kate' Lifetime Trailer Released!

Check out the trailer for Lifetime’s upcoming TV movie William & Kate!

The flick tells the story about Prince William‘s courtship with fiancee Kate Middleton, the ups and downs of their relationship, and how they dodged the paparazzi.

Nico Evers-Swindell plays Wills, while Camilla Luddington takes on the role of Kate.

William & Kate airs on Lifetime April 18, just a few days before the real-life royal nuptials on April 29!

WILL YOU WATCH Lifetime’s movie about Prince William and Kate Middleton?

William & Kate Trailer
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  • mike

    Does every actress need to get a nose job? So annoying

  • Jane

    He looks nothing like William, and can that look more soap operaish?Please!

  • Tom

    What accent are they trying to do? Sounds horrible.

  • Casey

    Wow Americans really really need to get over the obsession with the royal family…I thought your ancestors fled to get away from monarchial rule. Grass is always greener huh??? *rolls eyes*

  • Lyla Says

    Kate Middleton is a tramp.

  • Lyla Says

    Unfortunately, Canada still has the British Monarchy as its head of state. How pathetic. These William and Kate losers will be headed our way come summer.

    The majority of Canadians–70% wants to get rid of the British Monarchy as head of state, but politicians don’t have the backbone.

  • nick

    wth is wrong with americans? why do you people love the monarchy so much?! IDK why it still exists?! LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMMMEEEE!!!!

  • mikki

    If you are Canadian then you must be aware that it is more complicated for the government than just getting “rid” of the monarchy. Our parlimentary structure is fashioned after the British Parliament. Therefore the government would have to be restructured. That is quite a big deal. This has nothing to do with being a monarchist.
    But being Canadian you would definitely already know this. Correct?:

  • KingofTown

    I don’t care about this couple.

    I hate them already

  • v

    NO I won’t even watch the actual R. Wedding! She’s a Social climbing TRAMP who doesn’t deserve the title she is f-ing her way into.


    LIKE SERIOUSLY…DO WE REALLY GIVE A FUCC!!!!!!!!!!!!! we got waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more better things to worry about…wtf

  • shoegal

    this made me cringe and i don’t see how this movie can advance the actors’ careers.

  • Randy Addison

    This happens to all heir to royal families around the globe. I have seen a lot of movies from Asian to many other nationalities with this kind of dilemma.

  • lol!!!!

    Looks like there’s someone who hates the WIlliam and Kate with a passion posting over and over again. Ridiculous. Are they really worth it? I think they’re a cute couple and I might watch this as a guilty pleasure, but, really, you’ve got to wonder about people who obsess.

  • Abby

    I don’t care what people say, I’ll be watching this movie lol.

  • Hmm…

    Hahaha omg why have they made a movie about this?!
    Oh how embarrassing. Kate and Will are so much more attractive than these actors it just looks wrong.

  • Casey

    Totally agree, not to mention that the Head of State thing is little more than a figurehead title. THe Queen actually has very little athority anymore. Much like Pound Sterling, the monarchy is a part of english heritage and culture. I was horrified when there was talk of joining the Euro, the GBP is just so much a symbol of britain and to throw that away for the Euro?? No thanks. Im not a royalist but I like that one part of our culture hasnt been thrown down the drain like so many in an attempt to appear utterly muliticultural. At the risk of being called racist, here in the uk, the government is pretty much stamping out anything thats british or even vaguly christian as non PC. Kids cant have nativity plays, or call it christmas, its the ‘holiday season’, hile theres a national holdiday in scotland, ireland and wales for their patron saints, england doesnt have one, its pretty much ignored for fear of alienating those of different cultures. Its pathetic. embrace other cultures yes, but not at he expense of your own. Its pathetic. Im going to emirate to Canada at some point, which im so excited about. I love Vancouver to the bottom of my soul!

  • Solina

    I can’t make it out……