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Alexander Skarsgard: Joan's on Third with Kate Bosworth!

Alexander Skarsgard: Joan's on Third with Kate Bosworth!

Kate Bosworth goes out to lunch with her boyfriend, Alexander Skarsgard, at Joan’s on Third on Monday (March 21) in West Hollywood.

The 28-year-old actress and her 34-year-old True Blood beau chatted as they sat outside the restaurant and munched on salads and water. before leaving separately. Joan’s on Third is one of the couple’s favorite spots to eat!

On Monday, Alex was spotted heading to the gym for a workout in West Hollywood.

FYI: Kate is wearing a Burberry coat and shoes.

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Credit: Fern; Photos: Splash News Online
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  • shoegal

    i can’t tell if she’s giving him googly eyes or the food he’s eating.

  • okay


  • Cafelady

    …seems like the (pap)show is goes on….
    I wonder, if we had wait long for that….obviously, not long…

  • fatty arbuckle

    Salads and water, mmmmmm.

  • chelle

    It’s official…. he’s retarded!! Still like to drool though ….is it me or should it say she watched while he ate?!?

  • Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    I see just pic but no one in pic why?

  • Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    They know how they boring couple

  • Whatever

    Wow, this is actually a couply photo after all, I’ll give them that. Now we’ll better get prepared for their marriage available on TV around end of April… my bad, wrong Kate.
    Now I wonder why they left separately if they are living together? Insiders, sources or anybody please explain.

  • Tanter


    Well, this is what was to be expected and will probably keep happening until Straw Dogs are out.

  • Skarsgard wannabe

    At first glance, it does look like they had a nice lunch together but in the shot of her walking away you can see he’s still there talking/eating with someone. Apparently they weren’t alone or someone else sat in her seat as soon as she got up. I do like her outfit in these pictures, guess she read the comments and covered her legs. Still wish she’d do something more flattering with her hair…

  • http://Ja Sligo lambert ^____^cute

    Police want take her in jail

  • Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    He 1 of paparazzi

  • Mamabear

    Finally! A picture of them together. I think it’s really strange that he goes to such lengths to avoid being photographed with her in public. If you love someone it shouldn’t bother you, right?

  • kittykat

    Does he eat salad with a spoon then????

  • Skarsgard wannabe

    Oh, and could an insider or someone with a source please explain why the water and salads at Joan’s on Third are enough to get even an uber private person like AS to meet KB there to eat biweekly and on the patio, no less! The risk of getting papped is worth the salad??

  • Joan

    LOL. I guess that’s the obligatory ‘romantic date’ candid of the week.

    She tries to look intimate with him for the paps while he’s laser-focused on his food, as always.

  • Raven

    Yes, finally pics together but as usual, something’s strange about the set up.

    It looks like he’s eating with someone else and she stopped in to say hi or something.

  • Skarsgard wannabe

    Oops. You’re right. Looks like someone either forgot to tell the paps or have her pr do it , that he wasn’t eating salad. And we still don’t know what designer labels are on her clothing. Usually on these accidentally caught on camera outings we know the brands of her clothes.

  • peanut

    Is that a guy with him in the last photo?

  • essence

    That is a nice coat.
    Looks like she took her extensions out.

  • H.

    bird-legged ho.

  • mickey

    ugly chick

  • chelle

    And in that last picture the waiter is moving the extra chair ……wow who cropped the photos

  • Wilson

    @essence: She suffers from early, onset female pattern baldness.

  • Wilson

    She should speak out about it. She could help a lot of women.

  • Girl 3579

    Do you notice that all the photos are focused on her? I can’t stand it anymore! Can’t she just be simple and stop all this over exposure thing?? Just make movies (well, if she find someone who wants to put her in it…) and support them. I really don’t care that she eat salad and water for lunch ( by the way she should take 10 burgers at least!)

  • Shan

    For someone who values his privacy SO MUCH, it’s odd to me that he eats at pap-infested restaurants, shops at pap-infested grocery stores, runs in pap-infested areas, and goes to pap-infested concerts. I guess that’s Hollywood for you.

  • Cara

    I love you Wilson!! I always laugh when I see your post :)

  • q

    Why do all the fatties hate her? oh yeah, she gets the hot guys and you don’t! hehehahahehehaha

  • Ellie

    I have nothing against KB, but I have to say she does not look good in these pics. She looks sick.

  • Bea

    Yeah, If he is so private he should not live in Hollywood. Private people do not live there.

  • Sunbug

    It’s a Burberry ad. JJ just but up that the shoes and coat are Burberry.
    She just had to stop by to show the paps, I mean Alex her outfit.

  • chelle

    BTW…i just read an article on tyra banks and it said Kate is not a shareholder in crapmint. So why is she trying to push it of as “her ” company?

  • Little French

    Enfin en tête à tête…

  • Shan

    Actually #29, I’m not fat & it’s amusing that the roughly 3 people who defend KBos on this site always go there. Why would you assume that his fans are fat? I guess because I have no appreciation for vapid, failed actresses struggling to hold onto any sort of relevancy, then I must be overweight *rolls eyes*

  • Mike

    Such a cute couple. :)

  • kitty

    salads and water. yum. and she leaves while he stays with his other friends. *how romantic*

  • BOOP

    how come there’s no shots of them embracing, or him getting up to greet her? if that happened, you would think those would be the real money shots, not her walking and sitting.
    you’re right, it is all about her in these pics. you barely see his face.

  • minx

    It looks like he was having lunch with friends when she showed up, like a stalker, with her band of paparazzi.

  • Liz


    Yeah, a disease called desperation.

  • http://justjared Mjforever

    You guys I am getting PAST the fun I have calling her out and laughing at her antics looking for attention now I am worried WTF LOOK AT HER she is SICK she is KILLING HERSELF IN FRONT OF US no way those legs belong to a human being DAMN and to think the camera actually puts pounds on you and she is wearing a coat and jeans . Doesn’t she have parents or friends who love her? Those people need to do something .

  • Whatever

    @BOOP: We learned in the last thread that this is reserved for something exclusive. The paps hold back so the great revelation is bringin in more money or so I heard. ROFL

  • not again

    kate is rubbing her foot/ankle against alex’s?? he is not responding to that! alex is paying little attention?? kate is in heaven staring at him his food is more important then kate (good boy). and why is she leaving (seperate) was it just to drop by say hello feel him up in public and then leave with the paps. so this is there couply monthy pap shots again how romantic our next one’s are in april I think
    ( rolls eyes)

    oh and INSIDERS before you come on these boads and claim living together. PLEASE MY ASS

  • M

    Great shoes Kate… (for once…)

  • Susy


    He’s an actor. The majority of the acting jobs is in LA.

  • Linn

    I still love Alex. He is a wonderul actor. I just wish he had better taste in women. I do not think KB is as bad as her reputation, but she seems so dull and anorectic.

  • http://viking65 mforman

    she is really now just into her stalking phase, that is her MO, and after those stupid pictures of her holding the book she is supposedly reading, she had to do something. every web site is making fun of her with that book, she failed with that party oh i mean dinner and now did that stupid shot at the salon with AS’s favorite book.
    she is losing control and he is gaining it back.

  • Tea

    Every web site? I think you are making her far more important than she is. Every website do not write about KB.

  • Di

    Enjoying “salads and water” made me laugh… Can we now move on to something more important, like trying to see how many signatures one needs on a petition to put Chris Brown in jail?

  • 42

    Did she read AS favorite book? What a scandal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please take your medication. Who cares what she reads? Is every little detail important in your conspiracy theory?