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Chris Brown & ABC Respond to 'Good Morning America' Incident

Chris Brown & ABC Respond to 'Good Morning America' Incident

Chris Brown storms out of Good Morning America‘s studios shirtless after his appearance on the morning show on Tuesday (March 22) in New York.

The 21-year-old singer was asked a series of questions stemming from his infamous Rihanna incident. Chris was upset by the questions and smashed a window in his dressing room, which ABC News confirmed.

ABC News released a statement following the interview saying, “As always, we ask questions that are relevant and newsworthy, and that’s what we did in this interview with Mr. Brown.”

Chris later took to Twitter saying, “I’m so over people bringing this past s**t up!!! Yet we praise Charlie Sheen and other celebs for there bulls**t.” Chris later deleted the message.

10+ pictures inside of Chris Brown leaving GMA following the incident…

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chris brown abc respond to gma incident 02
chris brown abc respond to gma incident 03
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chris brown abc respond to gma incident 06
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  • Brittney

    No surprise here…once an angry and violent person…ALWAYS an angry and violent person.

  • luke

    mega douchebag

  • Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    What this agein crap

  • Sean

    No surprise here. Once a sheep. ALWAYS a sheep.

    You guys don’t even know the entire story and you’re already judging the guy. There was no outburst or throwing a mental fit. The interviewer kept pushing about his past. He was instigating the argument. Brown simply wanted to talk about his new album. That’s all. But the guy kept bringing it up. Brown has every right to be pissed and storm off. The interviewer was an ass.

  • Jessa

    Charlie is a drug addict and acts wacky but that is exactly the point/difference.
    He’s an addict that says goofy stuff.
    He didn’t smash a window and a girl’s face.

  • Ehm

    Way to go. You’re doing exactly what everybody wants by loosing it like this. You’re proving their point. If you really HAD changed, you would not be acting like this. You’d make a joke about it or just smiled and fake sincerity while saying how much you’ve grown and moved on. But no, you’re too young and immature so you do this instead. How exactly is this gonna help?

    All these young celebs can’t handle it. And bringing up Charlie Sheen ha! Like his behavior should set the standard you should be comparing yourself to…

    Too much pressure on these immature little celebrity children. They can’t handle it!

  • Charlie Sheen had hookers and blow

    Chris Brown, you beat up a woman. THAT IS NOT WINNING

  • http://Ja Sligo lambert ^____^cute

    I never like him

  • tricia

    We give Charlie Sheen a past because of his dad, he’s white, rich and hilarious.

    Chris Brown, you shouldn’t be surprised with all the slack.

    We praise Woody Allen, but condemn Michael Jackson (no proof he ever molested those children)
    It’s because of your race….

    Gee whiz, duh!

  • JuliaUy

    He’s someone that if he wasn’t a singer he would be a criminal! Actually HE IS A CRIMINAL.


    that b***ch is a disgrace to the race. she set chris up and he should have seen it coming. yeah hate on me.

    what he did was disgustingly wrong but damn man nail him to a cross so you can stone him to death let him get on with his life.

  • @Sean: Yeah, but when you’re angry, you don’t smash freaking windows. You do that if you’re abusive and have anger management issues.

  • Ninja

    I’ll give him props for having a Jubei (from Ninja Scroll) tat, but I hate this guy…

  • http://Ja Sligo lambert ^____^cute

    Go back in home

  • JuliaUy

    @tricia: How can you say that? It’s not because of his race, don’t you think there are enough reason to “condemn” him? He’s violent, did you see the pictures of what he did to Rihanna? HE’S A CRIMINAL AND SHOULD BE IN JAIL!

  • WRONG…


    ACTUALLY, Charlie Sheen has had an extensive past when it comes to domestic violence. Look it up.

    It is strange how people are so obsessed with Chris Brown hitting Rihanna but nobody gave a crap when Chaelie Sheen punched Brooke and held a knife to her throat.


  • Keena

    The race card is ridiculous.
    Listen, it’s a GOOD THING that people are showing low tolerance for males that beat up women.
    That’s the bottom line here.

  • lisa

    he is a disgusting person who deserves to do jail time for his crimes. maybe if he had ever shown real remorse for what he did to rihanna, then people would move forward and stop asking him about it and give him a second chance. i think people want to forgive him and move on but he makes it difficult by constantly acting like an asshole.

  • Did You Miss the Set Up?

    Chris how could you WALK into this TRAP? Of course they will ask you about the Rihanna Controversy in an effort to get you all hyped up so you would BLOW a FUSE! Especially the day ur Album comes out!
    Get a Clue Chris, we want to believe in you but when you give into these fools and their crap, we find it hard to Understand ur Behaviour!!!
    Looks like they Won Chris…

  • answer the question


    So can you take a stab at guessing WHY Charlie was NEVER vilified for beating his old women, yet people still won’t get over Chris Brown hitting Rihanna?

    Do you have an answer for that?

  • 2be


    fake sincerity ? Truth always comes out . You can’t PRETEND you are changed person if you aren’t . That’s the problem with many celebs.Pretend,pretend,pretend.

  • Bree

    hes sexy!

  • KC

    Both Charlie Sheen and Chris Brown have violent tendencies. Both Chris and Charlie need to deal with their anger issues like adults. They need to discuss their issues in private with professional therapists instead of posting on Twitter and various other sources of the media. They are both examples of how destructive money and fame can be.

  • havering

    Only in America.The land of the free,ahehehaha.Your double standards are astonishing.

  • Tara

    oh boo hoo chris brown. i dont feel sorry for your ass one bit. if you didnt want to have to talk about your past poor decisions maybe you should have thought about that before you beat up a woman. your actions have consequences and now you have to deal with them. and in my opinion you arent doing a very good job with that.

  • laverdadduele

    I vote for Chris Brown and Charlie Sheen to take a long walk off a short pier.

  • Cammie

    All those anger management class, he still can’t control himself..Next step…Prison

  • Cammie


    Charlie Sheen is scum, but he has never been convicted of felony assualt. What does Charlie have to do with Chris temper, did he force him to beat Rihanna or lose his temper at GMA. Fist Brown should focus on his temper problem not Charlie Sheen

  • Sky

    U know Rihanna does’t want to talk about it anymore I think media should respect that and stop bringing this up. Why revictimize the woman. It been two years both have talk this to death. It time to let it go.

  • hahhys

    i don’t like chris brown that much tbh but the inteviewer kept pushing his buttons. i guess he know he would blow so he kept trying to steer the conversation towards his album but the interview kept going back to it. i would’ve been pissed if she had done that to me but i still don’t think that it then gives him the right to break a window or storm out like the ‘incredible hulk’. that was pretty weird :L

  • janie

    he’s such an angry loser

  • Sky

    Where’s the proof he broke a window. No cop went to gma….spreading rumors #30.

  • Filipa Santos

    You’re such an asshole

  • q

    LEAVE HIM ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tina


    If willingly to punch a girl, what makes you think he won’t break a window, why is he in the streets looking a fool without a shirt…His camp hasn’t deny the window claim.

  • 666

    Only see what you wanna see much? how about recidivist R Kelly who walked free? OJ Simpson? Ike Turner? didn’t know convicted Polanski was black…

  • Maria Doria

    Yes, He did a big mistake, but it’s enough.
    He is a young and deserve to try to fix his life.
    The Press sometimes is over, beyond any human boundaries.
    Give some peace to him.

  • Tina


    He needs to leave us alone and stop releasing albums/showing his face on TV.

  • emily

    i guess he doesn’t realize that there’s a difference between him and charlie sheen.
    charlie sheen is a slow train wreck that everyone can’t look away from. he’s just a crazy person that says crazy stuff.
    chris brown beat up a woman. it doesn’t matter if it was rhianna or not. he beat up his girlfriend. and then continued to have a douchey attitude despite the treatment for his anger. if he wanted people to not see him as scum anymore, he should take responsibility for his actions and not try to make people forget them or (in this case) break a window.

    people don’t “praise” charlie. they can’t get enough of him because it’s funny. he’s a funny person whether he’s messed up in the head or not.
    no one will ever praise someone who thinks it’s okay to punch a woman in the face.

  • Cristobal

    I am trying to understand this concept which clearly appears from the many blogs I read. People want celebrities like Chris Brown, the Kardashians, Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Justin Bieber, etc to “disappear” or “die” or “get a life” or “mature” YET it is always the negative people who are the first to comment about them. Interesting. How about you not say anything and move on with YOUR life which should be an important issue rather than focus on someone else life you can’t control. It’s just a thought.

  • Frida

    Oh please he’s being so ridiculous. He has to own up to his mistakes and realize that people will be asking questions about it. It was two years ago not twenty so he should just answer the questions and shut the hell up. Throwing a temper tantrum and smashing dressing rooms surely won’t make us believe that he’s changed. I do get his frustration with Charlie Sheen though, because that man is insane and yet people think it’s all entertainment. It’s not. He’s a drug addict and a woman abuser also so he should be behind bars not on tv.

  • Did You Miss the Set Up?

    Chris you should have politely excused yourself and said, “I’m sorry, I thought this Interview was about Album? If it isn’t then I could return on the day that it is. Thank you for having me, I’m sorry we couldn’t talk about my album today! God Bless!”

  • once is not enough is it

    Oh really Rihanna wasn’t hiding after he hit her.. no she was feeling
    really good at the clubs in Bahama’s not like most victims of abuse.

    Hell no she is no role model for abused women just the opposite
    Go ahead and go to the clubs with your girlfriends right after it happens and tell the world the it doesn’t matter as long as he loses
    his career.. why not go after Mary Kate and ask her why she killed
    Heath Ledger by delaying the EMS..telling the massage therapist
    to wait … eh.. bring that up… and why not have them ask why can’t
    you let it go.. and let everyone live their own lives.. Please we
    have a basketball star who is a rapist do you ask him about that
    incident in deep detail.. bring that up.. NO YOU DON’T JUST GOOD
    OL Chris Brown.. that is all …And a rapper who is into child porn
    do you ask him about it no.. ! What about Sean Penn who beat
    his wife do you ask him about it..Riahanna was not hurt by the
    incident so give it up..

  • Alice

    Sheen and Brown are both psychopaths who have been given way too many free passes by the public. Sheen also has a history of domestic violence incidents, but somehow (maybe because there are pics) the Chris Brown incident creeped me out more.

  • me


  • Maria Doria

    Yes, He did a big mistake, but it’s enough.
    I’m a journalist and come on…his attack on Rihanna? It is not a new, please, move it on. Can you do better?
    I don’t know him, I don’t like him, but he is a young and deserve to try to fix his life.
    The Press sometimes is over, beyond any human boundaries.
    Give some peace to him.

  • A Gem

    Mr. skinny d!ck is also a d!ckhead.

  • Stacey

    Whites are so clueless. Although the incident isn’t about race – how Chris is villified is about race. Charlie Cheen has been beating women (the mother of his children) and threatening their lives for YEARS, as recent LAST YEAR. We have pacified him over and over, and then one of the large networks gives him a job paying him a large sums of money and he continues to beat the women who bore him children and behave badly. The MEDIA has not VILLIFIED Charlie but here we are making excuses for his behavor. Notwithstanding, that man is over 45 years old. Chris made a mistake. He is a Young man who is entitled to move on with his life. It amazes me how quick whites play down real issues that not only blacks deal with everyday but every other minoritiy faces the same fate.

  • Stacey

    I challenge the whites who are posting “not about race” to show me the number of news stories and/or articles that are written about Charlie Sheen and his physical, violent abuse of women. I challenge them to show me interviews whereby he is asked about his physical abuse over and over and over after the abuse has happened. Charlie’s physical abuse of his last wife is more recent than the Rihanna and Chris Brown abuse. But do you see it in the media??? Ask yourself, where is the outcry of support for his former wives? He is getting a second chance, even his former network is contemplating bringing him back to his show? Now tell me it is not about race.

  • Stacey


    You are so very wrong. Charlie has beaten both his former and current wife. Charlie has a history of being violent with women but it’s obvious you don’t know that. Now ask yourself, why don’t you know that? It’s because whites are portrayed differently than blacks. And, make no mistake about it, the abuse that Charlie has inflicted on women (as recently as a year ago) far surpasses anything that Chris has done. Keep in mind, Charlie is 45 years old; Chris is 21. He made a mistake – get over it. If Chris is still doing the same thing 25 years from now, then I agree with you. You need some diversity training because you are obviously very out of touch. I don’t mean this in a negative way, however, I do believe you would benefit from some diversity training.