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Chris Brown: 'Beautiful People' Video Premiere

Chris Brown: 'Beautiful People' Video Premiere

Check out the Chris Brown‘s video for his latest single, “Beautiful People.”

The 21-year-old singer was scheduled to make an appearance on MTV’s The Seven to premiere it but backed out after the Good Morning America incident earlier in the day.

“Beautiful People video is out!!! It’s about uplifting one another and positivity!!!” Chris tweeted.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Chris Brown’s “Beautiful People” video?

Chris Brown – Beautiful People
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  • karen

    loveeeeeee it and him!

  • http://MissVollmer Simone

    Cool video. Cool song. Love it!

  • kace

    CB is a JOKE! he is a piece of Sh*t and a juvenile douche. after everything he has done only idiots would still like he

  • Lela

    No thanks. I won’t watch his video nor listen to any of his songs. Practice what you preach Chris, you say positivity I see only violence in you.

  • jake

    Jared you are a positive guy, you shouldn’t associate yourself with this negative person. Please don’t promote him. You are feeding his ego and after what happened today we all know he is not a changed man. He belongs in the gutter.

  • laab

    I guess positivity now means throwing a chair at a window when you don’t like the questions being asked you in an interview. i guess it also means when you beat up your girlfried it was just a “mishap”…what a douche!

  • Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    Cheap scum video as him

  • Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    Video baaaad

  • Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!


  • hehe*

    He’s doing his thing. I’m happy for him. He’s been through hell and now he’s coming back. Even celebs are tweeting (as we speak) telling people how amazing the album is. People support good, no GREAT music. Who care whether you like him as a person or not. We’re here for his music and his TALENT. Jared I don’t know how you feel about him but don’t ever act like all the other shxt media outlits. He’s HUMAN and humans make mistakes. Learn how to forgive. Keyword FORGIVE not forget.

  • jason wilten

    good vid

  • jason wilten

    good vid

  • anthony

    Yeah he is all about the positivity… I wish people would stop rewarding this idiots abusive behavior, he clearly has issues when he could have killed his gf and that isn’t normal you just don’t get better then come on back to being a celeb. Jared you should set a good example by not posting his crap. I know this will be the only post I waste my time on making about this guy.

  • i n f a m o u s l y c o o l

    …Jared, you can keep trying to promote him but it wont work. His album will bomb because people don’t like douchy little cry baby kids.

  • hollywood

    woohoo Chris is pimp, haters GTFO

  • dfbd

    lol how ironic

  • ina

    @hehe*: and obviously you’ve never been beaten on.

  • W

    He’s not as talented as he seems to think

  • hiwow

    Yeah im gonna post a video showing all the famous people i know, that will make an epic music video wtf?!

  • 321

    I hate Chris and I hate Charlie. Lets not forget that Charlie shot his Kelly Preston who covered it up, and abused Brooke before holding a knife to her throat. Both scum.


    Someone needs to sit down Chris Brown and tell him to shut da fucc up for like maybe 3 years straight and then try to come back to the limelight….

  • Jessi

    ok everyones quick to point fingers – guess everyone forgot all of michael jacksons problems (not comparing the two music wise), his were equally as bad. Jeez would you want someone to be that way toward you if you were in that position? You people are so negative and depressing.

  • palie

    At least it was a window this time and not somebody’s face. It’s all about perspective.

  • 43

    @Jessi: Please tell me your ass isn’t calling Michael a pedo up in here. GTFO.

  • j-ann

    all you haters seriously need to get over it. That shit was 2 years ago. Its old news…yea it was wrong but come on, can we stop talking about the past and focus on the present and future? Plus, look at all the shit other celebs have done, even charlie sheen! And u guys are all still up on that chris/rihanna thing. Oh please grow the f*** up!

  • thighmegatampon

    geez the whole song seemed to be autotuned, couldnt watch the whole thing. is he trying to say famous people in the business still accept him, so the public should too? the video seems like a PR tactic

  • Tracy

    Chris is a volatile person who should be seeking help FOR REAL before his anger causes him to do something worse. But it’s obvious he’s not interested in bettering himself as a person, he just wants to sell records. He isn’t sorry for his behavior, nor is he grateful for where he is. In his mind, he thinks he’s entitled to everything without paying the price. He’s a horrible role model who’s headed for serious trouble, if not sooner, than later.

  • vida

    This guy has a serious rage issue. iI is enough to see his angry eyes. Go away, bully!

  • soren

    i cant stand him and i hope no one pays attention to him anymore. dont buy his album, dont support a violent person!!

  • Shan

    For you idiots telling everyone that WE need to “grow up and get over it” excuse me but WE arent the ones throwing chairs and smashing windows. Its not about trying to tear him down. He’s doing a great job at that all by himself. Such a moron. I dont like him. He’s arrogant and thinks he can do as he pleases w/o dealing w/ the consequences. Over him.

  • Secret

    @Shan.. I completely agreee… I am so OVER this guy.. i don’t know why people just won’t drop him completely…Extremely sad that he still has female fans, especially after the s… he pulled

  • SeeC

    wow, what a cheap video, record label is not spending anything on him

  • TB

    he needs his puk azz kicked,him and his entourage will be out of money soon and then they will say CHRIS WHO,memba the punk who HAD alot of money?




  • melany

    you can hate on chris bown all you want but you cant deny his talent

  • jikes

    actually u just amd cause ur not in his situation, which is gettin paper wheres urs.. yea thats wat i thought