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Chris Brown Smashes Window at 'Good Morning America'

Chris Brown Smashes Window at 'Good Morning America'

Chris Brown is seeing red after making an appearance on Good Morning America on Tuesday (March 22).

The 21-year-old entertainer was on the show to promote his new album, F.A.M.E., but got upset when ABC’s Robin Roberts asked him a series of questions stemming from the infamous Rihanna incident.

ABC sources told TMZ that after Chris‘ interview, he became upset and smashed a window in his dressing room, causing shards of glass to fall onto New York City streets.

“[B]y the time security rushed the area, Brown had ripped off his shirt and left the building,” TMZ added.

Chris tried his best to redirect questions about the Rihanna incident throughout the interview. “I think I’m past that in my life and I think today’s the album day, so that’s what I’m focusing on….This album is what I want [people] to talk about and not the kind of stuff that happened two years ago,” he said.

Chris Brown on ‘Good Morning America’
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Credit: Ida Mae Astute; Photos: ABC
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  • Junior

    Let me get this straight. He’s upset because he doesn’t want people to see him as a douchebag anymore, yet he does THIS?!

  • LoriLori

    Grow up A$$ Hole

  • lisa

    I’m sorry for you CB fans that continue to believe in this guy, but CB is a violent dude. He’s a ticking time bomb. He’s going to kill somebody one of these days. We will hear about it. I’d bet good money on it.

  • Bubbaness

    People are going to continue to bring up the past when you exhibit behaviors that are violent and show you’ve learned nothing. Idiot!

  • sillyme

    Well, that will definitely get him some publicity for his CD release.

  • Erika

    What a douche! Or maybe he just stepped out of the shower and his “massive” peepee hit the window and shattered it LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • fred

    Chris Brown’s APOLOGISTS should stfu and Brown is nothing but a NO remorse;NO apology THUG who should be IN JAIL where he belongs.

    I am so happy he didn’t hurt Robin Roberts who was doing her job

  • Annie

    Well this just shows that he isn’t “past that in my life” because he’s still reacting in the *exact* same way. Go away and get some help, Chris.

  • hmm

    This is hearsay. Where’s the proof? If half of you posters were held forever accountable for the sh*t you did as teenagers, you would be angry too.

  • fdafefdafefeaf
  • me

    Clearly his anger is under control.

  • http://adam Sligo lambert ^_____^ cute

    I hate this man >_< he really hate people and love hemself

  • Annie

    @9 – uhm, no I wouldn’t be angry I’d just admit I was young and dumb. Chris needs to take some responsibility and get to the root of his anger issues.

  • Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    What’s this crap

  • mikado

    That boy is a time bomb. Sooner or later he’ll kill someone and then say he had no idea how that could happen.

  • Candi

    he went through anger mgmnt classes. no one said he was completely cured. he re-directed his anger at inanimate objects. he didnt hit anyone.
    saw the interview. that robin roberts is an angry lezzie that subjectified the incident. she wouldnt quit with the questions even when he answered them and tried to re-direct the topic back to his album.
    people deserve second chances. and rihanna aint completely innocent in the situation, either.
    that robin roberts is an angry feminist and needs to be shut down. she knew what she was doing. it was all for ratings and a raise for more money in her pocket.
    didnt have a problem with her before, but have absolutely no respect for her now. she just kept poking and poking at him to get a response. totally no respect for her.
    cb was wrong 2 years ago. rihanna did wrong as well.
    cant stand bias and manipulative journalism.
    robin roberts deserves bad karma.

  • http://adam Sligo lambert ^_____^ cute

    He mentally retarted

  • http://IAmRobertHolik Robert Holik

    Still an idiot I see….

  • Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    Hey jared complete post don’t stop ok

  • Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    Yeah yeahh ;]

  • Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    Hey jared say ok reply me ;]

  • Britt

    I don’t know why he or anyone else is using the excuse that he was young. He beat his girlfriend, he didn’t steal gum from the gas station. What he did was a big deal and is definitely something within his personality. He obviously has anger issues but like someone else said, he took it out on an inanimate object not a person this time. He probably took off to go see his therapist. He needs to be going to meetings or something bc like an addict usually does, he will relapse and probably do something way worse than beat a woman up.

    I still think he’s a DB and will never listen to his music again but I still feel a little bad that the woman really would nto let it go. If you don’t like him, then don’t have him on the show. He should have just walked off the interview after stating he was on to promote his album.

    And on a side note, Rihanna needs to get some help via therapy as well bc obviously what happened was traumatizing and after hearing her new album she definitely has some issues to work out.

    Now let’s stop giving this A-hole anymore attention.

  • braindead

    @Candi: Posting a homophobic comment is not helping your argument. I see Chris Brown fans are just as dumb as the douche himself.

  • Kirsten

    Wow. He wants people to forgive him and take him seriously but he’s nothing but a violent brat.

  • http://www. JC


  • trashy

    @Candi: Candi – I guess your name says it all

  • ap

    “Both she and other GMA staff members spoke with Chris before the interview and asked if it would be OK to fire off “a few questions” about the Rihanna incident … and Chris approved.

    She did NOT try to set him up … and insists, “I’m pulling for the guy.”

  • Candi

    i dont even like his music. i dont buy it. dont watch his performances. and i have many gay friends. so i am not a homophobe. just trying to describe robin as i see her.
    regardless, cb was set-up. robin had an agenda. and i have no respect for her.
    i think the media and public also gave rihanna a free pass on this. she deserves blame as well. she also contributed to the violence.
    people deserve second chances.
    and no one is fully cured of their issues. its how they deal with them.
    and for cb, it is a work in progress.
    and good for him if he went and saw his therapist right afterwards.
    but having people poke you and poke you until you break (for the sake of ratings, or because you are a subjective/bias journalist) is just cheap and hurtful.
    he paid his legal dues. and still has issues like everybody else in this world. give him a break.

  • Anita

    This is why I’m not supportive of him atm. To me he never showed any real remorse an hasn’t grown up at all. Always whining about how ppl wont give him a chance yet he carries on doing shit. Get it together Chris! And most his fans are blinded and naive (especially the females) – always defending and making excuses for him when he’s in the wrong; no wonder he hasn’t grown. Such a shame because I am a fan – but I can’t & will not support until I see some actual growth. Maybe he has irl, but it doesn’t look that to me especially when he’s throwing tantrums.
    Also what’s with the “thug” look. Get it together.

  • GTFO!

    @Candi: VICTIM BLAMING now! NICE!!

  • Stan

    Anyone else think he looks like Dennis Rodman in that picture?

  • Kiki

    Man people need to move on…it’s been years now.
    WE still don’t know what really happened that night, and despite myself not fully agreeing with his actions, it wouldn’t be fair to blame it all on him. I’m a firm believer that more than often no one will beat/hurt another person without a reason, again not using it as an excuse, but it’s unfair that the public never questioned “Rihanna” instead she manipulated the entire situation to her advantage and now she’s singing ” chain’s and whips’s excite me”….

    Rihanna is just as guilty, but she’s been allowed to move on with her “porn star” image and repetitive lame songs.
    He was there to talk about his CD, let him do so…before all he was an artist as well.

    What’s with this fascination that the public has now days, celebrities MUST discuss all their personal matters with the world, as if supposedly it will help all those going through a similar situation…bullshit.

    If today’s incident is true, shame on Robin Roberts for her lack of journalism.

  • kris

    And that’s why people don’t like him anymore! So over him……..


    Maybe Jennifer Aniston should go smash a window. She is still asked about her breakup with Brad. Get use to it Brown!

  • Raquel Loves CB

    Right so Charle Sheen can pull knives on women, beat up girlfriends while his kids are in the next room and people want to save him. Chris Brown kicks out a window(supposetly) and he is a monster that needs to be caged, STFU with the bull. I respect and will buy every c/d this man puts out because unlike most people I stand in a whole nother state and throw judgement on a man I never personally met or a situation that I was now sitting front at.

  • KC

    Sounds like somebody needs anger management! Seriously, Robin Roberts should have left the whole Rhianna issue alone in the first place! But Chris Brown needs to get in therapy and stay in therapy for a long time before he ends up in jail permanently.

  • Lola

    Stupid robin!!! Ugh

  • Kiki

    Not a Chris Brown fan or Rihanna…
    but it always bugs me when people say he never showed any remorse….what exactly would you have liked him to do or say?!….

    It seem’s like no one was bothered by Rihanna’s continues ” I’m a Victim” role, shit even she got tired of it, and quickly became a “Bad Girl” whatever that means.

    Other people/celebrities repetitively do worse thing’s and the public has forgiven and moved on.

  • Lola

    I hate GMA reporters… Diana did the same to Michael Jackson

  • Annie

    He’s NOT showing remorse here – he’s trying to pretend nothing ever happened. If he can’t handle a question that’s INEVITABLY going to come up like an adult instead of a spoiled brat then he’s not ready for this comeback. A few court mandated anger classes and a couple weeks community service won’t cut it; anger management has to be a personal commitment. And even though I don’t care for Rihanna’s singing I don’t see any evidence that she’s trying to play the victim. It seems like she’s the one who has moved on more than Chris.

  • Jackie Roberts

    Not everyone is perfect. We all have problems and should not judge anyone. It is obvious that Chris has anger management problems so it was natural for him to go off when Robin Roberts kept probing him about his past. When you know a person has a problem you don’t bring up things or cause instances to set them off. Robin should have respected his answer and went on with the purpose of promoting his album. We should all pray for Chris that he will overcome this problem rather than critizing him.

  • Jackie Roberts

    Not everyone is perfect. We all have problems and should not judge anyone. It is obvious that Chris has anger management problems so it was natural for him to go off when Robin Roberts kept probing him about his past. When you know a person has a problem you don’t bring up things or cause instances to set them off. Robin should have respected his answer and went on with the purpose of promoting his album. We should all pray for Chris that he will overcome this problem rather than critizing him.

  • Charisma

    I knew a couple of “Chris Browns.” They were great talkers. They could convince a person the sun rises in the west. But they had a hairtrigger temper when something didn’tt go the way they expected.

    They live in a permanent state of barely controlled anger and won’tl allow anything to get out of their control. They are never never accountable. They never take responsibility. Ever. Really scarey people.

    Chris Brown left Rihanna unconscious, laying on the ground on a public street and ran away, at 1 in the morning. He later called her P.A. acting like it was no big thing. All he wanted to know is if the police were involved.

    There’s photographs and a medical report from a hospital saying she was punched and battered on the head and face, and bitten and choked until she went unconscious. Period.

    He is mentally ill. He has a major personality disorder. He is so wrapped up in himself no one else exists. He will explode again, and he will harm someone, even kill them. He’s sick. And he can get out of control easily. He. Will. Do. This. Again. And it will always be someone else’s fault. usually the victim’s.

  • raihannah

    They tricked Chris!!! they told him that they wanted to talk about his new album, but they talked about riannah. the View wanted to talk to him, they said that they told him they was going to talk about Riannah., and he said no he didn’t want to go on their show. soooo Chris brown is not retarded or mentally!!!!!!!

  • mailey

    ok so smashing a window is not really going to help your case LOL

  • jessa

    @hmm: typical teenagers – ok, yah maybe getting wasted or smoking a joint here and there. not PUNCHING A GIRL IN THE FACE!!

  • nick

    Chris Brown new album FAME out today! Go get!!!

  • mel

    Okay Chris Brown throwing the chair at the window is unnecessary however, he could have shouted at the interviewee to express his annoyance which would have created more controversial issues or “attacked her” which you all expected him to do.

  • Macchiato

    he is as disgusting as a human being can get!

  • kalkidan

    shame on u americans why u dont like each other?but me i will buy him 100cds.go chris, go boy i love u………………………….