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Christina Aguilera Joins Twitter!

Christina Aguilera Joins Twitter!

Get ready to keep up with Christina Aguilera on Twitter!

“Here goes my first Tweet! Brace yourselves… So excited to connect with all my fans here. xo – Xtina,” the 30-year-old singer and The Voice coach wrote.

“Thanks for the welcome to Twitter. I’m getting the hang of this. Never thought I’d say the word “hashtag”. Pandora’s box has been opened,” she added in another tweet.

Follow Christina @TheRealXtina and Just Jared @JaredEng and @JustJared!

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  • Zara

    Aw xtina! I can’t fathom how big celebs deal with twitter. The anon hate must be outrageous.

  • 324

    i love her. stripped has got me through some tough times

  • Weber from Brazil

    Loooove her *-*
    already following!

  • i n f a m o u s l y c o o l


  • Haters Suck!

    you beat me to it as I was going to say that. I can only imagine the kind of hateful comments celebs get on their Twitter page I can already see the comments being made at Christina. How they deal with it I got no idea but there are to many people on Twitter think their tough $hit cause they talk crap on Twitter.

  • Dana

    Maybe she will read a tweet about how ugly she looks with the Fake Tan and Clown Makeup and that people are sick of the over singing and lost her fan base because she wasted her 20s going years without new music.

  • Sea007


  • XxX

    FANS?? what fans? She NEEDS twitter to promote herself & her career thats in the toilet.
    This old D-list hag is a judge on a reality show now?!?
    LMFAO!! Karma b!tch…. Karma!! Hahahahaha!!!!!

  • gabriel

    thats exciting. go christina!

    she already has 80,000 followers in just 12 hours!!!

  • Zoe

    Joy now we can follow her on her drunken binges with her boy toy!
    Go away clown face.

  • finala

    I will never get why she is the industry scapegoat and Britney Spears is treated like a God. Talent gets you nowhere huh.

  • jenny

    that’s awesome!!! YAY!!

  • or226758

    i’m so excited that christina finally has a twitter account!

  • HexTina

    I love how my girl twist up the haters insides…. they even cant stand not to post… She Stays On Your Minds!

  • Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    what ‘s that hahahahaa

  • Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    Not good ahahahaa

  • Audrey

    So cool!!! Already following!

  • Toni

    Regardless of whether one
    likes’ her or not – it must be said that she does have a strong and awesome voice. As for twitter? Not sure why celebs need to twitter, when they already complain about the invasion od privacy by the paps…..

  • Salman

    And ??

  • Gorgegeorge

    How sweet of them, Twitter must have offered Christina a free alcoholic drink with each tweet and bonus, with every 100 tweets she gets a DUI!! Meanwhile her followers can expect bungled up lyrics along with an ear-piercing over-singing every 50 tweets or so. Fun for everyone!

  • LopezToday

    Legendtina arrives! Haters are sooo pressed!

  • Tomatojuice

    Still an ugly bloated pasty faced clown with Rickets. No career now she has to be a judge on a singing show.

  • Estela Gomez

    Would like her more if she would be more active in the Hispanic community, she is half Hispanic you know.

  • Xtina

    Go on hot mama

  • Jen

    I like her especially the fact that she’s not into being the stereotypical Hispanic woman in Hollywood. Not because she’s half Hispanic doesn’t mean she has to be “down” with Hispanic Hollywood. She just prefers to build up her white anglo side at the expense of the other. it’s more profitable that way and she doesn’t really relate to being Hispanic in my opinion.

  • Kate

    @Estela Gomez: She is not HISPANIC! She’s the daughter of a ANGLO WHITE mother and HISPANIC father. I don’t see how one half of her background takes precedence over the other.

  • pestova_dasha

    And so what?

  • Just saying…

    She doesn’t associate herself with being half Hispanic because she is ashamed of it. She hates her Half Hispanic father and is still estranged from him when he is nearly penniless and living on the street because of alcoholic problems.


    @Jen: That’s because she is only half…if that much.

  • Victoria

    Kate. Comments like yours are always interesting to me. Has society really advanced to the point where having a white mother does not make one white? Or does, your insistence that she is not Hispanic reflect your underlying feelings about Hispanics in general?
    I’m just asking. Anyhoo, I like Xtina and wish her well on her new show.

  • LPW

    @Just saying…: She certainly doesn’t have her mother’s small German nose that’s for sure.

  • Estela Gomez

    My comment was in no way meant to be racist. I am entitled to my opinion and simply stated it, so I really don’t care what you racist white people think. Maybe if her father had raised her Xtina would be more visible in the hispanic community, but she was raised by her racist German mother who did not allow her to intermingle with hispanics…notably Puerto Ricans because we all know how jealous Puerto Ricans are of people with white skin and blond hair, right??

  • Check yourself beotch

    Per usual Christina posts bring out the worst in people, She is a disgusting human being no matter what race she IS.
    If I recall she put out an all spanish cd…. “JUST SAYING”
    get over yourselves people…
    Good Lord.

  • Toodles

    I love her, but she’s been doing some stereotypical “celebrity” things. Stumbling out of clubs, heavy partying/drinking etc. Obviously, it’s her life and she can do whatever she damn pleases….but that’s what I liked about her–her talent overpowers any other way of getting famous. It’s a bit of a disappointment.

  • Maria Gomez


  • Alison

    I think it is ridiculous to think that she wasn’t “allowed” to intermingle with Puerto Ricans, I know her father is light hispanic and all and Xtina was raised only by her German mother who was probably a secret racist who turned her against her father because of the abuse he inflicted on their family.

  • christinalover

    christina is sooo beautiful, hopefully she will tweet many pics of her

  • Fernada

    oh it’s incredible, I’m so anxious to hear what she has to say,I love her very much (L

  • Dvnovert

    So I have a reason to use my account!

  • beto

    LEGEND. hate all you want, my girl is a LEGEND.

  • Josh

    WOW! she already has more than 140,000 followers! so cool.

  • Em

    She actually writes sentences, not just words. It’s funny. No ” Thxs 2 u all 4 followin”

    I think it’s great she has joined. Now she can be in touch with her fans and other artists as well.

  • Guadelupe

    @Maria Gomez: Exactly! She only uses Hispanics when she has music oming out that’s why she begs to be on the cover of our magazines, other than that…zip, nada, nothing. She has always looked down on Hispanics and considered herself at the top of the ladder and the rest of us at the bottom. Remember when she did that interview claiming that all of the Puerto Ricans girls at her school wanted to beat her up because they were jealous of her white skin, blue eyes and blond hair. I hated her after that, her comments really showed her lowly opinion of Puerto Ricans in my book.

  • Xtina_always_wins

    Christina is the best singer in the universe.

    To all the haters that say Christina has no career : You are freaking nuts. Christina is still in the music industry and will release more CDs. She will never stop. You are all crazy, you poor haters.

    You can’t stop VOICETINA AMAZINGLERA. You poor jealous, bitter, insane haters.

  • Xtina_always_wins

    LMAO are you haters d@mn nuts????

    Why are you crazy fools talking about Germany and Puerto Rico????? LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!

    Christina Aguilera has nothing to do with any of those countries. It is extremely clear to me that you idiots don’t know anything about Christina.

    A few facts : Christina’s mother is Irish-American and her father is from Ecuadorian. Christina’s mother is perfectly fluent in Spanish. Christina was born in the USA.

    Christina is NOT ashamed of her latin roots. LOL!!!!!!! Where the f*ck did you get such a wack idea from??????? LOL You deranged haters will come up with the stupidest sh*t and lies to make Xtina look bad.

    Christina is NOT fluent in Spanish, even though she released a Spanish album. Maybe that’s why she doesn’t talk about how much she loves Ecuador all the time. And by the way, she DOESN’T have to do or say anything to prove that she is proud of her roots! So stop crying you dumb haters.

    Christina’s son is learning the Spanish language!!!!!!! Ok, haters? So you can relax, because Christina is absolutely not a racist or ashamed of Hispanics. STFU, you crazy bastards!

    Chrustina loves and respects all HUMANS!!! She just happens to love blond hair and bright red lipstick on herself, these days. SO F*CKING WHAT????? SHE IS NOT TRYING TO BE A WHITE GERMAN, LIKE YOU IMBECILES SAY! You haters are such idiots, it’s incredible.

  • Hayley

    She’s only part Hispanic so perhaps that is why she prefers the white anglo side better it has more clout.

  • Xtina_always_wins

    You idiots realize that Christina was BORN NATURALLY with light hair, EXTREMELY PALE SKIN and blue eyes, right?

    It’s in her genetics. You idiots do realize that someone can’t control the way they were born, right?

    WTF is wrong with blond hair? Why would that mean that Christina Aguilera doesn’t like her latin roots??

    You are pure idiots, you haters. Go PURCHASE A BRAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ChristinaAGUILEGEND

    Christina has never said that Puerto Rican girls wanting to beat her up because of her hair and blue eyes.

    You haters are officially nuts and have a crazy, deranged, ridiculous, ugly, ret@arded imagination.

    WTF. You must be joking/trolling.

    You poor bitter haters. You can’t stand Christina Aguilera’s epicness and talents and that’s why you try to hurt her with all these lies gibberish. How sad.

    You can stay mad, haters. Christina is here to stay.


  • Ben Quack Quack

    I wish people would stop insulting her by calling her half Puerto Rican. I’m not a fan of hers but even she doesn’t deserve to be insulted like that.

  • Rosales

    @Guadelupe: You are 100% correct I heard her say it in a televised interview myself. She thinks she’s better because she was born with white skin and blue eyes.