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Daniel Craig: St. Patty's Day in NYC!

Daniel Craig: St. Patty's Day in NYC!

Daniel Craig steps out on Tuesday (March 22) in London, England.

The 43-year-old British actor carried a black satchel with him and hid behind a pair of sunglasses.

The New York Post reports that last week, Daniel visited St. Patrick’s Cathedral and met Archbishop Timothy Dolan before the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in New York City!

The celebration marked the city’s 250th annual St. Patty’s Day parade, and an estimated 200,000 marchers enjoyed unusually balmy 60 degree temperatures.

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Credit: Optic Photos; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • D♥R

    The guy is very good and humble. Rachel is the same,good,humble and both radiate positive energy.


    nah-ah. first?

    a few days late, but thx jjay.

  • guinness-dang, #2

    oh well…
    its been a little freakin cold in NYC…are we sure this is where this was? Dan wears 3 layers if the temp is below 55 degrees. But he would only need his leather with Guinness—I would fire up his heat!

    wat up Fio? Wats the buzz–tell me whats-a-happenin’? wats the buzzzz?

  • guinness

    ok. oops, pic not in NYC… London… I can read. Sometimes.
    and the gray thingy–come on Dan… where’s the leather? donated? maybe if I take up the first 10 comments the haters will stay away. i gotto go chk the other thread.

    Has anyone seen Mendel? She was supposed to be twittering yesterday and she didnt—and she hasn’t text me in 14.4 hours. I am getting worried she is living in her reality. I am a bit concerned. or bored. ho hum…. maybe i should go find a job. dah. or meet with the house claim dept. or get a nother cup’o'joe. cioa

  • D♥R


    Sorry guinness ;-)

  • British Latin American

    The ultimate blond DILF!

  • nooomi

    moooody daniel<3

  • http://adam Sligo lambert ^_____^ cute

    Daniel craig want to be woman hehehe

  • Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    People here love old, ohh this s depressing

  • commet

    The dude looks old and nasty.

  • Kate

    Daniel is with Rachel in London now!! Right?!

  • Deb

    Love to see Daniel, but i want to see more pics of Daniel and Rachel!!!!!!

  • Gary

    Lose the belt Daniel. That looks so nasty.

  • to Deb

    Look at pic, they were together in NYC!
    Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz are Hollywood’s hottest couple
    007, YOUR cover is blown.
    After months of are-they-aren’t-they speculation James Bond actor Daniel Craig and actress Rachel Weisz all but confirmed they are Hollywood’s hottest new couple after being seen jetting into New York together.

    The camera-shy couple were first linked in November when sparks flew during filming in the UK of upcoming film Dream House.

    The chemistry was hard to miss, then came news Weisz split from fiance Darren Aronofsky, who directed Oscar-winning movie Black Swan. They were together nine years and have a young son, Henry.

    Craig is still to confirm a break from producer Satsuki Mitchell but this picture with Weisz in The Big Apple is hard to explain.

  • to Deb

    i don’t think Daniel has to confirm that Satsuki is no longer with him. it’s obvious to almost everyone that Daniel is now with Rachel. and he looks a lot happier now.

  • mailey

    this outfit is so metro but he still pulls it off looking like a bad-*ss LOL

  • nooomi

    Can’t see the attraction in Rachel at all, sry. Shes as plain as Satsuki. Maybe pretty in her movies but in real life..meh

  • patz

    Daniel, take me now!! :D

  • BB

    Oh, Jared.. title, caption, photos.. they are all mixed up and jumbled together!! LOL
    (becoming photo)
    James Bond and the Archbishop

  • Deb

    Thank you for the pic.
    The rumor turned out to be true? They purchased a home in New York?

  • sora

    they make such a cute and attractive couple!

  • Rachel

    was scoffing a Scotch egg outside the Idea Generation Gallery yesterday. Love her hairstyle!
    Scotch egg is the treat for Rachel Weisz

  • to Gary

    I give you a belt in the mouth!!

  • Julia

    Can’t wait to see his new flick! I was kept waiting for an eternity.

  • Ella

    Hope Daniel/Rachel stay together!! I adore them <3

  • i know all

    It’s St. PaDDy’s Day…. not PaTTy’s day dumbass!

  • More pics
  • Maggie


    I met Rachel Weisz, she’s not only more beautiful in person but she’s about one of the kindest people i have ever met and trust me, i work with actors and actress and a good portion of them are A-HOLES. Rachel is one of the good ones who actually respects everyone around her.

  • Vanessa

    My SEX GOD!!
    nom nom nom nom nom…….

  • Kim K

    Looking sexy as usual!

  • Col

    Why isn’t he in Sweden? I heard he was shooting

  • to 10

    He’s hot, you’re not. He’s famous, you’re not. Girls love him, not you. So just admit it, you love him too.

  • Jen

    Daniel Craig is gorgeous AND talented, that’s a lethal combination, IMO!

  • mimi

    Oh yeah, he’s hot. He could do me any day. hehehe..

  • To JJ

    Hey, WAKE UP!! ‘Latest Posts page’ doesn’t move. You didn’t do even a notice on twitter. HELLO!!

  • Dolla

    Dayum! I love him, the guy does have an AWESOME bodyyyy!!!!

  • ablearthur

    Oh goody! Piccys of DC without Wooden Weisz! What a treat! Thanks JJ!


    I wonder, is this a real romance, or a fake?
    the reason I ask is this, he still hasn’t stated that his realationship with the Ex is officially over.

  • Amber

    I am sure it’s real as was his romance with Satsuki. To my knowledge he has only had one fake romance

  • to 39

    Really? who was that with?

  • Mendel

    Hi Guinness,

    “Has anyone seen Mendel? She was supposed to be twittering yesterday and she didnt—and she hasn’t text me in 14.4 hours. I am getting worried she is living in her reality.”

    I wrote you a nice long post yesterday, but couldn’t post. Wasn’t moderated, the post just didn’t get through, no idea, why? Hope this new thread is less buggy!
    And don’t worry, I never live in any reality, lol. Hit me with Dan’s belt if I ever get too sensible!

    “But he would only need his leather with Guinness—I would fire up his heat!”


    “pic not in NYC… London…”

    Yes, we’re getting spring here! Quite mild if not to say warm (our sense of warm) these days.
    I wonder whereabouts in London this is, somehow it looks really familiar…

    to ‘i know all’

    “It’s St. PaDDy’s Day”

    Yes exactly, reading ‘Patty’s Day’ makes me cringe…

    Hi to Fio and DiH, wasn’t able to reply to your posts yesterday because of a very temperamental JJ thread/system…

  • Amber

    A really nice woman.

  • LOL


    Yeah she is so nice he has forgotten about her LOL LOL

  • to 42

    what was her name.

  • Amber

    I am sure you are right

  • guinness

    I love that belt–it is almost like it is flourescent to me. I always look for it in his pics. Or am I always looking and see his belt? Is he going out for the paper? or to the airport?

    Thx fio—i will let you know if I sign to a reality show. in the middle of New Hampshire. in the snow. yeh. exciting. yey. not.

    and thx Mendel for the support…nice to see you-is JJ tracking you? you being naughty posting? yeh-clean, right. and i will let you know if I get a hug. (can;t post any pic tho–sorry)

    ~’night. house is still getting dried out by insurance clean up. next episode: claim inspector. new floors. job interview. new mixed drink experimental concockshuns! (ooo–that could be a name!)

  • to 45

    what is her name?

  • Amber

    @to 42:

    Ask Daniel….maybe he will tell you

  • to 48

    more bs , if don’t want to say, why say anything?

  • wisecracked’

    Good for Daniel supporting Rachel working on her pyschosexual drama “360′: A look at what happens when partners from different social backgrounds engage in in physical relationships.”

    Weisz will be a part of a story about couples whose stories are edited together in sequence as the film swaps one partner for another until a full circle of relationships emerges.

    oooooh :9….Ben Foster & Jude Law is in it…. ;)