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George Clooney: Let's Play Ball!

George Clooney: Let's Play Ball!

George Clooney tosses around a neon green ball with a pal on the set of his new movie, The Ides of March, on Monday (March 21) in Bloomfield Hills, Mich.

On Friday, the 49-year-old actor was hard at work on the drama directing Ryan Gosling and Evan Rachel Wood.

George was also spotted shooting his own scenes. In addition to co-starring and directing the film, he co-wrote the screenplay!

15+ pictures inside of George Clooney playing ball…

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george clooney play ball 01
george clooney play ball 02
george clooney play ball 03
george clooney play ball 04
george clooney play ball 05
george clooney play ball 06
george clooney play ball 07
george clooney play ball 08
george clooney play ball 09
george clooney play ball 10
george clooney play ball 11
george clooney play ball 12
george clooney play ball 13
george clooney play ball 14
george clooney play ball 15

Photos: GSI Media
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  • Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    Why 15 pic just enough 1 picture

  • http://adam Sligo lambert ^____^cute

    He want to be young play

  • LoriLori

    He just looks old not unattractive, but no longer a hottie

  • blah

    Sligo lambert ^____^cute LEARN SOME ENGLISH P L E A S E!


    Big Poser
    What your street style pose says about you…

    it’s not as easy as “Ready, set, smile”—to create the perfect street style photo. You need a killer outfit, a masterful photographer, and an on-point pose. Your legs, your swinging , or getting akimbo.
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  • Seriously

    I Agree with 6 …if you’re going to troll on everything why not learn some english

  • S&Kaz spelling

    @Seriously: Sligo a.k.a Kaz are fun because they/he can’t spell very well in English

  • Erika

    Urghhh – he throws like a woman LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • silverscreen

    It’s great to see George having fun on set. :-)

  • silverscreen

    @Erika: He’s playing catch on set, not pitching a baseball game. LOL. I don’t think his crew would appreciate it if he nailed one of them with a fastball. That would hurt! Besides, he looks mighty manly to me in these pics. Perhaps you need new eyeglasses.

  • *sigh*

    How exactly is trolling everything and spelling fun to anyone?

  • Antidiva

    SEXY !!

  • MeMeMe

    I think he looks great and is having fun!! Go George!!!!

  • Pandora’s Box O’Reilly Clooney

    He does not look old and unattractive. He still is a very handsome man with a great smile. He looks like he is enjoying himself without a care in the world.

  • Hemisphere

    Whoahh!!! George has got a good balance!

  • Hardball

    Catch it, George!!!!!!!!

  • Playful

    Great hand-eye coordination. Good to see him enjoying himself.
    He’s a big kid at heart. Looks great and much younger than he is.
    I guess cause he keeps in such good shape.

  • Merit

    Because he’s got a very good shape….of the skull!
    But this is not his only one merit, there also a second…
    And his coordination is simply flawless!

  • MAMI

    Timothy I think you spend your time out to play
    and not so covered …
    my boy put your scarf that I knitted for you last year…
    Mami Rosa

  • Pandora’s Box O’Reilly Clooney

    I do not get why people call him old. He is 49 years old and that is not old! He has some grey hair. BIG DEAL! Will there ever be a time that people get a grip? It would be nice to see one day not so many negative comments directed at age or looks.

    He looks great just the way he is. Those who disagree.. bugger off!

  • Obvious

    He doesn’t care anymore whether he is old or not, he already has found his balance!

  • Lucy

    He’s really charming and it is always good to see him having a good time

  • Brad Pity

    Awww. My buddy looks great. He always looks so happy whenever his girlfriend isn’t around.

  • Pandora’s Box O’Reilly Clooney

    @Brad Pity- If he is that miserable, why does he stay with her? Just curious…..

  • Winky

    Some people are corrupted by power, and other corrupts it themselves…
    George should remember – the President always has an opposition.
    Sex President cannot be only 10 years old, it is indecent!

  • Opportunist

    @Winky: It is difficult to choose the best among one candidate!

  • Winky

    @Opportunist: other candidates are not available, they have not passed the requirements: the President must be mature, in sexual sense as well, very active, to be at the age of blossoming personality, to have a big professional experience ;-) and gray hair, to look better on the screen with golden blonde. Silver and Gold. Prior nobody ran to this age barriers still being sexually alive. George is a Sex President!

  • Opportunist

    @Winky: He leads a double life, good that at least one succeeded.

  • Pandora’s Box O’Reilly Clooney


  • :P

    he likes to play with balls…. if you know what i mean.

  • Winky

    Officially, Independence Day of Sex President postponed to the later date. Because gifts received by the anniversary.
    Today is a very important meeting, please everyone be on time!
    And yeah… Wild Angel that featherdress is optional, even bald you’re awesomely beautiful :-D Don’t forget, you’re responsible for the info dissemination!

  • Wild Angel

    Winky, put the car service on alert. Eli thinks she’s going somewhere.

  • Winky
  • Winky

    @Wild Angel: Happiness was possible this way and that way… Now each employeegirl dreams of being on the boss’s carpet.

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    The Italian model prothèsese breast in green blur
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    only 350 to 400 ml maximum.tres resistant and
    un’atmosfera molto buona per la notte
    Cosi molto !

  • Trick
  • silverscreen

    @Trick: That’s close, but this is what really happened:
    Wed Feb 9 2011
    Sources close to George Clooney announced today that back in early December, he ended a publicity agreement he had with Elisabetta Canalis. The agreement had lasted for nearly a year and a half, with the two having attended numerous events together during that time.
    A friend of the actor said that the end of Clooney’s agreement with Canalis had been coming for a long time, and that ultimately, it was Canalis’s dishonesty that pushed things well past the breaking point. “George is basically an honest person. When he entered into this agreement with Canalis, he saw it only as a publicity tool. He never planned to talk about the relationship, since in reality there never was a relationship other than in a business sense. Canalis took things to a level George never expected, talking about the relationship in interviews as if it were real. Her lies gradually escalated to the point of even lying about George’s beloved father. George never anticipated or intended for anyone to be hurt due to his publicity arrangement with Canalis, but he now realizes that people he cares about were hurt. George feels terrible that his friends and loved ones have been affected by what was supposed to be a simple arrangement of making public appearances together.”

  • Lucy

    @Trick: The translate tool was terrible because for the translation given, the reason they split is not a reason since neither George nor EC wanted to have kids…Or the translation failed me and the news meant to say she wanted to have it and he didn’t… *confused*

  • Freaky

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  • Lucy

    @silverscreen: I don’t know what to think of this “agreement”. Why does he need to have an agreement with a woman?

  • Doris

    @silverscreen – What a Crock.

    If you are going to write this kind of crap yourself you should make it slightly more believeable