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Katie Holmes: 'The Decision' Premieres Tonight!

Katie Holmes: 'The Decision' Premieres Tonight!

Katie Holmes stars in The Decision, a short film, premiering Tuesday (March 22) in New York City!

The 32-year-old actress teamed up with John Frieda Precision Foam Colour to play Joan Hudson, a high profile actress who leaves her colorist and decides to take hair color into her own hands.

“I love the idea of doing a short film about something I feel is really important to women!” Katie said. “I also love being a part of promoting a product that is available to all women.”

The Decision will go live on after premiering in NYC tonight!

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  • cc

    a high profile actress – what a joke!


    oh katie what happened to you? you used to be so lovable back in dawson’s creek days

  • jbird

    So having your hair colored is “really important to women”?? Huh. Guess I have my priorities jumbled.

  • b

    Yes, she is high profile and still she’s a really lovable!!

  • joshua

    I think pacey is the best guy for katie
    if you watch the pacey and joey vid on YouTube its just so freaking adorable

  • Ashley

    she’s very nice in punk’d episode lol , so adorable
    I hope katie will do good films, wear nice make-up and clothes
    and be more of herself before

  • shoegal

    wow, gripping and oscar worthy. *eye roll*

  • anne

    she can be beautiful if she wants to. but since when does she have a career in acting? i dont call that a career.

  • Julie2

    poor woman, even make up can’t help her!

  • bytheway 28

    Oh wow. This girl is so obviously pained when she speaks. Her level of self-consciousness is unbearable to watch. Do you all realize she censors, monitors, qualifies EVERY word and thought that comes out of her mouth? This is not someone in good shape mentally. She cannot confront the person in front of her, the camera, or being in public. That’s why she continually makes odd movements with her mouth and hands all the time. The nose wrinkling, hand to nose wipe, hands spread– they’re all mechanisms of a person who doesn’t trust a single thought she has. And to compensate for this feeling, she overdoes the seriousness and gravity of her “speech”. We’re talking about hair color here– not the resolution to world hunger. I wish she had someone around her who could help her understand this. The people she is surrounded by are obviously making her worse and worse, day after day, year after year.

  • Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    This film need devil

  • Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    Start katie with devil

  • http://Ja Sligo lambert ^____^cute


  • gulliver

    ewww, that girl should never do interviews, she sounds so stupid stupid as soon as she opens her mouth. She has the annoying voice of an annoying little girl (twice annoying) & everything she says is so vain, insipid.

  • Frida

    hair colour is ‘really important to women’? Er, what?

  • Super Cool

    she is high profile because her husband is tom cruise.
    even if you don’t have the skills, just being married to an a lister makes you an a lister when you are in the business. i call that a fake a lister.

  • juniper

    This ad is all wrong for Katie. It talks about doing your hair your self and “empowering women” which sounds silly, especially then someone else is doing her hair in the video. Drugs stores have been selling hair color for years, how is this new. I think she may be uncomfortable since this is a pretty lame commercial, which she probably knows she should have said no to, or changed the format and made it more lighthearted. She does not pull off the glamor girl type like some other celebs, she is more down to earth, the ad would have been better if it showed her less glamourized. Her career choices seem confused. Katie needs to figure out where she is going and the image she wants to present to the world.

  • Julie2

    she is not the one they are referring to as high profile (everybody knows she is not). It is the role of the woman she is playing, which she does not do any justice at all.

  • Lala

    @bytheway 28: I totally agree with you. She cenors herself a lot. As if Tom doesn’t let her be who she truely is. As if she is forced to talk about hair color. That’s not what is going on in America or in the world.
    It’s so sad they put all this crap upon us as our problem is our hair color or whatever these celebs promote. Fake all over
    Even Kim Kardashian talks better about stupid products, no-one wants to buy, but her lame fans do buy it because she talks as if you will be Kim too if you wear it!
    It’s so weird that she let’s her child eat Xrated Candy. But then talks about hair color as if it’s the biggest issue in the WORLD.
    DO they really think we’re stupid

  • pooter

    so……laughable………boring……..what a bimbo! ha ha ha
    goodness grief!

  • Chris

    Oh. My. God. This is what happens when you’re such a piss poor actress that you need to resort to commercials. Thats what this is, and as usual, because KH is in it, Jared is promoting it. I wonder how much he’s paid to do that??

    Katie Holmes is pathetic. She let her life be taken over by a cult and it’s primary shill. She has no one to blame but herself. She was never a good actress, and her cult seems to have made her worse. She’s also a horrible mother (high heels, bottle and pacifier at 5, improper clothing, perverse gummi bears!!!!), and she isn’t much of a “designer” either. Without Cruise’s money, she’d be doing commercials. Oh wait. She is doing commercials!! That just goes to show that even with Cruises big bucks, this is what she has to do to get work.

  • pah

    Can’t stand to watch/listen to the stupid words out of her mouth.

    It’s so so annoying!

  • kate

    She’s beautiful but she’s got no talent and does not have star appeal.

  • smoker’s smirk

    she has got to stop smoking. or at least smoke on the left side of her mouth. her smoker’s smirk is getting ridicules. her teeth are dog poo colored.

  • Bijou

    This vain, money hungry, narcissist sold herself the the highest bidder, and now she thinks that she us so important that everything she does has to have a social issue behind it to make it worthy if her. I mean really without her I would never have known that hair color is a problem that us effecting women and that until now hair color has been unavailable to women. Just shut up Katie and do the commercial for the moneyjyst like everything else you gave done.

  • jmho

    Coloring my hair empowers me? You must be kidding. Incredibly rich people must think we are all stupid.

  • dani

    Those that can ACT. Those that can’t DO COMMERCIALS.

  • MIMI

    I used to love her as a TV actress, Now, look at her, how stupid are her comments, I mean, hair color??? Is that so important, whats next? Shaving?? Sad, really sad,

  • Romeo

    How does she not have a career as an actress, #8?

    You need to get a life, #10.

    Many other A listers sell products, #21.

    How can you someone you’ve never met such awful things, #25. I bet you wouldn’t say that to her face.

  • annie

    looks like a lot of actresses are afflicted with not being able to act, because so many do commercials. And didn’t Angelina Jolie have a rather unsucessful try at being the face of….St John or something.

  • wonder

    YOU say awful things to people who comment on this thread all the time!

  • Jokergurl

    @bytheway 28: I honestly think she’s been brainwashed by the scientology buffs, and that’s why everything that comes out of her mouth sounds like she’s reading it off a cue card. It’s a shame she used to be fun in interviews now she’s just PROGRAMMED.:(

  • oy

    Divorcing your colorist is right up there with breast cancer awareness and equal pay. Thank goodness Katie has gotten behind this important issue.

  • marie

    boring and stupid

  • Alice

    psst.. Katie, no one likes you, go away.

  • AEP

    That is painful to watch. And hair color is so important to women?? Seriously, its laughable. And why does she keep making that stupid face?

  • Lana

    Did this mental midget just say that haircolor is really important to women?? What a complete idiot. I knew she wasn’t very bright, but that’s ridiculous. Most of us are concerned about REAL ISSUES to you cretin. Human trafficing of women, breast and reproductive cancers, equal pay for equal work…etc. Would someone PLEASE slap this woman hard!! Ugh. I wouldn’t go see a film this woman is in if my life depended on it. She’s an embarrassment to all women. Everytime she speaks, I cringe. What a vapid little twit.

  • Lala

    @Romeo: Please shut it.
    You know this is all about marketing her OWN, not for other women.
    People are dying all over the world. IN AMERICA there are children STARVING WITHOUT EDUCATION. Europe where I live it’s getting worse day by day and she is trying to convince us that what she is doing is so important for women?
    She doesn’t even believe what she is saying because she censors herself A LOT.
    She doesn’t KNOW how the raise her child an a SICK cult with husband Tom Cruise as the Evil Man behind it all.
    Suri is always out wearing high heels and dresses when it’s freezing outside.. what kind of mother is that?
    I bet they drugged her so she talks what they want.
    A lot of celebs are brainwashed but she is so stupid that she stays with this man just because of the MONEY.
    For the record, A listers sell products because they WERE A listers when they began their carreers.. not all their carreers are in the toilet. Yes
    Do you really think they do this for US, people around the world? No they do it so they can get rich. Even Jared.

    Money money money, always sunny.. in a rich men’s world

  • KrediituLops

    piu …