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Katie Holmes: 'Kennedys' Helps ReelzChannel Increase Ratings

Katie Holmes: 'Kennedys' Helps ReelzChannel Increase Ratings

Katie Holmes heads back to her apartment after running some errands on Tuesday (March 22) in New York City.

The 32-year-old actress will be heading to the premiere of her short film The Decision later in the evening.

ReelzChannel, the cable network which picked up Katie‘s miniseries The Kennedys, received a huge increase in viewership after it announced plans to air the controversial piece.

In January, the channel received 3 million viewers a week. Currently, the channel is getting 5.5 million viewers a week! Wow!

The Kennedys will start airing on ReelzChannel on April 3.

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  • http://Ja Sligo lambert ^____^cute

    She always here ? Why

  • http://Ja Sligo lambert ^____^cute

    Gitting vapid

  • Limmy

    Katie, WHAT happened to you?

    Why are you always dressed weird?

  • Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!


  • pooter

    LOL….” WOW” ?

    should have said……UGH !

  • Super Liquidation Sale

    ‘The Kennedys’ cost 25 millions$ to make and ReelzChannel bought it on Super Liquidation Sale for just 7 millions$. Good deal!

  • Super Liquidation Sale

    Sorry, correction: “The Kennedys” is a $30 million miniseries. So ReelzChannel bought it at 77% Off. What an accomplishment for Katie!

  • Super Liquidation Sale

    And with less than three weeks left before air date, the obscur cable channel has sold only a fifth of the program’s TV ad space.

  • dgtwersgs

    I watch Reelz Channel pretty much every day because they air NewsRadio, Cheers, and Becker every morning which I love catching reruns of! :)

  • J

    ReelzChannelf is a struggling cable network, it’s sort of like a TV Guide channel for movies — it runs trailers, movie reviews and celebrity clip compilations alongside reruns of Ally McBeal and Becker. They hope the miniserie will help to put them on the map.

  • andi

    Why JJ always put this weirdo in the news!

  • Deanna

    I am starting to see why Star magazine put out that issue claiming she was in a “drug nightmare”. She constantly looks under the influence of something. Maybe she is just exhausted keeping up the charade that her life has become. People say she chose this, but she was very young when she met her husband and I feel sorry for her. He seems to suck the life out of his wives when they are with him.

  • Sure She Is


    Oh yeah she looks SOOOOOooooo miserable huh? We should ALL be so damn miserable. She looks lovely, love her sweet smile, she’s pretty, and seems very down to earth. I think this is one marriage that will last. Tom’s not as bad as you all paint him, give it a rest!
    Can’t wait to see her as Jackie, she’s perfect.

  • clearly

    she’s high

  • DumbwaterStinkyPerfume

    SHOPPING errands again! Pathetic!

  • @ Sure She Is

    How would you know whether Katie is happy or sad? How would you know if her marriage is good or not?? I’m so sick of you pathetic fangirls making things up just because of what you think or want to happen in Katie’s life. Its just WEIRD. Face it, you don’t have a freakin clue if she’s happy, sad or completely miserable in her life. On the other hand, there are thousands upon thousands of pictures of the girl looking like a homeless person with an absolutely miserable look on her face……and please dont say its cause the paps are following her!! SHE decided to be an actress and when you become an actress the paps go with the territory. Lots of other stars can avoid the paps. So could she if she wanted to. She could also shield her daughter from the press, but she doesn’t. She pimps her out. And don’t get me started on her parenting skills. They suck. You fans need to get a grip. Holmes is a D list actress who can’t act to save her little life. The only reason she’s in the public eye is because she married Tom Cruise and he’s a total freak, just like her.

  • What’s Wrong with JARED!

    Please stop. I’m so sick of coming here and seeing you fawn all over this poor excuse for an actress and even poorer excuse for a mother. PLEASE STOP!! You’re making an aS* of yourself saying “WOW!” over 5 million viewers! Do you realize how many viewers HBO, Showtime or Starz have?? 5 million is nothing. This is a 30 million dollar movie that Reelz, a pathetic netword if there ever was one, purchased for 7 million. That’s just embarrassing for the stars!

    By the way, the increase in viewers for Reelz is because they just picked up a couple of more satallite systems, not because of Holmes. My Goodness. You need to realize that the public is not that stupid and your silly stroking of Katie’s ego is causing you to lose fans. I hope her husband is paying you enough to make a fool of yourself.

  • Deanna

    @Sure She Is: Katie Holmes is very pretty. I did not insult her looks. She does not look like a vibrant happy person any more. Her smile looks more sad than sweet. She looks strung out a lot. Not necessarily from drugs of any kind, but from stress or exhaustion. The best indicator of future behavior is past behavior and a man who couldn’t make two marriages last does not have any better chance of making the third one long lasting either. He is the one factor that has been the same in all of the marriages. I don’t think anyone would root for a anyone’s marriage to fail but he does not seem like he is easy to be married to. I think that the whole Cruise/Homes PR machine is failing and I don’t think people are hard on him just because they don’t worship the ground he walks on and believe the hype anymore. Save your scolding for people who are insulting her, her clothing line, her acting, her legs, not those who have concern for the girl and hope she is okay.

  • Deanna

    That being said, they have the right to criticize all they want to. If you are going to expose everyone to what appears to be an extremely strange lifestyle and relationship, you can’t think that the public are going to ignore it and believe only your positive press.

  • Romeo

    Why are you blaming Holmes for the series’ distribution and ad sales problems, #8?

    Because you want to talk about her, #11.

    And how would you know if it isn’t, #16? You make too many absurd assumptions based on paparazzi pics.

    Relatively speaking, that is very good, #17.

    Get off your high horse, #18. You have no idea how TomKat are like and you’re making wild assumptions based on nothing. Quit justifying your self-righteousness.

  • Casey

    This Romeo person is hilarious. I skim the comments but can’t even imagine what kind of person would take the time to go over them and retaliate point by point. Either they are paid or have way too much time on there hands and an unnatural affection for Tom and all things Cruise.

  • Romeo

    Posting on these threads aren’t as time consuming as you think, I skip many points-negative and positive, and I simply can’t stand around seeing anyone unfairly slammed with no one around to say something, #21.

  • dani


    If you really meant that Romeo, you’d be defending others who are slammed worse on JJ. But you don’t. I see tho that you read the Jolie-Pitt and Kidman threads and jump in to subtly slam them whenever you can. If you are going to be a self-righteous prig, then at least be honest with yourself and us and tell the truth–which is you are a die-hard Katie fan and can’t stand anyone bashing her or her choices even when she deserves criticism.


    The fact is that Katie appeared to be a young, pretty and happy “B” actress before she meant crazy cruise. Now she looks like a homeless unhappy “B” actress since she married Cruise. She is always shopping, going to Starbucks or buying cup cakes for little Suri. I have never seen so many pictures of one actress as I do of Katie. If she wants to be left alone then she needs to stop putting herself out there everyday. Why are there no other stars on this site as much as her and Suri? Because she wants everyone to think that she is just so popular and “look how down to earth I am everyone”. Well guess what Holmes, it is not normal to shop everyday with your four year old and feed the kid cup cakes everyday.

  • What does it mean?

    Here we go for the ‘winning’ miniserie: ‘ since acquiring The Kennedys and promoting it through various paid media outlets, ReelzChannel has nearly doubled its weekly unique viewers—those who spend at least six minutes on the network—from 3 million in January to about 5.5 million two weeks ago. Meanwhile, the amount of time viewers spend watching the channel is up about 35 percent’
    – 6 minutes+35% time (2minutes) = 8minutes viewing time (per week) –
    Wow just as you say Jared! Really wow !

  • Lisa

    I dunno what Jared is bragging about in terms of Reelz increasing their viewership. They can’t even get companies to pay for advertising for The Kennedy’s. Companies don’t want to spend the money on anything with Holmes in it. She’s terrible.

    I hope Tom Cruise is paying Jared alot of money to push his beard….um……wife, because he’s making a fool of himself doing it. Holmes on the other hand, is down to doing extended commercials for hair dye, appearing in ads for other companies, and appearing on a free cable channel. Oh…..and lets not forget the horrible clothing line which is totally unoriginal, not affordable to anyone but Holmes, and is only carried by 2 stores. Yea. Holmes is doing just great.

  • Edz

    @Super Liquidation Sale: LOL 7 million for distribution rights.. they make money on advertising and ratings.. so it’s actually looking very good for them

  • Randy Rively

    Can’t wait to see The Kennedys April 3rd at 8pm on ReelzChannel