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Katie Holmes: 'The Decision' Premiere!

Katie Holmes: 'The Decision' Premiere!

Katie Holmes is white hot at the premiere of The Decision on Tuesday (March 22) at Lavo in NYC.

The 32-year-old actress stars as Joan Hudson, a high-profile actress who leaves her colorist and decides to start coloring her own hair.

“I love the idea of doing a short film about something I feel is really important to women! I also love being a part of promoting a product that is available to all women,” she shared about John Frieda Precision Foam Colour.

In case you missed it, check out an interview with Katie and some b-roll from the short film!

FYI: Katie‘s luscious locks at the event and in the short film were done by celeb hairdresser Harry Josh! Katie rocked a pair of Dolce&Gabbana black polka dot pumps and a Jennifer Meyer Diamond Initial Necklace.

10+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes at The Decision premiere…

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katie holmes decision nyc premiere 01
katie holmes decision nyc premiere 02
katie holmes decision nyc premiere 03
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katie holmes decision nyc premiere 05
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Credit: Justin Campbell; Photos: D Dipasupil/Film Magic, Stephen Lovekin/Getty
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  • commonsense

    She is not white hot. That’s an ill-fitting outfit!

  • http://j carlota f.

    only her face and hair look good

  • Lucy

    Oh, that jacket is awful. It cuts her in half and makes her hips look so wide. And why does she insist on the ankle pants all the time? They are terribly unflattering and quite child-like. Throw her posture into the mix and you’ve got a recipe for yet another disaster.

  • Sara

    Oh dear, she’s finally hit rock bottom.

  • Romeo

    How so, #4?

  • Where’s Tom?

    Shouldn’t he be at the premiere of his wife’s film? What doesn’t he take her work seriously? This is an important work of art.

  • Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    She have face mix crap with boring

  • Foxx

    Katie looks like a cross between Demi Moore and Courteney Cox.

    I really don’t know if that is good or bad..

  • Iffy Miffy

    What on earth is she wearing?! Ouch.

  • jasmine

    she doesn’t know how to stand, smile, talk and of course, ACT.



  • keila

    She looks weird in these pics, like her nose and lips have grown. Is she pregnant?

  • annie

    Love how Katie isn’t afraid to wear different styles, other than the obligatory actress short tight dress, or tight dress with a slpit, or tight dress with pluging neckline , or the lot in one dress.
    Her hair is lovely , shiny and healthy, and her makeup is natural looking and flawless. No false eyelashes or extensions.
    You can criticise all you want, and find all the faults you can , but she is different, she’s very classy and people in the fashion industry are picking up on this young woman and what she has to offer.
    Can’t beat Zimbio for pics, that’s for sure!

  • pooter

    Ha! What’s with that silly boring smirk of hers?

    She can’t even stand right. Still pigeon-toed.

    What a nutcase!

  • debbie


  • annie

    Oh and there are more pics of her in NY, walking and having coffee with Galt Neiderhoffer (hope that’s right).
    Those pics are so adorable and casual, Joey Potter all over again.

  • HEllo, is anyone home?

    Ok, her hair and shoes and makeup are really good.
    THe 50′s tights. She ahs worn that.

    She needs Rachel Zoe the stylist. Well, Rachel just had her baby so she is out of comission for a while, but her staff is carrying on at the office.
    Katie Holmes need to hire Zoe and Assoc..

  • Smirk

    …yes I am now too as nutty as the fruitcake I married.

  • Really Wow…

    Katie is reaching the apogee of her career right now with this fascinating ‘film’ and her much ‘in demand’ miniserie to air on such a ‘prestigious channel’ ! Congratulation Katie Holmes! You’re bi-winning!

  • Smirky

    Smirk smirk SMIRK! Katie Holmes’s crooked smirk is getting even smirkier!

  • Smirky

    @commonsense: I agree. She has no sense of style. She looks AMATEUR and always smirking. How long do we have to endure this being crammed on us with money? That is the only thing Katie Holmes seems to be about. FASHION? How do you do fashion with ZERO style and a creepy crooked smirk?!?!?!?!

  • Smirky

    I agree. She has no sense of style. She looks AMATEUR and always smirking. How long do we have to endure this being crammed on us with money? That is the only thing Katie Holmes seems to be about. FASHION? How do you do fashion with ZERO style and a creepy crooked smirk?!?!?!?!

  • Mindy

    @Sara: Oh dear, she’s finally hit rock bottom
    Yes, this is what her acting career has become. a film three-and-a-half minute-long, really just a hair dye commercial/ad.

  • thighmegatampon

    is this another outfit suri coordinated?

    on another note, did she get the tip of her nose shaved down? she looks different from her dawsons creek days

  • Sasha

    This is not a film, is an ad, in a form of a short film, really people, always need to pick on sth? I actually find the ad very original and well made, an smart marketing campaign if u ask me. Katie looks lovely, I would have gone for other pants though.

  • siennagold

    Finally, her hair looks good! I always see her with messy hair and it’s nice to see her in this new look!

  • kizbit

    How utterly humiliating!

  • Gorgegeorge

    How embarrasing, a premiere for a commercial???!! Because you can call it a “short film” but it’s a hair commercial, plain and simple. And this from a women who wears her hair in an ugly topnot almost 100% of the time and can’t be bothered to style it???

  • AEP

    AT number 11….I couldnt have said it better!!! A premiere for a commercial?? How humiliating.

  • Lisa

    The use of the word “humiliating” is perfect, except Katie is too much of an idiot to realize how low she has sunk as an actress. Her 30 million dollar miniseries was sold to a D list free cable channel with minimal viewers for 7 million, her last film (son of no one) she was laughed at, and the upcoming one she’s just “the wife”. Her clothing line is a joke (just look at that pathetic jacket she has on – it would make someone with anorexia look fat). ITS A COMMERCIAL JARED. Nothing more, nothing less. Her career has bottomed out.

  • Poor Lisa

    that channel has more than doubled the ratings thanks to The Kennedys, it is very ignorant how you want to project that. Whether u like it or not, KAtie is news, Katie is there, YOU are here posting, hateful comments, but posting, she is working, she has plenty of work, so screw you and your hate.

  • cv

    I have to hand it to Annie, she always works so hard to have something positive to say. And I would agree that it is refreshing to see an actress rock something other than a short dress IF it were done correctly. There are plenty of women who look fantastic in pants, but Holmes misses the mark here. There is nothing classic about his look. A jacket does not make an outfit look classy – a well-tailored jacket that fits, is appropriate to one’s body type and suits the pants one is wearing would be classy. This is just cheap looking and unflattering.

  • dani

    Kidman does Chanel. Katie does Hair Color.

  • delusional much?

    @Poor Lisa: But it is pathetic.
    ‘ since acquiring The Kennedys and promoting it through various paid media outlets, ReelzChannel (free cable chanel) has nearly doubled its weekly unique viewers—those who spend at least six minutes on the network—from 3 million in January to about 5.5 million two weeks ago. Meanwhile, the amount of time viewers spend watching the channel is up about 35 percent’
    - 6 minutes+35% time (2minutes) = 8minutes viewing time (per week) -
    Wow just as you say Jared! Really wow !
    And the 5,5M viewers is just weekly, 8minutes average, as just any ordinary to good TV show gets that viewership per show.

    And Katie’s big premiere is for a commercial? pitiful

  • Lisa

    @ #31

    No….screw you you hateful Biot*h. Reelz is a basic, no pay channel with VERY LOW viewership. If you can’t handle the truth, STFU and stop attacking individuals you don’t know on a gossip site. You’re here too aZZ hole and you’re obsessed with a D list actress who cant act to save her pathetic little life. The ignorant little turd dumped her family, her friends and her religion, not to mention selling her soul and her body to the highest bidder and is not associated with a cult and man being investigated by the FBI.

    I know Katie is here and in a free country, I can give my opinion about her. Don’t like it?? Too freakin bad you delusional freak. She’s working on COMMERCIALS because no one else wants her for anything more than that. Deal with it.

    Next time you jump all over me, think again. I don’t take crap for delusional, ignorant idiots who spend their time defending a piss poor “actress” who would step over you if you were laying on the street. Get a life. I’ll say what I want when I want to. DEAL WITH THAT.

  • unknown

    She looks horrible. Those pants are not very flattering.

  • Toodles

    I said it once, and I’ll say it again:

    Holms, Alba, Bosworth—GO ACT. All I see is parading around LA looking…excuse me…TRYING to look fashionable. The most boring women in Hollywood, I swear.

  • Jawnifer

    why does she always smile with only half her face? she always smiles with only the right side of her face. its annoying.
    does she think it looks good or something?
    anne hathaway did a dead-on impression of her crooked smile on SNL.

  • DumbwaterStinkyPerfume

    Wasn’t Logging banned years ago???

  • paralysis???

    Is she partially paralyzed?

  • katarina

    Forget the outfit, it is what it is. Could be worse. But…wth was that statement about why she did the commercial? Because she loves doing a film about a product that’s available to all women? Huh?

  • annie

    God …you all try so hard. I’m going to sit this one out. A lot of people thought she looked great…and so did I. Just remember tho….she’s the one getting the offers left right and centre, so the bottom line is……whoever is hiring her for this that and everything thinks pretty well of her, so to be honest you and I don’t matter much in the scheme of things.

  • annie

    @ dani
    You forgot to mention the ”Schweppes lemonade” add that Nicole did.
    You remember the one don’t you , where she’s floating around like 42yr pretend Indian princess.



    DIXIE CUP IS A 69!!!!! HAHA

  • Get lost katie


    nope, only selected logging. but these trunks are due to be sent to the lumberyard!!!

  • dani


    No Dani, I didn’t forget that one. However, Katie has consistently had more stinkers than Nicole. Over and over and over. At least Nicole has talent. Katie does not.

  • dani


    I meant No Annie (sorry Annie, Dani)

  • LOL
  • a CBS Kennedy review

    Poor Katie, just can’t win:

    Casting Holmes, whom Mitchell called a Jackie lookalike, “sort of added this tabloid element to the entire production,” Setoodeh observed. “Every time Katie Holmes would come out in a Jackie Kennedy outfit, all the tabloids would run pictures of it. And then, it sort of became a little bit of a punch line. It looked like she was playing dress-up. And on-screen, she doesn’t really have — it’s a very difficult thing to play a real person, a real, living person that we all know. But she doesn’t really have the gravitas to pull off the role. And the accent, it’s a little silly — for eight hours, it’s a long time to be, you know, watching her play this character in the way that she does.”

    Setoodeh confirmed that historians looked at the script, adding that producers have “toned down the more controversial elements when you watch it now. But, you know, it’s still — Joe Kennedy kind of comes off as a caricature. Sort of like a Karl Rove figure. And you know, I don’t — I mean, I only watched the first five hours. I have three hours left to go. But I don’t really think people are going to tune in until the very end.”

    The first five hours, Setoodeh said, were “not very good. It’s not very, you know, it’s sort of — it’s a strange production. The characters are kind of over-the-top. There’s not a lot of characters. It’s not very believable. And you kind of roll your eyes at some parts, because it’s really cheesy.”

  • annie

    You all make fun of Katie when she speaks….listen to this guy go on, and doesn’t he go around bashing gays in his articles.
    Forget Katie, but he’s making fun of Tom Wilkinson, who is a brilliant actor and judging by the trailers, he is really powerful as Joe Kennedy.
    Again .. it’s all about Katie , but she got a good write up in NY Post, and the series is getting picked up for the overseas market.