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Rachel Bilson: Magnum Ice Cream Shorts Premiering at Tribeca!

Rachel Bilson: Magnum Ice Cream Shorts Premiering at Tribeca!

Rachel Bilson brings her luggage out to a car to head to the airport on Tuesday (March 22) in Los Angeles.

The 29-year-old actress recently shot several short films for Magnum Ice Cream, which were directed by Karl Lagerfeld.

The films will premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival next month. They will also debut on Magnum’s Facebook page simultaneously.

Karl Lagerfeld‘s creative vision has always inspired me, and this series brings his concept of pleasure to life,” Rachel said about the films. “The films capture the indulgence and luxury of Magnum ice cream. My character believes that a day without pleasure is a day lost, and that’s a perfect representation of the Magnum lifestyle – and my personal philosophy, too.”

FYI: Rachel is carrying a Burberry bag and wearing Jimmy Choo “Biker” boots.

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  • Blah

    Blah blah blah

  • hanno

    short films ……… hahhaha freaking commercials u dork

  • http://Ja Sligo lambert ^____^cute

    Hay u give me ice cream

  • http://Ja Sligo lambert ^____^cute

    U have more ice crean ? Now give me . U just vapid crap

  • Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    Oh not good x_x

  • Lake

    Karl Lagerfeld apparently doesn’t do “commercials,” he does “shorts,” as if it’s an actual film Whatever. They’re hawking freaking ice cream, get over it.

  • Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    Leave‏ ‏Rachel on grabage,
    and now Write comment about kaz simply Amazen!

  • Ashley

    I’m sorry, are we talking about an ICRE CREAM commercial? The way she made it sound, I thought she was just cast in the next ‘Inception.’ lol Though for her a commercial directed by Lagerfeld is about as good as it gets. And as for Lagerfeld, are times so tough he had to resort to dairy?

  • Leah

    Lagerfeld is a well known designer wtf would he know about directing and the reason he used her was bc she hounded him at the Met Ball last year so he would use her. Gee this is the best way he thought to use her this is the next best thing to a dog food commercial.One would actually believe she was in the sequel to Black Swan from the way she acted. I get this Magnum ice cream where I am and honestly it’s ok it’s not better then Dove bars or Ben and Jerry’s it’s nothing to brag about.

  • SammiSweetheat

    Can’t wait to see the commericals! Love R-Bils!!!

  • JC

    “Films”….Who does she think she is kidding. Put a dress on a pig and you still have a pig. Maybe next she’ll land a ” 30 second film” for Pizza Hut or something.

  • kaleigh

    Who the f*ck the cares! Talentless sh*ts like this only get attention because of gossip blogs that feel the need to promote them!

  • jaeger

    ICKS her saddlebags looks like that its about to “burst”!

    @ FYI: Rachel is carrying a Burberry bag.
    If that’s not a freebie ‘ that would be major paycheck from KL – that’s sure more like her only “worth”

  • kaleigh

    She should “hook-up” w/ Chris Brown next coz she badly needs a good punch!

  • aberfitch

    She’s had the “same” hair for like a thousand years . Maybe she has a clause in her paparazzi contract which states “Afghan-Hound hair must never be touched, cut, styled shown differently on any photo-ops. It must retain a “curtain” like status to cover up her clueless & homely zits face at all times.

    And why use words like vision, concept, capture, representation, philisophy w/ just this stuff?!?! Its just a freakin & random commecial not even a low budgeted indie movie. Ice creams is/are just worth like a penny. This is just to much ado about really “nothing”.

  • ads

    magnum ice cream is sponsoring tribeca film festival, just saying

  • hmm

    why would karl lagerfeld be directing a ice cream ad? that just sounds really strange.. oh well, good for her i guess, but did she really need to comment on it? the way she was talking was like it was a important film or something its just a ice cream ad..

  • leimore

    Tribeca is a FILM festival; damn sure that those who would flock there would simply pay attention to those full lenght movies from aspiring & real actors/actresses instead of that a minute ad from just whoever.

  • chadwick

    So what’s up next… a “french fries” ad???

  • the truth

    Why didn’t she say she was going to north carolina to film her pilot? That’s where she was going.

  • I knew it!
  • Leah

    I would like to do the happy dance on this but it’s a tabloid but, again they are never together and I think it’s more or less a no brainer that they were never going to make it as a couple it was more or less a use/use situation. It’s better they went their separate ways hopefully their will be no more back tracking even if he is with her on an off I think with her now doing this so called TV series or pilot if it takes off or not she was never going to move away from LA, nor him from Canada. But thanks #21 for the info hope it’s true.

  • rayden

    Rachel’s rep denies it.

  • Chelly

    Where there’s smoke…

    Someone in her camp knows she’s tired of whatever he’s doing.

  • SammiSweetheat
  • Kristin

    This is the same REP that says he never speak of his clients private life PLEASE I don’t trust in what either one says. HC said last may he was ready to get married and their relationship was in a positive direction and next they called off everything. RB obviously told someone she had it and leaked it to the press could be someone beat her to the punch she isn’t ready to say it’s over till her pilot proves to be a go then she will call it off. Either way to me they are done.

  • Rep

    These are all tabloids making statements her agent is shit and so is RB and HC not one of these fools tells the truth. The say one thing and next we hear something totally different. I agree with #26 I think she is waiting to see how her pilot goes if he doesn’t then she will need him even more because she is a lousy actress. Why hang on to some dude that really isn’t going to change his life for her or her for him. They have been a stupid couple since the beginning.

  • vikki

    These two so-called celebrities have nothing more to attract attention than regular stories of them got stuck on the strange stage of the romance. It would be funny if it were not so sad. How much can you chew yesterday’s jumble?

  • Fandango

    Got to love this comment :

    The actors reunited earlier this year after calling off their engagement last August amid rumors they were struggling to maintain a long-distance relationship.

    They are “struggling” to maintain a long distance romance so really how is this going to change it’s been this way for what well over 4 years now. If you are struggling bottom line its over or will end. Pay the agent his money to shut up the friend of her’s who leaked it out someone on her side of the fence knows the real story and RB sure as hell doesn’t want ppl to no it’s not working out.. So pay the agent, make him sugar coat the story so it sounds like they are desperately trying to make things work. This story stinks as bad as Charlie Sheen’s interviews and really how hard are they working at this doesn’t look to me that it’s doing all that well when he won’t commit to her or her to him it’s the living thing again or is it the fame thing. He had it she wants it and is screwing around the Bff’s hubby to get it. I think these two are in the sh*tter in a personal way and we don’t need a source or tabloid to tell it to us.

  • Renee

    This is probably the same source that claimed she was dating Jake Ghyllenhaal even though they were never seen together, and both Jake and Rachel’s reps denied they ever dated. It is probably the same source that said in January that they were engaged again, too, and the rep denied they were engaged, but they were still dating. This “source’ now says they are over, and it is denied right away again, with it announced that they are “still dating”. These same rumors of being engaged to being over are within about 6 weeks. It sounds like someone has fun making up stories to tell different tabloids. Let Hayden and Rachel sort out their own relationship, which Rachel said was positive a month ago. They are probably laughing themsevles silly with all these rumors.

  • unreechy

    Its nothing new & not really surprising or whatever about that latest showmance HYPE,
    At that time they were hinting the tabloids that they’re supposed to be getting back together; both got movies that yet to be release that got eventually & predictably BOMB.
    Since BilHO seems to the only one working at the moment (a big thanks to her connections – dont forget about that!) wait what would comes out for her next gossip call when her no-sweat, no-audition TV pilot is going to be shown; as y’all know, she always counts the tabloids for attention coz “legit” talent, credibility & popularity – BilHO’s got “none”.
    P.S. And HC(sic) is her “media conniving tool”.

  • Leah

    When a couple has to struggle to keep this going good indication there are issues or that something isn’t working. People shouldn’t have to travel or visit one another work or otherwise if once engaged and claiming love. If this was real and again the word is IF someone would give in. Especially after the second time so far I don’t think anything changed at all between them, Guess one was hoping the other would buckle under and move. Don’t feel that will happen eventually my guess is they will move on to other relationships.

  • monreal

    Whoa this seems to be a low-budgeted show w/ low expectations if its in North Carolina… And why need to revived again that bearding contract. Isn’t it that obvious how so “timely” it is?!
    As for North Carolina… geeez there’s no paparazzi in there as that’s also One Tree Hill’s setting location but media photo-ops of the cast were so very few if not none really at all… but if it turns out soon to be the opposite, “we all know how & why”…

  • RB wants to create a BUZZ

    Folk don’t you see how she and her team try to create a buzz around her when she needs to promote her90 seconds ad on TV and her new up coming tv series.

    They know that this fakish couple create a buzz mainly because HC’s fans do not understand his attraction for an low class talentless actress.
    Each time Hayden is mentioned with her, this generates many comments about her .
    As she is a famew.ore that rely solely on gossips to keep being out there, she is happy and satisfied.
    Indeed her talent or should we say her lack of talent will never generate any kind of buzz.

    RB IS A FRAUD , without shame using anyone ( her friend , her friend’s husband who secretly loves her more than his own wife EWW), Christensen hayden and his family ), to get role, and exposure.

    She can foul no one with a brain. She os far from the girl next to door type. She is a shark with her PR team and there is certainly nothing innocent and cute about this girl.

    Don’t look with you eyes but but look at what she’s been doing for years,. I have more respect for prostitutes. At least they have a role in society!!!

  • Toonie

    Her body is so weird it’s like some cartoon character around the hip and leg area. She reminds me of that short weird woman Edna in The Incredible But at least Edna was likable can’t say I like this woman at all.

  • amaranth

    Oooh they’re channeling the Jude/Sienna thing but J/S were always been together & for a real thing at least compared w/ these 2. Both of them are just fools to even last this long when its too obvious even at the early stage of their press hook-up; that they’re “cursed & toxic” together… basing on their failed acting careers & media/public ongoing “obliviousness” on them.

  • deshaun

    Its another one BEARD’s the dust… book 2.
    Yet still failing as expected for a major buzz. Get her another made-in-Hollywood fauxmance, asap!!!

  • amy has a photo of Hayden arriving yesterday, March 23rd, in Toronto “on a flight from Los Angeles”. It also says he will start work on filming Money For Nothing “soon” in New York City

    Hayden and Rachel were both missing for a couple of weeks, then she went to film her ice cream commercials last week, came back and was not seen again until she flew out Tuesday. Then Hayden left LA on Wednesday. It seems they are together more than people think they are, Hayden can slip in and out of LA and not be seen. No wonder they denied the split. I hope this movie he is supposed to start work on really gets made. I wish both Hayden and Rachel the best, no matter what happens between them.

  • Fandango


    Assuming gets you know where he also has a brother whom he is in business with nor has he been seen driving around in her car in LA as he always has been or walking out of her home as is the MO of HC and DD for press media world. He can hide in Canada so don’t assume he was always with RB. I think the leak was premature for her she isn’t ready for this to be over quite yet. Besides, his ppl never comment why is that?? He makes mention of them being seen together and usually the tweeters find them and get pictures when they hide in LA no such luck anymore. I’m sure she will make sure they are seen but if she is working on a TV show don’t assume she will make time for him other then online.

  • amy

    Hayden was seen about 3 weeks or so ago in a twitter photo with 2 girls that were on a fight to Los Angeles. I remember seeing it on a blog, what caught my eye was the tweet said “my sister is on a plane with Darth Vader”. That was right before Hayden and Rachel both disappeared for two weeks, and neither one was seen until Rachel flew to Paris. When Rachel is in LA for any length of time, she is papped all over LA shopping,eating, etc.. No one can assume, but when a couple is “dating again”, and in the same town, or out of town together, it is pretty logical they would be together. The fact they left LA within a day of each other says they were in town at the same time. Why not be together when able to be, especially before they both start work again?

    I am done speculating about these two. Whatever happens with them, will happen.

  • Lora

    @RB wants to create a BUZZ:

    “I have more respect for prostitutes. At least they have a role in society!!! ” – WOW!! What a brillian passage !!

    I do not really have any srong feelings for RB, either positive or negative, I just dislike HC’s choice , but Dear !! You made me laugh to hiccup !

    You are right that exactly her dating HC make lots of people, me as well, to come to this link to watch her life.

  • vikki

    I always try to comment on the facts never make conclusions based on rumors, not to look after a complete fool. But this time will tell. For some reason I would not be surprised if very soon we see Mrs. HC and I would not be surprised if this is not RB.

  • Toonie

    There won’t be a Mrs. HC one RB has NO interest in marriage she even said so herself. And HC lies he claimed he was ready to marry last may even said they were doing well then next thing we knew they broke it off..I doubt ever if these two will make it once you break off some will hold on for a year or less and then it’s over. Believing things will change most of the time they don’t.

    As for being seen back in Feb yea that was the only time a twitter got them and he looked like he was about to throw up allowing ppl to take his picture. I won’t claim he wasn’t around her BUT i seriously doubt he hung around for her someone said he is due to film a movie in a few weeks in NY. Be it that is the case he needs to go home before he has to spend time on a shooting spree. Besides you have no clue how long he was in LA maybe he has been back and forth. We also know that RB who is seen also left on several of those occassions so NO they were not together and he didn’t leave or travel with her when he had more then enough time to do it. His agent more or less wants him in LA so he could land work. If he is in Canada getting auditions isn’t going to be easy.

  • vikki

    Do not be so serious about what we write here!)) Just recently I had a feeling that Bilson cover for someone who really likes privacy.
    “RB has NO interest in marriage”… Really? She expects that there will be someone better than HC.))

  • KrediituLops

    she looks amazing.