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Alexander Skarsgard: Joan's on Third Coffee Stop

Alexander Skarsgard: Joan's on Third Coffee Stop

Alexander Skarsgard stops by one of his favorite eateries, Joan’s on Third, to grab coffee with a friend on Wednesday (March 23) in Los Angeles.

The 34-year-old actor just ate at the restaurant earlier in the week with his girlfriend Kate Bosworth.

Over the weekend, Alex wore head to toe Nike as he headed to a gym, possibly to prepare his body for the pink spandex scene for True Blood, which he’s said he’s aware of!

10+ pictures inside of Alexander Skarsgard grabbing coffee…

Just Jared on Facebook
alexander skarsgard joans on third coffee 01
alexander skarsgard joans on third coffee 02
alexander skarsgard joans on third coffee 03
alexander skarsgard joans on third coffee 04
alexander skarsgard joans on third coffee 05
alexander skarsgard joans on third coffee 06
alexander skarsgard joans on third coffee 07
alexander skarsgard joans on third coffee 08
alexander skarsgard joans on third coffee 09
alexander skarsgard joans on third coffee 10

Credit: Michael Wright; Photos: WENN
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  • Lacy


    Ya, I’d rather belive Us Weekly, than something called a “gossip cop”. Us actually has to check things, especially if they’re going into their print version.

  • Doreen


    Yes I know, that’s what I was getting at. I posted a link when it first came out to another article by a news site that stated the same timeframe, May 2010. During all the Coachella crap, etc. That’s why this living together story for a year is complete bunk.

  • Melinda


    Fair enough, I just thought I’d post the link to see what thought of it.

  • Camille

    LOL, Kate’s PR person can’t even remember what tidbits they’ve given out over the months. So many conflicting things. First it was that Alex would consider moving in with her at x-mas time, now it’s they’ve already been shacked up for a year? WTF?! No wonder Alex looks p*ssed off all the time. Someone should tell Kate that loose lips sink ships.

  • Lacy


    Hey no biggie :)

    Me, I think it’s a cover up for someone who spoke out of turn perhaps. We’ll find out in time I guess.

  • Mamabear

    @Cara: Like you said, most of the tips coming out about “the couple” are simply her PR trying to get a better spin. This particular damage control could do more harm than good if it was in fact her camp that named Bjorn as the snitch. Bjorn has been around ahelluva long time compared to Kate. Bashing one of his closest friends could backfire.

  • porquenon

    Mamabear – like your timeline but you’re missing two big tells: Cochella and Cannes. If they’re together at Cochella, whatever, it’s music and beer, beer and music. If they’re together at Cannes for the Melancholia premiere, it’s a whole other story.

  • Mamabear
  • She is so Vanilla

    Really, really folks this is the best HER people can do, I say fire them all and start a fresh and while she is at it buy a new face and lifestyle. So I am suppose to believe this fictional site and gossip ish over US really and they went in print version about it, but Really. The last time US said something abut them breaking up and her cheating on him LAST summer with her ex (while they were living together I am dying.OMG) HER people issue a statement and why haven’t they issued a statement now instead of using lame sites to do their dirty work for them. BTW she name drop the 2nd sweden trip wouldn’t she also drop that she watches him sleep at night while he has a tiger from hangover snark at her so he can get some sleep. (she would so drop that)

    So they have lived together for a year, sure possible but that means either she is truly homeless or she can’t afford her house anymore. Because Alex has had his friends staying there since like forever just in feb SSD just moved out.

    Plus last year for her BDay she vakay ALONE and then she started stalking him. SO yeah they been living together for a year more like she been stalking his windows and breaking into his house for a year and dropping pieces of clothes in his gym bag.
    Then there is Amanada OMG enough said, then the break up rumors last year. Really!! This is such a load of zoo BS that I am just done typing because in the end US research this and heard more from whom ever else is writing this crap. BTW all the stans been pushing this since last year so yeah no surprise that someone is trying to push that fairytale horse crap.

    I find it so wrong that they used his friend Bjorne in this BS, EVERYONE knows that Alex BFF till the end is Bjorne so no surprise there. JUST LAME AND RETARDED SHE IS SO VANILLA AND USELESS can’t even start up a good gossip.

  • Tracy

    Hahah, over at another board they’re denouncing the one gossip sites story about a breakup and claiming the gossip cop one and the obamalady one are accurate (they’re also fighting amongst each other because one poster thinks it’s PR and the rest don’t). Right, because gossip sites are SO accurate to begin with, especially that one that nobodys ever heard of saying they’re livin together for a year. What the heck is that? I’d take the word over an actual publication magazine over some blog, but who the heck knows.

  • kb/dogs

    with kates previous BF she was seen all the time walking her dogs . now I see no pics of alex, kate and dog taking a nice stroll through the park. they are always at concert, partys,restaurants with friends (alex’s). I mean alex is a big dog lover he said so himself.

    oh dam cue the music PR correction very soon we will see kate, alex walking dogs through park alone no friends or better yet alex jogging in the park with KHOS DOG
    to dodge any breakup rumors

  • chelle

    What. I don’t get is how do you breakup a never confirmed relationship.? And I personally have never heard of either of those sites before today …..or am I just blind and stoopid?? Oh well I guess this is another time will tell thing ….as long as I still get to drool :0)

  • Rachel()

    I’m gonna have to go with US’s story(b/c I really, really want to inside). So, I wonder if any of you can answer this, if you’ve read the actual US issue. Do you know when that photo of them was taken? They’re actually in the same frame, and he doesn’t look nauseated at being that close to her. What’s up with that? Please tell me this took place before he discovered what I soul devouring status wh*re K-Ho is!!

  • http://viking65 mforman

    chelle, you are right how do you break up a relationship, that was never confirmed or acknowledged. I also have never heard of either of these websites, so you are far from stupid.
    kb/dogs, i have never seen dogs, that are not taken out for fun, it is so sad, that their fun is the vets ant post offices. she will do whavever she can to make people forget about these makeup rumors, that is how twisted she is.

  • What’s up now?

    I also posted this on the post about their “lunch” together earlier in the week. Found this link via the kateseviltwin Twitter: — So is this plus the Gossip Cop denial what she is doing since US Weekly wouldn’t retract their little piece? Or is it true? According to the “jamie” comment from Coachella that was referenced in this thread, the “kateseviltwin” Twitter was created by Kate/her people. If it’s her people, it could explain why the related Tumblr has all those Straw Dogs production stills that aren’t even on IMDb. All that said, I can’t say I trust that “jamie” source 100%.


    @What’s up now?:

    Kate’s Evil Twin is far too clever to be by KB or her lame PR team.

  • What’s up now?

    @MERRICK: I’ve heard that suggested before, that it’s too clever to be her. I think KET is SO FUNNY sometimes that if it really WERE her or her team, it would make me like her better. I do wonder where whoever it is got some of the SD pics for the Tumblr blog, though.

  • twat

    it’s the twat’s twitter doesn’t mean she writes it all but she would Do it , she has people to do her educated, clever work

  • new alex tweet

    secretlamour: SPOTTED alexander skarsgard in the wolseley on piccadilly looking all sexy.
    about 1 hour ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

    that would put alex in london hmmmmmm what would alex be doing in London????

  • Doreen

    That’s weird, KVBS tweeted like yesterday that they were shooting night scenes at Merlotte’s. Maybe that person is mistaken and it’s someone else.

  • pic

    @Rachel(): That photo in Us is from Golden Globes 2010 after he’d downed about 15 beers and had reportedly been ignoring her for most of the night. At the end of the night as they were getting turned away from parties and they were leaving. There are so few pics with them in the same frame, they didn’t have much to pick from. The LadyObama story sounds as fake as KBos’ hair color. And you know Us called her reps before they ran that story and they’re not on record denying it, so maybe this is all we get for a break up notice.

  • Which issue?

    Which issue of US Weekly has this story? Like what date or main cover story? I looked at one today that didn’t have the KB/AS thing in it.

  • Doreen

    @Which issue?:

    It was last week’s issue.

  • pic

    It’s the issue where one of those teen moms is getting married on the cover. The current issue.

  • Nikki

    “Alexander Skarsgard disguised as giant smurf”. REALLY?

    he doesn’t look happy AT ALL. he usually doesn’t look that angry when he’s alone. maybe the breakup rumors are true…


    @What’s up now?: @twat:

    It’s not hard to find pictures. I found pictures of Skars with Allan Hyde in makeup for the last episode before it aired. They were on set with Skars in Eric burned makeup( when he was outside with Russel). Skars and Allan were sitting on directors chairs. No biggie

  • Rachel()

    @pic: Yeah, it’s in the issue that came out this wed or thurs. @pic: That’s very good to know. They had me a bit worried for a second.

  • New plates

    so Askars goes on the weekend to buy plates?!? for his house and his GF (lol) is NOT there for this photo op. Ahhh, US reports are starting to sound more true. If they indeed moved in together (for a years BS) this would be the prefect time to show us that they are indeed living together. But of course now she would will pop up today with him buying s*** at Ikea.

  • Hate Free

    Nice to know that the Yuku site that Kathleen is a member is also populated by nasty homophobes. At least they’re equal opportunity haters.

    #511 [url] [-]

    Posts: 2846
    03/26/11 01:44:59
    eh, totally over these stupid poll things, but
    shock horror

    ASkars is losing to The Boner!?!?!

    Game 4.1
    48.9% Alexander Skarsgård, True Blood
    51.1% Matt Bomer, White Collar

    Read more:

    get voting ladies

  • New Video
  • http://viking65 mforman

    dont these guys ever give up, like he is going to answer them.
    her and her people made a huge mistake, using Bjorn as their source, if she wanted to put the nail in the head in the coffin of this so called relationship then that was just what she did. one of her many problems is she doesn’t understand how a true friendship works and how people behave in them, because she has never, nor will she ever have a friendship like that.
    they never lived together only ,thought about it and if they had worked it out, it would have been on this website, with everyday updates, JJ did mention it once in passing and then he even stopped. and that was the end of that.
    hopefully his fans can really rejoice this time, because it is my belief that he just got absolutely disgusted about this whole situation and then realized just how good he is as an actor, and that he didn’t need all the other crap. i think her and her people were always putting him down making him believe he needed her to succeed and all the good that she could do for him and thank goodness he finally remembered; especially after the only invites after the GG were for no name after, after parties, no parties in Mexico (not one and there were some of the biggest parties there), no A list events (unless he was going to attend alone or with his posse (i love that word), and then to see all the Academy Awards parties/events that he was invited to; and once again how he was treated, like the A list star he truly is; he finally saw how he should be treated, he finally remembered that it was him that they wanted, his talent, work ethic and personality, and he realized that besides her being a clinging, disgusting, nasty, famewhore, who treats people that she feels aren’t famous or blue bloods very badly and doesn’t care who she hurts, she has only done him harm in both the professional and persoanl realm.
    it really made him start to think.
    believe me, i am no mind reader, I don’t know what he is thinking, but the photos that JJ started showing after she returned were a lot worse than they were even before she left.
    us fat, acne prone, unemployed fan girls(thought I would give you guys a head start), i hope i can get off the couch.

  • Doreen

    If they were engaged Kate would be shoving that sh*t in everyone’s faces. You’d get convenient pics of her diamond all the damn time, and she wouldn’t shut up about it.

  • x17

    …is Kate popsugar, they Kate’s stains, Engaged, right, next it will be baby on the way, (wait you will hear that tomorrow)if they should get their facts right (gossip) they would know that people are talking about break ups and living together but yours truly wants another topic floating around engagement, God more pathetic and desperate than ever.

  • Ladybug

    @pic: That LadyObama story is about as fake as the Alex picture they used for the story.
    It’s possible that the site itself made up the story. Are KB’s people that dumb to have been involved with it at all?

  • Carla Nelson

    I’m sorry Alex aint all that he looks okay . Remember what ever we say they don’t do they end up doing. Hey when soneone said its been a year and finally they started saying why don’t they ever eat with KB parents. Then the next thing you noticed is that they printed an atricle saying how they had dinner with her parents. They read these
    websites. Look out whatever you say they don’t do they phone the paps to take a photo with them doing whatever to make it look good for the public. Every now and then you may run across the cast of a TB member getting papped every once in a while. Then I can truly believe they were caught off guard. KB is calling the paps and telling them were AK is going to be.