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Alexander Skarsgard: Joan's on Third Coffee Stop

Alexander Skarsgard: Joan's on Third Coffee Stop

Alexander Skarsgard stops by one of his favorite eateries, Joan’s on Third, to grab coffee with a friend on Wednesday (March 23) in Los Angeles.

The 34-year-old actor just ate at the restaurant earlier in the week with his girlfriend Kate Bosworth.

Over the weekend, Alex wore head to toe Nike as he headed to a gym, possibly to prepare his body for the pink spandex scene for True Blood, which he’s said he’s aware of!

10+ pictures inside of Alexander Skarsgard grabbing coffee…

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135 Responses to “Alexander Skarsgard: Joan's on Third Coffee Stop”

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  1. 76
    mforman Says:

    merrick thank you for posting the links, i totally forgot.
    #74, i must disagree with you, this time, i think he has had it, enough is enough and i don’t think it will take until September, he has had enough, and we can all see that from the latest photos that are being shown. when she gets her paid for award, i think he will be working and then little by little we wont see them together anymore, i mean how much more can this man take. i really think he has found out all about her and that was that, and he also got tired of her ridiculous PR, pap set ups.
    also, i just looked at the photos that cele bitchy posted and that is not AS’s sister, that girl is in no way as tall as Eja (spelled wrong, sorry), and not even a pretty as her, has anyone else seen her modeling photos, the girl is stunning and the girl next to KB on that outing is not. it shows you the depths she will go to, to keep the publlicity on her no matter what it costs, and i really think he has had it.
    he now needs to work on his fantastic body of work, that he has complied, because he can only get better and more parts.

  2. 77
    seeshay Says:

    thanks for the social life link, so nice to see him smiling, being a good guy as usual with his fans. Hope the break up rumors are true actually. I think he can do better.

  3. 78
    MERRICK Says:


    “Interesting you should use Reese Witherspoon and her fiance as an example of people who handle hounding paps since they got into a HUGE fight with paps just the other day. Her boyfriend almost got into a fist fight. The paps are slugs who all celebrities other than reality tv celebs hate.”

    I didn’t see a huge FISTFIGHT on the video but you know what, Reese asked those jack@sses to NOT TO CROWD HER KIDS ( or something like that) but they persisted and had her fiance smacked the sh*t out of them, a lot of people including me would have applauded. Don’t f*c k with people’s kids, especially not for a stupid picture. It was her freaking Birthday with her family and they should have given her the night off or taken a few quick shots. Some paps are actually nice and have good relations with the celebs, it’s the ones that step over that line to instigate a negative reaction/ fight/ lawsuit that are slime.

    Get your facts straight and provide proof.

  4. 79
    MERRICK Says:

    Story about about Just Jared.

    Found this about Kate and then bf James Rousseau. Very coupley pictures with James but then again she looked coupley with Josh Hartnett that JJ mistook him for James. Very touchey, feely with the menfolk that gal is . Look up Superman and she’s all over Brandon Routh too. Then Jim Sturgess…then James Marsden…then some Coldplaying …then….we all know what happened next . Perhaps she just doesn’t know when to drawer the line or just likes touching, but after a few stories I’d say clear of it.

    The obvious PDA with others goes back to the oddity that is her whatever with Skars. The woman she is hugging is her “close friend” Helena Christenson.

  5. 80
    MERRICK Says:


    I’d like to think that’s he had it too and him not including her in the very public Joan’s lunches with his friends is a good sign. It’s obvious that if she had enough time to show up to be papped and leave she had time to hang out. We’ll see. I just hope that this turns into a better year for him on all fronts.

  6. 81
    Doreen Says:

    Interestingly she looks happier in lots of those pics with James Rousseau (I looked at several threads) than she ever does with Alex, even if she does smug it up. That actually looks like a relationship, this never really has.

  7. 82
    Nikki Says:

    With all of this breakup news, KB will try to stage a photo op while looking “unexpected” and “annoyed” at the papz. Trust. She must let the world know that she hasn’t taken a hard blow (if the rumors are even true). Hopefully she’ll hook up with somebody more suitable than Alex, who is WAY out of her league.

  8. 83
    Mamabear Says:

    If the “rough patch” mentioned today IS real, then there will be a certain timeline of behaviors to follow.

    First, there will be photos of them together, maybe another grocery shopping trip. That should happen sometime in the next 7 days.

    Then comes whatever award she won in Vail, if Alex attends then that should stop all the breakup rumors and the “working things out” saga will begin. If Alex doesn’t attend the Vail event then you can expect an “insider” to come forward with whispers of trouble in Casa de Skarsworth again, maybe even photos of Kate getting waytooclose to another man.

    Once back in LA there will be more photos, probably Kate having her hair done and Alex again at his favorite eatery.

    Sometime in the third week of April there should be another photo op of them as a couple, denying all rumors of trouble in the relationship.

    End of April, first part of May Kate should take a sudden trip home to visit her family, Alex should be done working on the tv show and will have gone on to whatever project he has lined up, if any.

    Middle of May to middle of June there should be several photos of Kate, doing what she does best, pretending to be annoyed at being photographed all whilst listing off the many designer labels she’s wearing at the moment. Photos of Alex as well, candids from whatever he’s working on at that time.

    The real indicator will be the middle of June when True Blood season 4 premieres. If Kate attends then Skarsworth will continue on, if Kate doesn’t attend then every Skarsgard fan out there will have to go change their panties because that’s a strong indication that the she has stopped marking her territory.

    If Kate doesn’t attend Alex’ premiere then the next three weeks will be filled with photos of them separately and the whispers will begin that Kate is seeing someone else behind Alex’ back.

    By mid July there will be photos leaked of Kate with another man, possibly at the 4th of July events in Boston, or wherever her parents are living.

    Publicists will release a statement, Kate and Alex, blah blah blah, mutual decision, blah blah blah, still friends, blah, you know the drill.

    As they head into August there will be the little tidbits of why they “really” broke up. You know, everything from the lame “Kate is a party girl and Alex is a homebody” to the more exotic “Kate has a double row of teeth and the suction of a hoover and Alex sleeps in the nude wearing only bunny ears”.

    This will escalate, the rumors will fly and there will be several photos of them both putting on a “brave face” and enduring the many questioning paps. Kate should have a new man on her arm by then.

    That should carry us on into September when, voila’ the premiere of Straw Dogs!!!!!!!!!

  9. 84
    Mamabear Says:

    But I could be wrong:)

  10. 85
    Cara Says:


    Alex sleeps nude with bunny ears??? LMAO I almost pee’d myself when I read that!! Then I started thinking….he would make a most delicious easter bunny……

    Am I wrong????

  11. 86
    Skarsgard wannabe Says:

    That made me LOL and you’d better be careful… Somebody’s PR may be contacting you with a job offer or wondering who gave away their strategy to you! LOVED it!
    Again, thanks for posting links, especially re: Just Jared. Very nice and informative article.

  12. 87
    Doreen Says:


    Dear lord I hope it doesn’t play out that long. LOL though you should send a resume in.

  13. 88
    Mjforever Says:

    You would think a guy who moved in with his girlfriend would eat at home…

  14. 89
    Nikki Says:

    I’ve never even heard of this website, but please tell me this isn’t credible.

    I just don’t see Bjorne spilling their secrets.

  15. 90
    toldya Says:

  16. 91
    Cara Says:

    Living together for about a year now?? So what, they started dating and a couple of months into it, with his travel schedule they decided to move in together??

    That would totally explain why they are never affectionate and he always looks miserable near her. (sarcasm) Although it might explain why he is at Joans frequently..there is no food in the house cause she doesn’t eat…

    It just doesn’t make a whole lot of sense

  17. 92
    Skarsgard wannabe Says:

    So according to the article, they had reported the “rough patch” too and then were contacted by a source claiming to be Bjorne’s friend who spilled the beans. Could it be the same source who was on JJ’s the other day saying it was a person in Alex’s camp spreading the word? The real test is if the sites ever double check info. I have a source, my common sense, that says this board is fixing to be overtaken with “told you so” by KB’s 5 fans. The same source says this will be debunked or confirmed shortly by another “meal at Joan’s” or “Kate gets her hair did, reads books with big words & wears ankle boots with clothes that swallow her” exclusive.

  18. 93
    Dee Says:

    I find it interesting that his supposed best friend told someone who told the gossip site. And the gossip site, btw, is hard to google and find.

    I also find it interesting that after all the gossip going around about a possible break up of a relationship that has NEVER been confirmed, all of a sudden they are living together.

    IMO, Kate’s folks are reading this and she is on fire to “claim her man” LOL hee hee hee.

    I still think its all a showmance. If he ever claims it, then I’ll believe it. Until then, its ALL gossip..and Cara, I totally agree, he would make a totally FOINE Easter Bunny…he can hop on my doorstep ANYTIME…wonder if he does wear bunny ears, slurp slurp lol

  19. 94
    Melinda Says:

    Gossipcop claims the breakup story is a rumor:

  20. 95
    MERRICK Says:

    Since they have been living together for a year did Khate drive him to the date with Amanda…you know the A-lister that has nothing to gain by name dropping him?

    Must have been very awkward living together when they were broken up for that month.

    Why hasn’t anyone else…like Ted C or any real HW insider reported this?

    She lives with him, doesn’t work much but can’t make water and salad so they can munch at home? You don’t have to be Wolfgang Puck to make water, salad and the occasional sandwich/spaghetti/ burger. The ironic thing is that lots of people with eating disorders love to cook for other people.

    She lives with him and lets him wear the same jeans two day s in a row?

    Not to say that it’s solely a woman’s job to cook and clean but since she’s remade herself into what she thinks she likes by wearing clothes he likes, reading the same books he likes, name dropping Sweden and alluding to him to all that will listen I would think she’d pull the domestic routine as well in an effort to land him.

    Bottomline, that story was made up by some deluded stan that has a fantasy Alex world she lives in. If Bjorne was going to spill on his friend why would he do it to one of the stans that have become obsessed with his friend? Someone that probably sits/ lies in wait of AS in the places that he frequents. This is a very sick, sad person who needs attention. Hopefully she isn’t dangerous.

  21. 96
    Cara Says:

    Most of the tips from “the couple” are from her camp…it follows with the theory that they cannot “split” until Straw Dogs…gotta keep those rumors down, can’t have this leaking before its time….

    Its all a big PR Campaign for a movie I doubt anyone will go see…I cannot stand her as an actress…even with Stud-Man in it, I won’t be shelling out the money to go see this movie…she is just useless

  22. 97
    Cara Says:

    PS…living to gether for about a year and didn’t he date Amanda S??? I just think its a bit far fetched…

  23. 98
    Doreen Says:

    They’ve NOT been living together for a year. Please, what a load of bunk. Who moves in with someone after two months of “dating”? If Bjorne did “spill the beans” Alex would probably freak out on him, seeing as he hasn’t said one word about Kate since they filmed a yaer and half ago. As for the break up retraction, that’s all correction now too. It’s a completely different website reporting that story, while several other websites report another one. You know it’s all from Kate’s people. Alex won’t even say her name, and she never shuts up.

  24. 99
    Doreen Says:

    Oh, and obviously the “insider” at Celebitchy the other day just read that article and pretended like they knew something. They pretty much quoted it verbatim when she gave up their “knowledge”.

    Before someone mentions that he dated Amanda S 3 years ago, they need to remind themselves that she stated she was “too involved with Dom” whom she started dating while filming Mamma Mia and dated until they broke up last spring. It would make more sense she went out with Alex after that, and not while she was on set with her co-star who she was dating during the movie shoot.

  25. 100
    Question Says:

    @Doreen: Actually Doreen she stated in Elle I believe that she dates Alex in the summer of 2010 after she broke up with Dom

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