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Amanda Seyfried: I Auditioned for 'Superman'

Amanda Seyfried: I Auditioned for 'Superman'

Amanda Seyfried leaves Barneys New York on Monday (March 21) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 25-year-old actress took pictures with a fan who spotted her while she was making her way out of the department store.

Amanda, who can currently be seen on the big screen in Red Riding Hood, recently revealed two other films she wanted to be in.

“I auditioned for a role in the new Superman and didn’t get it,” she revealed.

“And I really wanted Emily Browning‘s role in Sucker Punch. I’d originally got that role and everything was in gear, but then I got the call from Big Love saying ‘we need you this season,’” she added.

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  • tresa

    I get saying you lost out on a role but announcing that Emily Browning was not the first option isn’t professional.

  • GG

    She is SO DENSE…agree w/tresa…you never announce stuff like that…or that you auditioned for “superman” but didn’t get the role. who says that?? why would she even want people to know that? clearly her stock is on the decline. i cant see a big studio wanting to invest in her for a franchise when she can’t keep her mouth shut

  • superman

    Slowly turning into attention ho

  • bree

    Gosh people… Maybe she is just a very BLUNT person.

  • Misty

    @bree: More like shes been smoking too many blunts.

  • Reba

    Problem with Amanda Seyfried is that she never thinks before she speaks. She still seems too inexperienced with the press even though she has been in this industry long enough. She just needs to pull it together, both professionally and personally (by that I mean dump Ryan Philippe).

  • 6Lines

    @Reba: Whats wrong with Ryan Philippe? Everybody hates him but I don’t know why, don’t know anything about the guy

  • Chase

    What a bunch of trolls. It was well known to anyone who visits film sites that Seyfried was cast as the lead in Sucker Punch in 2009, and then had to drop the role because HBO wouldn’t let her out of her contract. She isn’t saying anything that wasn’t already in the public record. She has movies lined up to film, and another one out this year, so her stock isn’t on the decline. Oh, and to Reba, I’m willing to bet that Seyfried is doing much better professionally than you are. It must be fun for trolls to criticize people who are vastly more successful than they are.

    BTW, Emily Browning wasn’t the second choice for the lead in Sucker Punch, she was the third choice. After Seyfried dropped out, Emma Stone was cast as the lead, then she dropped out, and Browning was signed.

  • Genersyt

    ^ Going naked in a movie and playing an idiot in films and real life doesn’t equal success. Being famous doesn’t cut it.

  • Chase

    @tresa: How do you say that you had the lead in Sucker Punch and then had to drop out without making it known that Browning was not the first choice? Seyfried did mention that she thought Browning would be good in one interview. That’s what I hate about copy and paste sites like this, they take fragments of interviews and use them without mentioning context. I read the full interview that this quote was lifted from and she was responding to a question about career disappointments.

  • Bobby

    Bummer. If she didn’t have to film that stupid show of hers she coulda done sucker punch instead of that homely girl they cast after her.

  • Reba

    @Chase: Calm down, buddy. It’s not like we are crucifying Amanda Seyfried. She needs a filter, and that’s my opinion. Your’s is different and I’m not going to attack you for it, so please do the same to others. There’s no need for the hostility. Also, Seyfried’s career is average at best. She has yet to prove herself as a serious or comedic actress.

  • Reba

    @6Lines: Ryan Philippe is a serial cheater. He cheated on Reese Witherspoon with Abbie Cornish, and then left the latter for some other girl. I just think he’s immature, at least in his romantic life, and needs to treat women with more respect.

  • Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    Sould be dating paparazzi

  • Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    Should be she dating 3 men paprazzie

  • Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    B’couze Help her hehehee

  • Bindi

    whatever…shut up. I’m happy that she didn’t played in Sucker Punch. Emily browning is awesome

  • http://Ja Sligo lambert ^____^cute

    She like tierd



  • Tom

    Actors state all the time that they turned down roles, that is no big deal. They are always turning down roles that end up going to someone else. Just not sure how filming one scene for big love this year would prevent her from being in sucker punch! I have a feeling she did not want to do sucker punch.

  • Chelsea

    If the role is indeed Lois Lane I’m not surprised she didn’t get it. She’s too young to be believable as a successful newswoman. 25 isn’t that young I realize but she seems younger. I can’t see her as a brunette, either.

  • umm

    why are people on here saying it was rude of her to say that about emily browning it wasn’t like she was saying she was a bad actor or anything, she was just stating the truth that she was first in line for the role but couldn’t film for it because of prior engagements there is nothing wrong with telling the truth. everything happens for a reason, it was good for emily browning and amanda will continue to get movie roles so its no big deal..

  • Kary

    I love her. Amanda is a great actress.

  • Lala

    She looks very insecure and stupid. Who says I didn’t get the role? How stupid are you. I bet a lot of actresses didn’t get roles but they shut it.
    Ryan will cheat on her too, I hope it doesn’t but he will. He is such a immature @ss.
    And happy that Reese is happy not with someone else.
    Amanda is just really a child still. It’s obvious

  • ugh

    Amanda DID want to do Sucker Punch very badly, but HBO would not let her out of her contract. Both she and Zack Snyder wrote/pleaded with them but they forced her to stay and be under-used on Big Love, which I’m sure is why she left the show after her contract was up.

    This is not a slight against Emily Browning. It’s not like they had a big open cattle call for Baby Doll and all these famous actresses showed up. They were approaching people with recognizable names first. It’s really good for Emily that she was given the lead in a Zack Snyder movie at all considering she’s only been in a couple movies – it really speaks to her talent.

    As for Amanda, I personally like that she gives honest answers to questions and is candid about the industry she works in. I don’t know why people equate honesty with being dumb, is she supposed to give fake packaged sound bites like other celebrities? I think it’s refreshing. I do hope she and Ryan break up though, the guy is total garbage.

  • mailey

    i dont really like her but she’s been growing on me bec i love how she’s so candid.

  • hollywood

    typical actress…you get a little famous and want to turn your back on tv show that kept you in the spotlight when you weren’t getting movie roles

  • Toodles

    I understand saying that you weren’t considered for a role, but announcing that you were a first choice for a film, but couldn’t do it kind of ruins it for browning. some things are better left unsaid.