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Vanessa Hudgens: I'm Single!

Vanessa Hudgens: I'm Single!

Vanessa Hudgens is red hot as she makes an appearance on an episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show airing Wednesday (March 23).

The 22-year-old actress, wearing Pollini heels, shared that despite rumors of her being involved in a new relationship, she’s single!

When Ellen asked about Vanessa‘s Journey 2 co-star and rumored beau, Josh Hutcherson, she replied, “Can’t a girl have friends?!”

“Aww, I love him,” Vanessa added. “We just did a movie together and we had the best time.”

Bigger pic inside…

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  • Miriam

    Seriously, she meant that she loved him as a friend.

  • vfan

    Awww, she looks soo pretty.
    I really hope Vanessa and Zac get back together. :)

  • Valeria

    People seriously need to chill out she can have guy friends we all do it is over between her and Zac they are still friends and no one has a right to tell them who to date. They are only supposed to entertain people not be their puppets. I love how sweet and respectful Vanessa is to Zac that shows her maturity. She supported him for five years and all his movies. Josh has been a true brother to her.

  • lauren

    uh, i like how just jared completely left out the zac comments

  • cosmos

    @Valerie- I completely agree with you. She looks just radiant and happy. Go Vanessa. CANNOT wait for tonight! The premiere is finally here! YAY!



  • Sniffer

    more nude pics please with your legs spread

  • Kelly

    Who would of thought a year ago from now that she’d be single now. I think its hard to be in a relationship that long and that young. Everyone around you is saying Oh! when’s the wedding date!? And your just like whoa I’m only 22. Most of the relationship was focused on being teens. But naturally 5 years is that time where you get married, break up or keep on what you’ve been doing. And what they were doing wasn’t working out for them and getting married wouldn’t have made any difference. So they had to unfortunately break up. Its really sad and yeah its exciting to get to see them play the field but I hope they don’t get tied up with losers. Their careers will always be a factor. No matter who, time will always be spent apart. So I hope they just have fun while they focus on their careers. I wish them the best!!!:)

  • Abby

    I’m SICK of people asking her about the break up. We get it already, leave the girl alown for once. Its life half this promo has been about her break up. :(

  • Haters Suck!

    Like I said I’ll believe zac and Vanessa are still friends when I see it. So far absolutley no information about them spending any time together what so ever.

  • Jessie

    @Kelly: I totally agree with you!!! And yeah that’s what I was wondering. Their relationship status will change but their careers are pretty much it right now. Even if they date someone normal and not a celebrity they will have some long distance. I think they should give it another shot later on. I’m hopeful:)

  • Kayla

    @Haters Suck!: I have a feeling they don’t talk much. Yes they may be friendly but friends I don’t know. And if they are its probably sooooooo awkward. Gosh being with someone that long. And then its over. Its a lot to get used to. I feel bad:(

  • Please

    If you’ve never been married you are single. If you are divorced, then you are divorced.

  • Abby

    @Kayla: I agree. I kinda disagree with Vanessa. After being someone’s lover for over 5 years I really don’t see how you can backtrack and go back to being just friends. It would just be awkward.

    Also like EVERY person in hollywood after a break up says they are “still friends” with their ex and 9 out of 10 times its a lie.

  • lauren

    i think there is more to the whole break up then no one knows about.

  • r

    She’s handled it very professionally & very mature for her age. I wish people would leave her alone about it. By now it’s pretty obvious they’re not together. I always thought she was too good for him anyway.

  • Kayla

    @lauren: Yeah I’m sure there is! When you don’t get to communicate with your bf/gf the relationship is seriously strained and you kinda don’t know who each other is anymore. Its like no matter who it is, calling and texting gets old and kind of annoying. Especially working as much as they both do. Calling and not getting a response vs already being with someone. . yeah its tough.

  • http://j carlota f.


  • zac-is-wack

    let zac do his thing with his douchy ninjas. vanessa is in love with josh and that’s how it’s gonna be from now on.
    she’s better off without that cheating douchebag anyways.

  • lauren

    um vanessa said she is single,
    quit being such a hater .

  • lauren

    um vanessa said she is single,
    quit being such a hater .

  • lauren

    vanessa said she’s single
    her and josh are friends,

  • Walt Disney

    No more bearding for Zac, huh?

    Now let’s have another look at that fluffy muffy.

  • Haters Suck!

    @zac is wack
    ok kinda like where your head is at but please Vanessa is not “in love” with Josh, they aren’t dating or anyhing so just cool your jets a bit

  • Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    She love josh good for her

  • Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    Bcouse she soo vanessa !

  • BOJI

    Frankly, I’ve gotten used to the idea of Vanessa being single and hanging around with friends and family. I think this can only allow her to grow as an individual and not be overshadowed or not have her career be hampered by a relationship. I love her as she is now, single and fancy free. She looks so good in red and she’s looking prettier than ever.

  • kyle

    She is allowed to have friends of the opposite sex and so is Zac. Good luck to their respective careers.

  • RA

    enough of this already she’s answerd the questions and I hope people will stop bringing her and zac up and just drop it. Got anymore questions how about asking zac and seeing what he has to say. And some friend, zac couldn’t have come to the premire tonight and shown her a little support just as a friend the way she went to support him. Bet Josh will be there and no not suggesting their dating but just to show her support.
    Hmm think I might have gone a little to far with this one, could regret this later.

  • yets

    LOve seeing her smilling.
    Go V.

  • Danielle

    I agree. I think there is no way the relationship is great, but if someone like the press is going to ask you How is everything? you are not going to say: I don’t talk to him and I don’t know anything about him…. It’s just not right… just think about it. She doesn’t really need to explain anything. I think the situation is already painfull to her.

  • meme

    aaawww I think than she┬┤s so beautiful and she gotta have a man than love her so much…I love you babyV

  • go sox

    Vanessa looks stunning as always, and she is ever the lady, being classy and respectful to her past relationship with Zac. She always will be, as I believe he would be if asked publicly about it. Anyone who is waiting to hear what the real reason for their break-up is, will be waiting forever. These two people ALWAYS cherished their relationship, kept it private, and they will keep whatever happened to themselves too. They were always mature in their love; they will continue to be mature in handling the break-up too. I hope they are happy and will grow as individuals, and if they are meant to be, they will find their way back.

  • Abby

    @RA: Zac’s not being asked because he isn’t doing interviews right now because he doesn’t have a movie coming out like Vanessa does. If Vanessa wasn’t promoting a movie we wouldn’t hear from her either. And Zac isn’t supporting her because he’s in Bend OR visiting his grandparents.

  • florence

    @Abby: Even ebfore he went away the only people he was interested in spending any time with are his ninja boy’s with their stupid matching bracelts, you would never beleive that they are all in their 20′s the way they act and post about everything they do. So much for Zac wanting a private personal life.

    And yea she has now confirmed it so I hopwe that when he does decided to show his face again and get’s asked that he does the same and answers the question instead of letting his PR people pull him away, he could just sayu what Vanessa did that yea he is single and they are still friends, personally I don’t think they are but h could still say it. H e was quick enough to say other things over the year’s about their relactionship that was’nt appriote it did’nt bother him then. I think though he knew when he was promoting CSC that the relactionship was coming to a end especially after his comment ‘ The relactionship is serving me right now but I’m not looking to far down the road’, I think then he was getting itchy feet and wanting to be single, well now he is just like Vanessa.

    So what if Josh went to the SP premier as she said can’t a girl have friends, and if there is anymore again who cares SHE’S SINGLE and can have feelings for someone else now.

  • http://louba7 Lesly Louba

    @vfan: hell not

  • http://louba7 Lesly Louba

    If she say ,she is single ,so she can marry me, I’m single2

  • zac-is-wack

    zac is a loser

  • so what

    I had no idea she was so annoying until i watched that interview!

    I personally couldn’t care less if she is single or not?!

  • lauren

    im going to go out on a limb and say, josh hutcherson was part of the break up. im just going to blame it all on him. LOL JK

  • http://salut sidali

    salut ca va moi ala rucherche une famme pur ma vie

  • santa barbara dentist

    About time she’s single!

  • Kerri

    @so what: What did she ever do to you?Everyone love vanessa. I don’t know what your problem is?

  • amelia25

    Go Nessa!

  • vanessa 143

    vanessa dont be sad your single ,dont say ,here is a tip for to get over it,BOYFRIENDS CAN GO AWAY BUT GIRLFRIENDS ARE ALWAYS THERE FOR U.

  • zafar

    i agree with her…….

  • christaline

    Red looks really good on her(: