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Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie: Gracious and Perfect Encounter

Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie: Gracious and Perfect Encounter

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie dropped by the camp at Cajun Encounters with their kids on Saturday (March 19) in New Orleans, Louisiana.

According to a team member at the tourist attraction, the 47-year-old Benjamin Button actor and the 35-year-old Tourist actress swung by to check out the alligators and were “gracious and perfect guests on tour.”

The tour company also features a guided tour that includes stopping by the homes built by Brad‘s non-profit organization Make It Right Foundation.

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  • Lee

    They are the role model for Hollywood.

  • Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    cheaters and acne scars

  • evie

    so really really sweet and gracious!

  • Lara

    So happy they had a family trip without being bothered by papz. Great job Brad and Angie, bet the kids had a ball.
    Hello Neleh, hope you’re full of the joys of Spring and life is good, bless you. I have been great and enjoying the glorious weather ((hugs)).

  • Kirsten

    They are so wonderful inside and out. Love the Jolie-Pitts

  • http://website PJ

    Annon has the link on the last thread.
    Well done Annon you got there before JJ.

  • Janelle

    @Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!:
    Pfffttt…I bet you wait all day to hate on a Brad/Angie post. They are a gorgeous and sweet couple. Can they be any more perfect?

  • Frenchy


    Helllo all!!!!! about the departed Liz TAylor. Yeah she was great and all that and as a fellow jewelry lover I admired her taste for the big and baudy and sometimes gaudy. She was a HUGE star and my mom always talking about her. I felt bad for her during the Joan Rivers fat bashing days but she came thru that very well.

    Yes I have seem most of her iconic roles via TCM but for my generation, I remember her as Helena Cassidine on General Hospital!! LOL!!!!. It was a big freaking deal that she was on. It was an EVENT!
    and also a big deal was seeing her in Macy’s promoting her perfume line. My friends and I cut class to go. Fabulous. I remember being a staucnh supporter of her friend Rock Hudson when he revealed he had AIDS. I can testify to hearing people wonder aloud why she was associating herself with that disease or with people like “that”. Don’t worry, her estate will be making more money that Elvis or Marilyn Monroe. You watch. She was a true humanitarian.

    Now about all the trashloids dragging the JP’s for their comparison to the Fisher/Reynolds thing. I think PT mentioned this, that marriage between Fisher and Reynolds was kinda arranged by the studio. Many were including Rock Hudson’s marriage. Yup he had a wife. But to me from what I can recall with the appropiate 20/20 hindsight and research (my mom and her friends), all of that pales in comparison to the Taylor Burton romance. I mean from the start in how the studio managed to get Burton to be in Cleopatra and everything since then to up until even today, the backstory, the chronicling of their every move both on and off the set as well as the the daily tally of Burton’s jewelry buying rampage fo his love all across the four corners of the world, the fighting, the makeups, the marriage(s) etc…..makes the Fisher Reynolds thing seem , meh. I don’t know but the real story of Taylor’s life has got to be her marriage to Mike Todd and Richard Burton, not the Fisher thing especially since Debbie Rynolds got over it many many years ago.

    I agree with Cliniqua in that the media could have talked with her good pal Geroge Hamilton, any of her colleagues or other friends not Debbie Reynolds. I have a feeling though that all of that is being pushed by Carrie Fisher. She has this one woman play where she discusses that breakup and tells the audience that Liz Taylor was like Angelina today.
    That woman needs to get a new act to go along with that Weight Watchers contract she managed to get.

  • Frenchy

    I love that they really enjoy nola

  • EMMA


  • de Cosmos

    This has got to be the last drop of juice from that lemon of a trip.

  • evie

    yeah, they know how to behave

  • nakedoldjennifer

    Glad the family had fun w/out the paps, I hope BP & AJ grow old together
    God bless the jolie-pitts

  • Monica

    They are always very gracious to ppl. They are the biggest stars they never are arrogant.

  • releka

    Love her!!!!!

  • anustin

    the jealous bit.ches on board!!! sucked it!fanistons.

  • please

    wish we could see a photo!

  • an oldie

    Don’t know if it was you or not who emailed Jared, but thanks anyway, Guli.

  • anustin

    yeah!God Bless The JOLIE -PITT.

  • evie

    wish I were an alligator to snap me Brad, lol

  • please

    @anustin: who is being jealous? wondering?

  • Chelsea

    Ang in no danger from the alligators, they’d spit that boney cheap meat out.

  • Celia

    I love these two!

  • please Brad

    Make It Right ….marry the tramp

  • busted

    Well the hater will help this thread make over 100+ comments.

    That story is cute. I bet the kids had a blast. AND no there are no pics. They do a lot of family things and we don’t see pics. The people running the place are the ones that released the information and picture. And can you blame them. They are getting free advertisement. and YEP I be the business gets more BUSINESS because of this family.

    People talk about where they go.. the print stories about where they go, and yes people like to go where they have gone

    It is just the way it is.

    BY THE BY.. I loved Angie and Brad in those Premier pics from The Tourist.

    They truly are a BEAUTIFUL COUPLE.

  • busted

    @please Brad:

    He already did.. then he woke up and left her as* and found a real woman to build a life with..

    Pretty smart huh.. see he has MADE IT RIGHT in all the ways that count.

    So so happy for Brad and Angie and their cute family..

  • yolly

    What a beautiful family. get your People Magazine today, the Jolie-Pitt’s are on the cover.I bought my People magazine & The Tourist dvd.
    God bless the JP family always.

  • DumbwaterStinkyPerfume

    Its not surprising because as a nanny in NYC i had a first hand encounter with Angelina Jolie too when Maddox was schooling at LFNY-2007. She was gracious, down-to-earth and truly truly heart-felt in her interaction with the rest of the nannies picking-up their charges at a birthday party of her son classmate. On the elevator to the apartment we were on she couldnt get right the name of my charge (i bet it was my pronounciation) and kept repeating it. I was so star-struck. She is so breathtaking in person and I will forever regret it that I forgot to bring my camera with me that day which I always do. But I did get her autograph and even asked what name should she address it to!!! Oh, Angelina you are an angel and an inspiration!!!

  • lylian

    @Passing Through:
    LOL!! Actually I didn’t know that EF and DR were a studio set up. After all, they married each other and had kids. May be they were introduced by the studio, encouraged to fall in love by the studio but they must have felt something for each other.
    In some ways, I cannot blame DR for some lingering bitterness. The bitterness may not have been over the loss of EF. A man who will leave a wife with 2 babies the way he did, wasn’t much of a man. I do suspect that at some stage in her life DR was able to tell herself that her marriage to EF was falling apart any way and it was good riddance to bad rubbish.
    However, if I were to put myself in DR’s shoes, I might still feel betrayed by ET 53 years after ET did betray DR.
    Consider: ET was her GOOD FRIEND. They had known each other since they were young girls in the whole studio system. They knew each other as young mothers. Goodness, I’m sure their kids had play dates!
    ET then had an affair with DR’s husband. No matter how much DR’s and EF’s marriage was falling apart, it does not excuse the fact that ET betrayed her friendship to DR at that moment in time. ET’s betrayal of their friendship at that point in time is quite a separate matter to whether or not DR’s marriage was already on the rocks and whether in the end, it was a good riddance to bad rubbish in the form of EF.
    Definitely, I can forgive someone sleeping with my husband before our marriage has officially ended, Not sure if I could have forgiven my FRIEND from betraying me on a fundamental tenet of friendship. Friends do not have romantic relationships with other friends’ boyfriends/husbands/ wives/girlfriends, until it’s well and truly over.
    So, yes, were I to be standing in DR’s shoes today, and know that one of my best friend betrayed me by sleeping with my husband, drop kick though HE may be, bad though my marriage may be, I’d probably still feel the hurt of that betrayal.
    In saying that I think ET betrayed DR, I’m of course making a personal judgement of the situation. To me, ET deserves respect NOT because she didn’t make mistakes and do the wrong things, but because, it seems to me, she did acknowledge her mistakes and tried to fix it as best she could. What more can we ask of any human being?
    As fo DR, I think she’s been enormously BIG HEARTED to be able to forgive a friend’s Betrayal this way. And I for one do not think there was anything amiss in anything she said in her interviews to date.
    And before the Dedn losie’s jump on me and say that I’m being a hypocrite let me REITERATE yet again some obvious truths:
    (1) Brad Pitt is not Eddie Fisher. He did not leave Jennifer Deadeniston with 2 babies for one of Dedn’s best friend.
    (2) Brad Pitt did not even CHEAT on Dedn. He took the time for more than a year after he had met Angelina, to find out if there was anything left to his marriage with Dedn. Only when he was convinced that his marriage to Dedn was definitely on KAPUT did he then leave Dedn before he pursued Angelina.
    (3) Angelina NEVER betrayed her friendship to Dedn because she wasn’t Dedn’s friend. Indeed Angelina NEVER did anything wrong towards Dedn because she didn’t cheat with Brad. Brad was available by the time she got together with him.

  • Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!


  • anustin

    as if not ur azz.bahahaaha.i wish Maniston find a man or damn!!!!! get out of that closet Maniston!!!!!

  • lylian

    But, But, I thought she was in LA with the kids coz she’s dumped Brad or Brad’s dumped her, or they each dumped the other?

  • Cristobal


  • Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    @2, im real and yo how’s ???
    Yo just bad person love insult people LoL

  • InTheIndustry

    I admire these two folks. Very true in everyway!!!

  • A Lurker

    They are the best couple and the best parents in Tinseltown.

  • wordsmythe

    Lylian, that was the most well-written comment I’ve ever read here. I would feel betrayed, too, if I were DR and I’m not sure I could forgive ET as she did. It seemed to me that ET was purely self-centered in those days.

    Yet, I acknowledge what you said as true, too:
    “To me, ET deserves respect NOT because she didn’t make mistakes and do the wrong things, but because, it seems to me, she did acknowledge her mistakes and tried to fix it as best she could. What more can we ask of any human being?”

    On comparisons to Angelina, the context and the times were certainly different. I personally believe that Angelina and Brad simply fell in love. Why can’t we all just be happy for them? We would all jump at the chance of true love, despite the risks and consequences. That’s how we humans are wired.

  • Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    Leonardo dicaprio handsome man alive :D

  • guli

    HAPPY Birth Day Jared!!!

    I found out accidentally due to an email exchange…. have a great one Jared :)

  • mary

    please Brad @ 03/24/2011 at 8:55 pm
    whether Brad marries Angie or not is none of your business.

  • QQQQ

    Sorry, there should be a limitation on bitterness. Furthermore, DR wasn’t even that bitter about the betrayal. She was just bitter that he divorced her because she wasn’t ready for a divorce yet. I didn’t watch DR’s Okra appearance but I have read that she said he could have just continued his the affair with Liz instead of separating/divorcing her.
    She and her annoying daughter were hanging out with Liz for her birthday, hugging and kissing her; so if you are now friends again with the person who supposedly betrayed you, why the F would you still be bitter after 50+ years.

  • Dawn

    @please Brad:

    Saying Brad and Angelina should get married is as archaic as the comments that Jennifer is a spinster for being in her forties and not married. Some of you trolls from both sides need to wake up and realize it is 2011, not 1951.

  • http://Neleh Neleh

    Good evening Neleh here.
    Good evening 2 All JP+6 Fans On Board& Lurking Now.
    Evening every1..wooo hooo I know they had soo much fun..
    I myself have visited Alligator farms ect..& its exciting..okey at the Library & be4 they kick me 2 the curb..+its late..4 me anyhoo lol.Boy lthe JPs are living it up in yaah.
    Hi Lara,NAN.Gracie.PJ.Yolly.Busted.
    Hi Guli..Yes Happy Birthday Jared..Hope its been a wonderful day& not 2 much work..will Mail you privately..Muaah..thanku Guli,Muaah..Thanku 4 the New thread..
    This is OT Strictly Please SKip if Not Intersted..
    I posted this link be4 & vented here a bit about a Nutter On JJB ect. a bit ago -who goes off on the JPs,the JP children & other celebs children – with disgusting names- posts-ect..
    Boy I wanted 2 conk her..she has a gutter Mouth a bit..& so MEAN..
    Anyhoo ..Im posting the link 4 a bit..because- 1st,Im mean & she went off on her rant a bit against the JPs a bit..heres the Im better than you{ in her many voices head} beauty queen with a filthy tongue – rambling babbling on her YT channel..This is what she look & be & she has the nerves 2 be soo judgemental & mean-ugh-4give me Ill do 5 extra Hail Marys..Dont conk me fans..{Hiding}
    B-Eyed -chic-in all her ugh..
    Good night Muaaah Neleh

  • observer

    Carrie Fisher comparison is so off. Her sorry father took advantage of a grieving widow (Elizabeth Taylor who had just lost the love of her life, Mike Todd in a tragic airplane crash. ET’s second great love was Richard Burton, not EF). Fisher left his wife and 2 baby children to marry ET. Brad would never leave his children for anyone. Also EF looks like a weak, sorry man. He is no comparison to Brad Pitt. So CF needs to stop associating what happened in her parents history to Brad and Angie. Brad and Angie are analogous to ET and Richard Burton. I think Fisher was just a temporary hickup for ET. She had just lost her husband and was vunerable. I am sure she regretted what happened, but look at how many other husbands she had. EF was one of the minor ones. He was not her great love – so his daughter needs to sever the ties she is always making to Angelina and Brad. Brad did not abandon his small children and he did not use a widow’s vunerable state to make a play for her. Eddie Fisher does not even look sexy. He looks wimpy. His daughter needs to let her parents history stand on its own, without dragging Brad and Angie into it.




  • Jokergurl

    Coolest couple in Hollywood hands down, and the hottest. Hi Jolie Pitt fans :)

  • busted


    I don’t think Angie and the kids are still in NOLA. the trip happened on Saturday.

    Regardless they had a nice family outing. I saw a picture of Brad and he looked really happy.

    so regardless of where they are. one thing is for certain. They are still very much a loving family.

    RE: DR.. I just didn’t like the snide backhanded comments from her. If ET was your friend why all the comments about her and you EX husband who is dead.

    It was over several life times. Yet she and her daughter go on shows and spout off. What about respecting the women on her death. That whole drama happened over 50 years. I thing the problem is no matter how talented she was.. Debbie will never be remembered to the same degree as Elizabeth..

    not taking anything away from her but it is the truth.

    And I am for one sick of them throwing Brad/Angie in the mix.

  • So Cute

    credit to JJB mega M4a, US Weekly coverage Jolie Pitt in NOLA.
    Excerpt: “The family went to Honey Island Swamp and a fellow visitor tells that, ‘When the guide stop to feed the alligators, one rose out of the water and snapped, the boys we’re so excited, jumping out of their seats!’

    About the family walking to Verti Marte Deli: “Brad led the way” says an onlooker. “When he got too far ahead, Angelina yelled ‘Daddy, wait for us’

    US weekly scan from Team-Jolie website:

  • Yeh Right

    @Yeh Right: This is the last post and the last time Im entering this blog……very unfair how you control comments……….

  • an oldie

    Shout out to Guli.