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Chris Evans & Ashley Greene: New Couple Alert?

Chris Evans & Ashley Greene: New Couple Alert?

Has Ashley Greene moved on from her split with boyfriend Joe Jonas?

The 24-year-old Twilight actress was recently spotted at Trousdale getting close to Captain America‘s Chris Evans.

Both of them were reportedly hanging out at Frankie Delgado‘s table and then got cozy as they hit the dance floor together, according to E! online.

Ashley was most recently linked to the Kings of Leon‘s Jared Followill since her split.

DO YOU THINK Chris and Ashley would make a good couple?

Just Jared on Facebook
Credit: Flannery; Photos: Getty
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  • noname

    No it won’t last that long she’s going through men lol

  • Julie

    Can she be single for like 2 days ? :P

  • mia

    I don’t think she ever really dated Jared. Maybe she wanted to but I don’t think it ever really happened or at least nothing serious.

    I don’t like her or care for her. She is always jumping from one guy to the next. I was checking her file history in this page (JustJared) and she has been linked to at least FIVE different guys since 2008. That is A LOT.

    I really hate it when actresses want to pretend to be all innocent when they are not. When she dsingle and oes and interview she says things like “It’s important to be with you girlfriends and stuff…” but you only see her with guys. Always.

  • mike

    I guess she get’s around

  • layla


    LOL. I definitely agree that she jumps between men constantly. But your post is hilarious. “FIVE different guys since 2008. That is A LOT.” Please tell me this was a typo or something. You meant something like 2010 right? Because 5 difference guys in 3 years is not that bad LOL (especially in hollywood)

  • Bella

    my god that woman is fast really really fast….

  • Kirsten

    Now she’s taken it too far. Hands off Chris! lol

  • bree

    It would be a major upgrade for her! She was pretty much dating a boy before, haha, now she’s got a MAN!

  • wild

    Now she want to get her hands on Captain America. She’s an attention whore.

  • PinochiHOE

    Nice “needle-nose” NOSE JOB, Trashley.
    This woman has the body of a tree trunk or linebacker.
    PAGING Ke$ha!

  • Allie

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Seriosuly can she be single for 2 seconds??!!! He’s too hot for herr!! and besides I can already predict the end, they’ll break up, and 2 days later she will be caught kissing some other guy…

  • Allie

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Seriosuly can she be single for 2 seconds??!!! He’s too hot for herr!! and besides I can already predict the end, they’ll break up, and 2 days later she will be caught kissing some other guy…

  • boston61


    Funny, I was just going to say that I thought she had a major nose job. What happened to him? Not hot.

  • Victoria


  • James Francos #1 fan!

    Nice Michael Jackson nose ya got there lol

  • raissa


  • yaaasssss

    well, isn’t she quite the cum dumpster.

  • yaaasssss

    *c.u.m. dumpster

  • Jime

    I like twilithg, but Im already sick of her. She’s so desperate to be relevant that tries to hook up with all the famous guys around.
    Now Chris? it’s curious that she does it when Captain America is comming out….Guess she doesn’t have the talent to be recognize just by her work and not by her “romances”.
    ps: stay away form jared hahaha

  • j-ann

    mann, i loved her cuz of twilight, and i loved her for going out with Joe, but idk anymore cuz it seems like she’s going from guy to guy very quick and she hasnt been broken up with Joe for at least a month, plus their relationship was like 8 months…thats very disrespectful to Joe, and i love Joe, so screw you Ashley!

  • Lalalove

    Ugh, he’s too hot for that uggo.

  • Super Acai 1200

    As the question above says, does anyone know of any actresses (female) that look like, or at least have similar features to Ashley Greene..!

  • Lawrence

    She sure jumps from boyfriend to boyfriend quick!*lol*.

  • Ana

    horny bitch

  • Kikra

    There is one thing I don’t understand. How many girls do the same things after a break up? How many guys do the same…Even if they didn’t break up?

    It’s called life.. Having fun… When you’re single you can have all the fun you want and be faithfull when you’re in a couple.

    And Don’t you think Chris Evans is doing the same thing? Don’t you think all the celebs are in their apartment or houses and just wait for the true love? No they have girls and boys often… Because they can. This is the only difference between a common person and them.

  • kikay

    LOL @ pinochiHOE,i thought im the only one who notice her body seems kind of square like a linebacker,her legs is like a mans legs too,not womanly at all.her body got worn out by jumping from one d**k to another.tsk..tsk…tsk..

  • Jules

    Absolutely, how come the girl is getting all the criticism? Chris Evans is your stereotypical celebrity male. He spends his life jumping on young celebrities. He’s a skank. Oh, no. Sorry he’s a man – so that mean’s he’s ‘a stud’ ‘hot’ ‘hunk’. He loses interest in a girl as soon as he’s f–ed her. Or discovered she’s not famous enough for him. I loathe him.

  • hollywood

    these 2 s.luts deserve each other

  • brant

    Absolutey!! It’s sad. Chris Evans is already gathering a reputation as a sk-nk. Not on the A list for 5 minutes and he’s changed. You can map his life out already. Young celebrity, marriage, divorce, younger celebrity, marriage, divorce, even younger celebrity, etc etc. The really sad thing is the trail of f-cked up kids these kind of people behind the. Any chance you could persuade Cappy to spend some of his new money on a vacectomy? It would cut down on his future therapy/allimony/abortion bills. Dreadful people.

  • zuka

    that was way toooo soon…

  • Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    I think she has great Hair

  • Anastacia

    LOL, what a wh*re
    she’s sleeping through hollywood, now thats exemplary @.@

  • Barbie

    Serial bed hoppers like these two look from the outside as if they’re having fun. But if SHE wasn’t a celebrity Chris Evans wouldn’t have given her a second glance. Has he ever been seen doing this to a girl who works in a bank? He wouldn’t wipe his nose on the girls who serve the drinks or just any girl who wasn’t a star. If HE wasn’t a celebrity Ashley Greene wouldn’t have given him a second glance either. Would she have noticed him if he was the waiter? Don’t think so.
    These people aren’t interested in each other as actual people. If fame had genitals they would have sex with it. But other famous people is the nearest they can get.

  • Fed up

    Just because he talks to an actress doesn’t mean he is screwing her. I don’t see this “reputation” you are talking about other than you stringing together pieces of tabloid filfth. People are ridiculous make assumptions about people they know. Chris had a 5 year relationship with Jessica Biel, hmm how quickly we forget. When all is said and done I highly doubt he will end up married to an actress. He will most likely settle down with a old high school friend from Boston. If you were fans who followed his career and see his personality you’d know he is shy and stays out of the limelight.

    Thus, he wouldn’t be picking up celebrity girlfriends at clubs where the paparazzi are ready and waiting. Let two actors talk without being bed mates. How quickly people jump to conclusions, accusations and jealousy.

  • sami

    for the love of god, stop wh*r*ng yourslf out Ashley Greene! You’re career is declining fast, and Twilight isn’t even done yet.. but come on really? can’t you be single for 2 seconds? for the amount of time you spend doing every guy in hollywood, how about just getting some acting classes? hell atleast it won’t give you stds and you might actually improve.

  • Heather

    @Fed up: I agree with people forgetting that he was with Jessica Biel for such a long time (in Hollywood time anyways lol) I rarely hear anything about him, so what if he’s out meeting girls?? Doesn’t mean he’s who.ring around…

    And I will say.. I do think Ashley Greene is great. But stay single for a little while! It doesn’t look GOOD to jump from one guy to another, or at least be discreet about it! Hitting up Hollywood hot spots and industry parties to find men is just begging for trouble!!

  • susan

    he is ugly !………………………………………..and she is a famewhore……….perfect couple! ……bye bye trashley

  • Toodles


    I could really care less about her dating choices.

  • Freeze

    @Fed up
    I feel split. I know Chris Evans is a really nice guy and it hurts me to see his reputation going down the pan because of his attitude to girls. I’ve always liked him.

    But he needs to do two things if he’s going to save his good name. First, grow up. Secondly, just realize he is now an A list celebrity. If he chooses to go to Hollywood Hot Spots and be indiscrete it is going to be everywhere on the net overnight. His privacy in public places is gone. If he’s in a place like Trousdale he may as well be on live TV as far as privacy is concerned. He knew that before he took on Captain America and that’s why he was reluctant. But he did and now he’s got to be more careful.

    As to your point about him dating a ‘common’ girl I would love to believe it. But has he ever – I mean EVER – been seen on a date with a girl who wasn’t a celebrity? No. Sadly, I don’t think he would raise one of his gorgeous eyebrows to a girl who wasn’t a Hollywood star. Breaks my heart to say it. So I have to come to the conclusion that he may be lovely but he’s also very shallow.

  • Fed up

    Actually after Jessica he did date a friend who was a “common” girl for quite a while. This “reputation” is all gossip blog and magazine publicity just to get people to read it. Yes I read the posts because I am a Chris fan, but I take it as a grain of salt. Until I see him more than once with one of these “girls” its just a night out exchanging numbers or talking with a actress. They didn’t report when he was seen multiple times with Laura Prepon, they dated and were lowkey. Same with Minka Kelly. I’m sure he realizes this is going on and being spun but its not like he is dating any actress he talks to at Trousdale. JJ and Perez jump to conclusions.

  • Fed up

    I might also add talking, dancing, flirting doesn’t mean that two people sleep together either. That is a ridiculous accusation to make against someone just because he or she is seen talking to a variety of men/women on nights out with friends. People go too far sometimes.

  • Freeze

    Dated a non-celeb?? News to me.
    However, on balance I think you’re actually right about what you say. I take it back.

  • Gris!!

    why do you guys care ?
    just live her alone!!
    she can date whoever she wants!!
    and all the people that are saying that she’s
    a whore well its her body !!!!!!

  • frank

    damn it…
    I was too late then
    (unbelievably fast!)

  • Marj

    Chris Evans is unlikely to date anyone who isn’t at least – how shall I put it?- financially comfortable. Not because he’s a snob but because he never goes anywhere people like you and me could ever afford to go!! Sadly. Trousdale is way beyond the pocket of average America. Especially nowadays. Well, there’s no crime in it. He’s rich so why shouldn’t he go somewhere nice – it just means he only mingle with other rich people which is why these people get so quickly out of touch. Like I said, it’s not a crime – I’m just commenting.

  • Marj

    btw @ Barbie
    “These people aren’t interested in each other as actual people. If fame had genitals they would have sex with it. But other famous people is the nearest they can get.”

    That’s so funny. And perceptive!! I’ll be using that quote for a while if you don’t mind :-)



  • nana

    God, she’s just turned 24 a few weeks ago and he’s nearly 30. Does he want to f–k her or adopt her?
    He certainly goes for the younger ones. Can’t he handle a real woman?
    You’ve got to say that his love life is very suspicious. No girlfriend for about 5 years. He’s either gay, very secretive (doesn’t seem it from this story), celibate or he just uses girls for sex.
    It was all going so well for Chris Evans now he’s beginning to look like a bit of a slime ball.

  • http://santhianthie anthie

    i agree if they are together, i will love them so much as i can :D