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Hayden Christensen Takes In Toronto

Hayden Christensen Takes In Toronto

Hayden Christensen makes a phone call as he arrives back home in Toronto on Wednesday (March 23).

There are currently conflicting reports regarding the status of Hayden‘s relationship to Rachel Bilson. “They’re done this time,” a source told Us Weekly. “Engagement’s over, relationship’s over. She’s really had it.”

Rachel‘s rep reportedly shot back saying, “There is not truth to this – Rachel and Hayden are still dating.”

FYI: Hayden is wearing a Burberry coat. Rachel loves to rock Burberry too – she was spotted toting around one of their bags on Tuesday!

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  • http://Ja Sligo lambert ^____^cute

    He call police ?

  • Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    Clean today

  • Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    What he do?

  • ida

    yeah..she’s had it…not the other way around :P
    go hayden! and plzzzz lose some weight :)

  • Fandango

    All her office did was damage control rumor or fact she doesn’t want this made mention at this time. She likes the idea of keeping ppl guessing

  • Hayden doesnt to slim down


    Are you crazy? This dude is NOT FAT. All he needs is working out his muscles but certainly not loosing weight.
    He should stop smoking too, this habit will ruin his health and his looks in 10 year time.

  • Lake

    Why does he need to lose weight? He looks fine.

  • Chelly

    He looks great in these pictures. Although…you say break-up and one of them appears out of thin air. I’m glad it was him.

  • kerri

    Who cares? why can’t zac efron and vanessa hudgens get back together.

  • Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    Hows care about zac,vanessa,and hayden,
    no news about leonardo D ???

  • vikki

    And I think the idea likes him!
    JJ has nothing to say about him than rumors about their relationship and his coat. Good for Hayden, you’re moving in the right direction!

  • http://adam Sligo lambert ^_____^ cute

    Also adam dont forget he ok

  • the truth

    @Fandango:You are right. I thought her rep said that she didn’t comment on her relationship. Rachel never visited him in canada .Us weekly tells the true. Its over like it was last year this time.Her rep can shoot back all she want to. She just a liar juat like rachel trying to keep it going for the sake are publicity for rachel. Haven’t both aren them use hayden enough trying to make her look good in the public eye?Every thursday jj has to report something about rachel when she don’t have nothing.Its been over like it was last last year. someone said that it wasn’t going to last long. So why didn;t her rep say something about her working instead are this? She just want to be like everbody else

  • Valeria

    he isn’t that fat, he looks great! visit for more :)

  • What?

    “FYI: Hayden is wearing a Burberry coat. Rachel loves to rock Burberry too – she was spotted toting around one of their bags on Tuesday!”

    What is this? Sweet Valley High?

  • shanda

    They wasn’t back on anyway. Her rep should have stay out are this anyway. Thought she didn’t comment on her on rache’s relationship?

  • c

    JJ they was not together tuesday. She was by herself in a car that picked her up at her house. she had a sweather on .not a coat. why you lie for her all the time. And they wan’t back on anyway.She left tuesday not wednesday. it been over a month ago. She didn’t get what she wanted from him. That was it .Her rep can’t deny that it over. Its not her job to say that.Why not say something about her work. JJ should have mention that she doing her pilot right now In north carolina. So its done.

  • HaydenLover

    “She’s really had it?” With What????? This guy is probably the best thing that’s happened to her. I hope there’s an ounce of truth to this rumor. I’ve had enough of her worthless, self absorbed, media whøring ways.

    Looking quite delicious Mr. Christensen. Love you.

  • Jax

    Lainey called it just about right IMO.
    Oh, and totally agree with you @18.

  • Fandango

    @ Jax

    It’s pretty much as honest as you can get and this woman is reporting from Canada. She mentioned puffiness what the man have plastic surgery or an infection to render puffy looks. I know he did look big more so then his usual chain smoking thin looks give him. Yes RB is a palate cleanser the $1.00 store version of Comet . If anyone thinks she is as good as he can get is smoking some trippy herbals bc I would think if anything he has more then had it with her not the other way around. He can get work she has to beg and kiss ass from the husband of bff to get even a commercial.

  • SammiSweetheat

    Glad Rachel and him are still ON! Cute couple!

  • Karina

    Whew! This dude is so gorgeioous! Love it when he wears a blue scarf, brings out the blue in his eyes. Hayden’s STILL got it ! I wonder what his next film will be, to think I have to wait a couple years is just maddening! He will ALWAYS be my fav!

  • Karina

    @Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!: Forget them MORE news on HAYDEN CHRISTENSEN!!!!!!

  • Karina

    VALERIE – I lOVE your Hayden Christensen website! He’s so amazing!

  • c

    @SammiSweetheat: Look where he at. He haen’t been with her in weeks. He haven’t done anythig to her to get mad wih him.She kneww that he wasn’t going to stay with her. it was still the same as always. And there wasn’t any rumors at all.when she can’t get anything from him she gets md. You see where he’s at home.Her rep could wait to deny that it wasn’t true. No one heard rom his rep just hers. How odd.Like i said she said that she don’t comment on rachel’s personal why change now?

  • Pepto

    I remember her agent asking about her engagement before she told the page six reporter on the flight to FW NYC 3 years back. He stated they were not engaged that was like in December then in January she told the fool on the plane she was. Gee woman get your agents story straight it is funny who the reporters run to her agent not his I guess they no he will tell them a story fit to print be it fact or false till madam jury makes her decision on which way she wants to word what they don’t really have. Who ever said they felt he is tired her sure hope they are right b/c he looks like shit when he comes away from being with her. They are some toxic twosome I’m steering in the direction of hoping their fausade will end soon.

  • Atlqueen


    Uh hello! I think it’s obvious why she said something. She doesn’t want anybody to think her man is single??? Use your brain sweetie. What would you do or say if there were rumors going around that your boyfriend was single? Not true, right? That’s what I thought.

  • Toonie

    Or opposite it is true and she doesn’t want the actual truth to be heard yet until “SHE” is ready to make the statement like she did the last time. I don’t think she would have much to worry about if Christensen wanted another woman he would take one. It’s her that really is more desperate then him.

  • c

    @Atlqueen: You use yor brains. There was no rumors in the first place.Rachel rep said thta she don’t comment on rachel relationship. And that’s what she said. Why didn’t she say anything about rachel working instead are taking up for rachel.Rachel suppose to be agrown woman. stao defending her all the time. When a man don’t be around you much like he do. He si single and he can do whatr he want to do. When racel was messing around with all those guys her rep didn’t say anything about that,You go around yourself a trash hayden when you want to. why defend rachel when you know that rachel be with other guys when hayen don’t don’t be around Rachel can’t keep using hayden like she does . And this what she’s doing.Whenever your rep says it not true it it..Other relationships has ended when their rep says its not true.What make this one so special?achel really don’t care about hayden or what she can get from him. And that’s atention from it as always.They never said that was back on anyway, Rachel copied that from sienna miller and jude lwa relationship. So you is the one that should use your brain. That is emtional abuse and you know this.Rachel don’t care about hayden or what he does with his career or him.. As long that he she can cling on to him for attention. Rachel should have moved on months ago, So should you .Don’t you wany hayden to be happy and not be used over and over gain.Her rep has lied for rachel before.

  • Jokergurl

    I think they mean “He’s really had it”, Hayden Christensen doesn’t seem like the type who likes cameras following him everywhere he goes.

  • SammiSweetheat

    @Atlqueen: Exactly. If rumours were going around you and you boyfriend or girlfriend split wouldn’t you be like, uh no we didn’t?? Also, where has Rachel been lately? She just left 2 days ago to go start filming her show, now that she left to go work Hayden is going back home for awhile. He has obviously been in LA with her.

  • Pepto


    WHY b/c you say so, him being in LA can’t be b/c of the production company he has with his brother who by the way also lives in LA, they both own the condo that he is living in. Or the sister who is now living there as well and the agent he hired to try to get him work. So you say he spends all his time with a D level actress who is not taking his career in any positive direction. She promotes herself by using him to do it, you really think that he cares what she thinks of them if he did they would be married already not playing this game all the time with on/off relationships. If she is that insecure over him finding another woman then yes this is an over and done with no man wants to be owned by some leach. I think there is validity to this rumor b/c press got the on call agent to give some kind of speech on it like he totally knows the truth he is a paid employee and from what he tells ppl he doesn’t make comments on the clients life. I think that has as many holes in that story as the one he just gave to the reporters. That rumor has legs to it b/c if it didn’t then the media would never have gotten it so quickly and dispensed it to the general public. I don’t trust either of them to be real both of them lie to sound private but, they went into a career where they have no private life, so they best not expect press to locate the real deal when they can.

  • just cuz

    @ c, alias Shanda, alias The Truth

    Honey, you need to find another hobby than following Hayden and Rachel, you are talking to yourself and agreeing with yourself using different names! You can tell you are the same person. Hayden flew in from Los Angeles (some of the other news agencies said this with the above photos) to Toronto yesterday, and Rachel left on Tuesday. They have been with each other in LA, and probably saw other people as well, family and business associates. Hayden’s rep is the one that never comments on his relationships. Rachel’s rep did not comment one time, but when the breakup rumors happened a few months after they got engaged, he denied them. They are not worth getting so riled up about!

    @ Pepto

    I think it is funny that everyone was willing to dismiss the engagement rumors that came out in January, when they were denied everyone accepted that because they did not want it to be true. This time those who don’t like this couple are not willing to dismiss the breakup rumors, because they want them to be true! The only time Rachel’s rep did not deny the break up rumors was last summer when they were true. It was a couple of months before Rachel’s rep finally said everything was off They were on ENews tonight, it said the US magazine story was not true, and that Hayden and Rachel are still together. Hayden and Rachel could both be with other people if they wanted to be, there is nothing stopping them. There are plenty of guyrs that would take Rachel, and lots of women that would take Hayden in a heartbeat.

  • Pepto

    @Just Cuz

    You truly believe that RB can get any man then your really blind, deaf and dumber then a french fry. She has tried with other actors and they reject her why b/c she has air between her ears. If there is one thing men hate is woman who think they own them. If Christensen wanted her he would have married her, if he wanted her now then the wedding would have happened they wouldn’t have needed some kind of play it by ear relationship or time off. Any woman who is this insecure that feels her man will leave her if he is around other woman shouldn’t even be with the guy if she is that bad off. Who wants a man that will run off on her that is stupidity and with RB that is typical of her thinking. As long as HC doesn’t have a ring on his finger he is single and available. If you trust all her rep says then I’m sure Lindsey Lohan can sell you a cheap necklace with the alarm tag still on it. There had been a rumor of an engagement a month before she (and its always her announcing it never both of them) made it public. This agent of hers was paid to decline the rumor but funny thing is when it was announced she said it happened in December when she smashed the rumors. Take her with a grain of salt and even more her agents so called responses. Hayden i’m sure is looking around for better g/f options I’m sure he has learned from this pea-head finding the right woman takes time and he is only 30 so why rush it. She is the one who should worry about not finding a man b/c this guy isn’t going to be the LA man she is wanting him to be.

  • Tina


    What is the world coming to when we think Lainey is an expert on anything or someone whose opinion (um…gossip) is even worth mentioning in a conversation?

  • just cuz

    Wow, Pepto, how long have you known Hayden and Rachel to be sure of anything that either one of them say or do? I don’t know them, so I am going to leave their relationship status up to them. I did not say Rachel could get any man she wants, I said there are plenty of guys that would take her on, there are enough blogs guys write about her in to show that on the internet. Hayden is the one who said in an interview last May he wanted to get married, Rachel is the one saying in interviews now and in the past she is not ready to get married yet. It doesn’t sound like she is worried about getting married. Like I said, no one forces them to stay together, they can be with whoever they choose to be with.

  • Lake

    I trust Lainey a whole lot more than I do Rachel’s publicist who, like someone already said, stated in December that she doesn’t comment on her client’s private life, yet when Rachel goes blabbing on a plane a couple months later is all info super highway. Rachel is a a fame wh*re. Plain and simple. And that’s what this latest media extravaganza is all about. Rachel using this faux relationship to garner even more attention. She’s disgusting and pathetic. You got a job Rachel, yay, focus on that why don’t you? You need all the help you can get pulling off being a…. “doctor.” LMAO.

  • searlus

    Haven’t you all “notice” that when Manakin’s not been seen for like months, then the oc-gremlin would play-up again her amusing shoomance to the press coz she got an “very-easy-does-it” new acting job that needs a lot of attention and Manakin, still doin’ nothin’ that’s probably why he would just go home to do some nothin’ more (lol).
    And so wowza… Manakin would suddenly get out of his cave… Why?! To gather more buzz?! So is it just a mere coincidence or more like conspiracy?!
    So don’t be all so fool about this… they just love & even crave for it… all speculations… coz speculations means… attention… not as huge as they wanted to but what can you expect if its coming from 2 hacktors who got no box-office clout and can’t get barely an acting job w/o any aid – whiz!

  • Noriah

    Christ. It was a PR plant to create some publicity people. Damn. Some people need to quit reading so much into it and trying to dissect it. And others need to quit acting like it wasn’t a PR plant. Accept it and call it out for what it clearly is. Both “sides” of this who are arguing on here are a huge eyeroll.

  • bridget


    People are idiots. I think they’re still under the assumption that Rachel or Hayden would never do anything for publicity like other actors do. Like it’s beneath them even though both are clawing and scratching to stay relevant. And while I’m not saying that they are broken up, because I don’t know and they most likely aren’t. I think people also need to realize that publicists lie. It’s in their job description. Surprise! Shocked? I’m not. And that’s why Lainey said what she did. If she read any of her articles, she’s constantly talking about how publicists lie. And like it or not, trust her or not. she’s in the business and communicates with these people. So she would know way more about how things operate in the world of gossip then the people posting here. I know she rubs people the wrong way and can be a douche. People try to discredit her because they don’t like what she has to say. Sometimes it’s harsh.

  • searlus

    And these publicist/s wont do any of these pr tactics “w/o” the knowledge of these celebs who pays them to make them relevant at all cost – really???!!!

  • searlus

    And these publicist/s wont do any of these pr tactics “w/o” the knowledge of these celebs who pays these publicist/s to make them (celebs) relevant at all cost – really???!!!

  • periwinkle

    Bradley Cooper already “dumped” his (reported) beard) and look… his movie Limitless is now #1 at the box-office.
    These 2 would over & over creates some “stir” in their publicity machine and yet would just starts & ends in the tabloids & nothing else – “bad luck” seems to be always at their side huh?!

  • c

    @just cuz: you have not seem theeem together ok. Are ther would have sighting are them together and it never was.Rachel was the one that put this out there herself.Hayden was never in la with her. You don’t know hat you’re talking about. there was no engagement that was made up up for her. Also there was no relationship either that was made up ou need to stop defending rachel and the things she do. You know that rachel wil do anything for attention. Lie i said that he still using hayden. She that last year ad her people still tried to use hi. Likesomeon said here rachel can’t get no decent to be with cause she always want to get something form him are him for attention. Rachel has tried everything . Sheneed to move on from this. Hayden would never do this for attention. POnly would do it when nothing is going with her. No one said anything about her pilot she is doing. Her rep should have mention her work. If hayden was there why didn’t w see are he was mention. Only when he went home and no oneknows where he came from do we? You need to stop defendin rachel like this. rachel don’t go and vist nobody unless she want something from them like her friend josh and his wife jill. She does not need hayden toprmotedher tv show.That’s her problem she can’t do nothing on her own. Still can’t believe what E! news say . And you believe that?It already been said That was aday iit happen. You know that rchel was behind it all.he told us weekly herself that was done for good.@SammiSweetheat: No one know where hayden came from do we JJ should have never put that there. Hayden was only going home anyway. Rachel didthat last year when she the news are her and jke G was suppos to be dating. He just had step off the plane.. And she did the same thing here. With her no being home all the time. What she got to say about anything to the media?he suppose have been focing on her work. Hayden do not pay his publiclist to tell lies like rachel does.hat’s al she does. She should haveleft that alone.She has a show she’s doing why she is doing this? Rachel is sefish and asty person .Soon are later no one will be talking to her at all. Like i said she she like to be like everyone else andcan’t be. Why don’t shejust find her a guy to be with and leave hyden alone and stop using him like she do and her rep too. Her repshould know better than to keep telling lies for her. Hayden never said tht was back togther anyway . They was was talkng when he saw her. Thye never was together like other people that supose to be back on. She did that with adam only she was Quieted about it. until he find someone else to be with. She only did that because hayden haven’t been seen since natalie won that Oscar. Rachel is not very smart at all. And her rep either for putting up with her. It still not going to make people like her are watch her show when it comes out,If they are done let it be and let them move on. No one told rachel to not to go out and have fun like other people do she closed herself in herself.

  • te truth

    This suppoe to be about hayden going home nothing more.Rachel just can’t stand to be left out are nothing. why haven’t thye shown people are working on her show. I see her rep didn’t mention about it. Nor did jj. JJ aays try to make hayden lookbad and rachel look good cause she live in la. hayden is the one that get the movies and don’t have to bebnobody fr nothing like she does. When both movies came out the same onth she was happy. Hayden already knew that his was not going to make any money. But just had to have her movie come out the same time. Since there was nothing else was going on with hayd. Rachel still use him anyway by him going home. Wt kind person does tht. JJ need to stop posting rachel ‘s storesi with hayen. KIts wrong. But you never see j post nothing bad about rachel wth hayden;s stories he has,No one here said nothig about her he work that she is doing with herpilot.That’s what you all need to say something about that. Than believing what her rep say are what thye say on E. They don’t beieve nothing rachel say or do . They Also have doublt about what her rep say and and what rachel say. Us weekly told the true and rachel didn’t want it to come out unti she get ready its her safety net. She did the same thing last year Hayden was not not seem in la at all. she kept going of all the time. I’sure if he was there she would have stayed homes. But she didn’t sh got so wrwpped up in going toparis and doing that commerical. It went to her head. Thought that ws the best job she ever had. Andthere was no rumors about them at all.She was the onethat kept leaving la like that. It started in feb. She’s theblame for all are this mess not happy.Haydenprobably came there when she went paris or when she left to go do her pliot. Rachel did this before she left and didn’t know hayden was going to show up there after she left. Then she had her rep to change it for her at the last minute. Damagae alreay been done. thre is no turning back from that. Her rep wastied her time doing it. When he was at the airport going home.Rache should be ashame are herslf doing that to media and people..She waited too late to tell us weekly about what has been going on with her in the past few months. We already knew about the other lies shehd cooked up. That didn’t go anywhere. this not any place either. Like said and c C said its been over for weeks now.( like a month gao today.

  • AJ

    Uh, you who writes the nonsense paragraphs above, you need help! You act like you have a crystal ball and watch everything Hayden and Rachel do! You do not know Hayden and Rachel, stop acting like you do, and you are the one who should stop making up ridiculous nonsense about them no one can read!

  • The truthHyden

    Hayden gets new project and rachel gets mad. This what’s behind this? She laways want to be included in something to bring him dowm. Cause she don’t go to audtions and he does.THat’s why she herelf hasd this posted in Us weekly. All the sounces be her and her rep . No one else dose that but her and her rep. Her probably don’t have a clue What’s going on. Since her rep don’t suppose to be coommenting on her personal life.I guess this story is true about him and her. everytime he gets an acting gig she get mad like a little child.People was interviewing him at the airpott when he got home. something that they don’t do for rachel. She got prove that they are not a couple anymore. Are she and her will be both lies to this.That’s what happen when hayden get a movie gig sh gets mad about it cause he didn’t say nothing about her.JJ should bring this up when again when rachel come home from doing her pilot. E should see her with someone else by then. If not she is mad about him getting an acting gig again.

  • chris23

    I doubt it’s over, otherwise they would simply move on and date other people. I can only guess they’re very much together. One reason, she toned down her constant media attention. She used to be on here twice a day, that’s not the case anymore. Hayden may have put a stop to that.
    Whether these rumors are deliberate or not, who knows. Their relationship is so private it’s an easy target for rumors and speculations.
    Right now she’s filming her pilot and I’m thinking he simply came home.
    I don’t see this relationship going anywhere. When an engagement is called off, it’s hard to move on and built on that.

    Don’t see a future for those two. Once you call off your engagement, it’s very hard to move forward and build on that.

  • S

    They looked both miserable during the breakup, but somehow they manage to reunite. i think these two are obsessed in the ups and downs of relationships. I am curious too where it goes.

  • allie

    @ Chris 23

    I see your point about the media attention, she also stopped going to all the little openings of stores and parties, some of the fashion openings that she went to all the time last year. She has only been to a couple, like the Elysium dinner, other than the fashion weeks she has been to. She was on JJ doing one or two LA fashion events a week sometimes it seemed like last year. I think they would be more subdued if they really broke up, and they would not deny it if they did like last summer, another poster pointed that one out.