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Lea Michele: Mash-Up with Dianna Agron in the Works!

Lea Michele: Mash-Up with Dianna Agron in the Works!

Lea Michele picks up breakfast to go on Thursday (March 24) at Le Pain Quotidien in West Hollywood.

The 24-year-old Glee actress grabbed a cup of coffee and a pastry before going about her day.

Lea hinted at what’s next for Glee - she’s teaming up with Dianna Agron on a new song!

“Just recorded one of my favorite mash-ups with @alittlelamb! Can’t wait for you guys to hear it:)” Lea tweeted on Wednesday.

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  • Bellatrix

    I’m not a fan of her arrogance but her voice is beautiful. Dianna Agron can’t sing and her nasally yet raspy voice annoys me.

  • http://Ja Sligo lambert ^_____^ cute

    Yeah i know i hear yestarday she want to be singer

  • omg

    omg she looks like a MAN
    she’s fug

  • Lulu

    Love Lea! She looks good all casual. I hope she’s on the way to the Glee set — I don’t like Rachel Berry-lite episodes!

    Oh, and @Bellatrix She’s not arrogant, she’s confident and strong. IMO, that gets misinterpreted (typical with young women). She’s a great actress and singer, a phenomenal performer (especially live). I can’t wait to see what’s next for Lea.

  • Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!


  • Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    No no not cW I THOGHT MILA KUNIS

  • 43

    @Lulu: No I’ve met her. She isn’t very nice at all.

  • AnaKarina

    @Bellatrix: lol so true what you said about diana’s voice..she mumbles and she sounds like her nose is stuffed

  • Awesome

    FINALLY! Finally a Quinn/Rachel duet! I’m sure they’ll sound great together.

  • Charlie

    I smell Faberry….

  • uhhuh

    @43: rrriiiggghhhttt… of course you’ve met her…

  • 43

    @uhhuh: Whats the shock about? I met her while she was starring in Spring Awakening. I didn’t know that was hard to believe.

  • hakim

    i just cant picture her with ashton kutcher

  • LP

    I’ve never watched Glee or heard her sing. I’m sure she’s very good but she ANNOYS me everytime I hear her talk.

  • just stop

    @Bellatrix: she isn’t arrogant every time you see her sheis fine. don’t beleive all the gossip. Why can;’t a woman be proud and confident in herself.?

  • Hi

    @just stop: Women can and should be confident in themselves. Even Hailee Steinfeld remarked how hurt she was when Lea point blank ignored her while heading to her trailer, but later released a statement saying she was going on set. The girl clearly believes her own hype. She can sing her ass off but so can Amber Riley and she is a sweetheart.

  • frank

    Again If you don’t like her fine, but really no treason be insulting and jsut nasty.

    I have still heard WAY more good report upon meeting Lea than negative. All of them have negative one have been form her SA days. I love how people areso judgemental aobut someone they either only know by tv or one short meeting.

    I hope I am nover judged as harshly as this porr womnen is on sily gossip sites.

  • chloe

    her voice is phenomenal and she has a unique look which i find quite gorgeous and refreshing.

  • diannaswife


  • yourlate

    @Hi: it looks like your late to the whole hailee debacle… as stated and clearly made a LONG TIME ago, it was the publicist NOT lea that turned her away.

  • kim

    @Hi: um wrong. Hailee Steinfeld was upset that Lea saw her in her old fashion clothes. Lea did not even know aobut it until months later. Hailee said it was al bad timing.

    I have heard roumors of Amber being a diva too, the members of the marching band during the thriller scene said she wasn’t friendly and made the whole crew wait for her all the time.

    You don’So jsut they are rumors and highly exxgerated..

  • JewishBeauty

    stunning gorgeous jewish girl we are the best more beautiful!!

  • bilberry

    lol oh please amber riley is far from a diva

  • carol

    i don’t know about others meeting her, but i met her last summer in new york. I went to watch american idiot and she was there watchig the show, she was a sweetheart to everyone, took pictures with the fans and was nice with everyone.

  • Denandra

    Why can’t people respect the opinions of others? If someone had a bad experience with Lea it doesn’t make it invalid. Just like someone who had a fantastic experience with her. It doesn’t make the stories any less credible.

  • JewishBeauty

    we are going to leave u dumb muslims in dust we are future!!

  • yogi

    WOW how could anyone like the comments “JewishBeauty” posts. That person is a disgusting racist. Flagged!

  • JewishBeauty

    @yogi: f uck u ugly mooselim we will get rid of u all!!! shabbat shalom my jews

  • debra

    it is so clear that is the same person spreading hate in this post about lea michele.
    i’m hailee fan and watched her saying that was bad timming and the person who told her off was a glee production person and lea michele didn’t see her at all.
    check your facts before spread hate at internet.
    and the fans from england (where glee cast participated at x factor) said that lea michele and heather morris were the nicest ones.

  • Shelots

    @diannaswife: Race? You mean religion.

  • rochelli

    amazing how someone has so much free time to bash a person that she doesn’t know, what is hilarious is that the person spent so much time on this post .
    i watched lea michele in spring awkening years ago, this girl is so talented and after i met her and jonathan groff at the stagedoor she was really nice and polite.

  • huh

    @hakim: she isn’t with him so no worries. It was a movie

  • hakim

    @huh: Lol yeah I meant in the movie.

  • rumors

    @bilberry: I don’t think the person was saying she is a diva just that there are rumors about her too. I saw something US mag too about Amber so there you go. So why is it that for Amber isn’t true due to rumors but for Lea is?

  • hate is hate

    @Shelots: and she doesn’t even practice Judaism.

  • Shelots

    @hate is hate: Most actors don’t, but use it to their advantage in HW.

  • nyob

    her face is weird

  • gah

    @Shelots: she doesn’t even use her real last name so she isn’t using it. If anything it has been a harder becasue as she said casting agent didn’t know what she was ethnically. Her family are Jews for Spain and Catholic from Italy. Jewish, Italian, Spanish, white etc…

  • 2 u loser

    @nyob: your pathetic existence is weird.

  • jeff

    @bilberry: I have heard a few rumors about Amber as well but becasue she isn’t as popular they just don’t get rehashed like the Lea ones. There have basically been 4 or 5 stories about Lea that just get recycled and a couple of them have be debunked. From most accounts Lea is a sweet heat too and many fans have had positive experiences with her.

  • debbie

    @debra: not only them, i read (twitter,tumblr) a lot of people saying that the nicest were Harry, Dianna, Jenna. Chord and Amber were nice only when the other members where with them, alone they were jacka-s.

  • Toodles

    I like her…also she looks like a normal person which is awesome.

  • Carlee

    EVERYONE JUST STFU AND STOP BASHING DIANNA!!!! yeah i mean Leas cool but shes stealing the spotlight just like rachel does on glee but diannas amazing too!!!!!

  • Carlee

    EVERYONE JUST STFU AND STOP BASHING DIANNA!!!! yeah i mean Leas cool but shes stealing the spotlight just like rachel does on glee but diannas amazing too!!!!!

  • Daniel

    I love Lea michele and can’t wait for Glee to come back on they are going to do amazing on the mash up whatever