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Reese Witherspoon: Brentwood Country Mart Visit!

Reese Witherspoon: Brentwood Country Mart Visit!

Reese Witherspoon goes shopping for fragrances on Wednesday (March 23) at the Brentwood Country Mart in Santa Monica, Calif.

The 35-year-old actress headed out after celebrating her birthday with her kids and her fiance, Jim Toth!

Earlier in the week, Reese attended a casual luncheon with her mom, dad, brother, and nieces at the Brentwood Country Mart.

“She seemed very happy and excited,” an onlooker told People. “She was in a great mood and seemed happy to be spending time with her family.”

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  • suzee

    I thought the Country Mart was a farmer’s market…..the only fragrance I can think of is “eau de cow sh*t”

  • delilah

    No one cares about her boyfirend. He’s a jerk. I saw the video of him fighting with the paparazzi and he looked like a five year old.

  • tired of hollywood fakes

    This wedding doesn’t pass the sniff test. No honeymoon, timed to coincide with her movie opening, marrying an agent. Does she really want love or just PR and extending her career?

  • Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    Oh :)

  • muffy

    @delilah — an ugly, balding five year old!!!! Why did she move from Jake to him — talk about trading down.

  • tired of Hollywood fakes

    It’s going to be raining in the 50′s this weekend in Ojai. May would have been a perfect month for her to get married. Great weather, time to enjoy her new husband etc. I don’t get the rush unless it’s to promote Water for Elephants. Why am I the only one who can see that?

  • arnold

    Enough Reese ! JJ Its just a big bore.

  • k

    @tired of Hollywood fakes: I have to agree, I thought she would get married in the summer or perhaps even in the fall. That way, they would have been able to enjoy the engagement (they’ve only been dating 15 months and engaged 3, which is really short), the weather would be great, and most of all, they would be able to have a honeymoon, move Jim into her house and settle in, etc. Now, she won’t even be able to have a honeymoon or enjoy wedded bliss- she has to be in Vegas a week after the wedding to attend the CMAs and then kicks off a long promo blitz for WFE. Not to mention the awful weather. AND if she wanted to keep her new marriage private that’s now impossible – she’ll be asked a million ‘how’s the new husband’, ‘what was the wedding like’ questions on her promo circuit. Which leads me to believe she doesn’t actually want much privacy in this situation. So overall, I hate to say it, but the timing IS suspect. They got engaged when How Do You Know was flagging at the box office; and now marrying right before WFE promo. And this comes from a big Reese fan.

  • Gorgegeorge

    For someone so “private” she certainly is out and about everyday in areas that are pap friendly. Even her family dinner at the restaurant could have been catered in her fancy house, but there are no paps there are there. She could live anywhere else in California,but she chooses to live in LA, yet she only makes 1 movie a year, so she doesn’t have to live there. Private my ass, she lives for the attention. Plus she knows she is almost 40, dinosaur age for Hollywood actresses and she needs a hit big time.

  • k

    @Gorgegeorge: I thought the same about the family dinner… if I had her money and her nice house, I would definitely have had it catered, hired some waiters, maybe even some musicians for the night, etc. It would be lovely. I’m not sure what the logic was in doing it at a restaurant in LA where paps could easily find you.

  • tired of Hollywood fakes

    They ate there so blogs would run the story. It’s ALL FAKE.



  • Whitney

    Grease BEGGED paps to notice her when she wanted to make a name for herself. Now that she’s made it, she wants attention WHEN ITS CONVENIENT FOR HER. She wants it on HER dime. She wants the paps WHEN SHE NEEDS THEM.
    Well, Greasy Reesy, you can’t have it both ways, so pull that bottom lip of yours (or bottom duck bill) and put it back where it belongs.
    Can you even imagine what a crybaby pain in the as* this girl is in real life? I feel sorry for this Jim Sloth sap.

  • Reese Sucks

    Nobody would live where Reese lives if they didn’t want to be stalked by tabloid photographers. Any idiot knows this, so clearly she wants to be on the internet shown picking her nose and taking a sh*t every fu*king day. I don’t get it though, because she looks disgusting in every 9 out of 10 pics I see.

  • Toth pushes like girl

    Saw the video of Sloth pushing cameramen. He looked like a total p*ssy. The cameramen were laughing at him saying, “Wow, you’re so tough”
    What a tool.

  • InTheIndustry

    I was reading several other sites like JJ and since the Sloth incident with the pap’s, Reese and her rep’s are doing some damage control patrol!

    “Reese is asking everyone involved in her wedding including guest that they sign a NDA or she will sue! Both are determined to keep their private life as private as possible. She is an actress, not a reality star. Their wedding is not going to be traditional or a big Hollywood thing, just their close friends and family (but yet they state her wedding is in the couple of millions which I highly doubt Sloth has that kinda of money) She is getting a bargin with Jim Sloth, not only is she getting a husband but HER children are getting another father. Sloth loves HER children like they are his own and cant wait to finally call Reese his wife.”

    Damage Control?

    Wonder what CAA had to say about this!!!!!!

  • Love&Justice

    Did she take her “happy pills” on Wednesday?

    She doesnt seem like she is feeling harrassed by the pap’s the day after the incident with Toth!!!!

    @InTheIndustry – saw the articles you mentioned. Does seem like damage control and Im sure CAA had their hands in it.

    Well at least I dont have to wake up to either of them everyday.

    She does need to chill on the Jim and HER children thing. She dont own them and they already have a father, who is a very good father to Ava and Deacon.

    Jim needs to get his own kids!!!

  • AJ

    For disliking Reese so much, a lot of you sure do spend a lot of time on JJ’s posts about her.