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Robert Pattinson & Reese Witherspoon Cover EW

Robert Pattinson & Reese Witherspoon Cover EW

Robert Pattinson and Reese Witherspoon get cozy on the cover of Entertainment Weekly‘s latest issue, on newsstands Friday (March 25).

Here’s what the Water for Elephants stars had to share:

Rob, on working with Reese: “There’s something about her. She’s just this genuinely nice person. I don’t know if she puts an effort into creating a nice aura, but her mood dissipates over the whole set. It was a completely different environment from when she wasn’t there. All the kids and the animals were just drawn to her. It made it incredibly easy to do my part – all my reaction shots are just watching her work brilliantly. She’s really cool and she’s just…never, ever annoying. God, that’s the worst description, isn’t it?”

Reese, on working with Rob: “He’s an incredibly hardworking person with an incredible work ethic. He doesn’t ever complain. Not once. Which is sort of lower than the national average for actors. They’re always complaining. Especially the men!”

Rob, on whether he thinks he’ll live a more normal life after Twilight: “It’s funny how it’s ending in 2012. This is how the world will end. But, um, I don’t know. I think most of people’s recognition is based on the magazines and stuff. All the gossip stories won’t work – they’re always combined with Twilight, so once that’s done and it can’t be combined with the promotion of the film, I think it will end. Because I have an obscenely boring life.”

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Bigger cover pic inside…

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  • q

    um, I don’t know

  • Celia

    This issue is going straight to the trash when it comes in the mail.
    And I love how they only have his name on there like he’s the main character in the movie. LAME!

  • Cole

    oh gah. another reference to 2012 and to the world ending.. even if it was a joke.

  • Cole

    oh gah. another reference to 2012 and to the world ending.. even if it was a joke.

  • Cole

    oh gah. another reference to 2012 and to the world ending.. even if it was a joke.

  • Mailey

    Cute cover, but yah just having rob’s name all big is a faux pas IMO. He’s not the academy award winner of the two. Just sayin.

  • lola

    Lol she looks like one of those creepy fan girls o_O

  • Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    Robert looks handsome in cover

  • http://Ja Sligo lambert ^____^cute

    Robert looks cute

  • santa barbara dentist

    Yeah she looks creepy.

  • http://@Nourhan4 nourhan

    mmm what will we see new couple or what ? new couple between Robert and Reese…. i don’t know but nice cover

  • Pattycake

    Too funny! Reese looks like Rob’s moll. That has got to frost her. SHE is the A List Oscar winner, and he is ..who?

  • delilah

    Well if they promote this as a Reese Witherspoon movie it will do as well as “How Do You Know”. LOL! That brought in about $7M opening weekend. Which didn’t even cover half her salary. Which was confirmed by the Hollywood trade papers as $15M. So they have to push Robert Pattinson who might draw bcz of the Twihards.

    Her comments criticizing actors as complainers does not apply to herself. She is perfect. Just ask her. My prediction is that Reese will be unavoidable for the next two or three months. We will see her on justjared every At least once. At least. Ugh!

  • k

    @Celia: Well, I’m no Robert Pattinson fan, but having read the book twice, his character IS the main character. He plays the protagonist, Jacob. The book is written from his perspective and tells his life story.

  • jol

    Isn’t she the one who WON an Academy Award and has been in many Award-winning movies? What the hell has he done other than crappy Twilight and a couple of crappy chick flicks and dying in HP? Why is this issue about him? like she’s a creepy twilight fan girl nobody…
    Props to her for don’t caring I guess…

  • uhhh

    Chiniston and flat nose

  • Julluf

    Of course the media is pushing him on us and not Reese, morons! He makes more money, therefore he’ll be more on the spotlight (and he’s the main character in the movie sooo..). Anyway, the cover is great.

  • men of Hollywood

    She is insufferable. I bet the actors are complaining about her.

  • Jessica

    I just saw Reese Witherspoon’s Avon Breast Cancer walk PSA. When she says “s’s” in words she hisses like a sssssnake.

    Has she always done that. We are mothersssss, and sisterssss, and husbandssss and besssst friendsssss

    So annoying.

  • Amalie

    I like the cover, looks great.
    Can’t wait for the movie.

  • An

    Robert so gorguos

  • spec

    Wow! That is one very handsome young man!

  • BB

    He has a captivating presence. He just stands out without trying. You couldnt walk by that cover on a magazine stand without noticing him. Thats quality.

  • GardenGate

    I’m guessing he didn’t actually mean ‘dissipates’. Perhaps he should stick with words of one syllable for now.

  • BB

    What are you talking about GardenGate? “Dissipates” works fine in the context he was talking about! Perhaps you should stick to the one syllable words!!

  • nikki

    Love him so much! He’s such a wonderful guy! Intelectual, smart, eloquent and all around nice!!! And this is the best pic of him ever! I think he needs to stop brooding in photohoots (or photographers should stop making him do it) cause his smile is amazing! Tom Ford should call him up&offer him a modeling job!

  • you

    Can’t wait for watch WFE this cover is very nice.

  • Amy

    @Celia: Um, have you read the book? He IS the main character.

  • Reese Sucks

    Reese is such a dork. Of course they have to promote him because if they centered it around Reese, nobody would see this movie…..I mean…..abortion.

  • pfffffffffff

    Where the hell is Cristoph Waltz??

  • Tomboy

    World to Reese: We’re done with you…you’re a snob…go away now…

  • InTheIndustry

    @ pattycakes and delilah – I totally agree with you both!

    RPatz and CWaltz would of made a better cover and I would of bought it!!!

  • BellyNel

    I haven’t seen many Reese Witherspoon movies, but she’s cute. I have seen all three Twilight movies at least twice, and I have seen Remember Me. This is a great cover to sell an issue (I subscribe to Entertainment Weekly). R Patz looks very handsome on this cover. I wasn’t feeling the whole messy hair look in the past.

  • Love&Justice

    Its true, if they were to use Reese to promote this movie it wouldnt work.
    So after the movie WFE, what else do we have to hear about her?

  • kikay

    If you put reese name as the title,people might actually think this is HOW DO YOU KNOW 2,we dont want that now would we?…..duuuh!!!

  • Maddie

    @k: Exactly. Don’t know where anyone got the idea that he wasn’t playing the main character in this film. So odd. Read the book people.

  • GardenGate


    dissipate (third-person singular simple present dissipates, present participle dissipating, simple past and past participle dissipated)
    1.To drive away, disperse.
    2.To use up or waste.
    3.To vanish by dispersion.

    I rest my case.

  • anonymous

    Reese looks beautiful! And Rob…there are no words for his beauty. None. He is beyond handsome. I am looking forward to this movie. I read the book and loved it. Jacob IS the main character in the book, so yes Rob should be in front. Love the black suit and hair on Rob. He looks so classy. Much nicer than his “hobo” look.

  • AJ

    Happy to see there’s another movie with Reese in it-9 times out of 10 she picks great movies to act in! Can’t wait to watch it!

  • Lee

    Merriam-Webster – The Free Dictionary:
    dis·si·pate Verb /ˈdisəˌpāt/
    verb: disperse, squander, waste, dispel
    dissipating present participle; dissipated past tense; dissipates 3rd person singular present; dissipated past participle
    1. Disperse or scatter

    dis·perse Verb /disˈpərs/
    dispersed past tense; disperses 3rd person singular present; dispersing present participle; dispersed past participle
    1. Distribute or spread over a wide area

    I rest my case.

  • dorrie

    Reese is not pleasant to look at, she’s an annoying actress, and she is a total jerk as a person. All reasons her star has faded.

  • Freak Witherspoon

    She looks like a total freak on this cover. she creeps me out…..

  • elsa

    I like him with older actresses or actor . . . he seemed more mature, manly, and definitely more handsome. With the Twilight casts he seemed to gangly and awkward, and not so attractive.

  • Sarah

    It really looks like Robert Pattinson and Reese have good chemistry in this movie. I actually saw a trailer this weekend and the movie looks really good. Can’t wait to see it.

  • nicki
  • nini


  • Aaron

    Not this again.