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Zachary Quinto: Rainy Day Lunch

Zachary Quinto: Rainy Day Lunch

Zachary Quinto braves the rain and grabs lunch with a friend on Wednesday (March 23) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 33-year-old actor kept dry under an umbrella at the valet stand while waiting for his car.

Zach‘s next project has him stepping behind the camera.

He’ll be producing a new docu-series for the Syfy network about the life and work of photographer Tyler Shields.

10+ pictures inside of Zachary Quinto grabbing lunch on a rainy day…

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zachary quinto rainy lunch 01
zachary quinto rainy lunch 02
zachary quinto rainy lunch 03
zachary quinto rainy lunch 04
zachary quinto rainy lunch 05
zachary quinto rainy lunch 06
zachary quinto rainy lunch 07
zachary quinto rainy lunch 08
zachary quinto rainy lunch 09
zachary quinto rainy lunch 10

Photos: Fame Pictures
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  • Leah

    Cute :)

  • loiu

    he looks soo gay!!! dont like it…

  • spam girl

    @loiu: better looking gay than like some fat sloppy straight guy

  • Lily

    that’s a unique style :)

  • kyra


    How about NEVER. He isn’t ever going to come out so put your vibrator away faghag.

  • EMMA


  • Maggie

    A gay man would not have that hairy chest.

  • wild

    The homophobic comments on here are sick.

  • Domino

    @Maggie: HAHAHA! You clearly know nothing about gays.

  • Whatever

    @kyra: WAKE UP already! Do you really think he is straight? How many times now have we seen “straights” deny, deny, deny and then come on out? Lance Bass, Neil Patrick Harris, Clay Aiken, Ricky Martin, etc… Don’t be so damn dumb. He is as gay as they come – he has dated dudes in LA for YEARS. It’s NOT a secret you fool.

  • kyra


    I never said he was straight you idiot.

    What I said is, is he isn’t going to come out. Everyone knows he’s gay, but do you honestly think he’ll admit to it? Do you honestly think he’ll say “I’m gay” just to please you and the rest of the faghags who adore him? He may be gay, but he aint coming out!

    Oh and by the way GO F* yourself.

  • Lisa


    Not all gays are hairless young twinks, some are fat, some are hairy, some are old et al. And some are bitchy and hateful against straight people, like #11.

    Zach is a gay man who wears really bad clothes and the only thing he seems to manscrape are his brows. Someone told me he’s a new breed of gay men, hipster gay.

    BTW: where’s his bf? I thought he was still banging Jonathan Groff or has he moved on?

  • Lisa


    You seriously need professional help. Like now.

  • Kyra


    Oh and I forgot to add you are a sick homophobe, only ignorant, homophobic people say “f*g* these days

  • Kyra


    Using the word faghag however remains an okay thing, my gay friends use it all the time which is interesting seeing as none of them like to be called “f*a*s”. I’m gay myself, I don’t like the word “f*g”, but I think faghag fits you. I have to show them this thread, usually someone like you is a straight person angry at a gay celeb who hasn’t been laid in such a long time she (or he) gets defensive. Am I right?

  • Whatever

    @kyra: Anyone named Kyra is obviously a plus-sized moose with a moustache living with her parents at 32. He’ll come out when he needs the press, just like the rest of them. Don’t worry yourself, enjoy your 2nd milkshake of the day and stop hiding your candy bars under your bed. Your disabled mother already knows you will die alone.

  • Whatever

    @Lisa: Thanks for the advise Lisa. Your qualifications to make any comments make me laugh. Back to the mall, Lisa.

  • JeffH

    What do people find attractive about this guy? He’s obviously so into himself with the clothes he wears. Soooo over itttttt.

  • S@n

    Do not feed the troll because it inflates, it explodes and spreads S*** everywhere!

  • S@n

    Zach Quinto is always COOL!

    And the young Spock will be back to work soon!

  • Kyra


    Thanks for the description of what is obviously yourself and your life, I needed that laugh.

    He’ll come out, never. He has a career riding on his shoulders, million dollar franchise where he has to look like he’s “single, straight and available”. If he had wanted to come out he would have done so when the new york times baited him, but he didn’t.

  • Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!


  • Whatever

    @Kyra: Well, since you are a self described lezzzzzzzz I find it sad that you think it’s OK for him to stay closeted to support his “million dollar franchise.” You of all people should think differently – and not supporting his eventual coming out only sets back gays and lesbians even more when people who are already out suggest he should stay in. I don’t care whether you believe me or not but the guy IS out in his personal life and probably would come out if not for people like YOU who suggest he would kill his own career. Oh and by the way, my description of you seems dead on except I forgot to add you are self loathing, obviously.

  • Dee or Deemebr

    F-A-G? … soo gay? … crap? …Which kind of conservative cave some people live? … and why so rudeness?

    And let me flattered with a minus sign!

    ZQ is AWESOME!

  • Kyra


    Is your reading comprehension off dearie?

    Where did I say it was okay for him to remain in the closet? You really are a f* moron. Of course it’s NOT okay for him to hide in the closet, especially when he does PDA’s for gay rights and for gay youth. He’s going to end up like his buddy Matt Bomer, wearing a wedding band and hiding his husband and (his now revealed) three kids on the side. Watch.

    Zachary will never come out, it will just remain the worst kept secret in Hollywood.

    Oh and by the way, I said I was gay, but I never said I was a lesbian. I guess you are one of those “whatevers” who think that people use their real names and their genders on a comment board?

  • Kyra is a cant

    Kyra is a cant – see you next time

  • Fabulous

    love fat ugly homophobes who will never have half the life of this talented stud so they stay on jj all day posting bitter nasty sheet cause they ain’t got nothin else to do

  • Kyra

    @Kyra is a cant:

    I’m a cant?

    Haha. Okay sweetheart, whatever.

  • Whatever

    @Kyra: Oh you’re definitely a FAT GIRL. The words you use smell of twinkies and female moustache cream. You go ahead and keep posting until your mother unplugs your 2003 laptop. All good honey and if for some odd reason you ARE a guy, even sadder to be you!

  • Peps

    How do you know that is not his girlfriend?

    What proof do you have that he is dating Johnathan Groff?

    This is pathetic, seriously.

    Glad he is back in Los Angeles. now the crazy NYC stalkers can leave him alone.

  • Peps

    Did Zach go to the Dallman concert and is he here to stay?

  • Leah

    All the homophobia and misogyny on this board is sickening….

  • Kyra


    That’s supposed to be an insult, wow, you really are out of your league. But thanks for the laughs anyway.


    He’s gay honey, gay men by tradition don’t date women, nor do we marry them.

    Groff? Oh he’s been with him for a while, there are pictures of them together on the net somewhere. Rumors are they are very much in love.

  • yuno

    smh at the comments here.

  • chris

    who´s that girl? he looks happy .he date rich girl like Rumer willis and etc. do think that he date fangirl? I don´t think so….

  • chris

    and now , zach likes ugly woman…. I can to say: here cones zach with ugly woman again.

  • chris

    and now , zach likes ugly woman…. I can to say: here cones zach with ugly woman again.

  • Leah



  • carrienae

    Totally gay….

  • chris

    totally in love with rich girl…. sure!

  • chris

    @Leah: thanks.

  • Peps

    Kyra, be a dear and show me the pictures of him and Groff. LOL. Please?

    I don’t tend to believe internet rumors from strangers, that’s just me. I kind of like to form my own opinions based on what I know, and the facts. Not what some random person says online, weird I know.

  • Kyra


    They are out there, just google Zachary Quinto/Jonathan Groff Sundance.

    Tumblr, twitter, et al.

  • DyingClouds

    The comments on Zachary Quinto’s posts have gotten worse and worse.

    Zachary Quinto has potential to be the most handsome and distinguished celebrity alive.

    Zachary Quinto is meant for epics. He is meant to be an icon. And it is extremely agonizing to watch that go to waste.

  • DyingClouds

    @DyingClouds: I’m not saying it’s ultimately going to waste, but I just feel disappointed that he isn’t in the Gershwin biopic or working with Spielberg.

    I really hope he hooks up with Spielberg soon! He’s that classically hot.

  • manipulation


    Groff was never ZQ’s boyfriend.

  • Kyra


    Yeah right sweets…

  • qt


    He did date groff, dunno if they are still together, but they did date. I saw them together in NYC a few months ago looking very lovely dovey and holding hands after a show one night. Nothing wrong with Zach having a boyfriend ya know.

  • Peps

    Kyra, that is still internet jabber. I can say via twitter that I did something with someone, prove me wrong.

    Zach has been seen with many woman lately, and now that he is back in Los Angeles for good with him wonderful family and friends, he may be back with his old lovers, females and males.

  • Gigi

    Zach is straight, I had sex with him and have a video of it. I will release it one day unless Zachary Quinto gives me back the $500 he owes me. I had sex with him one night while he was still on Heroes. So hot, so big, so sexy, smart. I loaned him $500 that he was short of for a bill, he never paid me back and went off with some trampy girl later on. Trust me, this man is not gay, and never has been, he is a womanizer.