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'Barefoot Contessa' Refuses to Meet Make-a-Wish Kid

'Barefoot Contessa' Refuses to Meet Make-a-Wish Kid
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Credit: Stephen Lovekin; Photos: Getty
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  • Jeffrey

    I always tell everyone what a byatch this woman is and they never believe me. Well. here it is. This woman is a real phony on her show.
    Won’t see a kid who is dying of cancer?

  • yaaasssss

    she’s a massive c.u.n.t. typical selfish jew

  • Mari

    What has this to do with being jewish? People should really come off this antisemitic stuff. There are jerks and good people in every religion.

  • annie

    How can a person say no to a kids dying request? But i’m just as confused as to why people are defending her on other sites? i dont really think you can justify this. The president can make time but she can’t??????? ughhghughkj!!!!!!

  • Jeffrey

    Why the jewish dig?
    Not fair.

  • Jeffrey

    @Mari: Agreed.
    An intelligent statement.
    We all bleed red, all eventually drop dead, all suffer and all feel.
    Humankind needs to get over it already.

  • janet

    @yaaasssss: Jews donate their time and money to charities every day for years and years now.
    What the H3LL are you talking about???

  • jaye

    More than likely his parent or parents wanted to meet Ina. It’s unfortunate she couldn’t meet with the child IF it was HIS request to see her, which I doubt, but it’s not a crime. Apparently it was the mother who tweeted about this. Makes me question her motives. The kid decided to swim with the dolphins which I would think would be more fulfilling than meeting a middle aged foot network star.
    However, the racial prejudice of some of the comments is childish. It’s amazing how many people on blogs can’t get their message across without profanity and/or racial slurs.

  • Celion

    I am very sad for the child. How can a person say no to a child? It’s just a person without a heart. I want people to boycott her show….Let’s do it people….Maybe that will make her change her mind.

  • Celion


  • Celion

    My five year old watches her show and it’s not because of me….I am not a great cook. BOYCOTT

  • laila


    i really hope you’re joking. she cant PR her way out of this. even if other people do it, that does NOT make it right. he’s dying, or terminally ill. it’s impossible to say no to him, but ‘apparently’ she did. disgusting!

  • Susan

    Ina Garten can’t give one day of her time to a terminally ill child? She makes millions and I’m sure has millions and can’t give a single day to this little guy? Booooooooo! Shame on you, Ina.

  • Katina


    This isn’t just to you, but to people in general.

    Enzo is my younger brother.
    Let me get a few things straight.
    1. He’s not dying or terminal.
    2. My mom doesn’t even have a twitter, so wherever you got that information is wrong.
    3. HE wanted that wish. I could care less about her and her show, he wanted to wait the first time, and he was disappointed when she said no the second.
    4. We didn’t give the information out, TMZ got an anonymous tip, and we have no idea who gave it to them. It could be anyone who reads his website.
    If you want more LEGITIMATE information, feel free to check out Enzo’s website.

    Enzo’s 16 year old sister.

  • Helena

    poor little boy w/ cancer…i was so sad when i read this, i could never say no to something like this

  • Celion

    I am telling you folks boycott the show.

  • janet

    Dear Katina
    Tell your brother Enzo I say hello and wish him all good things.
    He is adorable. I just looked at the page you sent. Beautiful boy.
    Tell him my daughter and I saw Ina Garten on Madison Ave, in NYC a few years ago talking on her cell phone. She was standing there in the afternoon around lunch time @ 68th st. We would always eat at a Japanese restaurant there. At the time, my daughter was around 12 or 13. She started waving to Ina hello and was all excited to say hello to her. She watches the show constantly too. Ina ignored us completely and stayed on the phone with her head down. Her body language was very rude, leave me alone kind of thing. We were floored. Shocked.
    I mean her personality on the show is so warm and sweet but not the case in real life. She is nasty and not so nice AT ALL. Unless she is selling something! It’s all about the money with her. We still watch her but her food is too fattening to cook all of the time. The thing is, her recipes are always pretty reliable, so you buy all the cookbooks because they are useful but she is a total phony. We saw her house in The Hamptons recently too. It’s gorgeous. She has two lots next to each other in East Hampton. It seems the older she gets, the fatter she gets and the nastier she gets. Tell him to pick another person to wish for. There are so many other better people for him to meet. Don’t waste your time on Ina, she’s not worth it!
    Trust me!

  • No One Important

    Strange. Why didn’t she just invite the young boy to her swanky Hampton $100,000/plate charity event then? To whom much is given, much is expected. Apparently she hasn’t learned this.

    She couldn’t find time? She couldn’t have him join her on one of her shows? She couldn’t even find the time to do a video for him?

    She’s just a silly chef. She’s not a brain surgeon, heart surgeon or president of the US. She’s just a chef, and she couldn’t carve any time away from “food” to spend time with a sick child?

    Really? I don’t care if you’ve raised 5 mil for charities. The measure of character is not what we do when people are watching, but what we do when no one is looking.

    Kudos to Michael Symon and Beau MacMillan for stepping up and offering. I’m sure they’re both much busier than she is, and they’re willing to find the time.

    If Bill Gates can make time for a MAW child, I’m more than certain this woman could have.

  • Lissy

    @Katina @Katina:
    Say hi to Enzo and that all people here sends all the blessings to him. If he want to cook, if he enjoys kitchen and at the same time love dolphins, tell him that there is another chef, that have all this! Yes, dolphins in his back yard! Her name is Paula Dean, a real good human being, a heart warming person that will laugh and play with Enzo. Tell him that, he might like the idea. Ina is not worth it. God bless Enzo and all of you!

  • Maria Hargis

    Always remember, you reap what you sow…what goes around, comes around. I sure hope this story is not true, but if it is, I am so sad for the little boy and scared for Ina. Good thing he had a second choice.