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Daniel Craig & Rachel Weisz: Mayfair Mates!

Daniel Craig & Rachel Weisz: Mayfair Mates!

Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz leave the Louis Vuitton store together on Thursday (March 24) in Mayfair, England.

The 41-year-old actress is in town shooting her next movie 360 alongside Jude Law. The day before, Rachel and Jude shared a laugh together on set in between takes.

Last week, Daniel celebrated St. Patrick’s Day in New York City by visiting with Archbishop Timothy Dolan at St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Later in the day, he watched the annual parade.

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Credit: Tony Clark / Charlie Purvey; Photos: Splashnewsonline
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  • to 34

    If Daniel gives a present to me, anything is OK!! :D

  • Psycho Canadians

    This relationship is DOOMED.
    It is based on CHEATING and INFIDELITY.
    This WHO*RE broke up her family to get some d*ck.
    He is an ugly old TOOL who cheats like CRAZY.
    Trust me – he will cheat on sloppy Rachel with a model TRUST.
    That is all!!

  • Afaaaa

    He will cheat on her with an Asian model bc most men find white chicks boring.
    Oh wait she’s jewish but still boring.

  • Mako Morton

    I think that jewelry of Van Cleef & Arpels matches Rachel. Unique and Cute!! Daniel, please!

  • Gaia

    Love this couple coz they never are flippant.

  • Anastasia

    I like this couple a lot!I think they make a beautiful pair and i wish them all the best!

  • Nikki

    OMG, Daniel looks so hot in those pics!! Hold on…

  • Kazan

    Their friendship ripened into a deep love, and absence makes the heart grow fonder…..
    By the way, what does he have in the left hand?

  • Mark

    Rachel is as beautiful as Snow White. Daniel is a lover of the beautiful. What a nice couple they are!!

  • Olivia

    Love Daniel, I give my wholehearted support. Call me anytime!!!!!!!!!

  • poupou

    Jaread, thank you for picking up the valuable photos, and Happy B-day!! I wanted to see her clothes….well, Daniel is hot, steamy hot!

  • GQ


  • Valentine

    They both are gorgeous, but I have a crush on Daniel..

  • Questions of a fan

    @Psycho Canadians: Completly agree! And that’s all I’ll say…

  • Questions of a fan

    However the whole calling her Whore part…not so much…

  • to Questions of a fan

    Go to this thread. Psycho Canadians was on this thread. Yes, Psycho Canadians is a real Psycho. You always agree with Psycho. LOL

  • sissy

    Daniel is pretty loaded with sex appeeeeeeeeeeal!!! beautiful man.

  • testosterone

    Rachel has class.
    Daniel has a STORONG BALL!! ;)

  • Fio

    2011 oscar predictions: year in advance

    i’ve never attempted to do such a thing as a) it’s a particularly ridiculous thing to do; b) we don’t even know for sure what’s going to be released this year (how many people were predicting tree of life to be an awards contender in march of last year?); and c) i am pretty much prediction-ed out at this time of year. still, a lot of the first predictions for 2011 have started trickling out lately, and i suppose it will be pretty fun to look back on this post in a year and see if i got anywhere close. so, that being said, and please take this with a gigantic grain of salt, this is what i could see happening next february:

    supporting actor:
    the nominees- vincent cassell (dangerous method), daniel craig (girl with the dragon tattoo), paul dano (meek’s cutoff), john c. reilly (we need to talk about kevin) and christopher plummer (the girl with the dragon tattoo)
    the winner- daniel craig. i’m not sure if he will be going lead or supporting for this, but i think it will be in his best interest to go supporting. i could see christopher plummer winning in this category as well if he is any good (in dragon tattoo or his other film, beginners).

    supporting actress:
    the nominees- jessica chastain (tree of life), viola davis (the help), vanessa redgrave (coriolanus), saorsie ronan (hanna) and octavia spencer (the help)
    the winner- jessica chastain. i don’t know if she has even been in a movie up until this point, but she has a couple high profile roles this year, and everyone is expecting her to be a scene stealer (in tree of life, particularly). i think she is going to be in a tough race against vanessa redgrave, however, who already has solid rave reviews for her role in coriolanus.

    the nominees- george clooney (the descendants), ralph fiennes (coriolanus), jeremy irvine (war horse), viggo mortensen (dangerous method), brad pitt (tree of life)
    the winner- brad pitt. i think academy voters are likely to see him as “due” and if this movie actually turns out to be good and if he is any good in it at all, i think this is going to be his statue to lose. of course, there is definitely the possibility that either george clooney or viggo mortensen gives a performance that is just so sensational that it can’t be denied.

    the nominees- glenn close (albert nobbs), rooney mara (girl with the dragon tattoo), freida pinto (miral), meryl streep (the iron lady) and tilda swinton (we need to talk about kevin)
    the winner- meryl streep. after losing her much deserved oscar last year to sandra bullock, i think that the next time she is nominated she will win in an absolute landslide. she is waaay overdue for another one, and she is bound to give a fantastic turn as margaret thatcher. that being said- i expect this movie to kind of suck, so you never know. glenn close could be hot on her heels, but something tells me her star has dimmed now that she is a tv actress. she would need to be amazing.

    the nominees- david cronenberg (dangerous method), david fincher (girl with the dragon tattoo), terrence malick (tree of life), julian schnabel (miral) and steven spielberg (war horse)
    the winner- spielberg. i definitely have this early sinking feeling that the director race is really going to irritate me this year. there is bound to be some amazing direction on the horizon, but i can see this coming down to a spielberg/fincher race, and i am definitely not a fan of either one. spielberg’s been absent for a couple years, and i can see the academy falling over themselves to give him another one.

    best picture:
    the nominees- the conspirator, coriolanus, dangerous method, the girl with the dragon tattoo, the help, hugo cabret, miral, the muppets, the tree of life, war horse
    the winner- war horse. it’s gonna suck. period. i realize that i sound like i’m closed minded to spielberg’s upcoming “opus,” and honestly i’m not. if it’s a great movie, i will say that it’s a great movie. but face it. it’s gonna suck. and yes, i did put the muppets on my best picture list. there is bound to be a surprise, and with the pixar slot seemingly up for grabs this year, i am going out on a limb on this one. if, in a year, the muppets gets nominated for an oscar i can say that i was the first person to have predicted it.

  • Fio

    Don’t watch with your mouth full of drink!! I’m sure Sean Connery kicks Gabs a**.
    GaBOND…Gabus Bond

  • Kelly

    I wish you two love birds have a very happy life together.

  • Renza

    Adore them, and here’s wisnihg their lots of wonderful moments of togetherness.. now and always! Love, Love, Love the cute couple!!!!!

  • Daniel is Hot

    They are a cute couple. Let’s hope we see them together for many years. Wonder what they bought? Thanks Fio for all your hard work finding great articles. We don’t have to do anything but come here and you have provided us with interesting articles about Daniel. Thanks.

  • your mom


  • Seth

    Daniel is possessing an extraordinary ability to attract. It means the power to entice and attract through personal charm. He’s quite a personality. LOVE HIM.

  • BB

    I love them!!! This is special time — a time of new joys and new beginnings. Keep these feelings in your heart always!! Hope this be the beautiful beginning of a happily-ever-after.

  • LOL

    @your mom:

    Hardly with non of them being married. Moron!

  • Brad and Angie

    Finally another adulterous couple for us to hang out with!

  • to your mom

    noomi, you/your IP STINK!!

  • to noomi

    You always plagiarize sentences/words of another person. Tax your small brain.

  • More pics

    Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz Have a London Day Date at Louis Vuitton
    Rachel Weisz hopped into her car after stopping at the Louis Vuitton store in London yesterday with Daniel Craig. The British stars are together in their home country after a few months of traveling around the world so she can now be on the 360 set with Jude Law. Daniel has taken advantage of his time between projects to take care of some solo business, as he’ll soon be busy working on the 23rd James Bond movie with rumored costar Javier Bardem. It looks like Rachel and Daniel are going strong despite their various work endeavors, including his upcoming Cowboys vs. Aliens and The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, since getting together around the holidays last year.

  • buy Gillette for Rachel

    Jesus Maria, I hoped Daniel stops to spend too much money after he dumped Satsuki who was a very expensive, little woman who needed huge money to buy Prada, Versace, Dior to look like a scarecrow.
    now Madame Psycho Cruella Racheleyebrows wants Louis Vuuuuitton…. och. Daniel always has modest women…
    Rachel’s going to the top of spending money and Daniel doesn’t care that his Bond missed money before. Next time, for 23 Bond he would put some money, at least a few dollars into his Bond, eh?… no, he rather buys Vuitton handbag for Rachel. och, Rachel is another Satsuki Mitchell.
    where is his Mrs. Right who spends only $5 for her clothes like Angelina Jolie?
    Rachel, stick your Vuitton into… you know where. Maybe Daniel should purchase Gillette not for him but for Rachel. Gillette is too a good mark, eh?

  • buy Gillette for Rachel

    I also hoped Daniel sends money to Japan and look, he went to Louis Vuitton with Madame Rachel. Hypocrite.

  • to More pics

    thanks, more pics!
    awwwwwwwwww daniel really looks so hot!!!

  • to buy Gillette for Rachel

    you know f you wrote down every single thought you ever had you would get an award for the shortest story ever. now, here’s the reality. unlike the former girl friend, Rachel has her own money to buy what ever she wants and needs. That’s because Rachel has a very successful career as an actress. so, unlike Satsuki, she does not need Daniel to buy her anything. actually, it’s a toss up as to who has more money; Daniel or Rachel. so it’s more than likely that what ever Rachel bought at Louis Vuitton she paid for with her own money

    as for Angie spending $5 on clothes; what planet are you living on? Angie almost always wears the following: Ecoganik, Gold Hawk, IISLI, Joe’s Jeans, Laura Dahl, Linea Pelle, Tom Ford, Woo, none of these designers are cheap.

  • to Gina

    We need a biologist who studies the effects of radiation on living organisms; not more money.

  • buy Gillette for Rachel

    as for Angie spending $5 on clothes; what planet are you living on? Angie almost always wears the following: Ecoganik, Gold Hawk, IISLI, Joe’s Jeans, Laura Dahl, Linea Pelle, Tom Ford, Woo, none of these designers are cheap.
    Angie’s also is the main face of a very elegant fashion and get clothes for free.
    All designers give her clothes for events and she personally dresses herself and children in clothes for a few dollars. Did you see it how are they dressed all the time? Normally, for a few dollars, like others.
    Almost all celebrities get the dress and return it to the boutique.
    Kate Moss returned one dress completely dirty and in two pieces, hehe.

    We need a biologist who studies the effects of radiation on living organisms; not more money.
    Jesus Maria, don’t make me to think about radiation in the sea and Japan. they’ll need many biologists and money to clear it up. I feel sorry that in Japan is higher concentration of radiation and how it affects Japan people.

    actually, it’s a toss up as to who has more money; Daniel or Rachel. so it’s more than likely that what ever Rachel bought at Louis Vuitton she paid for with her own money.
    I never cared to solve a question if Daniel has more money than Rachel. I cared if Daniel sent a few pounds to Japan and I think Rachel needs more Gillette than Vuitton. that is all. you saw it from a different direction and if Rachel paid her handbag on her own so ok. but she is for me a Madame Cruella Racheleyebrows, ok too?

  • buy Gillette for Rachel

    so Daniel and Rachel purchased Vuitton while Japans solve different problems. I hope Daniel will find another lady Diana or Angie, not dependent guarding Satsuki or Cruella Rachel. this new woman will not need Vuitton to be happy like Rachel in a pic.

  • scripts
  • Ali

    They both are endowed with many talents. Enjoy blessing!!

  • free time

    Later in the day, he watched the annual parade.
    Hmmm… how nice so this older guy has time to watch parade show but work on Dream House reshoot smells badly for him? Hypocrite.
    Daniel, no parade but hurry to work!

  • to 89

    He sounds smart and its true.

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    PARTY!!!!! HAHA

  • HAHA

    THE DOOR!!!!!!!!! HAHAHA


  • to 92

    He sounds smart and its true.
    I like what Daniel said about scripts and I hope he’s smart according to you and poster from that forum.
    if he declined scripts Invasion, FOAF, Dream House, Jacket so it would show that he has a good nose for scripts and knows bad scripts from good scripts. he should be more choosy and more careful about scripts. Maybe his next woman will be another Rowling or Agatha Christie and give him that gold key to cupboard with 10 good stories that can get to be made into films. he would play many good roles like a detective, mafioso, policeman, explorer, angelologist and so on. James Bond is his only good role this time, Blomkvist is behind Lisbeth Salander in last two books.

  • chuj

    You personally?
    who speaks that way so personally wants.

  • Me

    @to Gina:

    I am sure they give to their fair of charities. People don’t have to stop living and suffer just because others are nor should they made to feel guilty about it. The London economy has to keep going and if they can contribute then so be it.

  • 100

    somebody had to do it.