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Daniel Craig & Rachel Weisz: Mayfair Mates!

Daniel Craig & Rachel Weisz: Mayfair Mates!

Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz leave the Louis Vuitton store together on Thursday (March 24) in Mayfair, England.

The 41-year-old actress is in town shooting her next movie 360 alongside Jude Law. The day before, Rachel and Jude shared a laugh together on set in between takes.

Last week, Daniel celebrated St. Patrick’s Day in New York City by visiting with Archbishop Timothy Dolan at St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Later in the day, he watched the annual parade.

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153 Responses to “Daniel Craig & Rachel Weisz: Mayfair Mates!”

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  1. 101
    100 Says:

    somebody had to do it.

  2. 102
    guinness Says:

    “somebody had to do it”
    yes–and i am glad it was stopped at 100! for now anyway-thx

    interesting article Mendel…and why would they print that in a newspaper? it may help to incite anger and a bad rally rather than warn people –the article was annoying me. So i hope no one gets hurt….and does Dan do demonstrations? I havent heard of him attending any–just dressing drag for one!!! Let me know if you go, I will do a round of Guinness instead of a pizza for you!! Unions are forgotten….our govt. needs to be reminded of the past and how the ecomomy was built after the WWars. dah–this was an incredible show of suupport, but alas, Tories are everywhere….

  3. 103
    Bond23 will start in November Says:


    DAME Judi Dench has proved to be a not-so-secret agent by revealing that filming for the next James Bond blockbuster will start in November.

    The date had been kept top secret until the Oscar-winning actress, 76, who will reprise the role of spymaster M for the ­seventh time, let it slip.

    For the film, which has the working title of Bond 23, Daniel Craig will return as 007, while Ralph Fiennes and Javier Bardem are in talks about appearing as villains.

    The future of the Bond franchise, which was revamped with the casting of Craig as Bond in Casino Royale and Quantum of ­Solace, was in doubt last year when MGM Studios filed for bankruptcy protection.

    However, fears were allayed in January when it was announced that Sam Mendes would direct Bond 23, which is due for release in November 9, 2012. Dame Judi revealed the start date for filming during a visit last week to Hever Castle in Kent, to plant a rose bred for its gardens.

    She said: “I am going to do the next Bond in November. I don’t know the location yet but hopefully it will be somewhere nice. I can’t tell you much more but I do enjoy ­playing M as she is such a strong character. I like being bossy and my grandson thinks its cool that I’m in Bond.”

  4. 104
    Bond23 will start in November Says:

  5. 105
    to buy Gillette for Rachel Says:

    @ 03/26/2011 at 3:30

    don’t be a fool. it’s not what ever she bought at Louis Vuitton that made her so happy. open your eyes; it’s the man she’s with.

  6. 106
    Questions of a fan Says:

    @Sats: I bet so to…. TO SATS: and that’s probably the reason for why the he has yet to confirm. But then again why when the whole world knows that he and rachel obviously cheated….it doesn’t matter I guess these mindless fools would take a man with less integrity and honesty than both Barney and The Teletubbies combined!. Lol…by the way Fran don’t let thes mindless PLASTIC idiots twist the truth…those pictures of Darren were taken in Nov/ Dec of last year you know after rachel and him broke up…can you really blame the guy for at least trying to move on? I mean not too long after that was Rachel spotted playing hunky dory with this spineless worm, whom was reportedly the reason for their intial split…think about why was it his name dropped and not one of Aronofsky’s “so-called” “secret” girlfriends. These people here obviously don’t want to believe that Daniel could have possibly broke up a family and his engagement at the same time…BE REAL…and by the way to the PLASTICS, I see you have all been pathetically been waiting for this comment. So than tell me…when I said that I like Rachel and Jude together(they look a lot better together and have extremely great chemistry, which is less than I can say with daniel, they’d really complement each other) how is that any different than you being okay with her and monkey looking Daniel Craig after she left DA to be with him. I mean.if Rachel left Daniel for Jude law, you tell me wouldn’t that be wrong? How about if she carried an affair with jude secretly? ( not saying she is but still) Would cheating on Daniel be wrong, would leaving him for another man be right? How about if it were vice versa? Is cheating wrong? Not adultery, Cheating? (And according to one of you to commit adultery you have to be married, what about cheating?) If it would be wrong for her to do that to Daniel or Daniel to do that to her, than it is certifiabley wrong for that to happen to both DA and Ms.Satsuki Mitchell….

  7. 107
    to questions of a fan/Aiden Says:

    oh blah! blah! give it a rest. what the hell is wrong with you. are you mentally challenged?? why do you keep insisting on bringing up Darren the timei. Darren is only part of Rachel’s life now in so far as he is the father of her son and they share custody. she has chosen, of her own free will, to be with Daniel.

    Satsuki is no longer part of Daniel’s life; so why the hell do you keep bringing her up. so what is he was once engaged to the girl. he obviously changed his mind and ended the relationship. big deal!! people break engagements all the time. Daniel now wants to be with Rachel. so once again, what is your problem???

  8. 108
    to 107 Says:

    Satsuki is no longer part of Daniel’s life; so why the hell do you keep bringing her up.
    QoF sympathizes with Satsuki because Qos’s partner always dumped her. No wonder her partner constantly has dumped her. Because Qos is such a jerk.

  9. 109
    to 107 Says:

    Satsuki is no longer part of Daniel’s life; so why the hell do you keep bringing her up.
    QoF sympathizes with Satsuki because QoF’s partner always dumped her. No wonder her partner constantly has dumped her. Because QoF is such a jerk/gross.

  10. 110
    Questions of a fan Says:

    @to questions of a fan/Aiden: hey Buddy…still haven’t answered my Question….it must be quite the mental challenge for you my friend. Your failure to answer my question based on my observations tells me that you either don’t know how to answer that or your fighting with your own conviction. You know it was wrong what these two did and deep down you know that whether this last until the filming of bond 23 or next year that it will soon and eventually end. A relationship created and based on lust and the manipulation and pain of others can not and will not stand. So yes cheating is wrong, just admit that’s what these two did and others were hurt in the process and I’m almost very sure your concise will be eased. That’s why you can’t answer the question cause you know what I say is true! And you CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH n you pathetic egotistical moron! For you liking a couple like this and bidding all your adoration to them is sickneing and it surely tells me where your morals lie. God I’d hate to be in a relationship with you man! But than again your PLASTIC…you have no feelings right?And my problem is that people actually stand up for this BS and are okay with it. For example, Brad and Angie….that tells the younger generation that oh it’s okay to cheat, lie, manipulate the people you claim to love….it’s okay to hurt others as long as you feel happy, never mind the logistics of everything. That’s why all of you are so darn messed up…It’s okay as long as these two cheaters are happy right? For christ ‘s sake there is a child involved here, or have you all forgotten as you constantly drool on your feet talking about how amazing these two are together. Will when push comes to shove will see about how you feel when these two are over….watch, wait, and see. That’s all I’ll say…but go ahead conversate over it….that’s fine by me! While your at it question your morals…just what is right and wrong again?

  11. 111
    to 107 110 Says:

    Thanks, The God of contrary to expectations.
    We will hear happy news of Dan/Rach soon.
    Oh, I forget to say..”Good night”, loser. LOL

  12. 112
    HOT MAMA Says:



  13. 113



  14. 114
    to Questions of a fan Says:

    Have you insisted on it on thread of Angie/Brad? Do you blame them majestically? I do not think so. You care only Rachel/Daniel.

  15. 115
    chuj Says:

    oh blah! blah! give it a rest. what the hell is wrong with you. are you mentally challenged??
    and YOU? Are you okay? Everything good with you? If you want I book one bed for you in the asylum called Bohnice.

  16. 116
    mouse Says:

    @Bond23 will start in November:
    what a saucy news….. a mouse who hovered was personally Judi!

  17. 117
    Lodger Says:

    You know, Louis Vuitton sells mens accessories too, so they both could have been shopping while there. Just saying as someone thinks Rachel was making Daniel buy her something. He may have, and she could buy him something too if she’d wanted. Whatever. Some of you are reading way more into this than what the reality is. And as far as Daniel being the one to split up Rachel and Darren, well, you really don’t know who went after who, do you. Daniel had been in an unhappy relationship for the last several years and felt stuck. Rachel was not happy, but she was not innocently seduced by no means. Basically they were two lonely people who happened to find each other and escape together. And as for Darren, having a child with someone is not an insignificant matter, and you really cannot just cast him aside in all of this. He’s not going away. He is half of her son and there is just no getting around that. As long as the three of them exist, Rachel, Darren and Henry, they will always be tied together in one way or another.

    The point is, don’t go marrying off Daniel to Rachel already. That’s all fantasy. If you like them together then enjoy it while it lasts, but don’t get all outraged when they eventually move on to other people. They are searching for real love like the rest of us. If you’re lucky enough to have already found it, then good for you. You are to be envied. If other people move on then realize that they haven’t been as lucky as you yet. All they want is their happiness.

  18. 118
    to questions of a fan/Aiden Says:

    yeah! you are definitely mentally challenged. thank you for proving it.

  19. 119
    to lodger 117 Says:

    Nicely said, you speak the truth. I am happy for them and at least at this current time Daniel seems at ease with Rachel , at least someone who smiles and who he feels good with (it seems from the photos).

  20. 120
    ! cappuccino ! Says:

    There are some real barfy sympathizers on here. I guess they are just so pi***ed off that Daniel left the barf for a real woman.
    It is Daniel’s right to be happy with anyone he wants and his right to be with the woman who makes him happy as post 117 says. No one can force him to be with that other one. Glad he finally woke up and smelled the cappuccino brewing.

  21. 121
    This and Heaven Too Says:

    .We all deserve love, I for one hope they have found love. Life is to short to be unhappy, grab happiness when you can. Nobody knows how long they have on this earth. Why waste time being miserable.
    TO QoF. maybe it is time for you let go of your anger , how can 2 people cause you to be so upset.

  22. 122
    Amy Says:

    to Lodger
    to This and Heaven Too
    Thank you.
    It keeps me sticking into my heart, so I will bear your words in mind.
    All gossip boards are ****. However, I am able to gain an insight into human nature sometimes. We know the truth, not only by the reason, but also by the heart.
    Good night, all :)

  23. 123
    guinness Says:

    I caught up on some realllly awesome series from netflx, and saw whimpy kid 2–HYSTERICAL. And you probly avoided gaol again–ya can’t run forever! but i have a feeling you had fun cuz otherwise you would report here with the rest of us not doing anything ‘cept hitting the web. (goood morning FIO!)

    And Dan getting an Oscar for playing a journalist following the main character? still a supporting role according to me, yet, the screen writers have yet to “speak”, si?

    He is gonna be everywhere soon… will he answer questions of the equality skit? I thought he invoked his daughter with the emotional face he conjured up…otherwise, how did he seem so empathetic? interesting. I want a “sit down” with him!

    ah, and then sit ON him? no, yes, yes, yes, no. but yes.

    night…a quiet one. ~M

  24. 124
    Questions of a fan Says:

    @to questions of a fan/Aiden:You still never anwered my QUESTION, NONE OF YOU HAVE…Is cheating wrong, why is it you all refuse to answer that? Huh? We’ll fake twisted piece of PLASTIC….oh and by the way Ikm very happy and satisfied in my life…I’m fulfilled. I have the right to express my opinion…it’s one of the reasons I came to this country. To be free of smothering idiots like you! Telling people what to think, how to think, what to say, how to say it! Now as I am entitled to my opinion, it is no one’s right to tell me that I can not or that I’m crazy. You are a bully…always picking on someone, all of you are! Just cause I don’t share your exact view on things? Hey someone’s got to put the reality check into you guys! If that’s me and I have to be blatantly persecuted by you guys than fine, I’ll deal with it…but if I have to you have to….These two cheated,everyone knows that, it won’t last, yes everyone deserves to be in love, to be happy, but my absolute gurantee is that these two won’t find it completely in one another. They will break up…because any relationship born out of cheating won’t be able to stand cause realistically, one of them will always be wondering is the other being faithfull…cause if they cheated to be each other, well….you get it…

  25. 125
    Questions of a fan Says:

    Oh don’t say it!!!! You know nothing question’s of a fan….you know nothing!!! I scoff at you. LOL…..ha,ha,ha,ha…..

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