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Daniel Craig & Rachel Weisz: Mayfair Mates!

Daniel Craig & Rachel Weisz: Mayfair Mates!

Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz leave the Louis Vuitton store together on Thursday (March 24) in Mayfair, England.

The 41-year-old actress is in town shooting her next movie 360 alongside Jude Law. The day before, Rachel and Jude shared a laugh together on set in between takes.

Last week, Daniel celebrated St. Patrick’s Day in New York City by visiting with Archbishop Timothy Dolan at St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Later in the day, he watched the annual parade.

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153 Responses to “Daniel Craig & Rachel Weisz: Mayfair Mates!”

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  1. 126
    Fio Says:

    Daniel was trending last Sat again, he won three times in March. YAY×3!!! :)
    Maybe he starts shooting today or tomorrow in London…right?
    ClaudiaSLBDias: Walked by Daniel Craig. I think he was coming form the moveable loo the filming crew set up on a side street. Days of glamour are over.
    1 day ago via web
    Wow, awesome!!
    Jon_Favreau: Just saw the final cut of the new footage I’m bringing to @WonderCon. I’ll do a Q&A as well. #CowboysandAliens #sanfranciscohereicome
    2 days ago via Echofon
    WonderCon 2011
    to Bond23 will start in November
    Awwwww thanks Judi!! You have secret intelligence, openly without concealment. Her brilliant work testifies to her ability. lol
    to Lodger
    “You know, Louis Vuitton sells mens accessories too, so they both could have been shopping while there. Just saying as someone thinks Rachel was making Daniel buy her something. He may have, and she could buy him something too if she’d wanted.”
    Well,that’s exactly what I was thinking, and I’m pretty sure!!

  2. 127
    Fio Says:

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  3. 128
    Fio Says:

    Daniel is shooting NOW!!
    Malak: Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is filming next door today… David Fincher & Daniel Craig must me nearby… #fb
    7 minutes ago via Twitter for iPhone

  4. 129
    Fio Says:

    Hi, Guinness
    “I want a “sit down” with him!”
    Yeah, so do I!!

    I want to be a ‘man’! Really…
    Bond in a Frock

  5. 130
    Fio Says:

    RUSH!!!!! lol
    DMacAndrew: Daniel Craig outside – ground floor ladies very excited.
    7 minutes ago via TweetDeck
    GParrett88: Daniel Craig outside the office! #007
    6 minutes ago via TweetDeck
    JamesRBishop: Whole office agog at Daniel Craig filming outside our offices. Personally I wish it was ***** Galore.
    4 minutes ago via Twitter for iPhone
    JemmaKGreen: confirmed..Daniel Craig filming next door, wearing a nice grey cardy
    4 minutes ago via web
    PaulPonting: Daniel Craig is filming at St Johns on St John Street across from where im sitting. BOND IS BACK!
    3 minutes ago via web
    richardholt: Just saw “James Bond” himself Daniel Craig filming outside work. I bet he secretly wishes he was a graphic designer. #fb
    1 minute ago via Tweetie for Mac
    MikeWard25: Daniel Craig out side our office filming… Must be the new Bond movie right?
    half a minute ago via web

  6. 131
    Fio Says:

    With Rachel :)
    But…why? Rachel gives support to Daniel?
    PaulPonting: celeb spot outside my window. Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz both in St Johns
    7 minutes ago via web

  7. 132
    Zeal Says:


    Wasn’t the person who was crying about Rachel making Daniel buy her something the same nutcase running around crying that both Rachel and Daniel are homewreckers? Anyway, Rachel said in interviews that she not the type of women who likes to be kept by a rich man, that she buys her own things, so that right there is proof positive that Daniel was not buying anything for her.


    Word is that Daniel was on the set of 360 as well.

  8. 133
    Fio Says:

    Hi, Zeal
    Yeah, Rachel has enough money to buy anything, so they may have given present to one another something as a remembrance…

    “Word is that Daniel was on the set of 360 as well.”
    Oh, if it’s so, they help each other in an ideal manner!!

  9. 134
    guinness Says:

    Yey! Fio is back in action. Nice. and I dont twitter, so this helps alot! (what is your handle for twittering Fio? I will follow!!)

    Dan in a cardy can still be blomvkist, right? and filming for 007 isn’t now? I dont’ think james would hopefully not wear that gray cardy–but Dan wears it well!!! ?) i guess i havent’ paid too much attention at his schedule, ffs. but thanks for “the tracking of Dan Craig–He thought nagging paps were bad?–how bout twitterers tracking his footsteps?” But we love you!!!!
    Seriously, paps–if you want a story that will be unbelievable, follow me for a day. just one day. not any more–cuz i will give you the finger.

    FIO–it seems we are either on the same wave lenght today, or that Mondays are the “sex-days” of the week, or things are just looking up!! but my article is about testosterone too—the author in your article writes with anger–he wants to be funny–but he is offensive(I know–he thinks I am a haterfeminist–but i love penises, just not offensive penises), and he harbors a hurt feelings toward us, and i feel sorry for him. BUT, my article is awesome and is “reverse-sexist” and i embrace it…it is revenge? and am i wrong to want and perpetuate reverse sexism? ho hum. ahhhh—Dan should be plotted in the middle of the UK. And they should have had a graphic with a circle doing a closeup of an example of the “said” 7inches on average. I could go futher, but I ahvce seemded to have lost the abliitly to thype corretectly/… what say you fio–anything?

    *****-size-world-map" rel="nofollow">*****-size-world-map

    ~Mendel? do you need a Dan-bear/bare-hug? you ok?

  10. 135
    guinness Says:

    holy carp! they moderated the words in the link!!! If interested in my pubescent stupid article–but funny that someone spent time researching such data(damn, I am in the wrong career path) , it is on that website listed, and type in the appropriate word for the man’s love wand beginning with a “P”. or not. I think this may be getting outa hand! get it? outa hand, hand and out of yours? ok.

    um. I gotto go.
    Hi Fio.
    Have you seen mendel? Did she defect anonymously?

  11. 136
    Zeal Says:

    Here are pictures with Rachel and Daniel shopping;

    Now here are two things: The daily mail is notoriously know for making things up. How so? They are the same paper that said that Rachel left her son at Christmas to be with Daniel while it was proven that her son was with her during that time.

    Second, look at the pictures carefully. There is a picture there with a saleswoman talking to Rachel while Daniel is getting into the car. Now i worked in retail, sales people don’t talk to you unless you’re the one spending the money, so theses pictures are proof positive that Rachel was the one buying things. Not Daniel.

  12. 137
    Fio Says:

    More pics – Daniel and Rachel at Louis Vuitton
    Hi, Guinness
    Yeah, David Fincher is there, too :)
    Malak: Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is filming next door today… David Fincher & Daniel Craig must me nearby… #fb
    BoolasBakery: Apparently Daniel Craig is shooting Girl with the Dragon Tattoo outside the office. Wonder if I will bump into him?
    4 minutes ago via web

  13. 138
    Zeal Says:


    just pos@Fio:

    Those pictures are proof positive that Rachel was the one spending money, not Daniel. Look at the sales person talking to Rachel while Daniel was getting into the car.

  14. 139
    Fio Says:

    Oops, sorry Zeal. My post coincided with yours.

  15. 140
    Zeal Says:


    No problem:)

  16. 141
    to Zeal Says:

    I don’t care who’s spending the money, but your comment is ridicolous. Maybe you work at a very low key retail shop. When you go to a shop like that, the salewomen will kiss youre feet if you enter the room with someone like Daniel.
    That would be very bad for the reputation of that shop if they would ignore Rachel.

  17. 142
    My guess Says:

    Daniel holds his man purse in that pic. It seemed immediately after he paid money. But frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn. Indeed.

  18. 143
    to 142 Says:

    the man purse is a blue baseball cap LOL

  19. 144
    Daniel is Hot Says:

    I thought it was a baseball cap as well. No man purse to me. Good of you Fio and Zeal to post the extra pictures. Maybe they were buying gifts for family and friends. If Daniel was buying something for Rachel, he might want it to be a surprise. When he was buying something for the ex, he would go alone to the store. He is a generious guy, and has lots of family members and friends he buys presents for. Rachel too I bet.

  20. 145
    Zeal Says:

    @to Zeal:

    Actually, i use to work at Saks Fifth Avenue in NY as a sales person/ Overnight inventory and store promotions, so i find you getting upset over what i said very strange. I’m only telling you how things are done. Second, If you have seen the pictures, Daniel’s wallet is in his front pants pocket, not his man purse.In fact, his cell and his wallet is in the front pockets. Third, the person talking to Rachel is a personal shopper, who is employed by the store to help people pick out what they want or suggest other items that they might be interested in and they only talk to the people who are making purchases. In fact, some are called in advance to prepare for the arrival of a potential customer.

    Again, those are my observations and they come from experience. Whether you think i said was ridiculous is entire up to you, but they’re the truth.

  21. 146
    Zeal Says:

    @Daniel is Hot:

    No problem:)

  22. 147
    new thread Says:

    Daniel Craig: ‘Dragon Tattoo’ Set with Rooney Mara!

  23. 148
    Zeal Says:

    @Daniel is Hot:

    Actually, that does in fact look like a baseball cap. If its a man purse, its the skinniest man purse i have ever seen.

  24. 149
    to Zeal Says:

    Maybe the people working in the US are that rude. In the UK they speak to you and interact with you, even if you are not the person who pays. It’s called customer orientation.

  25. 150
    Mendel Says:

    Hi Guinness

    “Have you seen mendel? Did she defect anonymously?”

    Hahahaha, no, nothing as dramatic. No arrests. And I wasn’t anywhere near expensive food hampers either ;)

    “dah–this was an incredible show of suupport, but alas, Tories are everywhere….”

    Indeed! Great demo though!

    “I want a “sit down” with him!
    ah, and then sit ON him? no, yes, yes, yes, no. but yes. ”

    Yes! Definitely a yes!

    to Fio

    thanks for all the links and tweets! Great info!

    to Guinness

    “He thought nagging paps were bad?–how bout twitterers tracking his footsteps?” But we love you!!!!”

    Yes we do! Although, got a bit distracted from my Danness this weekend *grin* But Danness is back now :)

    “(I know–he thinks I am a haterfeminist–but i love penises, just not offensive penises)”

    And Dan’s PFA!

    to DiH

    “He is a generious guy, and has lots of family members and friends he buys presents for. Rachel too I bet.”

    Definitely. But I doubt they were shopping on Saturday…and not in Fortnum and Mason..

    Must check out the new thread now…

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