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Miranda Kerr & Gwyneth Paltrow: Balenciaga & Spain Gala

Miranda Kerr & Gwyneth Paltrow: Balenciaga & Spain Gala

Miranda Kerr and Gwyneth Paltrow adds some star power to the Balenciaga and Spain exhibit opening gala on Thursday (March 24) at the M.H. de Young Museum in San Francisco, Calif.

Gwyn was seen chatting with Vogue editor Anna Wintour, while Miranda brought hubby Orlando Bloom as her date.

At the fundraiser, guests enjoyed music from a six-piece flamenco band that was flown in from Seville!

Also attending the bash celebrating the exhibit, which is a 120-piece fashion retrospective of Cristobal Balenciaga’s career: Jane Eyre star Mia Wasikowska.

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Credit: Drew Altizer; Photos: Patrick McMullan
Posted to: Anna Wintour, Gwyneth Paltrow, Mia Wasikowska, Miranda Kerr

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  • riles

    cabbage patch chipmunk head

  • Com

    Miranda looks like an alien

  • Mike

    Gwyn is lovely, as always.

    Miranda looks like crap. As always.

  • http://! @1,2,3

    Sockpuppet. So obvious you that you are just one person that is deeply upset that Miranda is married to Orlando and is the mother of his child. She is so beautiful!

  • Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    Gwenth more crap and‏ ‏craftiness

  • Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    Miranda ok better

  • Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    Ummm i think flynn wants mama miranda

  • LOL!

    Awwwww, delphi-mike brought some of her imaginary friends.
    At least this time she remembered to type in different names before putting on her ‘socks’.
    She forgets to do that sometimes.
    Miranda and Orlando (who also looked GORGEOUS and happy) were seated at the same table as Anna Wintour.
    Miranda is really moving up in the fashion world.

  • Oh No They Didn’t

    Gwyneth looks a mess.

  • wow

    Three hater posts in three minutes.
    Oh no. That doesn’t scream sockpuppet at all!
    The delphites just keep getting more and more desperate.
    Miranda proves them wrong AGAIN, and they are left to twist in the wind.

  • mememe

    Miranda is really pretty but I don’t like her outfit.

  • mememe

    I like Gwyneth’s dress but her hair looks sloppy.

  • Mike

    @Mike: No, more like Gwyneth looks like crap as always. Miranda is lovely.

  • Sasha

    For the first time, Gwyn is looking kind of old to me.
    She is late 30s but looks more like late 40s.
    Something in her face has changed.

  • shoe bunny

    I don’t like G.P.’s dress. The style is fine but it’s underwhelming and not really flattering to her upper half.

    Her heels, however, are fabulous.

  • cute

    @riles: Miranda K does resemble a cabbage patch kid but they’re cute. That should be a compliment not a diss. :o)

  • cute

    Gwyneth is a cute girl but she needs a new stylist.

  • mickey

    Paltrow=ugly chick

  • Lawton

    @Sasha: She’s botoxing and starting to get Kidman face.

  • Who??


  • curious

    What’s up with Gwyneth’s makeup?
    It’s been looking like someone applied it before she washed her face.

  • sara

    Love Miranda, but I’m not crazy about her dress.
    But I understand that she wore it out of respect for Balenciaga.
    She still managed to look radiant.
    And Orlando was GORGEOUS indeed at the party. Too bad JJ didn’t add those pics as well.

  • lycros

    Gwyn reminds me of a 40something Jan Brady.

  • YU..CK..


  • YU..CK..


  • Fake

    that shiny botox look is so recognizable…it’s the one Trend I wish would die a fast death. one of these days they will discover it is dangerous…I do know one gal who has an infection in her brain from too many injectables. at 40 Gwen should cool it…yes, she’s beginning to look like Kidman. I wonder if ‘Man’donna is a bad influence..she herself looks like a Madam Puppet.

  • Courtney

    sometimes It’s hard to believe Gwyneth is Blythe’s daughter Blythe never strikes a sour note but Gwyn does it so often. Unlike Nell Newman who is an exact minature of her mom and has been since the age of 8. Though Ms Woodward is a beautiful woman she’s always been noted more for her talent the awards she’s been nominated for or won speak for themselves. Miranda looks pretty but she’ll never be much more than a model to me

  • awwww

    From the San Francisco Chronicle:
    “So, sadly, it wasn’t until night’s end when we spotted the back of actor Orlando Bloom exiting the museum, with his wife, model Miranda Kerr, whom he gallantly swooped up into his arms as he carried her across the rain-soaked grass and into their waiting limo.
    Oh swoon.”
    Swoon is right!
    How absolutely adorable and chivalrous.
    *le sigh*

  • Anon

    I wanted to know how can one order kora? My skin is really bad and I would like to try her skincare line since it is organic and has no harsh chemicals in it. Has anyone here tried kora? does it work for people with rosacea? she looks beautiful here.

  • Anon

    Miranda and Orlando both look great. they make a beautiful family. Flynn is so cute. He’s such a loving father and she is a loving mother. Hope she will keep on modelling.

  • @29

    You can order ot online through their website at:
    There are also testimonials on the site, some of which refer specifically to rosacea. One is from her mom, though, so she may be a bit (OK, a lot) biased.
    There are also a lot of positive comments from people on her facebook pages. Some negative ones, too. But you can’t please everyone. I also doubt the veracity of a lot of the negative comments. Sure, the products won’t work for every person, but most of the negative stories seem to sound the same, and lead you to bare bones facebook profiles. Almost like the profile was created just to post as a puppet on her pages. That, and the fact that almost every negative comment will show up within minutes on the delphi site, leads me to think that it is just the delphites trying to make her look bad. And not being very subtle about it….or successful.
    I picked up some hand lotion while on a trip to Australia last year, and I absolutely loved it. If the shipping was not so high, I would probably try more of the products. If I lived in Oz, I would definitely be using Kora. It’s a very good product, IMO.

  • alien

    calling Miranda a cabbage patch is a compliment to you alien lover weirdos? wow. “cute” shouldn’t be associated with a Victoria’s Secret model. They once oozed sex appeal and a cabbage patch you played with when you were 3 would be the last description you would ever think to describe them as. What happened to models? these bug eyed alien freaks would have been absolutely shunned in the christie brinkley/cindy crawford era. Kerr can sit with Anna all she wants. Doesn’t seem like its doing anything for her. Until Anna puts her on Vogue covers it means nothing. keep wishful thinking. Go play with your cabbage patch dolls some more to kill the time.

  • @32

    Didn’t she already get a couple of Vogue covers? Haters are giving more importance to her sitting with Anna than Miranda herself or her fans. Speaks volumes.

  • @32

    Her dimples are her trademark. And yes, she still manages to look sexy and sweet at the same time. That makes her unique, and one of the reasons she is so successful.
    But yes, we consider the source for any hater comments. If it comes from a small group of pathetic, lonely, hateful b**ches, it’s to be taken as a compliment. Because that just means that she got under your skin once again.
    Oh, and as #33 said, she has been on THREE, count ‘em THREE Vogue covers. And I’m sure that if she ever does end up on an American Vogue cover, you lot will have an excuse for that as well.

  • @34

    “And I’m sure that if she ever does end up on an American Vogue cover, you lot will have an excuse for that as well.”

    I’ll save the haters some hard work: But she’s not on the September Issue! It doesn’t count!

  • Real

    @@32: Anna Wintour has nothing to do with Vogue Australia,Spain or Italian editions, lol. She is editor of American Vogue and Miranda has nothing to do with that edition. got it? Miranda is NOT a vogue girl, get over it. She is a catalogue/vs model only. Just because she appears a couple times in some random Vogues, does not mean anything, lol. Compare her crappy boring portfolio to a true Vogue girl such as Daria Werbowy and you will see all that. Miranda looks like a froggy.

  • Sasha

    Why is JJ always so full of haters? I though it was only in some threads but I have been checking and it is in every single thread. Its scary, really people, why so much hate?

  • @Real

    Vogue Italia, Spain and Australia are Vogue too, no matter how much you want to devalue them. Random Vogues? Sure, Italy doesn’t have any weight in the world of fashion, who’s ever heard of Armani, Fendi, Dolce&Gabbana, Versace, Gucci, Moschino, Prada or Cavalli?
    She is a Vogue girl. And it’s stupid to claim she’s just a catalogue model when it’s a FACT she’s done work for big names.

  • @38

    Oh the haters are experts at ignoring those little inconvenient facts.
    They try to spin the fact that designers like Prada and Balenciaga use her and just end up looking like the idiots that they are.
    “Randon Vogues” has to be the funniest comment yet.
    Vogue Freakin’ Italia is “random”???
    And they wonder why people laugh at them?
    And @36, please use whatever tiny piece of logic that remains, and explain how she can be “a catalogue/vs model only”, when she has appeared on MANY HF magazine covers and runways? And what makes a “Vogue girl” exxcept the fact that they appear on Vogue covers and editorials? Miranda has three Vogue covers under her belt, and numerous editorials. How can she NOT be considered a Vogue girl? Is that just another example of the infamous ‘Delphi double standard’ at work?
    Yep, thought so.
    *points and laughs at the delphidiot*

  • @36

    True, Anna has nothing to do with Miranda’s previous covers. Which makes it even MORE interesting that they were at the same table.
    Not saying that this is just a prelude to an American Vogue cover, but it does say that Anna feels comfortable rubbing elbows with Miranda. If Anna didn’t want her at her table, Miranda would not be at her table.

  • Betty

    They look beautiful especially Miranda.

  • Betty

    They look beautiful especially Miranda.

  • @35


  • http://! @36

    You say Miranda’s a catalouge model, right? A catalouge model, while well-paid and commercially accessible which Miranda IS, has no prestige in the world of fashion. So using logic, and common sense, while Miranda has commercial grounds, she certainly has prestige in the fashion world.
    Vogue Italia is right UP there. It’s no joke, don’t even kid yourself in thinking it’s random. They have the most iconic photographer of today’s age, and the influence the magazine has in the fashion world is MASSIVE. It’s considered a major accomplishment for any model to ever grace the cover. MAJOR. Much less for the September issue, and having a 20 page editorial styled as a supermodel with the title of the editorial being just “Miranda”, which makes it clear that the editorial is not focusing on the clothes, but focusing on the model herself. The only other model in 2010 who had that honor was Christy Turlington.
    Now you say she can ‘sit next to Anna Wintour all she wants’. Don’t you see the prestige she has as a model to actually be anywhere near Anna? What catalouge model can own up to that? Which Victoria’s Secret model? Oh yeah, just Miranda. We had a rush of Miranda in the September issue of US Vogue. A cover to happen is only a matter of time.
    Let’s be real here. Miranda has commercial, prestige, and just enough star power. Makings of a supermodel, I’d say. Whether you like her or not, blind or not, etc.

  • Chinesewoman

    People know Spain just for Seville’s flamenco. Sad and old-fashioned :(

  • Eman

    you are going on and on about Vogue Italia. Many models have had 1 cover and you never see of them again in that magazine…..until she has at least a few it doesn’t matter. She got the cover during a “trendy” time. aka sexy models going into fashion…when she is used this year,2012 and 2013 than maybe you can oogle about it. In fact I haven’t seen her in anything fashion wise, since the whole trendy “lets jump on the bandwagon and use a vs model” thing. All the VS models have lame boring careers, except Doutzen Kroes. At least she was wanted in fashion before it was “cool” to use catalogue models.

    also wtf is a Delphi ???!!!! someone has to be called such a redic name just because they don’t like her? errr okay. Face it, not everyone is into the alien/bobble head/chipmunk trend.

  • sliggo

    she look like a little philipine boy AHAHAHA

  • Sugar

    Gwyneth is stunning.
    America Vogue is the coveted cover!

  • http://! @46

    Okay, uh, wow.
    That whole “trend”, guess who led it? Guess who diminished the line between the two worlds of modeling? Oh yeah, it was Miranda. That in itself is a HUGE accomplishment.
    Miranda has probably single-handely opened the door for other commercial girls who were over-looked in the fashion world.
    Care to differ?
    Before Miranda people like Steven Meisel and Anna Wintour were too scared to use overly-commercial models. Now, not so much. There’s no ‘line’ between them that restricts them now. Thanks to Miranda, Alessandra and maybe Adriana. But mostly Miranda, evidently through her 2010 profile that delightfully displays her working with some of the biggest names in fashion. Quality and quantity.
    She just gave birth two months ago, so I don’t have to see her all over the fashion world for her to prove that she’s still got it. The fact that when she was still pregnant, she was on the Vogue Australia cover, Balenciaga runway, W editorial, Vogue Italia two page article is proof enough. And only two months since she gave birth, she walks the balenciaga runway, AND is privileged enough to sit, have dinner and converse with Anna Wintour in a big fashion event celebrating one of the biggest fashion houses in the industry.
    Yes, she still got it.
    Continue being mad that she’s a success story. Continue.

  • http://! @46

    And by the way, I forgot to add. You profusely state in your previous comments that Miranda is “weird, cute, cabbage patch kid” and lacks sex-appeal as a VS model and yet you claim that Miranda was only used in HF because of the SEXY girl trend.
    Hypocrite, much?
    Given how successful she was during that “trend”, she must be amazingly sexy, no?
    Thought so.