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Miranda Kerr & Gwyneth Paltrow: Balenciaga & Spain Gala

Miranda Kerr & Gwyneth Paltrow: Balenciaga & Spain Gala

Miranda Kerr and Gwyneth Paltrow adds some star power to the Balenciaga and Spain exhibit opening gala on Thursday (March 24) at the M.H. de Young Museum in San Francisco, Calif.

Gwyn was seen chatting with Vogue editor Anna Wintour, while Miranda brought hubby Orlando Bloom as her date.

At the fundraiser, guests enjoyed music from a six-piece flamenco band that was flown in from Seville!

Also attending the bash celebrating the exhibit, which is a 120-piece fashion retrospective of Cristobal Balenciaga’s career: Jane Eyre star Mia Wasikowska.

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Credit: Drew Altizer; Photos: Patrick McMullan
Posted to: Anna Wintour, Gwyneth Paltrow, Mia Wasikowska, Miranda Kerr

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100 Responses to “Miranda Kerr & Gwyneth Paltrow: Balenciaga & Spain Gala”

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  1. 51
    @49 Says:

    These grandiose and patently unrealistic claims that Miranda’s fans continue to make just show how little they know about the world of fashion. It’s laughable, really, if it weren’t so obviously a sad and losing attempt to infuse their hero with attributes far above her reality.

    “…single handedly opened the door for other commercial models.”


    Yeah right. Tell me another joke.

  2. 52
    @51 Says:

    She definitely DID open doors.
    Before the “trend”, who exactly was using the VS stained, commercial models?
    Okay, Givenchy with Adriana. That opened a door, got people talking, agencies sending their top commercial girls to castings.
    A season after Adriana’s triumph season with Givenchy, Miranda walked Balenciaga, and truly prevailed with booking top jobs that assisted with big names.
    Agencies are much more confident with their top commercial girls then ever before.
    Maybe Miranda didn’t “single-handely” open doors ( I admit, that was far-fetched) but she definitely contributed greatly to the shift of commercial girls, and making that line between fashion and commercial almost invisible.
    And, I’m sorry, my lack of knowledge regarding fashion is laughable to you because I say Miranda played a big role in the “trend”? I’m objectively stating a fact. Not saying this to put my “hero” in a good light.
    Saying she is an unsuccessful model, and that Vogue Italia is a random fashion magazine is much more laughable.

  3. 53
    WOW Says:

    Uhmmm, the US Vogue is the “coveted cover”??
    A bit xenophobic, aren’t you?
    Just so you know, the US is NOT the capital of the fashion industry.
    I think that’s ridiculous. And I’m an American.
    And I see that we are back to ‘she’s only done ONE cover for Vogue Italia’. Well, that’s more than 99.9% of the models out there. And Vogue Italia is a magazine that SETS trends, not follows them.
    You haters can try ti spin it any way you want, but it won’t change the fact that Miranda has successfully crossed over to the world of high fashion.
    Can’t you at least be grown up enough to admit that fact? Or are you so blinded by hatred that you just can’t see the truth anymore, even though the evidence is staring you in the face?
    Every time you try to brush off her accomplishments, you just look more and more desperate.

  4. 54
    LOL! Says:

    Come on delphites, make up your mind.
    Who is Anna Wintour to you?
    One minute you are trying to explain away the seating arrangement at the party by claiming that she is a washed up hack that no one respects, and that’s why she ended up with Miranda and Orlando at her table.
    The next minute you are claiming that US Vogue is the be all, end all in the fashion world, and that Anna is a genious. And since Miranda has never had a cover (only editorials) in US Vogue, it’s proof that she is NOTHING in the high fashion world.
    Twist away, delphidiots.
    Twist away.

  5. 55
    @51 Says:

    I’ll be far more impressed when you say where and why are we wrong instead of just saying we’re wrong.

  6. 56
    Ya Gotta Love Moi Says:

    OH WELL….

  7. 57
    @52 Says:

    Wouldn’t it be more accurate to categorize all this as Miranda’s return to high fashion from the commercial side. She spent several years slogging along with the rest of the girls without making much of a name for herself on the runway. She turned to commercial to follow the bucks. That she returns sometimes to the runway is a non-event to me.

    Miranda’s real competition for a cover like Vogue US is Anna’s desire to use actresses, not the conflict between her high fashion and commercial endeavors.

  8. 58
    @57 Says:

    I don’t think that you can compare Miranda’s older runway work with the likes of Prada and Balenciaga.
    Apples and oranges.
    There is a difference in the status of walking a fashion runway, and walkihg a HIGH FASHION runway.
    Big difference.

  9. 59
    frankie Says:

    Fishsticks is not even as beautiful as her mom. Her mother had class and grace. Fishsticks Gynnie is the blonde Kardashian … famous for who she dates and not having any talent

  10. 60
    @59 Says:

    Are you forgetting that she won an Oscar?
    At least be realistic when you try to insult someone.

  11. 61
    Mjforever Says:

    I guess Kate Bosworth wasn’t invited LOL.

  12. 62
    Lacklustre styling Says:

    Gwyneth looks matronly to me here. I think Miranda is beautiful but don’t especially like that dress. Not terribly flattering on her. IMO she looks better in the fresher more youthful styles..

  13. 63
    @62 Says:

    I don’t like her dress either.
    But I doubt that it was her choice. It was probably given to her to wear to the event by the people at Balenciaga. And being a model, who is used to wearing occasionally atrocious designs, she didn’t miss a beat.
    She still looks beautiful and happy. And Orlando looked amazing that night. He difinitely wears Balenciaga well.

  14. 64
    Heeheehee Says:

    Lots of jealous, bitter people on here. Jealous of Miranda because she’s a successful model or because he’s married to Orlando and is the mother of his child? You crazy lot are sounding more out of control by the minute! One day you will wake up and realize how crazy it is to spend your life hating and creating conspiracies around someone you don’t even know.

    In the mean time she and Orlando are just the sexiest couple ever! Love the photos of them together at this event. She’s one lucky and very successful woman.

  15. 65
    why? Says:

    This ugly dress covers Miranda’s best parts.

  16. 66
    bets Says:

    Sorry, this is ridiculous. Gisele was the model who went from HF to VS thus limiting the stigma. Rosie Huntington-W did HF before Miranda. Miranda has only gotten covers since she has been Orlandos arm-candy and now wife. So no, she hasnt done this by herself and no she is not even one of the most beautiful models- thats a fact. She is pretty yes, but nothing spectular. I couldnt care less either way, but seriously get a grip

  17. 67
    @66 Says:

    “Gisele was the model who went from HF to VS thus limiting the stigma”
    Actually, when Gisele started modeling, models were doing both HF and commercial, it didn’t matter. enter mid-2000′s and there was a definite line and Gisele was already an established model in both arena’s before hand. She didn’t lead a trend of commercial girls getting into HF, or vice versa. Both industries just simply loved Gisele before hand. And lol Rosie? last time I checked she never had much (or shall I say any?) hype in the fashion industry.
    “So no, she hasnt done this by herself and no she is not even one of the most beautiful models- thats a fact.”
    No, it’s not a fact. It’s strictly an opinion and a matter of different taste. There’s no right or wrong in taste, just differences.
    And yes, she has done this by herself. She scored a major (million dollar) VS contract by herself. And if some of the biggest names in the industry didn’t like her look then, trust me, they wouldn’t use her. Simple. As. That.
    Why is it so hard to acknowledge Miranda’s success? Why is it so important that she has to be a failure? I truly wonder sometimes.

  18. 68
    @67 Says:

    “Why is it so hard to acknowledge Miranda’s success? Why is it so important that she has to be a failure? ”
    I guess like any other type of bully, cutting down someone else makes them feel better about themselves.
    But what I can’t understand is how they think that if they twist things hard enough, it makes them real.
    Some examples:
    A Vogue cover (or three) is meaningless in the fashion industry?
    Prada and Balenciaga are not important fashion houses?
    A four year relationship is just for show?
    They aren’t really married, even though Orlando refers to her as his “wife”?
    A baby doesn’t mean that she and Orlando have a sexual relationship?
    The baby that has Orlando’s eyes is not his?
    As was said before, that kind of trash just makes them look desperate. Not to mention all of the garbage that they make up, then try to spead as fact.
    If you don’t like the girl, fine. Wallow in your hatred until the cows come home, you aren’t hurting anuone but yourselves.
    But at least have some dignity about it.

  19. 69
    hmmm Says:

    TMZ posted Flynn’s birth certificate.
    It lists his middle name as ‘C.B.C’.
    We know that one ‘C’ is for Christopher, but what about the ‘B’ and the other ‘C’?
    Could he be like his daddy and be Flynn Christopher Blanchard Copeland Bloom?
    Any guesses?
    Oh, and the delphites have already chimed in with their hypocrisy.
    First they complained that Miranda divulged something as “private” as Flynn’s middle name. Now they are complaining that she didn’t give ALL of his names.
    Typical delphi behavior, right?
    No wonder people call them hypocrites.

  20. 70
    LOL! Says:

    The birth certificate lists Orlando as the father.
    Wanna bet that the next delphidiot conspiracy theory will have Miranda paying off officials to get his name listed as the dad.
    You know, because believeing that the State of California, the hospital, the attending physician, the nurse and the registrar are all on the take is easier for them to believe than Orlando willingly claiming the child as his own.
    *pops popcorn*

  21. 71
    @69 Says:

    Of course, if they don’t have all of the baby’s names, how are they going to change those names into some really offensive but void of imagination “nicknames” to insult a 2 month old?

  22. 72
    @70 Says:

    The baby’s eyes list Orlando as his father too, still they say that the baby looks nothing like him and is the spitting image of Miranda because he has big and round cheeks like the 100% of babies. And they say we’re blind…

  23. 73
    @71 Says:

    Yeah, those idiots insulting an innocent baby went beyond any human decency.
    You know something has gone too far when even a fellow delphidiot tells them to stop.

  24. 74
    @72 Says:

    So true.
    Anyone who still claims that the baby looks nothing like Orlando is either blind or in total denial.
    But delphites have a long history of denying truths that are staring them in the face. Their mantra is to never admit that they could be wrong. NEVER! No matter what!
    That’s one of the many reasons that they are so ridiculous.

  25. 75
    @hmmm Says:

    No, they’re saying the certificate is totally FAKEZ!!
    They say it’s illegal only to write initials on a birth certificate and that they totally leaked it to TMZ on purpose. This link explains that initials are allowed for those born after 1995 and proves that it was the people from TMZ that got the certificate: in California, birth certificates are public record, anyone can request them, but if you’re not authorized by the person him/herself, you only get an informational copy….a copy with the stamp that we can see in the one TMZ shows.

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