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Taylor Swift: Portobello Pit Stop

Taylor Swift: Portobello Pit Stop

Taylor Swift goes shopping for antiques at Portobello Road Market on Tuesday (March 22) in London, England.

The 21-year-old country star browsed some shops with a gal pal and a bodyguard before heading over to Birmingham for a concert.

The day before, Taylor enjoyed a girls’ night out with some friends at Benihana restaurant.

Next up on Taylor‘s Speak Now World Tour: Ireland!

Taylor will be performing in Belfast and Dublin before heading back to the U.K. for shows in Manchester and London.

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  • nikki

    i hate this b*tch!

  • http://adam Sligo lambert ^____^cute

    I dont like this

  • Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    Not hate or love only go goo goooooo boring

  • delilah

    Now this is celebrity 101. For once I am not criticizing her, I am just pointing something out. This is a basic photo op. Taylor shopping on Portobello Road. Her publicist or the photographer(s) for her tour take a few pictures of her enjoying the local scene. They did it in Japan, too. It’s a way of keeping her in the public eye. I am totally sure her “handlers” and at least one bodyguard are with her. She never leaves home without them. Taylor is a “brand.” almost constant publicity is very important to her success. 24/7.

  • Mari

    Portobello Road…only tourists shop there! It’s become so fake…

  • -Lauren-

    I like her natural, girly look. She’s an adult but she doesn’t dress promiscuous or wear a face full of make-up. She’s just natural and a good role model for her fans. I love Taylor. She’s such a sweet heart.

  • Mia

    She is fake all over. acting like an innocent child, while she has dated more men than I have and I’m 21.
    She needs this publicity otherwhise people with forget about her very soon, just like Rihanna they need it badly.
    I sometimes wonder how these children, because she still looks like one, can handle all the attention.. and they seek for even more.. that’s really sad.
    That’s why after their ”rise of fame” they always go crazy or something like that.
    All for the money

  • Dia

    People are too afraid to admit she is not real. But what is it with the 13?
    Is that her celeb number? Devil’s number? What is that.
    How stupid to let them write that on your hand.
    She is not her own self, she is made to be like this:) but again, people only see what the wanna see.

  • Lailah

    ’13′ is her lucky #.

    @Mia: I don’t understand the Taylor hate. So she dates more than what? I’m 19 and I’ve dated alot. That’s what you do. If your young an attractive it’s ok to date! That’s not a crime.

    I think shes classy, young, talented, and beautiful. She’s just sweet. She doesn’t do anything mean to people. I’ve never heard her say anything bad about anybody. She’s not obnoxious. She’s so nice! Honestly, people just look for reasons to hate her. She’s one of the most genuine celebrities.

  • Kate

    Ahhh, Portobella Road, I want to go there. It looks like my type of shopping area. I love antique stores. I hope Taylor found something nice. I hope Taylor is having fun.

  • Kate

    @delilah: Why are you constantly criticising everything Taylor does?? I just don’t understand why if you do not like her, why do you look up everything she does and put her down. You say the exact same thing everytime you post on here such as Taylor is a “brand.” Isn’t there something else better for you to do? Everything that you put on these message boards are things that you assume. You don’t have any factual evidence. I have lived in England the paps are horrible there. Taylor is very well known in the UK and she is not in England that often. Therefor for everymove she makes the paps will be waiting to take her picture. I have a marketing/publicity background. I can tell you, Taylor is seriously doing her own thing. She loves those types of shops and if you google Portobella Road, there are numerous celebs who have been photographed there. By the way, GET A LIFE!!!

  • Socks

    @Mia: You are nothing but a green eyed monster. I really do not see why you are arguing about her making money. Taylor is talented and has made money to the point where it really doesn’t matter anymore how much she makes. She could retire today and never have to work a day the rest of her life. She does what she does for the love of it. As someone who has struggled to find their career path, I agree with Taylor when she says she was lucky to find out what she wanted to do in life at a young age.

  • Nah Nah

    Taylor shops for antiques, Rihanna shops for dildoes.

  • Toodles

    sweetheart, chill.

    she should lose the hat.

  • delilah

    I’m entitled to my opinion. Anyone with a “PR background” would know that this is faked. If you took offer your Taylor blinders. I can poin out something to people who aren’t as brainwashed by celebrity hype, so that we can better understand it.

    Taylor IS a brand. That is not a criticism. What I do criticize is people who buy everything they are presented with, and don’t really look at it for what it is. it’s publicity. She has an image that was created for her and which she really enjoys promoting.

    She has a couple of songs that I like. But she has such crazy fans, and such a publicity machine it’s scarey. I’m glad when people call bu!!sh!t.

    I come here and critcize her because she is SO unavoidable. She is in your face with her publicity until there is a backlash. I can’t stand her and I make no apologies. I can be “in your face” too. Just like Taylor. LOL! She is the crown princess of Walmart Nation!

  • myu

    she looks a pretty doll!

  • Bell

    @delilah: Sure everyone is entitled to their opinion. I think it is funny that you sit in front of your computer all day looking up Taylor Swift so you can put her down. Do you not have a life??? Read a book. Go outside and take a walk. Your life is really sad if this is all that you do.

  • Speak Now


    I can think of celebs who have dated a LOT more men than Taylor.

  • Speak Now


    Actually, she is more real than other artists out thee like LadyGaga.

  • Enchanted

    She looks cute. Antique stores are my favorite places to shop. I hope she is having fun on her world tour. So far she has received great reviews and is selling out just about every arena.

  • Enchanted

    @delilah: I agree with Bell and Kate, you must live a sad life, if you think online bullying is a way to live. Yes you are a bully. Why do you sit online all day putting her down?? There are more things in this world that you could be doing to make it a better place. Oh let me guess, you are “entitled to your opinion.” As you sit and type your hatefuly comments about Taylor and her fans, Taylor is selling millions and selling out concert arenas and stadiums around the world whether you like it or not.

  • Ronan

    @delilah: GET A LIFE!!!!

  • Ronan

    Taylor looks lovely!! I love London (Fundon)!!

  • delilah

    I seee the TaylorBots are out in force!!! I have a wonderful life, I don’t run around chasing Taylor and I’m not a bully. I’m a bully because I call her a “brand?” Don’t try to back me into a defensive corner, and bully me with multiple posts, just because I do not share your fanatical opinion about St. Taylor. I check Just jared every day like a lot of other people. And when I see all the nonsensical gushing, I present another point of view. Sorrreee! LOLOL!

  • Nicks

    Dear delilah, there is only one word for you; PSYCHO!

  • Janet

    Aww Taylor looks cute. I would love to shop there. One day when I finally travel to England I will have to check out that area.

  • lori

    Taylor is all about her fans. She really cares about them and loves them and apreciates them!

  • TaylorFan

    How can someone hate this girl? She’s so down to earth and talented. Sure, she cant sing as well as she can on the cd. But thats how EVERY star is. Im not saying anyones wrong. I’m just putting my opinion out there. Luv yuh Taylor!

  • monique

    I wonder if she did the nasty with Jake before he dumped her?

  • Mindy

    I love the fact that Taylor is only 21 and she loves to go antique shopping. Not many girls her age say they like to do that. I also love the fact that Taylor does whatever makes her happy and doesn’t care what other people say.

  • uncle malvenious

    @nikki: Listened to cd thought concert would be nothing special.WRONG WRONG WRONG you have to see her live even if you hate her you have to see her live 100% awesome talent,vocal and instrumental.Watch out London if you haven’t got tickets unlucky,if you’ve got them well done and whatever you do don’t sell them at any price.

  • juicy

    I also love the fact that Taylor does whatever makes her happy and doesn’t care what other people say.