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Willow Smith: Pink & Orange Hair at LAX!

Willow Smith: Pink & Orange Hair at LAX!

Willow Smith shows off another colorful hairdo while landing at LAX on Friday (March 25) in Los Angeles.

The 10-year-old pop star returned from Europe, where she had been touring with Justin Bieber.

“About to have our last sound check and our last show~ SOOOOOO SAD! :(” she tweeted.

Last weekend, Willow rocked a head full of neon braids while leaving her hotel in London.

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willow smith pink hair 03
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  • loiu

    sry but who wants to see her??? looks really weird…shame on you will and jada…she is 10! and isnt like a 10 y old girl…she will freak out like lindsey lohan, miley c, and the other bunch of idiots

  • Dia

    She looks like a boy and yes ofcourse they should be ashamed of themselves these so called parents.
    She doesn’t even have a real singing voice it’s all autotune and fakeness.. but hey, she has a last name and money. That’s important

  • Becky

    She’s such a douche.

  • rhonda

    a 10 year old freak! only in America!

  • Willow4ever

    She is beautiful and always fashion forward.

    Love her style!!!

  • Willow4ever

    She is beautiful and always fashion forward.

    Love her style!!!

  • ClearPerspective

    @rhonda: Tell us how you really feel. She’s just being a kid.

  • rhonda

    really this is what you want your kids looking like and emulating?Our kids are being set up as the future basketweavers of the world, IF they’re even qualified to do that. We need to set the bar alot higher then the trash they are shoveling out these days to the kids.

  • Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    Throw in the sea to clean

  • Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    Always in jj

  • stupid child

    Whip yo heeir

  • http://dnica Mann

    Why don’t you haters go somewhere??? I mean why do you have to make a comment??? Just move on if you hate her so much and go back to worshipping your Brad and Angie, she is just a kid!!! Btw she looks sooo cute, love the hair and the jacket!!! :)

  • Sweet Girl


    OTHERWISE, WHAT’S THE POINT OF JJ JR???????????????????????????????????????????????

  • http://dnica Mann

    @rhonda: Yeah I think your the freak for trashing a kid!

  • windex

    Her vagina is dirty

  • Fake

    Jada needs to to wax her mustache oops. Not a pretty girl, and why is she so popular…hype, all hype..and money that buys press..

  • freddy

    she looks like will smith when he was a kid, dude for a sec i thought she was a boy!!!

  • 90210

    This girl should be in school not touring around the world.

  • leah

    you call that an entertainer???? If you put her in typical clothes from wal mart , she’d look just like every other kid you see over and over again. No talent, no looks, just the messed up parents that can open all the doors they want.

  • leah

    you call that an entertainer???? If you put her in typical clothes from wal mart , she’d look just like every other kid you see over and over again. No talent, no looks, just the messed up parents that can open all the doors they want.

  • Big eared troll

    Don’t Will and Jada have enough money? This kid is not very talented or very good looking. For those of you scolding people for making fun of a kid, why don’t you follow your own advice and just be nice to everyone? Hypocrites.

  • Mann the birdbrain

    Brad and Angie have nothing to do with this talentless kid who’s ego maniac parents are pimping her out.

  • Long Duck Dong

    This little child should be in school. Not wearing fake hair and making real bad songs.

  • http://dnica Mann

    @Mann the birdbrain: Gee whiz I didn’t mean to touch a sore spot for you but Brad and Angie could not act thier way out of a paper bag but they are worshipped on this site like Golden Gods lol talking about ego maniac what do you call Angie but I think Willow is very cute has talent, charisma and style. So go back to your Brad, Angie, Glee stars or what ever the hell and leave lil Willow alone, she was the only reason I came to this site and the first place.

  • http://dnica Big Five

    If your over 12 hating on Willow Smith Sooooo Lame get a life!!! She is just a KID are you guy’s too stupid to understand the difference between Child and Adult? Also don’t try to act like you are concerned about her schooling know one buying it. All I see is jealousy because you have ugly untalented kids in your home.

  • curious

    soooooooo sad is right.
    sad she can’t just be a 10 year-old kid!!

  • nkenk

    Wow calling a kid a DOUCHE? You guys are SO cool! -___-

  • Just saying

    What a troll! Shame on Will!

  • Big Zero

    Who is jealous of an ugly kid with big ears? Get a life loser.

  • jasmine

    @Becky: F*ck you. That’s a child you’re talking about you a*swipe.
    She’s a child, she should be in school. She’s growing up too fast. Unlike the rest of you pieces of sh*t, I WANT to see her succeed and live a normal, happy life.

    No one on this board should ever have children. Wish there were tests in place to keep people from ever having any, the comments you guys throw around about kids are sickening. To hell with you idiots.

  • sue

    Exactly #25 she’s just a kid, so she should go back to being a kid and not running around the world acting like she’s 21.

  • http://job Big D

    @Big Zero: You want to see ugly look in the mirror Dip Sh*T that’s ugly inside and out babe.

  • Annie

    i love her hair like that she’s really beautiful wit that hairstyle

  • Mia

    So we can’t be honest about that it’s so wrong what her parents are doing?
    And that this little uhm, girl has got zero talent.
    I always admired Will but now, damn.. I knew his cult with Tomboy was a very sick one.. but really? Your own child?
    Don’t they want them to be doctors and lawyers? With all the money they have.
    Myself, I almost haave no money to pay my school and live on my own. These children are so spoiled it’s just sick.
    From Jennifer Lopez ( and her ugly children) to Leah Rimini to Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.. they are doing something really weird in their cult I would be suprised if these kids don’t turn out to be drug addicts or wh_res

  • Annie

    Jared, if this kid OD’s age 16 some of her blood will be on your hands.

  • Jess

    She should be in school!.. To be honest she’s not good to look at. She really looks like a mouse probably because of those weird ears. Jaden looks prettier than her. I hope she won’t turn up to be then next lindsay lohan or michael jackson.

  • KC

    I have nothing against children in show business, especially when they are talented. But Willow is over-exposed at the tender age of 10 and that is not a good thing at all! Even Elizabeth Taylor talked about how she lost her childhood because working in show business at an early age.

  • 9021

    they have to much money to let this girl dress like that its not cute dress her nice and not like she poor

  • anonymous

    Jennifer Lopez kids are really ugly sorry to say, but ugly kids grow up to be beautiful people, and the beautiful kids grow up to be not so pretty. The problem people have with Wllow Smith is that she simply is not talented and we see money making it’s magic and the double standard. Her brother is talented he can really sing and act , Will and Jada should have been satisfied with one child being a star. All we the audience look for and is complaining about is the unfairness to other children that really have the raw talent but are locked out of the opportunity to show case it.

  • ashley

    In the first pic she looks like Will Smith’s fish cartoon character on the “Shark Tale” .

  • http://oYeah! anna


  • Ed

    She looks like a boy with long hair…

  • glenn

    Changing your haircut everyday is uncool and doesnt give you much personality

  • Kulemin

    @Ed…. I honestly thought that was a boy with a wig when I saw the pic before reading the article. Scary, and has a mustache too!

  • justabitch

    For those saying it’s wrong to comment on kids, the parents are putting their kids out in the mainstream media subject to all sorts of criticism. If Will and Jada do not want people making mean comments, they should keep their kids out of the limelight and just let them be kids. It’s not like they need the money or anything.

  • Looky

    She is very cute and I’m guessing poor people with ugly kids are going to be jealous but she is just living a dream and kids of celebs have the right to live a dream too. She has talent, a great personality close to her father’s and people want to see more of her so why the hate?

  • http://bettyj2u betty

    I’m sure Will & Jada could care less what comments are being made about their kids if they want this for their kids this is what they will do. Why should she be in school when she can get schooling by tutors, same as home schooling or better. Kids nowadays a mature for their age but it is the parents responsibility to keep them in line.

  • Blacqbody