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Rihanna: North American Tour Not Canceled!

Rihanna: North American Tour Not Canceled!

Rihanna leaves one of her favorite restaurants, Il Ristorante di Giorgio Baldi, after having dinner on Friday (March 25) in Santa Monica, Calif.

Earlier this week, reports surfaced that the 23-year-old pop star was advised to cancel her North American tour due to low ticket sales, but several sources say that’s far from the truth.

Not only is Ri‘s 30-show tour still happening, it’s on track to sell out!

“J.Cole will be joining me to hit the road in N.America and Canada this SUMMER #LOUDtour,” Rihanna also recently tweeted.

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  • http://Ja Sligo lambert ^_____^ cute

    Better take pills to relax

  • Annie

    Riri, why didn’t you testify? Chris Brown could have been in prison where he belongs instead of shoving his crappy music down our throats. Her tough chick persona is total baloney. If not for the public outcry she’d have gone running straight back to Chris for more of the same.

  • http://Ja Sligo lambert ^_____^ cute

    Why always hiding?

  • http://Ja Sligo lambert ^_____^ cute

    She need 2 pills for hiding

  • http://Ja Sligo lambert ^_____^ cute

    Looks very sad coz Someone punch her face

  • http://Ja Sligo lambert ^_____^ cute

    She looks very sad coz someone punch in her face

  • Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    Better style hair now, order not to fall wig

  • Music2daSoul

    she better slow down on the fast food her face is looking like a bloated balloon.

  • http://Becausesheloveshim GTFOH
  • Weber from Brazil

    this outfit makes her look fatter =/
    I like her wig though
    and these oxford shoes r perfect *-*

  • dinni

    I can’t get why she has changed herself dramatically. She was very sweet girl back then.

  • conversational hypnosis

    The picture was just taken in an unfortunate moment when she was not expecting it.

  • J-Rih

    She is so beautiful ! I love you RiRi & i love ur hair ♥

  • joan

    me thinks she likes getting beat up.
    that’s why she promotes S&M.

  • Saun


    You’re comparing kinky play (something an individual has consent to) with DOMESTIC ABUSE (something the victim did NOT ask for) ?!
    WTAF is wrong with you?

  • http://www. ;__;

    You could’ve been a part of a masterpiece

    ~ Firebomb, Robyn Fenty

  • Sun

    ghetto trash like chris brown

  • V

    @joan You’re a colossal as*hole. Congratulations.

  • rudeboy

    love my girl riri

  • lmao

    @joan: way to project, loser

  • joan

    so rihanna likes S&M but does not like getting beat up?
    ok. i guess it really just depends on her mood that day?
    if she feels up to it, then it’s called S&M and she wants it.
    if she doesnt feel up to it, then its called domestic violence.
    why even promote violence at all? especially if you’ve been abused?
    me thinks she is a hypocrite.

  • Jackson

    @joan: I think you’re a ret*rd.

  • mickey

    ugly chick

  • G


  • G


  • perfect couple

    I don’t think her outfit is too bad but that wig has got to go.

  • geog buff

    Good thing she is coming to Canada as well as North America. I was worried for a second there.

  • Brandon

    @joan: It’s sick to promote S&M and female degradation the way she does I will absolutely agree with that their is something wrong with her upstairs. She promotes herself like she’s a prostitute and thinks their is power in that, you don’t see men doing that, they do it to women and now women do it to themselves, sad world.

  • joan

    S&M is not just kinky play. it is more than just harmless spanking.
    Sado=sadist=love of cruelty
    Masochism= love of pain, deprivation, degradation, humiliation
    hence, the term “sadomasochism”= S&M
    for those of you not aware, look these practices up on websites.
    for someone such as rihanna that is against violence, she is promoting it as well.
    seems that she could easily turn an S&M interaction to a domestic violence event if you pissed her off enough.
    she sings about liking getting beat up/tortured but preaches in interviews about the opposite.
    disgusting example of a role model for young women.

  • Leona


  • bajan


  • hm…

    she gained some weight… but she is still beautiful

  • Lalalove

    She gained lots of weight. GOOD FOR HER, I GUESS=/

  • Lalalove

    i was thinking the same thing when the song came out, Joan. She’s conflicted. Even though she claims the song is “metaphoric”. Kids listen to her music a lot. She needs to be mindful of that.

  • Diana

    You guys,, do you really want to know why she promotes this?
    THis is not her doing it but the music industry.. look on and you will understand a lot ;)

  • Diana

    @joan: please look on the page and read about rihanna and ofcourse lady gaga and the others

  • MK puppet

    here walks the MK puppet, she sold her soul anyways better takes what she can while she can. She will end up freaking out just like the others. Fame, fortune and lost souls that’s the biz for you.

  • joan

    based on your argument and article, you are basically saying that she sold her soul to the devil and is a sell-out.
    while many types of negotiations are made in the music industry- an artist is still front and center and has the right to deny certain types of themes/promotions. no one physically forced her to do this. or did they? and she liked it?
    if what you are saying applies in this particular situation with rihanna, it sounds as if she cares more about fame/fortune than the negative consequences on her fan base and women in general. and that is just selfish, pathetic and sad.
    she is in no way a good example of female intelligence and/or empowerment. she is in no way a good role model for women.
    if anything, she represents sick-minded individuals with conflicted emotions that will do anything for fame/fortune.

  • Julia

    Rihanna, are you an idiot? Canada is IN North America.

  • ronnie

    at julia..i agree with u 100%..and to joan preach it u r speaking the truth … the girl is lost and found but i think her team is trying to be her cover up cause up here in baltimore her tickets are not selling at all and my cousin is from texas he said they are not selling there either..rocnation quit lying the tour is not selling

  • joan

    “sticks and stones may break my bones, but chains and whips excite me”- rihanna’s S&M song
    so she prefers chains and whips rather than just plain fists?
    ok. someone tell this to her future boyfriend the next time she is in the mood to get kinky, yet provoke him.

  • Anne

    At Joan, U R Right On! This song was playing in the car and I wasn’t paying any attention to the words until my friends 5 year old child, asked, “What is S,S,S and M,M,M?” I immediately turned off the radio and changed the subject to dinner. First of all I could not believe they were playing a song like this to the public…then to my Horror I find out Rihanna is singing it. I found other websites where Parents Do Not Want to pay for her tickets promoting this garbage. I can’t believe she does not See What She is Saying…and to have “announcements” that she and Chris Brown might appear together on some talk show. Are you kidding me?

  • joan

    rihanna has no shame in how low she will go for fame/fortune.
    pathetic and sad.
    much praise to the parents that are boycotting this garbage.
    she takes “good girl gone bad” to a whole new level.
    much congrats, rihanna!
    you have officially lost all dignity and are now showing it to the entire world!