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Alexander Skarsgard Hides in His Hoodie

Alexander Skarsgard Hides in His Hoodie

Alexander Skarsgard tries to keep a low profile in a blue hoodie while running errands on Saturday (March 26) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 34-year-old Swedish actor recently grabbed a bite to eat at Joan’s on Third – not once, but twice!

Earlier this month, Alex attended a party for Nylon magazine’s March issue, which was hosted by girlfriend Kate Bosworth.

At the bash, Kate told the L.A. Times with a wink that she’s “of course” excited for the June premiere of Alex‘s show, True Blood.

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  • Me

    Was Kate hiding behind him or in his hoodie? Then why in the heck are you mentioning her in this post?

  • Jackson

    Grown man hiding in a hoodie. Like nobody’s going to nice a 6 foot smurf.

  • Jackson


  • Toots


    If you watch the X17 video, the pap is harassing him about his rumored engagement to KB, so hence her inclusion in this post. So on one hand we have breakup rumors from Us Weekly and then you have paps yelling about engagements. It all seems like a sad joke to me.

  • Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    One of paparazzi

  • bellyache

    Was this post made just so Kate could be mentioned? She wasn’t even at the store with Alex when these photos were taken.

  • Melinda

    He looks tired, must be from filming true blood.
    Those paps are irritating with their questions, no wonder he’s trying to hide his face.

  • Snark

    He’s grumpy because its the same snarky pap that harasses him everywhere. Why is the 80lb scrawnymint mentioned in this post? She’s obv MIA getting her face “rejuvenated”.

  • TranSlateR

    Is it just me or in the video does after he gets in the car does he rub his eyes like he’s been crying?

  • mike

    He was great in Generation Kill & can’t wait for new True Blood season

  • Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    Yes his cry b’coze he didnt get money

  • Me

    @Toots Thanks! I refuse to give hits to X17, so I’ll have to take your word for it.

  • Doreen

    He looks good but tired, and grumpy. They should just let that stupid rumour die already. It was put out by the National Enquirer for pete’s sake and that was in December.

  • Ya’ll

    I feel almost sorry for him. None of us know what is going on and even if he is an actor, nobody deserves to be hounded this way. Its just incredibly unfair.
    Whether he is with her or not, engaged or not, he deserves the right to do his errands without being attacked with accusations at every turn. I’d blow a gasket if it were me…I guess in a way, this shows how patient he is.

  • Cara


    National Enquirer and HER folks no doubt. I feel bad for him. He looks exhausted.


    @Cara: what about her folks?

  • Toots


    You’re welcome. I don’t blame you, but I do go there occasionally. I agree that he looks exhausted and that he could probably do with a nice vacation away from this insanity. The paps (at least three since there were two in front of the camera in the video) looked like they were staking out his car just waiting for him to return. He must have either seen them before exiting the store, knew they were there, or expected them to be there for him to already have his hood up. If he wants to be a serious actor for the sake of his craft, he needs to avoid arrangements/relationships like the one he’s in now because the spectacle is really starting to out shadow his work, IMO. Is fame really worth being this miserable?

  • leave him alone….

    slow news day JJ?….there’s nothing new here, just another excuse to mention the “beige girlfriend”!

  • Doreen


    She meant that people in KB’s camp planted that rumour.


    Bristol Farms is a known pap hangout, no? Are there no other groceries stores for him to go to? We’ve all stopped going places because we don’t want to see certain people, Why can’t he?

    He looks ridiculous with that stupid hoodie…was it supposed to render his 6’4′ @ss invislible like Harry Potter’s cloak?

    Go to known pap hangouts= getting papped. End game.

  • Hardworker

    Dude has probably been working his azz off all night/day on TrueBlood, stopped by to pick up his groceries (because it IS local for him) and was pissed because his least favourite pap-hound is there, again, barking at his heels. This pap puts all the fangurls to shame. Male stalker much?

  • Mike

    No truth to the breakup rumor:

    I think they’re a beautiful couple.

  • Ella

    I know he’s a public figure, so people wanna know about his private life, but could you imagine how uncomfortable that has to be? Could you imagine going through a break-up while people are congratulating/questioning you about an engagement? Or, even if you’re just in a content relationship with no plans to get married, but people still question you about an engagement at every opportunity? I’d probably flip the fck out.

  • Ella

    I give him props for keeping his composure with the paps. He’s out with a hood covering his face–he obviously wants some privacy. I know he’s a public figure, so people wanna know about his personal life, but could you imagine going through a break-up while being congratulated/questioned about an engagement? Or even if you’re just in a happy relationship with no marriage plans, and you get grilled about an engagement at every opportunity? I’d probably flip the fck out.

  • Blackcat99

    @Mike: Regarding Gossip Cop article.This is the first time I’ve ever seen this site.They declare the breakup is just a rumor and post one of the very few.rare and hard to find photos of them together where Alex looks happy.If they are such a HAPPY couple it should not be so hard to find a “couple in love photo”.Especially, with all the opportunities given to the Paparazzi by Kate herself.Reminds me of a Black Eyed Peas song “Where is the Love”?

  • Lacy

    I think he looks good in the hoodie, even though he’s got it up. He looks nice in blue and at least it’s something new, rather than the same 5 shirts he usually wears.

  • Sallie

    @MERRICK: was it in bristol farms…I thought it was williams sonoma… it the same? I can’t tell

  • Emily

    This entire KB/Jared relationship is bordering on creepy. Why does she have to be mentioned in a post about Skarsgard when she’s not even in these pictures?

    And for the record Kate, stop name dropping True Blood. You’re not on the show, you never will be, it has nothing to do with you. GET LOST.

  • lootzie

    It looks like he was at Bristol Farms. He always has that Williams Sonoma bad when he is grocery shopping

  • lootzie

    I think it looks like Bristol Farms. He uses that William Sonoma bag before when shopping at Bristol Farms.

  • UnderArrest

    GossipCop is a site, not unlike JJ that celeb PR uses to refute stories that paint their stars in a negative light. Take what you read there with a grain of salt.

  • If ASkars was a Sim…

    …he would be collecting Celebrity Points!! :D
    Anyway, he looks 10 years older since he peaked in 2009.

  • Nikki

    This post makes me SICK. KB was nowhere to be found, yet she is mentioned here? He looks absolutely miserable. I know TB has been shooting nights, and maybe that’s the reason but I just don’t understand why the papz don’t give up. They hound him every time he goes somewhere with the same questions and he never gives them anything. Maybe they’re waiting for that one thing that will set him over the edge. Alex needs a nice little vacation away from Hollywood and KB…maybe a trip home to Sweden will do him some good.

  • boop

    He used to be really friendly with the paps. I guess that changed once they started asking about KB. I think theses actors want the attention, but when they get it, they’re overwhelmed.

  • Rachel()

    @Mike: You’re like the 4th person to post that link on JJ. No one’s buying it. Give it a rest. Just deal w/ the fact that Alex has wised up.

  • Notobemean

    @Toots: because the spectacle is really starting to out shadow his work As a fan of the man’s actual body of work, I have to agree with you, the speculation on his personal has been outshining his ability for awhile now and I find that truly sad. I don’t care who he’s dating or banging, however, the way he has been acting since dating KB, hasn’t particularly endeared me to him, I do think it’s unfortunate that the way he’s playing the game has made his personal life more interesting than his acting ability. I mean think about it 2 years ago, he was known more for his various roles, now he’s known as KB boyfriend the guy on TB, it’s disappointing as his fan to see the downgrade in his public image :( Eh dang him, I’ll always have a special fondness for him, due to his portrayal of Brad “The Iceman” Colbert, I appreciated his level of dedication for that role!

  • glory hunter

    Lolled so hard for those obsessed ^ fan gurls who claims kb is damaging his “career”. FFS he’s still quite unknown actor and he’s aging. If something is damaging his career it’s a cheesy vampire soap opera where he is just a regular cast member, not a lead or not even a main character. He’s stuck too long in it IMO. He needs better roles now, just like Generation Kill and Melancholia. He should at least get a role in the show which is running on regular channel to make him better known to wider audience.

  • Charlaine Harris’ fan gurl

    @glory hunter
    You’re embarrassingly ignorant. Eric (whom Skarsgard is portraying) is THE main character except för Sookie. At least read the books before you start voicing your dim witted opinions.

  • ElisaDay

    @lootzie: It’s scary that you know that

    @glory hunter: This “cheesy vampire soap opera” is only the most watched HBO show since the Sopranos; hardly damaging his career

  • @ Charlaine Harris’ fan gurl

    You are embarrassingly illiterate. As anyone except you can see I didn’t speak about books but Alexander Skarsgård’s acting career and his role in True Blood series. He is NOT a leading actor in the SHOW, Stehpen Moyer is and so is his wife Anna Paquin, who portrays Sooke. Other MAIN characters in the TV SHOW are Rutina Wesley=Tara, Ryan Kwanten=Jason Stackhouse, Sam Trammel=Sam Merlotte. Others are just regulars ASkars included. And I’ve so NOT any intention to read childish vampire harlequins which are obviously meant to dim witted ignorant vampirefreaks ;) – Glory Hunter

  • @ Eliza Day


    K, maybe I was bit harsh but being most watched HBO serie is not a synonym for high quality. Actually the first season was quite good but after that it’s gone downhill. Most ppl seem to watch it because of sex, nudity and wtf moments then there are those childish teams à la twilight and fandom jealousy wich tells a lot about target audience. – Glory Hunter

  • Annie

    Alex’s personality has really changed imo. He used to seem so nice like a guy I’d go down to the pub after work with or something; that was a big part of his appeal. He’s still very handsome but aging quick – a lot of blonde pale people tend to start aging fast and suddenly.

  • oh dear

    normally I would have no sympathy for alex who continues to shop/ eat at pap hangouts and continues to date a WORTHLESS UN-TALENETED FAMEWHORE and complaines that he wants his privacy.

    but this is the first time I actually feel so sorry for alex. I know alex films long night on TB but I have never seen him this bad
    he looked so tired( lack of sleep) worn out, miserable really pissed off and looks like he had no energy and kept covering his face as he got into his car (X17 vid) that is not normally like alex?? and those paps need a good slap for hounding him about engagment rumors when the breakup rumos are surfacing?? I don’t blaim him for being pissed off.

    his good work is being over-shadowed by that FAMEWHORE who is getting some fu@king award of excellence in acting april 2nd???? she has done sh*t in 10 years and I am not going to include crap, ungly-tacky-shit- mint!!
    all she has achieved in 10 years is professional girlfriend status and I am being generious lol.

  • Charlaine Harris’ fan gurl

    No, not an illitarate :) Just a simple misunderstanding. I know Eric is not a main character yet, it starts this season and hopefully Ball will stick to that.
    Actually, in my opinion, the books are nothing like the TV-show. They have a good, solid story line (not that the TV-show doesn’t) and of course there is sex/love, what’s life with out it?, but there is nothing Harlequin about it. You won’t read the books but you’ll watch the show? Come on., even you have to admit it’s a bit.. Narrow-minded.

  • AnnmarieZ I cannot believe this!! Excellence in acting for KB????!!!!!! This film festival must be desperate!!! Also Josh Lucas is receiving an award as well–I mean they’ve got to be kidding! How could she receive this with a straight face!

  • woa

    Somebody asked Ted from eonline today how many TB castmembers have vices. He said only one you should care about. Is it me or does he really make it seem like Alex is Nelly Fang?

  • Sue

    For someone who is not a main character. He sure is the fan favorite. Do we see candids of the other stars from the show besides Stephen and Anna. I think not. TB would be nothing without Alex.

  • Nikki

    @woa: Ted wishes Alex was Nelly Fang.

  • Africanuck

    @Charlaine Harris’ fan gurl

    Oh the irony of being called “illitarate” by someone who probably only watches the TV show because it would likely take a month to go through one SVM book. :)))

    Skarsgard has been looking hunted in virtually every photo you see of him that isn’t “official” for the past year. While this sort of thing is sadly the price of fame, surely they have a right to some privacy? And yeah, I do get the irony of saying that on a gossip site. ;)

  • Toots


    I don’t watch American Idol anymore, but apparently the contestants wore Jewelmint the other night…talk about a full court press to sell that stuff and now she’s getting an award. I guess she still has friends willing to push her career forward or at least get their investment back…if only Alex could sneak out the back door while she wasn’t looking….