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Alexander Skarsgard Hides in His Hoodie

Alexander Skarsgard Hides in His Hoodie

Alexander Skarsgard tries to keep a low profile in a blue hoodie while running errands on Saturday (March 26) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 34-year-old Swedish actor recently grabbed a bite to eat at Joan’s on Third – not once, but twice!

Earlier this month, Alex attended a party for Nylon magazine’s March issue, which was hosted by girlfriend Kate Bosworth.

At the bash, Kate told the L.A. Times with a wink that she’s “of course” excited for the June premiere of Alex‘s show, True Blood.

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206 Responses to “Alexander Skarsgard Hides in His Hoodie”

  1. 1
    Me Says:

    Was Kate hiding behind him or in his hoodie? Then why in the heck are you mentioning her in this post?

  2. 2
    Jackson Says:

    Grown man hiding in a hoodie. Like nobody’s going to nice a 6 foot smurf.

  3. 3
    Jackson Says:


  4. 4
    Toots Says:


    If you watch the X17 video, the pap is harassing him about his rumored engagement to KB, so hence her inclusion in this post. So on one hand we have breakup rumors from Us Weekly and then you have paps yelling about engagements. It all seems like a sad joke to me.

  5. 5
    Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!! Says:

    One of paparazzi

  6. 6
    bellyache Says:

    Was this post made just so Kate could be mentioned? She wasn’t even at the store with Alex when these photos were taken.

  7. 7
    Melinda Says:

    He looks tired, must be from filming true blood.
    Those paps are irritating with their questions, no wonder he’s trying to hide his face.

  8. 8
    Snark Says:

    He’s grumpy because its the same snarky pap that harasses him everywhere. Why is the 80lb scrawnymint mentioned in this post? She’s obv MIA getting her face “rejuvenated”.

  9. 9
    TranSlateR Says:

    Is it just me or in the video does after he gets in the car does he rub his eyes like he’s been crying?

  10. 10
    mike Says:

    He was great in Generation Kill & can’t wait for new True Blood season

  11. 11
    Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!! Says:

    Yes his cry b’coze he didnt get money

  12. 12
    Me Says:

    @Toots Thanks! I refuse to give hits to X17, so I’ll have to take your word for it.

  13. 13
    Doreen Says:

    He looks good but tired, and grumpy. They should just let that stupid rumour die already. It was put out by the National Enquirer for pete’s sake and that was in December.

  14. 14
    Ya'll Says:

    I feel almost sorry for him. None of us know what is going on and even if he is an actor, nobody deserves to be hounded this way. Its just incredibly unfair.
    Whether he is with her or not, engaged or not, he deserves the right to do his errands without being attacked with accusations at every turn. I’d blow a gasket if it were me…I guess in a way, this shows how patient he is.

  15. 15
    Cara Says:


    National Enquirer and HER folks no doubt. I feel bad for him. He looks exhausted.

  16. 16
    kAITLIN Says:

    @Cara: what about her folks?

  17. 17
    Toots Says:


    You’re welcome. I don’t blame you, but I do go there occasionally. I agree that he looks exhausted and that he could probably do with a nice vacation away from this insanity. The paps (at least three since there were two in front of the camera in the video) looked like they were staking out his car just waiting for him to return. He must have either seen them before exiting the store, knew they were there, or expected them to be there for him to already have his hood up. If he wants to be a serious actor for the sake of his craft, he needs to avoid arrangements/relationships like the one he’s in now because the spectacle is really starting to out shadow his work, IMO. Is fame really worth being this miserable?

  18. 18
    leave him alone.... Says:

    slow news day JJ?….there’s nothing new here, just another excuse to mention the “beige girlfriend”!

  19. 19
    Doreen Says:


    She meant that people in KB’s camp planted that rumour.

  20. 20
    MERRICK Says:

    Bristol Farms is a known pap hangout, no? Are there no other groceries stores for him to go to? We’ve all stopped going places because we don’t want to see certain people, Why can’t he?

    He looks ridiculous with that stupid hoodie…was it supposed to render his 6’4′ @ss invislible like Harry Potter’s cloak?

    Go to known pap hangouts= getting papped. End game.

  21. 21
    Hardworker Says:

    Dude has probably been working his azz off all night/day on TrueBlood, stopped by to pick up his groceries (because it IS local for him) and was pissed because his least favourite pap-hound is there, again, barking at his heels. This pap puts all the fangurls to shame. Male stalker much?

  22. 22
    Mike Says:

    No truth to the breakup rumor:

    I think they’re a beautiful couple.

  23. 23
    Ella Says:

    I know he’s a public figure, so people wanna know about his private life, but could you imagine how uncomfortable that has to be? Could you imagine going through a break-up while people are congratulating/questioning you about an engagement? Or, even if you’re just in a content relationship with no plans to get married, but people still question you about an engagement at every opportunity? I’d probably flip the fck out.

  24. 24
    Ella Says:

    I give him props for keeping his composure with the paps. He’s out with a hood covering his face–he obviously wants some privacy. I know he’s a public figure, so people wanna know about his personal life, but could you imagine going through a break-up while being congratulated/questioned about an engagement? Or even if you’re just in a happy relationship with no marriage plans, and you get grilled about an engagement at every opportunity? I’d probably flip the fck out.

  25. 25
    Blackcat99 Says:

    @Mike: Regarding Gossip Cop article.This is the first time I’ve ever seen this site.They declare the breakup is just a rumor and post one of the very few.rare and hard to find photos of them together where Alex looks happy.If they are such a HAPPY couple it should not be so hard to find a “couple in love photo”.Especially, with all the opportunities given to the Paparazzi by Kate herself.Reminds me of a Black Eyed Peas song “Where is the Love”?

  26. 26
    Lacy Says:

    I think he looks good in the hoodie, even though he’s got it up. He looks nice in blue and at least it’s something new, rather than the same 5 shirts he usually wears.

  27. 27
    Sallie Says:

    @MERRICK: was it in bristol farms…I thought it was williams sonoma… it the same? I can’t tell

  28. 28
    Emily Says:

    This entire KB/Jared relationship is bordering on creepy. Why does she have to be mentioned in a post about Skarsgard when she’s not even in these pictures?

    And for the record Kate, stop name dropping True Blood. You’re not on the show, you never will be, it has nothing to do with you. GET LOST.

  29. 29
    lootzie Says:

    It looks like he was at Bristol Farms. He always has that Williams Sonoma bad when he is grocery shopping

  30. 30
    lootzie Says:

    I think it looks like Bristol Farms. He uses that William Sonoma bag before when shopping at Bristol Farms.

  31. 31
    UnderArrest Says:

    GossipCop is a site, not unlike JJ that celeb PR uses to refute stories that paint their stars in a negative light. Take what you read there with a grain of salt.

  32. 32
    If ASkars was a Sim... Says:

    …he would be collecting Celebrity Points!! :D
    Anyway, he looks 10 years older since he peaked in 2009.

  33. 33
    Nikki Says:

    This post makes me SICK. KB was nowhere to be found, yet she is mentioned here? He looks absolutely miserable. I know TB has been shooting nights, and maybe that’s the reason but I just don’t understand why the papz don’t give up. They hound him every time he goes somewhere with the same questions and he never gives them anything. Maybe they’re waiting for that one thing that will set him over the edge. Alex needs a nice little vacation away from Hollywood and KB…maybe a trip home to Sweden will do him some good.

  34. 34
    boop Says:

    He used to be really friendly with the paps. I guess that changed once they started asking about KB. I think theses actors want the attention, but when they get it, they’re overwhelmed.

  35. 35
    Rachel() Says:

    @Mike: You’re like the 4th person to post that link on JJ. No one’s buying it. Give it a rest. Just deal w/ the fact that Alex has wised up.

  36. 36
    Notobemean Says:

    @Toots: because the spectacle is really starting to out shadow his work As a fan of the man’s actual body of work, I have to agree with you, the speculation on his personal has been outshining his ability for awhile now and I find that truly sad. I don’t care who he’s dating or banging, however, the way he has been acting since dating KB, hasn’t particularly endeared me to him, I do think it’s unfortunate that the way he’s playing the game has made his personal life more interesting than his acting ability. I mean think about it 2 years ago, he was known more for his various roles, now he’s known as KB boyfriend the guy on TB, it’s disappointing as his fan to see the downgrade in his public image :( Eh dang him, I’ll always have a special fondness for him, due to his portrayal of Brad “The Iceman” Colbert, I appreciated his level of dedication for that role!

  37. 37
    glory hunter Says:

    Lolled so hard for those obsessed ^ fan gurls who claims kb is damaging his “career”. FFS he’s still quite unknown actor and he’s aging. If something is damaging his career it’s a cheesy vampire soap opera where he is just a regular cast member, not a lead or not even a main character. He’s stuck too long in it IMO. He needs better roles now, just like Generation Kill and Melancholia. He should at least get a role in the show which is running on regular channel to make him better known to wider audience.

  38. 38
    Charlaine Harris' fan gurl Says:

    @glory hunter
    You’re embarrassingly ignorant. Eric (whom Skarsgard is portraying) is THE main character except för Sookie. At least read the books before you start voicing your dim witted opinions.

  39. 39
    ElisaDay Says:

    @lootzie: It’s scary that you know that

    @glory hunter: This “cheesy vampire soap opera” is only the most watched HBO show since the Sopranos; hardly damaging his career

  40. 40
    @ Charlaine Harris' fan gurl Says:

    You are embarrassingly illiterate. As anyone except you can see I didn’t speak about books but Alexander Skarsgård’s acting career and his role in True Blood series. He is NOT a leading actor in the SHOW, Stehpen Moyer is and so is his wife Anna Paquin, who portrays Sooke. Other MAIN characters in the TV SHOW are Rutina Wesley=Tara, Ryan Kwanten=Jason Stackhouse, Sam Trammel=Sam Merlotte. Others are just regulars ASkars included. And I’ve so NOT any intention to read childish vampire harlequins which are obviously meant to dim witted ignorant vampirefreaks ;) – Glory Hunter

  41. 41
    @ Eliza Day Says:


    K, maybe I was bit harsh but being most watched HBO serie is not a synonym for high quality. Actually the first season was quite good but after that it’s gone downhill. Most ppl seem to watch it because of sex, nudity and wtf moments then there are those childish teams à la twilight and fandom jealousy wich tells a lot about target audience. – Glory Hunter

  42. 42
    Annie Says:

    Alex’s personality has really changed imo. He used to seem so nice like a guy I’d go down to the pub after work with or something; that was a big part of his appeal. He’s still very handsome but aging quick – a lot of blonde pale people tend to start aging fast and suddenly.

  43. 43
    oh dear Says:

    normally I would have no sympathy for alex who continues to shop/ eat at pap hangouts and continues to date a WORTHLESS UN-TALENETED FAMEWHORE and complaines that he wants his privacy.

    but this is the first time I actually feel so sorry for alex. I know alex films long night on TB but I have never seen him this bad
    he looked so tired( lack of sleep) worn out, miserable really pissed off and looks like he had no energy and kept covering his face as he got into his car (X17 vid) that is not normally like alex?? and those paps need a good slap for hounding him about engagment rumors when the breakup rumos are surfacing?? I don’t blaim him for being pissed off.

    his good work is being over-shadowed by that FAMEWHORE who is getting some fu@king award of excellence in acting april 2nd???? she has done sh*t in 10 years and I am not going to include crap, ungly-tacky-****- mint!!
    all she has achieved in 10 years is professional girlfriend status and I am being generious lol.

  44. 44
    Charlaine Harris' fan gurl Says:

    No, not an illitarate :) Just a simple misunderstanding. I know Eric is not a main character yet, it starts this season and hopefully Ball will stick to that.
    Actually, in my opinion, the books are nothing like the TV-show. They have a good, solid story line (not that the TV-show doesn’t) and of course there is sex/love, what’s life with out it?, but there is nothing Harlequin about it. You won’t read the books but you’ll watch the show? Come on., even you have to admit it’s a bit.. Narrow-minded.

  45. 45
    AnnmarieZ Says: I cannot believe this!! Excellence in acting for KB????!!!!!! This film festival must be desperate!!! Also Josh Lucas is receiving an award as well–I mean they’ve got to be kidding! How could she receive this with a straight face!

  46. 46
    woa Says:

    Somebody asked Ted from eonline today how many TB castmembers have vices. He said only one you should care about. Is it me or does he really make it seem like Alex is Nelly Fang?

  47. 47
    Sue Says:

    For someone who is not a main character. He sure is the fan favorite. Do we see candids of the other stars from the show besides Stephen and Anna. I think not. TB would be nothing without Alex.

  48. 48
    Nikki Says:

    @woa: Ted wishes Alex was Nelly Fang.

  49. 49
    Africanuck Says:

    @Charlaine Harris’ fan gurl

    Oh the irony of being called “illitarate” by someone who probably only watches the TV show because it would likely take a month to go through one SVM book. :)))

    Skarsgard has been looking hunted in virtually every photo you see of him that isn’t “official” for the past year. While this sort of thing is sadly the price of fame, surely they have a right to some privacy? And yeah, I do get the irony of saying that on a gossip site. ;)

  50. 50
    Toots Says:


    I don’t watch American Idol anymore, but apparently the contestants wore Jewelmint the other night…talk about a full court press to sell that stuff and now she’s getting an award. I guess she still has friends willing to push her career forward or at least get their investment back…if only Alex could sneak out the back door while she wasn’t looking….

  51. 51
    Hate Free Says:


    Like him as I do…I don’t feel it’s right to denigrate the talent of others. Nelsan Eliis Ryan Kwanten, Rutina Wesley and Deborah Ann Woll, etc( sorry for Andy, Terry and the rest of the gang I didn’t name…very bad memory)l are also fan favorites. They ALL work well as an ensemble cast and contribute equally to the success of the show. For the many of us book fans that feel we’ve been short changed…Oh, well….it’s better than nothing.

  52. 52
    MERRICK Says:


    People who want privacy do not go to pap traps..Period. How delusional are you? Just because you say crack is wack but still light up, are you still drug free?>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>NOOOOOOO…It means you are a hypocritical crack head.

  53. 53
    Blackcat99 Says:

    @@ Charlaine Harris’ fan gurl: Yet you’re DIMWITTED enough to watch the show and know all the characters.What’s wrong are you too dimwitted to read a book?

  54. 54
    Africanuck Says:

    @Merrick: I see. So if you’re a celebrity you have to do all of your shopping online and/or drive miles and miles out of your way? You do realize that these people get followed by the paps, don’t you? It’s not just a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Lady Di ring any bells for you?

    Just because you are a famous face doesn’t mean that you should have to live holed up in your house, ordering in takeout and groceries because the known places that are worth going to have been staked out by the paps, and the cool little holes in the wall that you discover on your own have people who tweet that you have just shown up.

  55. 55
    Kit Says:


    Then HOW come Joe, Sam, Rutina or the rest of them ever get papped???

  56. 56
    Kit Says:

    I meant *never* not ever

  57. 57
    chelle Says:

    @Annie:I have to disagree on the aging comment. I have blonde hair and extremely pale skin with no signs of aging….of course I also take very good care of my skin … sun exposures

  58. 58
    chelle Says:

    Also ….I don’t think anyone should have to change his/her schedule to acoid pictures being taken …bless it he may have just been hungry …still hot though

  59. 59
    Kara Says:


    Why should anyone be friendly with paparazzi? They’re parasites who will do or say anything to get a picture.

  60. 60
    BBC Says:


    They’re not famous enough. If you’re a desirable celeb like Askars the paparazzi will come.

  61. 61
    Really? Says:

    @BBC: Exactly, and they are only featured on JJ and X-17. Rarely are they included in any of the other publications or gossip rags.

  62. 62
    boop Says:

    @Kara: I didn’t say he SHOULD be friendly with them, but he certainly used to chat them up & answer their questions. There’s videos if you want proof.

  63. 63
    hilarious Says:

    They’re remaking it with Colin Farrell. Two female roles are available: one to play Sharon Stone’s part – the fake ***** wife who betrays the main dude (Kate Bosworth has apparently been asked to read which…hilarious) – and a hot asskicker of a woman who helps our hero and they end up falling in love. According to Deadline Biel is going for the latter against Eva Mendes, Paula Patton, and Eva Green. You know, I actually like her odds against those three, especially if there’s some physicality involved.

  64. 64
    Cara Says:

    So I guess my biggest question is…why were the pap’s asking about an engagement? You know if they were engaged, she would be all over the world with the ring, and getting her picture taken all over his arm. It would be sickening

  65. 65
    Africanuck Says:

    @Kit: I imagine that it’s all a question of demand. If the readers want to see a pic of ASkars more than a Sam pic, the press will pay more for an ASkars pic because it brings them more traffic / readers. I guess ASkars is a hotter commoditiy these days. Maybe the others need to get naked more often ;)

  66. 66
    amtj2008 Says:

    I know I will get marked down for saying this but a lot of you “so called Alex fans” are hypocrites.

    Even when she is not mentioned in a post you all bring her up. Then if she is, the whole thing turns into a post about her.
    You say how talented Alex is and should be talked about for the work he is doing(not his personal life) but in the same sentence you bring up his never confirmed relationship. He is actually working, doing the same thing he has been doing, it is not his fault that his star power has risen since TB became more popular.
    A lot of you say he has changed but you don’t know him and you know that the media can spin anything to look a certain way. His new found douche-ness does not match with the fan encounters.
    Paps are everywhere, they actually follow people around and not just show up at “known pap spots”; so that means to avoid them Alex should never go out?
    Every time a new post comes up a lot of people holler about how tired, skinny, and worn out he looks because he has to deal with the famewh*re. His life does not revolve around a never confirmed relationship. Unlike her he works, maybe doing 15 hour days.
    JJ and maybe 2 other gossip sites are the only ones on Alex/Bonesworth tail. Anna/Stephen, Joe, Ryan, etc they all get pap’d and stuff everywhere else. Rutina and Neeson are probably the only cast members that would NOT be considered famewh*res by this logic.
    If you believe that KB orchestrated this then she is winning. Because none of you can’t stop talking about her and coming here complaining. Which means JJ keeps doing post and she will never go away. This and his “fan sites” are the only ones who have people complaining they no longer like him because of her. It is the same people planning his downfall, calling him a hypocrite; yet at Paley fest he was the main draw???
    Over half of the TB promos released feature Eric, he is a main character. If you follow TB then you know Allan said they would not shoot another opening scene and that is the only reason his name does not come up with the rest.

  67. 67
    credits Says:

    @66 – disregarding the rest of what you say as you post on JJ as much as anyone does and it hasn’t been KB free, the point you make at the end about the credits doesn’t make sense. Alan Ball doesn’t need to shoot a new opening credits sequence – but the sequence can change if the contracts allow. So there isn’t a need to shoot anything new and It’s not “the only reason” why his name doesn’t come up in the beginning of the order – he wasn’t contracted initially as a star in the show and in Season One he barely appeared. If someone becomes a regular, like Kristen, they start appearing in the opening credits, not at the end roll. When they renegotiate some of that, he may move up because clearly he, Stephen and Anna are the main characters, as evidenced by all the major magazine covers (Rolling Stone, EW, TV Guide) they got as a threesome last year.

  68. 68
    @amtj2008 Says:

    I tend to agree with you but we know for a fact that Jared works with Cher (they posted a photo of the two of them together on Twitter) so I think it’s quite fair to guess that Kate is actually paying Jared to post about her. I don’t think it makes much difference whether we discuss her or not.

    However – if all ASkars fans stopped talking about her and just ignored her, maybe she’d go away :D

  69. 69
    Joan Says:


    I love you for this post and I totally agree with you.

  70. 70
    Uh-huh Says:

    His fameho clinger calls the paps on him to constantly keep him and her in the spotlight because she’s desperate for any kind of attention.

  71. 71
    mforman Says:

    why should AS not go food shopping when he has a free minute, having assistants do things for you would probably get a little bit boring after a while, and he doesn’t seem like the type to ask someone to do something that he can do himself, I don’t think he was raised that way.
    it is that same pap that is always yelling the KB comments, he is probably on her payroll also, he has a very distinctive voice and if you go back to X17 videos when they bother AS and surround KB with her happy, they found me smug, it is that same voice asking the same type of questions, i really hope AS doesn’ t just loose it one of these days.
    JJ has got to stop putting her name in his posts, was she shopping with him, did we see them out together yesterday, nothing warranted mentioning that famewhores name, except for the fact her checks do not bounce, this was a post about him out grocery shopping that plain and simple, but remeber where AS is on the JJ ladder, he comes after KB and Cher.
    also, that disgusting thing needs to stop mentioning TB (AB will never, ever put her in his show, he deals with actors that have talent) and Sweden, she has already insulted the country, so just stop, you sound like a bigger moron than you are already known as.
    everyone knows she is getting this unknown award for the work she does on her knees and in the bedroom. the award was bought and paid for, believe me none of the well known sites will even mention it, because they know exactly how it was gotten.
    I have said it before I have watched all of AS’s movies, and the ones that were made in Sweden are just great and woth seeing. he just needs to get that one big movie in America and I am sorry to say it isn’t going to be SD, but I know he will be given another chance and he will shock all the doubters.
    i really do believe this US Weekly article, because lies can only go so far and whenever they go out as a group, that poor man looks like he wants to get out of there as quick as possible, this show mance has run its course. also, her and her people were quite quick to use poor Bjorn’s name on these unknown websites to quote him. they pick his BBF, but KB probably doesn’t even no what those initials mean, any friends she has are on her payroll. we still do not know what she did to Lisa (Bjorn’s wife), after they went out as a group to the Village Idiot, we probably will never know, but after that they were never again seen going out as a foursome. KB really must have stepped into it this time.
    that is why i was so happy to watch E News on Friday and they said it has been reported that the “rough patch”, looks final.
    thank goodness

  72. 72
    break-up hmm not again Says:

    I believe a break up when I see that ****** actress ***** bosworth with a new victim, or alex with a new women! but I am sorry to say I still think they are together. ***** will do any- thing to keep alexander. and alexander to me seems very naive, very nice and easy to forgive sort of guy and I think ***** bosworth can easily wrap her twisted little finger around alexander!!

    so I would not be very surprised if we get another ****** couply outing if these two this week/weekend, I am placing bets that alexander will attend the film festival when ***** picks up her payed award for top notch ****** acting (what a laughable joke)!! this sunday!

    sorry fans don’t get your hopes up of a break up for the 2nd time

  73. 73
    @ break-up hmmmm Says:

    But maybe this bought & paid for award she’s getting will be the catalyst to show they are no longer together. She’ll be in the spotlight, he won’t attend due to WORKING and within the next couple of weeks, it’ll be quietly confirmed they’re over. Just in time for her to debut her new unsuspecting victim at Coachella. She’s never been one to stop & work on herself. She always has to have a man in her life and at varying times, the men seem to overlap: Orly/James… James/Leo (alleged hook up)…James/CM/Alex. The girl does have a pattern.

  74. 74
    Skarsgard wannabe Says:

    I can’t imagine who told some bigwigs in Hollywood that the world was crying out for a “Total Recall” remake but… if KB does get cast opposite Collin Farrell maybe sulky smurf will be smiley once again. The paps won’t be asking about his “rumored engagement” because they will be busy chasing down KB as she links herself to CF- real or imagined; because you know she can’t let that opportunity pass by. He’s got a few more years of recognition than AS and she can get herself photographed (at least once or twice- before he figures her out) with a guy that doesn’t look like he’s turning his nose up at a bad smell when she’s in the vicinity.

  75. 75
    Blackcat99 Says:

    @hilarious: I found this on the site The Stir.

    Amy Adams as Lois Lane: Don’t Pull a Kate Bosworth!

    So, back to Superman — excuse me, Superman: Man of Steel. Lois Lane is not the most daring of roles out there, but it’s Lois Lane. You have to do it. You would be insane not to. But, as a favor (to me), can you not play Lois “safely”? Be sexy, be bold, don’t be Kate Bosworth! After this weekend, I know you can do it. Oh, and if you were wondering, Amy — yes, I’m available to work as your manager. Call me.

    I know it’s off topic,Just found it amusing.

  76. 76
    MERRICK Says:


    Sorry, if Smurfgarf really wanted privacy he would go to places not frequented by pap. I drive 20 minutes to go to my favorite supermarket….not a big deal.

    Seriously, Joan”s, Chateau Marmont., The Ivy, Equinox , That sushi restaurant, The Village Idiot, Bristol Farms and other such places are known pap hangouts. People who go there WANT to be papped.

    Worthskars is not a blip on anyone’s radar …try as they wanted to be. People were trying to get the money shot of Renee Zellweiger and Bradley Cooper…not these C/Z listers. It’s a shame…in 2009 he was climbing onto the B list. Bad company and choices led him to these silly famewh*ring maneuvers. Albeit, I think he actually likes Joan’s but he knows the deal and should stop being juvenile about it.

  77. 77
    MERRICK Says:

    @Skarsgard wannabe:

    Delicious manwh*re Colin Farrel…likes women. ….with curves.

  78. 78
    E news ?? Says:

    I have seen nothing/reported on E news regarding the breakup /rough patch etc link please? anyone else seen it on E news?

  79. 79
    pop sugar Says:

    now we know why alex was wearing his hoody!!! according pop sugar it was raining really heavy? hmm my eye sight must be going because I cannot see no rain? and alex’s car was dry in X17 vid? or maybe it was an excuse just to mention the laughable WORTHLESS in there artical?

    Alexander Skarsgard took refuge from the rain in LA on Saturday with the help of his blue hoodie. He was out running errands solo after a busy week of meeting up with his friends and sticking to his intense gym routine. Alexander has also hit the town to support his lady friend Kate Bosworth, who’s been focusing on her blossoming jewelry business.,0,1

  80. 80
    chelle Says:

    I think he makes a delicious looking smurf….I hope the rumors of the break up are true just for the fact of him getting back to business …like I said in another post beige is not a shareholder in crappymint. She is using her “star power ” to sell it. I read this in an article mainly about tyra banks so I can’t give a link …sorry!

  81. 81
    lootzie Says:

    Did ya’ll see that Rachel Zoe was pushing the JewelMint sale on her blog and her Twitter. I wonder why Rachel was pushing it since isn’t she in competition with Cher?

  82. 82
    Ladybug Says:

    @chelle: So, it’s not really ‘her’ “blossoming jewelry business”?

  83. 83
    Mia Says:


    Jesus Christ, woman. Alex was probably tired and in no mood to deal with creepy guys yealing stuff at him. So he put on the hood. Whats the big deal!!!???

    You just want another reason to hate him.

  84. 84
    chelle Says:

    @Ladybug: from what I read it’s like kim kardashian and the shoe site. She may pick out a couple of things and they use her name but she isn’t a shareholder for the company. It
    was actually talking how tyra banks is a major shareholder in companies that use her name. I thought it was interesting cuz beige pushes that crap like it totally belongs solely to her. It said its on that federal website that has been mentioned on here before. I just can’t think of the name of it right now.

  85. 85
    Lacy Says:

    I don’t see the big deal about the hoodie either. Lots of guys here wear their hoods up, especially if it’s crappy outside or they have bad hair.

  86. 86
    hgjfgh Says:

    online store———–

    N I K E Shoes($35)

    N F L ($28)

  87. 87
    Ladybug Says:

    @chelle: So even though it’s presented as some sort of joint venture from her and her stylist she really just picks out designs she likes and gets to promote it?
    If true can’t tell whether it’s a good business decision or not, if it does well she may not make that much money off of it. OTOH, if she fades into obscurity, the line can continue on without her (I don’t wear jewelery, so am not really interested in the jewelry itself, nor really able to make an informed opinion on whether or not the designs suck). I

  88. 88
    So.Sad Says:

    Stardom-Seeker Smurf

  89. 89
    Follow the money Says:

    JJ doesn’t seem to want me to put down the bread crumb trail to Beachmint which is the mother company of Tackymint or their investors Anthem Ventures, Trinity Ventures and New Enterprise Associates. I keep getting moderated even though the info is listed on their public websites. Google the names and their portfolios will come up under their home page if you are interested in seeing how many millions have been invested in tackymint since last June. It’s in the 8 figures.

  90. 90
    MERRICK Says:

    @Follow the money:

    They had announced that they had invested $10M more into Tackymint Pretty soon the Q10 or quarterly report will come out. Considering the hard sell on twitter and all the 2 fer sales, I’m thinking it didn’t do too well. Very surprised that RZoe would have something like that on her blog…but then again, money is money.

    Btw, you can only post 2 links at a time or it will be automatically moderated..

  91. 91
    So.Sad Says:

    @Follow the money:
    Nice! I can’t believe Alex is between all that mess…
    Come back you sweet swedish with a pixeled bag!! :(

  92. 92
    Nikki Says:

    @MERRICK: I usually agree with your comments, but I’m sorry I disagree with this. Obviously you’ve never been to Los Angeles. The traffic is HORRIBLE and since this season of TB is mainly about Eric, he probably has the busiest schedule so why would he drive an extra 20 minutes to get things that are right around the corner from his house? Don’t you think he’d want a little down time? What if he just needed milk? That’s hardly a reason to drive to a store further from you. And Equinox? That’s obviously the most convenient for him as well. What you’ve basically said in your comment is that you expect a man with a full schedule to go out of his way to go about daily routines just so he doesn’t get photographed. Alex is not stupid, and you’re making him out to be that way. He’s thousands of miles from his family so it’s understandable that he goes to Joan’s often- he’s obviously comfortable there and enjoys the food. Many celebrities go to Joan’s, and it is a known pap restaurant, but you’re saying that he should stop going there and go somewhere else if he “truly” wants privacy? If he went to another restaurant for lunch, don’t you think the paparazzi would eventually find out and hound him there??? I don’t know why you even brought up the Village Idiot or the sushi restaurant…he was only photographed there once and KB is probably the one that tipped them off. In Hollywood, it’s all about your relations with others. That’s how people get offered jobs so of course he’s going to go to the Chateau. People are in and out there having drinks with colleagues/potential employers all of the time. You are truly crazy to expect him to alter his routine for “privacy”. No, the paparazzi need to get the hint that maybe he isn’t having a good day and doesn’t want to deal with their sh*t. They should know by now that he isn’t going to answer their questions.

  93. 93
    mforman Says:

    E news featured the story on Friday’s show, there is no link, they just mentioned it on the couples update that they do on Friday.
    They said how this weeks USWeekly would have an article about how AS and KB have hit a rough patch.
    i know all his fans are hoping this breakup lasts more than a month and it is finally over with. she truly makes me sick and he deserves so much better than this nonesense

  94. 94
    Rachel() Says:

    @Ladybug#87: Imo the jewelry on ****mint sucks. About 90% of it’s ugly, and the rest of it is not nice enough to be worth 29.99. I took the little fashion quiz on the site the other day, that’s supposed to gauge your fashion tastes, and even the clothes in the pictures they have you choose between are seriously gross.
    @MERRICK: I see your interest in ASkars has turned into full blown hatred. I’m still on team Alex, but I can see how your feelings have changed. Hopefully the breakups for real, so she doesn’t eventually poison me against him!
    @mforman: I usually like your posts, but they’re difficult to read. Capitalization? Not trying to be mean!! = )

  95. 95
    MERRICK Says:

    My point is he’s still not big enough or news worthy enough for paps to actually “hound” him. He’s dating a Z list bottom feeding famewh*re not Natalie Portman or Sandra Bullock.

    Did you know that his brother, Gustaf was here for 3 months? No? Neither did I. He could have used the exposure going places with his brother but choose to legitimately work at getting jobs by attending meetings, not tabloid exposure .

    That’s an actor I think that values his privacy.

    You know what? A lot of us have tougher schedules than reading lines, sitting around waiting for our scenes or getting make up applied and wardrobe fitting. I like the guy , but he’s not a policeman or fireman or someone who does physical labor that would truly exhaust him.

    He chose to play the fame game. Yes, he has to get milk…so do many BIG stars that are always bothered by paps…they chose to ACT LIKE THE PAPS AREN’T THERE.Why……because they’re actors. Like anyone else that you ignore , they’ll eventually see you’re not playing the game and stop. Why put on a hood and draw further attention, like you’re the Uni-bomber? Eye forward, put away groceries, get in car and drive away….no biggie.

    No one is asking him to stop global warming or the for a plan to help Japan. It’s stupid questions that doesn’t even warrant an eye blink. sandra Bullock must still get some obnoxious sh*t hurled at her but she’s not pissy and acting juvenile. She goes about her business. In the scope of HW , Skars is still not important If he can’t handle this minuscule level of pap coverage, what will happen if he hits it big with Battleship or anything else in the future?

    He chose to associate with a HW pariah/ joke whose achievements are based solely on the men she knows, not talent or hard work. I hope he enjoys Vail when Hole gets the award given to her by Kevin Spacey from a “film festival” he’s in partnership with. Spacey gave her 3 roles that she failed miserably at, so why shouldn’t he give her an award for “Excellence in Acting”? Really, has anyone seen ANY stellar review that she’s gotten for acting? LINK PLEASE.

    Seriously, for anyone to come back and state I’m crazy and jealous, we’ve all worked with or known people who’ve gotten jobs solely on connections not hard work. Personally, I despise these people and have very little respect for them or people they hang with. Most assume that people they associate with are exactly like them. Might not be true but that’s the general assumption. Alex has been painted by the same brush despite actually being a good actor. I’ve seen so many BS comments about him getting jobs because of Stellan since his association with Hole. HW is not different than any other job, nor are the people different from any of us.. If we see funk attached to her, don’t you think they do to? Unfortunately, Skars has some of it attached to him.

    Btw, how’s he been getting food all the other times he’s not been papped at the grocery store? Besides Joan”s.

    What gym did he belong before Equinox? Don’t know either. Surely he’s been exercising for the past 5 years before he joined pap friendly Equinox?

    He seems to be able to be invisi mode 3 weeks out of the month then suddenly the paps find him for a week or so…then he disappears again.

    Bottomline, I hate the game, not the player. Seems like until he joined Hole’s PR team he had lots of privacy. Looks likes one of the many things he regrets he did in 2010. Buyer’s remorse.

    Just my opinion like everyone else has their opinion. Night.

  96. 96
    MERRICK Says:


    Hatred? What kind of drama queen are you? I call Bullsh*t when I see it.

    I like this thing called logic. How ….come ….he ….gets….. food ….all .. the …other …..times….and no… ……see…..him?

    Unless of course you actually believe he’s bought food for the rest of the month in that one bag? It doesn’t even look like food for last him 2/3 days.

    He dealt with a known famewh*re and has done some really douchey famewh*rey things since then….Going to Bristol farms and buying one bag(beer?) with Khate before Valentines Day was suspect…Going there again and getting practically nothing again is suspect. Since people claim what a b*tch LA traffic is and what little time he has….why would he not stock up to save himself from the exhaustive trip and providing more pap opportunities?

    I got some scenic swamp land. Are you interested?

    In the real world people like people all the time but don’t necessarily approve of or like the things they do. I like him but he cannot turn water into beer. I’m still a fan that hopes he can turn things around.

  97. 97
    Rachel() Says:

    @MERRICK: Um…not being a drama queen. Just observing that you’ve started ripping into Alex a whole lot more than you have in the past. Your posts definitely sound like you dislike him whether you mean them to or not. Just saying…

  98. 98
    Duckman Walking Says:

    @Merrick Welcome to the dark side. Why do I feel like I should say “daaaahhhkkk siiiiiiide?” Anyway, gotta say I agree with your last posts. Like the guy, but I can only give him a pass for so long before I realize I’m making excuses for him because I like him. I believe in equal opportunity ripping, and if KB is getting a perpetual smackdown for this behavior, he’s next in line. Some would think it really naive of Skars to not be aware of what’s going on around him in spite of what he’s said and doesn’t say. It would also appear to some that he’s taken the advanced course in douchey famewh0rey things and learned from the best in the biz. @Merrick, I like that line. “I hate the game, not the player.” If the player can play the game and still come out on top, then more power to him I suppose. But at what cost?

    Now I’m just going to go back over here and sit next to what appears to be a duck, call some spades “spades,” and watch the trainwreck from the sidelines.

  99. 99
    MERRICK Says:


    Besides saying he shouldn’t act pissy and juvenile when being papped at known pap hangouts, what else negative have I said about him? Btw, I say the same thing all the time…so I don’t know how all of the sudden it’s become a “HATE” thing.

    @Nikki: z

    . “You are truly crazy to expect him to alter his routine for “privacy”.

    Riddle me this,since he ROUTINELY eats and does grocery shopping, exercises and runs errands ,why is he not ROUTINELY papped? Please explain in a manner my crazy self can understand.

  100. 100
    MERRICK Says:

    @Duckman Walking:

    Quack, Quack. ; )

  101. 101
    Africanuck Says:

    @Merrick: Yes, I did know his brother was there for several months, since he took him to several parties and had pix taken with them. No doubt helping get him some publicity.

    For all you or I know, he HAS been going to Equinox for the past 5 years, he HAS been doing his grocery shopping at Bristol Farms and he HAS been eating at Joan’s etc. It’s quite possible that these places have been part of his regular routine for the past 5 years, only now that True Blood is a hit TV show, he’s a pap-worthy target whereas before, nobody bothered to take his photo while he was out and about. Now they do, and as is evident from these photos, it’s obviously not something that he enjoys. You’d think that if he was going there deliberately to be papped, he’s look a bit happy about it.

    I wonder if you have any idea of what it’s like to no longer be anonymous? A year or so ago, that was pretty much the case for ASkars. Do you suppose that one just miraculously develops the thick skin that is no doubt needed to just brush the paps off? Personally, I think it’s a learning process like anything else and he’s in the midst of it. This is, after all, the guy who quit acting once already when he was famous as a teenager because the attention made him uncomfortable.

    Reading over your comments, it seems clear that the big beef that you have is that he hangs around with Bosworth who you seem to have a big hate on for. I’d also say that she can’t be that much of a “joke / pariah” in HW if she still gets invited to industry parties, still gets roles, still gets awards (no matter how obscure or undeserved) and still gets magazine covers. Sounds more to me like she may have friends who are trying to help her, so she must have something going for her.

  102. 102
    MERRICK Says:


    “Reading over your comments, it seems clear that the big beef that you have is that he hangs around with Bosworth who you seem to have a big hate on for. I’d also say that she can’t be that much of a “joke / pariah” in HW if she still gets invited to industry parties, still gets roles, still gets awards (no matter how obscure or undeserved) and still gets magazine covers. Sounds more to me like she may have friends who are trying to help her, so she must have something going for her.”

    What does she have going for her?Her friends that showed up to her Nylon party? Ten years in HW and no A/B listers that she’s worked with in the 20 people that showed up for her Nylon party .The covers as you well know are designed to help sell Tackymint. ,the investors want it to succeed. What industry parties has she been to recently that she wasn’t Alex’s plus one or business related.? She has some sort of Burberry and CK contracts, therefore went to their shows. If you haven’t notice recently some of the fashion shows are lacking the A/B listers that showed in previous years, so that ‘s not such a big deal. She went to Sundance because of bit parts in two movies that still haven’t found distributors.

    Regarding her fake award that I’m sure everyone is nudging themselves over…I would be embarrassed to accept it. I’d rather get a Razzie than that thing.Then again, she really has no pride or shame …some people are like that . The thing with Skars , pretty as he is I wouldn’t trade places with her being with a guy that’s never called her his gf after all this time…despite her telling all and sundry he’s her bf . Yeah, I know neither Bradley Cooper or Renee Zellwegger said a word…perhaps if Khate had done the same there would be a comparison. She obviously wanted everyone to know while he kept mum.

    Kevin Spacey and Ryan Kavanaugh can buy her all the awards and movie parts they like, she’ll still be a joke. It shows in the caliber of work she’s now getting or lack thereof. There really doesn’t seem much more they can do to help her…nothing’s really interest in what thy’re trying to sell.

    Btw, Tackymint may have gotten Nylon to put her on its cover but it didn’t get them to invite her to their anniversary party that prior cover girls went to. This person has gone to every party in the past , her lack of presence at recent events just denotes how off the grid she’s fallen.

    If Skars continues being pointlessly papped at pap hangouts after Khate , I’d just really have to throw in the towel. Still hoping he’ll turn it around. OBloom is on here JJ so often I find it distasteful as well.

    Yes, I dislike Khate. Her reliance on favors, lack of talent , stupidity, disingenuousness, arrogance and smugness really rub me the wrong way. Her constant need for male companionship along with morphing herself to every man’s interests is nauseating.

    Many are going to say it’s just my opinion of her but I stand by the fact that the turnout at the Nylon party proves me right. Not to mention that she has not one gf or co-star like Michelle Rodriguez, Ginnfer Goodwin, Live Tyler, even LL that wear her Tackymint to help her in the venture. That’s what friends or people that like you do, they help each other out. I find it very telling that she has none of those kind of contacts. They are too many things from Chris Martin to her lack of friends that I don’t like about her.

    She really should step back and perhaps go to college to gain new perspective. it can only help her at this point. Maybe she should look into directing or producing since acting is not her thing. There are a whole new crop of “it” girls that are actually on magazine covers without the aid of their business backs. She’s been replaced by them.Her contemporaries are either in hit movies, tv shows or have numerous accolades, nominations and awards. She really has nothing positive to show for her time in HW. She needs a new game plan. Perhaps if she achieved something on her own she can actually develop into someone interesting and independent. that doesn’t need men for her existence. Maybe she’ll find someone who’ s willing to change for her or at least meet her half way. Nobody likes doormats except to wipe their feet on.

    Btw, as I recall, Gustaf was at The Audi party with Stellan and Skars. Khate was there along with Bjorne. No picture with the family…iust by her hot mess, drunk/cranked self. There was Gustaf leaving from Chateau with Bill, Khate , Skars(?) and then he went to the Scandinavian Film Festival with Stellan, Bill and Alex. Doesn’t seem like much partying except hanging with his family. The way you make it seem like they were pictures of him hitting tons of events , parties and clubs. Except that it was 3 outings with his brothers and father in 3 months. Facts are your friends.

  103. 103
    rusty_belle Says:,,20476977,00.html

    “Over the weekend, the Chateau Marmont was equally star-studded: Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale enjoyed an evening with a large group of friends, including Kate Bosworth, Alexander Skarsgard and lots of Brits. Stefani and Rossdale stayed by each other’s sides for most of the night, while Gwen got chatty with a female who sat next to her. Skarsgard was pretty social, too, as he sipped on a beer and bonded with male friends, while Bosworth did her own thing, hanging out in the lobby and mingling with revelers at the hotel.”

  104. 104
    @rusty_belle Says:

    Ha, that’s a pretty pathetic way of spending a night out with your boyfriend!

    Anyway – about Tackymint; how well does it sell? There are only about 500 ‘likes’ on FB – the number went up because of a competion but still.

    Also – I cannot imagine that she’ll get the part in Total Recall. Can you even imagine? But then again they’re also looking at Jessica Biel so clearly they’re not going for good acting.

  105. 105
    rusty_belle Says:


    haha! i know! i’d rather go home than sitting at the lobby when everybody else is having fun :D

  106. 106
    MERRICK Says:


    What’s the excuse for them standing apart at a party full of more famous celebs? The old ” they don’t want them to get a money shot excuse”? Yeah, that’s the ticket.

    She was hanging out in the lobby? Are they sure she wasn’t stalking him?

    I need to start hanging out in lobbies where celebs parry…I too could be dating _ _ _ _ _ _ _!

  107. 107
    Cara Says:


    I agree with you in part. Hate the game not the player.

    However, I think that things are now much …worse… (not sure if right word)…than he ever thought they would be. I don’t think anyone expected things to get this out of control.

  108. 108
    MERRICK Says:


    ITA.Whatever he thought it was going to be, it not what he got. It’s nice to see that he has some of his old Swedish friends here to bolster him. Of course, he has his Americans in his corner as well. Says a lot about his character, how loyal his friends are., just like he is.

  109. 109
    Lacy Says:

    Um, I thought he was filming nights both on Friday and Saturday so when did this party take place? Weird.

  110. 110
    Lacy Says:

    Also, doesn’t sound like KB is “friends” with anyone if she’s hanging out in the lobby. LOL! More fodder for the rough patch?

  111. 111
    LoserInTheFoyer Says:

    Thats the saddest f****ing thing I’ve ever heard. Did no-one wish to be near her? She’s like King Midas in reverse. Everything Bosho touches turns to s**t.

  112. 112
    Cara Says:


    I just hope this all ends soon. I think it will do too much damage if it continues much longer.

  113. 113
    LOL Says:

    Ok, this sounds suspiciously stalkish. So he was inside at the party and she was outside in the lobby…Was she even invited? There were moments in the past that they at least went to parties together but now it seems that she shows up in places when she knows he’s there. This is too funny. And weird.

  114. 114
    Africanuck Says:


    Well, if “the way I make it seem” is that they were all over the place, how does a statement like “Did you know Gustav was in town for three months? No?” sound? Obviously I did know, as did anyone else who saw them in pix, contrary to the impression that you were trying to give off, aka: no one knew. They were also papped several times out with KB, if I remember correctly.

    Much as I would love to hate on KB since she’s boinking the guy on the top of my “freebie list”, I can’t. Mostly because I really wouldn’t want to be in her shoes, a 28 yr old woman in HW with a waning career and dependent on being a GF to be noticed. Well, except for the boinking ASkars bit ;)

  115. 115
    kiki Says:

    I have a feeling that the boinking part is not really happening anymore…

  116. 116
    Africanuck Says:


    Yeah, and sadly… my phone STILL isn’t ringing, lol

  117. 117
    Rachel() Says:

    @kiki: “I have a feeling that the boinking part is not really happening anymore…” Yeah, b/c he would have to actually let her in the same room w/ him.

  118. 118
    Rachel() Says:

    Funny how Kate is always “doing her own thing”. On outings she’s always talking to random ppl. instead of the ppl. she’s “with”. I had no idea she was so independent.

  119. 119
    @Rachel() Says:

    It really makes you wonder: where are her friends? Seriously! Does she have other friends than Cher (who is also employed by her) and Alex? Alex still has and is seen with his load of friends from back home and nex friends from the US but we never see Kate with friends (or family for that matter). Very, very strange since the paps always follow her – to the doctor, when she shops, to the hair dresser, when she’s out eating, when she’s at parties – all these outings, not a single friend..

  120. 120
    She is so Vanilla Says:

    Haha! She is in the lobby at CM, she appears at Joan’s where he is eating lunch with people that he wanted to be with.

    Yeah she is Stalking him, just like she did OB. They are broken up because she is trying to hard to keep it (together). Too sad.
    BTW I don’t hate the player either I just hate the game. I just can’t stand KB though.

  121. 121
    MERRICK Says:

    Does anyone else get the idea by how the narrative has Skars not paying attention to her but always looking grumpy is set to make her seem like the victim? I find it strange that JJ posted the grumpy pictures with him at Joan’s with Tarik but not the ones of him smiling at the fan that came to speak to him during lunch…..Odd…

    Just seems like an effort to make him look douchey like when poor Khate smiled adoringly at the mean bf and walks away forlornly.

    Regardless of whatever BS is playing out, he’s still nice to his fans and other people. His co-workers and friends love him and are very loyal to him. Says a lot about who he is, despite the pap game.

  122. 122
    Ladybug Says:

    @Cara: That’s what interests me: He’s in a relationship with KB, whom he seems to share nothing in common with, in terms of interests. He’s never admitted to being her boyfriend, and now when they’re in public together looks like he’s in total misery.
    So why maintain it?
    Contract signed in blood?
    Family members held hostage?
    Feels sorry for her?
    Totally fooled by her and now can’t figure a way out?
    Really, really bad taste in girlfriends?

  123. 123
    @MERRICK Says:

    Like anyone but her hardcore fans will side with her if/when they breakup, ha ha :D I predict a massive and loud cheer from everywhere when/if it happens.

  124. 124
    @Ladybug Says:

    To be quite honest; I think they both like to drink. A lot. Also I think she’s *very* good at adopting the interests of whoever she’s with. He might have fallen for that, I guess.

  125. 125
    Ladybug Says:

    @Follow the money: That must have been an interesting meetings: So, we’re going to invest several millions of dollars into a jewelry venture who’s public face is known (if she’s known outside HW at all) for being the worst Lois Lane ever and for maybe boinking the Viking Vampire from True Blood. Sure! Where do we sign over our money!

  126. 126
    Ladybug Says:

    @@Ladybug: I’d forgotten about the drinking. And I believe you’re correct about her ‘liking’ whatever her BF of the moment likes. But, it must get old and boring after awhile.

  127. 127
    Follow the money Says:

    @Ladybug I’m sure they have an out clause where she can be replaced if things don’t work out from either side. Teresa Palmer is pushing tackymint almost as much as Kate. Makes you wonder if she’s next in line. Her movie career is certainly doing better at the moment and she’s much fresher and prettier than Kate.

  128. 128
    Ladybug Says:

    @MERRICK: Yep. Not sure whey they want ASkars to be the bad guy in this. Naive sucker might fly, but bad guy probably not. Unless they try to use the fact that he looks miserable when he’s with her as ‘bad behavior’ (as opposed to a normal reaction).

  129. 129
    Cara Says:

    Interesting that they’ve had no photo ops isn’t it? Nothing to stop the rumors…not even her out and about….is it possibly true?? Is it over??? Dare we hope??

  130. 130
    chelle Says:

    @Cara: don’t hope too loud it always bites you in the butt! I still think he looks cutie pie as a smurf.

  131. 131
    Rachel() Says:

    Did she really stalk OB too? I keep hearing ppl mention it. Any examples or links?

  132. 132
    @ Rachel() Says:

    Here’s a link but BEWARE! The images might destroy your retinas. LOL

  133. 133
    Cara Says:

    Smokin Hot Smurf!!!
    I’ll try to keep my wonderings down to a dull roar…you have a point.

  134. 134
    Sugar Says:

    Wow – some strange obsessions at this site. People can actually find links (or are willing to take the time) from OB days. All I have to say is if Kate and Alex aren’t a couple, clearly they really really really enjoy spending time together. She’s still friendly with all her exes and that tells me she’s a pretty cool girl.

  135. 135
    who knows Says:

    @Sugar: I always find it odd that people say she’s friendly with her exes. How do you know that? I don’t see her hanging with Orlando or James. So – she says she is friendly with them, but certainly there’s no real evidence to that. I reserve ‘cool girl’ for women who have real lives with real things happening in them, not scraping for attention by attaching to their boyfriends. If this is her happy, I would hate to see her depressed. That Vogue video certainly doesn’t help things.

  136. 136
    chelle Says:

    @Sugar:@Sugar: so she says but seems to go out of her way to avoid FW Paris ..not like she actually had to come back to work. Personally I still want to detonate a nuclear warhead in my ex’s pants and it’s been years since I have even seen him…still friends my ass …hahahaha

  137. 137
    Cara Says:

    @who knows:
    What Vogue video?

  138. 138
    Sugar Says:

    Kate was at a function at the Chateau if I remember correctly. Orlando saw her and ran into the party to say hello. They had a dance together. They also were friendly to each other at the Audi party around Academy Award time. She was with Alex. If you don’t like her, why do you spend so much time discussing her – almost stalking her online? Crazy jealous girls!

  139. 139
    Rachel() Says:

    @Sugar: Hmm…pretty judgmental for someone who is also posting on a gossip site. Links please?
    @@ Rachel(): Thank you!

  140. 140
    @138 Says:

    Orlando saw her and ran into the party to say hello. They had a dance together. They also were friendly to each other at the Audi party around Academy Award time. She was with Alex

    I have never heard of this @ the audi party I read/reported kate was hanging/ chatting with sellan god knows what she had to say to stellan! but nothing about orlando? where dd you read this? link please to the arical?

  141. 141
    Bwwaaahhaaaahaaaa! Says:


    Bulls**t. Can’t hold her head up in a photo shoot, certainly couldn’t hold it up long enough to dance…puh-lease. Her and Orlando dancing….lol…now I’ve really heard it all.

  142. 142
    KneeSlappingGoodTime Says:


    No. uh-uh. Can’t hold her head up in a photo shoot, certainly couldn’t hold it up long enough to dance…puh-lease. Her and Orlando dancing….lol…now I’ve really heard it all.

  143. 143
    Dierdre Says:

    He hasn’t been seen recently….wonder what is going on….

  144. 144
    CM party Says:

    so if alex and kate have been seen at some party TOGETHER at CM then I guess the going through a “rough patch” US weekly artical is another bunch of crap? gosh when will it end? this silly childish game that alex and kate play

    from TPF
    From UsWeekly in their VIP Scene column (page 56 in the print edition):
    “Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin on a double date with Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale at L.A.’s Chateau Marmont. (Kate Bosworth and beau Alexander Skarsgard stopped by to say hi!)”

  145. 145
    MERRICK Says:

    @CM party:

    If GP/ CM and KB were even at the same venue together, twitter would have exploded and Chateau Marmount would have been SWARMED by paps. THAT would be a money shot.

    Btw, why didn’t the US article mention GP/CM being there? Did GOOP glamour the reporter or use a Jedi mind trick to make them not see her?

  146. 146
    who knows Says:

    @Sugar: They had a dance together? What? You are really creating some interesting stories here because that was not reported anywhere. If you mean the Mulberry party over a year ago at Chateau Marmont where Orlando was also there, there were no references to them dancing together and in fact, Us did a follow up piece about how miserable she was and it might be in envy of Orlando so they aren’t exactly hanging out together. And who said they were friendly to each other at the Audi party? See this is the nonsense of this site – you can just say anything and supposedly it’s fact. @137 there is a video that JewelMint has linked on its twitter from her Vogue shoot.

  147. 147
    Cara Says:

    Wait…so now US is reporting that they all hung out together over the weekend?? And there were not Twitter explosions? No Pictures?? No Pap there to conveniently snap a BIG money shot that would potentially erase the rumors of hate about the KB/CM hook up?…………….OK if I were to believe this, then I would think it would give credence to the demise of the showmance….If she was indeed there with Alex..and it didn’t sound like it with her doing her own thing in the lobby, then is he trying to leave her on a good note? If she is seen with all of them, will it reduce the hate?? However, IT does show that they are not engaged, she would have been showing her bling all over him if there was indeed a ring..hope I made sense

  148. 148
    hilarious Says:

    Remember when someone said last week that US had a story and her PR people couldn’t or didn’t do damage control this is what that story is.
    Please so GP& CM and GS & R was there with them and NO photo of either. GS is Photograph all the time now she doing a lot of family damage control to the public and this was not posted even of them.

    This like everything else is BS. I am sticking to they are having a rough patch till picture proven otherwise and No not a picture of her just turning up like a bad magic action which she is.

  149. 149
    Ladybug Says:

    @@ Rachel(): Ok, that’s scary on so many levels: The stalking, the concentration camp chic, the fact that her hair looked better then.

    @CM Party, so the same issue of US that has them hitting a rough patch also has them at CM having a friendly hi to the couple KB reportedly tried to break up?

  150. 150
    Lacy Says:

    When does the new issue usually hit stands? Like Ladybug, I am wondering about the timing of all this. We just had an issue where it said they hit a rough patch and then quoted a past party. Now apparently there is a new story in a new issue only a few days later? I’m wondering if they used a past party again, because from the tweets of Kristen Bauer Van Straten, who Alex works with a TON, she was filming nights BOTH Friday and Saturday. When did this supposed soiree take place then? At first it was Gavin and Gwen and now it’s changed to Chris Martin and Paltrow? Total correction there. Were CM and GP even in town. They’re in London as of a few days ago, but I guess they could have been in LA on the weekend.

  151. 151
    Rachel() Says:

    @Lacy: People didn’t say anything about GP and CM being there. I feel like they probably would have made note of it. Who mentions K-Ho being at an event and not GOOP?

  152. 152
    Lacy Says:


    Someone referenced Us Weekly mentioning that GP and CM were there, so that’s more what I meant. The initial mention was in People, without CM and GP but Us is now stating it was a double date and that Alex and Kate were there as well. Sounds a bit fishy to me, since you’d think People would have been in on that as well. That’s why I’m wondering when these print issues hit stands, because there is time for a correction of sorts to cover for the rough patch story.

  153. 153
    Ladybug Says:

    @Lacy: It’s entirely possibly that both US tidbits on AS and KB are lies. But it seems much more likely that AS and KB being at CM and stopping to say Hi! to GP/CM is the big lie.
    As already mentioned, that’s a moment that would be tweeted and papped ’round the gossip world.

  154. 154
    chelle Says:

    As U2 so lovingly put it ….we’re in a place called vertigo …anybody else getting dizzy?

  155. 155
    Cara Says:

    Maybe she is stalking Mr. Skarsgard, she was in the lobby for the pretense of them being together…

  156. 156
    Interesting Says:

    If the party was Saturday, it’s highly unlikely GP & CM were there when they were busy at Reese Witherspoon’s wedding.

  157. 157
    Lacy Says:

    Friday then perhaps? So obviously one of the stories is false, unless they stopped there before or after the wedding.

  158. 158
    Camille Says:

    Yuku put up some new pics of Alex going for lunch a couple days ago with Tarik, and some girls. No KB in sight. It looks like someone was in the restaurant and just took pictures and uploaded them. The person posted a link, but it’s in Polish or something and I couldn’t find the pics, but they’re on the Yuku forum.

  159. 159
    @Camille Says:

    He’s with Tarik and Björne and a women – don’t know who she is. The pics I’ve seen might not have been taken by a pap because no one seems to notice that they’re being taken. Interesting how he’s out with friends and a woman but Jared doesn’t post it, Can we say damage control?

  160. 160
    Africanuck Says:

    Those pix are disturbingly stalkerish. :(

  161. 161
    Cara Says:

    Can someone please post a link? TU

  162. 162
    Swedish Lunch Link Says:

    I think whoever took these was not a stalker or a pap just a star struck fan. Whoever they are, they got some great candids. Of course any time KB is absent, we have relaxed, happy, sexy Alex pics.

  163. 163
    Africanuck Says:

    @Swedish Lunch Link:

    Simple fan it may be, but did they really have to post it on the internet for all to see? This is what I meant earlier for these people… it doesn’t matter these days where they go, someone’s going to have a cellphone or going to tweet where they are. The poor guy was out for lunch in a totally non-pap environment and he still can’t not have it end up on the internet. It makes it almost worse because he has no idea he’s being snapped. :(((

  164. 164
    MERRICK Says:

    Big difference in being snapped/ papped at a random venue than a KNOWN pap trap. Having said that, it’s very funny that he looks relaxed when he doesn’t feel/ know he’ll be papped. But I wonder who could be taking all those pictures of him in the restaurant and outside without him noticing or being p*ssed?

  165. 165
    Africanuck Says:

    I don’t think it makes a difference at all, except that one gets paid for it and the other doesn’t. It’s still an invasion of privacy either way you look at it.

  166. 166
    chelle Says:

    @@Camille: one of the women is Lisa Larson

  167. 167
    Cara Says:

    Its a bit odd, we haven’t seen anything about her getting to Vail for that award she paid for, I mean, the award she is receiving. Isn’t she supposed to be there in person???

  168. 168
    Nikki Says:

    @Camille: One girl is Bjorne’s wife, Lisa and the other is Lykke Li.

  169. 169
    no lisa? Says:

    I don’t see bjorne’s wife lisa in any of those pics ??that women in the vest and skirt with black tights and heels does not look like lisa either can some point lisa out please?

    all I can see is alex, tarik (however you spell his name), bjorne,
    lykke Li!!

  170. 170
    Africanuck Says:

    Stupid question, but how is it that you guys know the names of his friends?

  171. 171
    MERRICK Says:


    Bigger question, why are you pretending not to know? I love when so called “newbies” with “no agenda” make passive aggressive comments in an effort to insult or “correct” other posters. The funny thing is the “newbies” start off mild and curious but get increasing defensive/ corrective/ snarky all the while trying to assert that other posters are wrong in their assessment of of the situation/ photographs that the “newbies” themselves have drawn their own “correct” conclusions.

    The ironic thing about “newbies” is the seem very committed to make numerous posts about someone they know hardly anything about…after all, they’re newbies. Why waste so much time posting without any information on the subject?

  172. 172
    Africanuck Says:


    I suppose that like anyone else, I’m probably entitled to my opinion. Just as you are, even if it’s not the same as mine. No need to get in a huff about it, and no need to sling insults my way either.

    However, I do genuinely want to know the answer to my question as I’ve never seen any of his friends identified, at least not those who aren’t famous or known to the general public. So no, I’m not “pretending not to know” otherwise I wouldn’t bother asking.

    Anyone polite care to answer?

  173. 173
    chelle Says:

    Africanuck: I learned who they were from other pictures and other postings.

  174. 174
    MERRICK Says:


    I didn’t realize I was being insulting, by being skeptical of your question or motive for being here. You’ve never read previous JJ posts or been to any of the AS boards? That’s how we know about Skarsworld. How did you find out about AS on JJ? Lucky accident, simply curious, etc..? Can you politely answer that? Most of us are here because we’re (still) AS fans or TB fans…so…you are here …why?

    I’m quite polite, just not stupid.

  175. 175
    Africanuck Says:


    Thank you

  176. 176
    Cafélady Says:

    @Africanuck #163

    I agree with you, it’s sad to see, that the poor guy has not one minute outside his house for himself, without being papped or photographed by someone else with a camera. Anyhow it’s seems like that. But the sadly truth is, a lot of people don’t care for others mostly in these days, that’s for sure. And so they post/sell every pic which they ever can do.
    Sure, I like to see new pic’s of him, but for me it’s a fine line between photographe him for example at any official event or pics with him and a fan and stalking every step he is doing outside his house or apartment or wherever he is living.

    And yes, this is a gossip-site, but I think it’s not a contradiction to read/post here on jj from time to time AND thinking that he has an right to have some privacy and try to protect this.

    As for the pap-trap, known pap-spots; obivously he goes often to some locations like for example joan’s on third or equinox and so on. But why he should change his habits?
    I would bet on it, that he drinks his coffee there since the days he stayed in LA first. And that must be years ago, I guess.
    So this is probably something he has done BEFORE this TB-hype and the higher interest on his person begun.
    A lot of people do that and go to the same locations in public for years.
    In my book this is no reason to think that everytime he is there (on joans and so on), he automatic wants to be papped.

    And even if he would change -let us say where he is drinking his coffee, for example- I believe it wouldn’t make a difference. Like we see with this new pics, they (the pap’s) would hunt him anyway.
    But this doesn’t change the fact, that he has a right to have some privacy even outside of his house.

  177. 177
    Africanuck Says:


    Sorry but I call BS on that. Calling someone “passive aggressive”, implying that they are “pretending” to be “a newbie” who “claims to have no agenda” is most certainly insulting, as it amounts to you calling me a liar. So sorry, but where I’m from, calling someone a liar is an insult.

    As for finding this, I News googled Skarsgard and when this post was fresh, it came up on top. And no, I don’t habitually read over here, I don’t comment over here as you yourself noted and I’ve never been to an AS board since I didn’t know there was one.

    Yes for a TB fan and also yes for a SVM book fan. Also think that AS is an artistic gem, totally aside from the yumminess.

  178. 178
    mforman Says:

    I would also like to know, why we haven’t seen her photographed at the airport going to get her brought for award. I mean she paid for it one way or the other, you would think she would be headed there to get drunk and hang on whoever will hold her up.
    I also think she has hit the stalking phase. This is exactly how she handled it with OB, she loses a lot of weight and then starts showing up at places that he is. First it was at Joans, then she shows up at CM and is in the lobby. The magazine made sure to state that he was with his friends, they didn’t say they were together. It was like they wanted us to know she was just hanging around, probably trying to get his attention. There was no way they were on a date with GP/CM, that wont happen, not in this lifetime, someone called in a huge lie and it was not fact checked and someone is going to get into trouble for that because US and People like to print reliable stories, that is way the stars go to them when they need to tell their stories or have pictures of their babies taken. Someone didn’t check the facts and the editors are not going to like it. US broke the last breakup story and refused to print a retraction.
    This time I think that it is true I think he has just had it. I think things got way way out of hand, I don’t think he thought it would all go down like this and now he is trying very hard to make it all stop. Also, I think his friends have had it too. How much longer are they going to want this disgusting pariah hanging around with them, with them having to babysit her, because he does not want to be near her. They also are seeing what it is doing to him, this man is too talented to keep up this nonesense.
    I really hope this is it.

  179. 179
    MERRICK Says:


    Perhaps. But I find it curious that a person who is capable of traversing the internet would ask anyone else how they find out information. The internet perhaps? That’s after all why we have the internet… find out information.

  180. 180
    Cara Says:


    I’m willing to bet we will see a pix of her soon, with or without him, and she will look horrible. I’m hoping its without him. Rumors will continue to fly about splitsville, and depending on their contract, there might be a forced couple appearance to stop the rumors…some

  181. 181
    MERRICK Says:

    She was spotted at Joan’s today, so we may get pictures or at least the LAX Vail departure. Funny, that she has no event/ party red carpet to smug on…unless she’s paying for them or employed by them. Seems like her invites have been lost in the mail.

  182. 182
    MERRICK Says:


    YES , I AM CALLING YOU A LIAR. Looking back at your post at #101. YOU KNEW his brother was here for months but are a newbie? Funny, Bjorne has been seen regularly with Skars at numerous events for YEARS but you don’t know him but yet know about his brother who lives in Sweden? You know I have a “hate on” for Khate by reading one of my posts…really you read one post and denote that I have a “hate on”?. Whatever. Flame on.

    “@Merrick: Yes, I did know his brother was there for several months, since he took him to several parties and had pix taken with them. No doubt helping get him some publicity.
    For all you or I know, he HAS been going to Equinox for the past 5 years, he HAS been doing his grocery shopping at Bristol Farms and he HAS been eating at Joan’s etc. It’s quite possible that these places have been part of his regular routine for the past 5 years, only now that True Blood is a hit TV show, he’s a pap-worthy target whereas before, nobody bothered to take his photo while he was out and about. Now they do, and as is evident from these photos, it’s obviously not something that he enjoys. You’d think that if he was going there deliberately to be papped, he’s look a bit happy about it.”

  183. 183
    Cara Says:


    Please tell me she was not with him at Joans????

  184. 184
    MERRICK Says:


    Just her so far as per twitter. But we still have the Vail Excellence in Famwh*ring Award weekend to see what up?

  185. 185
    MERRICK Says:

    .No answer but thumbs down Africanuck? People get their feelings hurt by being busted for LYING about being a newbie and are just sitting here voting thumbs down on even my innocuous posts?

    It’s all fun and games until the flying monkies attack.

    Really what newbie would have known about Alex’s brother whereabouts on his 3 month visit from Sweden? You can find info about a brother living in Sweden but don’t know Bjorne that has been pictured with Skars numerous times for years in the US? Then you ask how people found about about his friends and expect no skepticism about your motives? Are you serious?

    As usual it’s the level of intelligence I expect from KB stans/ PR….give it up already and stop playing silly games.. No one gives a rat’s @ss who’s a newbie or not. This is a gossip site not international espionage…stop with the cloak and dagger juvenile BS.

    No one here is stupid.

  186. 186
    Cara Says:


    Flying Monkeys??? I love it…almost had milk splurting out my nose from reading that too. LOL woohoo rock on with your bad self.. :) :) Wonder if its KB herself????

  187. 187
    MERRICK Says:


    Who knows or cares… I just dislike stupidity.I honestly am just waiting for Eric’s amnesia in S4. It’ll probably the only book related thing AB will give us with his cast of a 1000.

  188. 188
    Camille Says:

    Yuku girls have pics of Alex coming out of L’Ermitage Hotel today. They didn’t post a link. Is that in LA?

  189. 189
    Camille Says:

    Sorry, found a link for those hotel pics. No KB.

  190. 190
    Rachel() Says:

    I don’t know how well Bjorne is known in general, but I hadn’t heard of him until reading this board. ASkar’s brothers would probably be more well known in the U.S. simply b/c they’re Skarsgards. Of course Bjorne could be really well known in the U.S. and I’m just unaware(really no sarcasm or passive aggressiveness). So, it seems kinda likely that someone on here would know about Askar’s brother’s whereabouts, but not know about his relatively unknown(?) friends. Just saying…correct me if I’m wrong and they’re really famous(seriously).

  191. 191
    Rachel() Says:

    @Camille: Thanks for the links. Always nice to see him free from her energy sucking presence!

  192. 192
    Africanuck Says:


    As I said, I’ve never seen pix where his friends were identified. I haven’t bothered going looking for them either. It frankly never really occurred to me to do so as:

    a) I’ve given the ones you see often nicknames in my head which is, in the end, sufficient as I’ll never meet any of them anyways. “Bald Dude” is presumably Tarik?

    b) It’s pretty rare that “unknown” (to the public at least) people in pix with a celebrity are given anything other than the label of “and a friend”.

    Hence my question, as it’s surprising and unusual for the press (who are lazy as h*ll) to go to the trouble of finding that sort of info out.

  193. 193
    Africanuck Says:


    Ok, so at least you now own it, bravo! Allow me to do the same. I think you’re an obsessed paranoid bully whose jealousy of the fact that KB is or has been boinking ASkars is so blindingly obvious that it doesn’t take more than reading one post to see it. The “is dating a Z list bottom feeding famewh*re” comment was a dead giveaway. The only reason that woman is on your vitriolic radar is because she’s with AS. You may as well own that too, it might make you feel better.

    As for your “newbie” remarks… you quite clearly meant “newbie to JJ” in your comment, not “newbie to being an admirer of AS”. Also, judging from the same comment HERE: @MERRICK: you seem to think that one has to do some sort of “research” to be worthy of commenting. Get over yourself. You don’t own the guy. One doesn’t have to scour the internet for any and all information on him, his friends and what colour of socks he’s wearing today in order to be “allowed” to like him. You sound a lot like a fangbanger as described in the books actually, thinking that if only one is “worthy enough (of a fan)”, “The Master (ASkars)” will notice you. You know how that turns out.

  194. 194
    @Rachel() Says:

    According to Gustaf his name got him some recognition but nothing else. When talking about auditioning (to a Swedish paper) he sounded a bit .. I don’t know – maybe disappointed? The proces must be brutal – perhaps even more when you are used to being a big name (which the Skarsgårds are at home obviously).

    Btw – he also mentions that they all lived together while he was in the states. Sounds like fun to me :D I do wonder though – how romantic must that have been for KB is they live together like we are meant to believe – 3 months with her house filled with her boyfriends brothers.. I can’t really see that happening myself.

  195. 195
    ElisaDay Says:

    Thank you so much for the voice of sanity! I am not a newbie to JJ, I have been reading posts here for a while and it’s fascinating to see how people can construct whole personalities and life stories based on paparazzi photographs. But the scary thing is that they believe it to be true so much so that they are willing to get into arguments about it.

    Bad news girls, but I think that AS and KB are totally together and it’s not even her PR it’s HIS, the same way as Wentworth Miller was told by Fox not to come out as gay when Prison Break was popular since he had a huge female fan base, Alex is probably told not to go public with the relationship, hence the controversy, the no PDA, etc. As soon as TB is over they will be together officially.

  196. 196
    Africanuck Says:


    Exactly, yes. I’ve heard of his father, seen him in films. I’ve heard of ASkars, seen him in TB. The brother(s) hang out with him/them while in the US and are named in photos. I wouldn’t have known who they were before seeing them named in photos. The friends get labeled as “some friends” or “a friend”.

  197. 197
    Africanuck Says:


    Beer and takeawy nights galore! :)

  198. 198
    Africanuck Says:


    “Thank you so much for the voice of sanity! I am not a newbie to JJ, I have been reading posts here for a while and it’s fascinating to see how people can construct whole personalities and life stories based on paparazzi photographs. But the scary thing is that they believe it to be true so much so that they are willing to get into arguments about it.”

    I know. It’s one captured split second in a life, yet these photos become the basis for a whole mental fiction. Obviously when you control it, it serves it’s purpose by putting forward whatever image one wishes the public to have. I don’t know if you’ve seen videos or not of what some of the paps say to these people in the hopes of inducing a reaction, but I remember seeing one of an 18 year old Kristen Stewart at an airport with her Dad and one of the paps said/asked something really vile. She said nothing, but her outraged Dad got right in the face of the guy. ASkars needs to practice his own version of a “Crazy Sookie” smile for these people.

    I can’t say I agree with the theory that he’s been told to keep his relationship with KB out of the public eye, since they’ve gone to some very public events together, including one season’s TB premiere (I think). Obviously I have no idea if this is a real relationship or a fake one although I lean towards the latter. That kind of sucks though, because then I have to avoid asking myself why he would need one.

  199. 199
    ElisaDay Says:

    “That kind of sucks though, because then I have to avoid asking myself why he would need one.” – lol, yeah, good point….

    I haven’t seen any paparazzi videos, but I will try to look some up now. Sounds nasty

  200. 200
    Africanuck Says:


    Don’t know if I can post links properly with code here, so this may not work. The guy was asking if she brought her “bowl” or “bong” with her “this time”.

    KStew video

  201. 201
    MERRICK Says:


    VITRIOLIC? WELCOME BACK . You really should get a new word. After all the internet is FREE.

    Sorry you have such low standards that you would be jealous of someone that is known to be “boinking” a man that’s never acknowledged their relationship in over a year.

    You proved my point for a “newbie” you’re awfully invested and throwing the jealous fangirl bit tells me you’ve been around for quite some time.

    Why so fascinated by other people’s sex lives? What kind of gutter do you reside that you have to go there? N\o one but KB stans ever brings up sex. ICK.

    I don’t like Khate. I think she’s a gross, prideless HW doorknob that owes her achievements to her “boinhking” skills.

    But however you spend your FREE time it’s your business. Have fun with your FREE MUSINGS.

  202. 202
    Africanuck Says:


    Honey, if ever I saw a jealous fangirl, you are it. I ask a simple question about how his friends were ID’d and you go all defensive because you know your tendencies are obsessive and probably bordering on stalkerish and so you took it personally. No one else did.

    As to knowing that you are one, the type and the discourse doesn’t change even if the object of affection does. It’s typical high school jealous mean girl behavior and you’ve got it in spades.

  203. 203
    MERRICK Says:


    Whatever, “newbie”. I never smile at crocodiles….or other reptiles.

  204. 204
    Africanuck Says:


    You must have a hard time brushing your teeth then.

  205. 205
    Crazy Says:

    “I can’t say I agree with the theory that he’s been told to keep his relationship with KB out of the public eye, since they’ve gone to some very public events together, including one season’s TB premiere (I think). Obviously I have no idea if this is a real relationship or a fake one although I lean towards the latter. That kind of sucks though, because then I have to avoid asking myself why he would need one.”
    Of course nobody is telling them to keep their relationship out of the public eye. And of course their relationship is real. Keep asking yourself why he would need a fake one because you’ll soon accept the truth. Another truth is the majority of people don’t care if they’re a couple. The crazies who make noise at some message boards are very small in number and insignificant.

  206. 206
    Africanuck Says:


    I don’t need to “accept” anything, I don’t really care one way or another about whether their relationship is a true one or a PR one. It doesn’t affect my life either way. But she definitely milks the PR angle, which is why I suspect that is the purpose. Readers of the books will recognize the symbolism of what she’s wearing here right off the bat… Bosworth in sort of the dress Sookie first wore to Fangtasia in the books.

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