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Alexander Skarsgard Hides in His Hoodie

Alexander Skarsgard Hides in His Hoodie

Alexander Skarsgard tries to keep a low profile in a blue hoodie while running errands on Saturday (March 26) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 34-year-old Swedish actor recently grabbed a bite to eat at Joan’s on Third – not once, but twice!

Earlier this month, Alex attended a party for Nylon magazine’s March issue, which was hosted by girlfriend Kate Bosworth.

At the bash, Kate told the L.A. Times with a wink that she’s “of course” excited for the June premiere of Alex‘s show, True Blood.

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206 Responses to “Alexander Skarsgard Hides in His Hoodie”

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  1. 76
    MERRICK Says:


    Sorry, if Smurfgarf really wanted privacy he would go to places not frequented by pap. I drive 20 minutes to go to my favorite supermarket….not a big deal.

    Seriously, Joan”s, Chateau Marmont., The Ivy, Equinox , That sushi restaurant, The Village Idiot, Bristol Farms and other such places are known pap hangouts. People who go there WANT to be papped.

    Worthskars is not a blip on anyone’s radar …try as they wanted to be. People were trying to get the money shot of Renee Zellweiger and Bradley Cooper…not these C/Z listers. It’s a shame…in 2009 he was climbing onto the B list. Bad company and choices led him to these silly famewh*ring maneuvers. Albeit, I think he actually likes Joan’s but he knows the deal and should stop being juvenile about it.

  2. 77
    MERRICK Says:

    @Skarsgard wannabe:

    Delicious manwh*re Colin Farrel…likes women. ….with curves.

  3. 78
    E news ?? Says:

    I have seen nothing/reported on E news regarding the breakup /rough patch etc link please? anyone else seen it on E news?

  4. 79
    pop sugar Says:

    now we know why alex was wearing his hoody!!! according pop sugar it was raining really heavy? hmm my eye sight must be going because I cannot see no rain? and alex’s car was dry in X17 vid? or maybe it was an excuse just to mention the laughable WORTHLESS in there artical?

    Alexander Skarsgard took refuge from the rain in LA on Saturday with the help of his blue hoodie. He was out running errands solo after a busy week of meeting up with his friends and sticking to his intense gym routine. Alexander has also hit the town to support his lady friend Kate Bosworth, who’s been focusing on her blossoming jewelry business.,0,1

  5. 80
    chelle Says:

    I think he makes a delicious looking smurf….I hope the rumors of the break up are true just for the fact of him getting back to business …like I said in another post beige is not a shareholder in crappymint. She is using her “star power ” to sell it. I read this in an article mainly about tyra banks so I can’t give a link …sorry!

  6. 81
    lootzie Says:

    Did ya’ll see that Rachel Zoe was pushing the JewelMint sale on her blog and her Twitter. I wonder why Rachel was pushing it since isn’t she in competition with Cher?

  7. 82
    Ladybug Says:

    @chelle: So, it’s not really ‘her’ “blossoming jewelry business”?

  8. 83
    Mia Says:


    Jesus Christ, woman. Alex was probably tired and in no mood to deal with creepy guys yealing stuff at him. So he put on the hood. Whats the big deal!!!???

    You just want another reason to hate him.

  9. 84
    chelle Says:

    @Ladybug: from what I read it’s like kim kardashian and the shoe site. She may pick out a couple of things and they use her name but she isn’t a shareholder for the company. It
    was actually talking how tyra banks is a major shareholder in companies that use her name. I thought it was interesting cuz beige pushes that crap like it totally belongs solely to her. It said its on that federal website that has been mentioned on here before. I just can’t think of the name of it right now.

  10. 85
    Lacy Says:

    I don’t see the big deal about the hoodie either. Lots of guys here wear their hoods up, especially if it’s crappy outside or they have bad hair.

  11. 86
    hgjfgh Says:

    online store———–

    N I K E Shoes($35)

    N F L ($28)

  12. 87
    Ladybug Says:

    @chelle: So even though it’s presented as some sort of joint venture from her and her stylist she really just picks out designs she likes and gets to promote it?
    If true can’t tell whether it’s a good business decision or not, if it does well she may not make that much money off of it. OTOH, if she fades into obscurity, the line can continue on without her (I don’t wear jewelery, so am not really interested in the jewelry itself, nor really able to make an informed opinion on whether or not the designs suck). I

  13. 88
    So.Sad Says:

    Stardom-Seeker Smurf

  14. 89
    Follow the money Says:

    JJ doesn’t seem to want me to put down the bread crumb trail to Beachmint which is the mother company of Tackymint or their investors Anthem Ventures, Trinity Ventures and New Enterprise Associates. I keep getting moderated even though the info is listed on their public websites. Google the names and their portfolios will come up under their home page if you are interested in seeing how many millions have been invested in tackymint since last June. It’s in the 8 figures.

  15. 90
    MERRICK Says:

    @Follow the money:

    They had announced that they had invested $10M more into Tackymint Pretty soon the Q10 or quarterly report will come out. Considering the hard sell on twitter and all the 2 fer sales, I’m thinking it didn’t do too well. Very surprised that RZoe would have something like that on her blog…but then again, money is money.

    Btw, you can only post 2 links at a time or it will be automatically moderated..

  16. 91
    So.Sad Says:

    @Follow the money:
    Nice! I can’t believe Alex is between all that mess…
    Come back you sweet swedish with a pixeled bag!! :(

  17. 92
    Nikki Says:

    @MERRICK: I usually agree with your comments, but I’m sorry I disagree with this. Obviously you’ve never been to Los Angeles. The traffic is HORRIBLE and since this season of TB is mainly about Eric, he probably has the busiest schedule so why would he drive an extra 20 minutes to get things that are right around the corner from his house? Don’t you think he’d want a little down time? What if he just needed milk? That’s hardly a reason to drive to a store further from you. And Equinox? That’s obviously the most convenient for him as well. What you’ve basically said in your comment is that you expect a man with a full schedule to go out of his way to go about daily routines just so he doesn’t get photographed. Alex is not stupid, and you’re making him out to be that way. He’s thousands of miles from his family so it’s understandable that he goes to Joan’s often- he’s obviously comfortable there and enjoys the food. Many celebrities go to Joan’s, and it is a known pap restaurant, but you’re saying that he should stop going there and go somewhere else if he “truly” wants privacy? If he went to another restaurant for lunch, don’t you think the paparazzi would eventually find out and hound him there??? I don’t know why you even brought up the Village Idiot or the sushi restaurant…he was only photographed there once and KB is probably the one that tipped them off. In Hollywood, it’s all about your relations with others. That’s how people get offered jobs so of course he’s going to go to the Chateau. People are in and out there having drinks with colleagues/potential employers all of the time. You are truly crazy to expect him to alter his routine for “privacy”. No, the paparazzi need to get the hint that maybe he isn’t having a good day and doesn’t want to deal with their sh*t. They should know by now that he isn’t going to answer their questions.

  18. 93
    mforman Says:

    E news featured the story on Friday’s show, there is no link, they just mentioned it on the couples update that they do on Friday.
    They said how this weeks USWeekly would have an article about how AS and KB have hit a rough patch.
    i know all his fans are hoping this breakup lasts more than a month and it is finally over with. she truly makes me sick and he deserves so much better than this nonesense

  19. 94
    Rachel() Says:

    @Ladybug#87: Imo the jewelry on ****mint sucks. About 90% of it’s ugly, and the rest of it is not nice enough to be worth 29.99. I took the little fashion quiz on the site the other day, that’s supposed to gauge your fashion tastes, and even the clothes in the pictures they have you choose between are seriously gross.
    @MERRICK: I see your interest in ASkars has turned into full blown hatred. I’m still on team Alex, but I can see how your feelings have changed. Hopefully the breakups for real, so she doesn’t eventually poison me against him!
    @mforman: I usually like your posts, but they’re difficult to read. Capitalization? Not trying to be mean!! = )

  20. 95
    MERRICK Says:

    My point is he’s still not big enough or news worthy enough for paps to actually “hound” him. He’s dating a Z list bottom feeding famewh*re not Natalie Portman or Sandra Bullock.

    Did you know that his brother, Gustaf was here for 3 months? No? Neither did I. He could have used the exposure going places with his brother but choose to legitimately work at getting jobs by attending meetings, not tabloid exposure .

    That’s an actor I think that values his privacy.

    You know what? A lot of us have tougher schedules than reading lines, sitting around waiting for our scenes or getting make up applied and wardrobe fitting. I like the guy , but he’s not a policeman or fireman or someone who does physical labor that would truly exhaust him.

    He chose to play the fame game. Yes, he has to get milk…so do many BIG stars that are always bothered by paps…they chose to ACT LIKE THE PAPS AREN’T THERE.Why……because they’re actors. Like anyone else that you ignore , they’ll eventually see you’re not playing the game and stop. Why put on a hood and draw further attention, like you’re the Uni-bomber? Eye forward, put away groceries, get in car and drive away….no biggie.

    No one is asking him to stop global warming or the for a plan to help Japan. It’s stupid questions that doesn’t even warrant an eye blink. sandra Bullock must still get some obnoxious sh*t hurled at her but she’s not pissy and acting juvenile. She goes about her business. In the scope of HW , Skars is still not important If he can’t handle this minuscule level of pap coverage, what will happen if he hits it big with Battleship or anything else in the future?

    He chose to associate with a HW pariah/ joke whose achievements are based solely on the men she knows, not talent or hard work. I hope he enjoys Vail when Hole gets the award given to her by Kevin Spacey from a “film festival” he’s in partnership with. Spacey gave her 3 roles that she failed miserably at, so why shouldn’t he give her an award for “Excellence in Acting”? Really, has anyone seen ANY stellar review that she’s gotten for acting? LINK PLEASE.

    Seriously, for anyone to come back and state I’m crazy and jealous, we’ve all worked with or known people who’ve gotten jobs solely on connections not hard work. Personally, I despise these people and have very little respect for them or people they hang with. Most assume that people they associate with are exactly like them. Might not be true but that’s the general assumption. Alex has been painted by the same brush despite actually being a good actor. I’ve seen so many BS comments about him getting jobs because of Stellan since his association with Hole. HW is not different than any other job, nor are the people different from any of us.. If we see funk attached to her, don’t you think they do to? Unfortunately, Skars has some of it attached to him.

    Btw, how’s he been getting food all the other times he’s not been papped at the grocery store? Besides Joan”s.

    What gym did he belong before Equinox? Don’t know either. Surely he’s been exercising for the past 5 years before he joined pap friendly Equinox?

    He seems to be able to be invisi mode 3 weeks out of the month then suddenly the paps find him for a week or so…then he disappears again.

    Bottomline, I hate the game, not the player. Seems like until he joined Hole’s PR team he had lots of privacy. Looks likes one of the many things he regrets he did in 2010. Buyer’s remorse.

    Just my opinion like everyone else has their opinion. Night.

  21. 96
    MERRICK Says:


    Hatred? What kind of drama queen are you? I call Bullsh*t when I see it.

    I like this thing called logic. How ….come ….he ….gets….. food ….all .. the …other …..times….and no… ……see…..him?

    Unless of course you actually believe he’s bought food for the rest of the month in that one bag? It doesn’t even look like food for last him 2/3 days.

    He dealt with a known famewh*re and has done some really douchey famewh*rey things since then….Going to Bristol farms and buying one bag(beer?) with Khate before Valentines Day was suspect…Going there again and getting practically nothing again is suspect. Since people claim what a b*tch LA traffic is and what little time he has….why would he not stock up to save himself from the exhaustive trip and providing more pap opportunities?

    I got some scenic swamp land. Are you interested?

    In the real world people like people all the time but don’t necessarily approve of or like the things they do. I like him but he cannot turn water into beer. I’m still a fan that hopes he can turn things around.

  22. 97
    Rachel() Says:

    @MERRICK: Um…not being a drama queen. Just observing that you’ve started ripping into Alex a whole lot more than you have in the past. Your posts definitely sound like you dislike him whether you mean them to or not. Just saying…

  23. 98
    Duckman Walking Says:

    @Merrick Welcome to the dark side. Why do I feel like I should say “daaaahhhkkk siiiiiiide?” Anyway, gotta say I agree with your last posts. Like the guy, but I can only give him a pass for so long before I realize I’m making excuses for him because I like him. I believe in equal opportunity ripping, and if KB is getting a perpetual smackdown for this behavior, he’s next in line. Some would think it really naive of Skars to not be aware of what’s going on around him in spite of what he’s said and doesn’t say. It would also appear to some that he’s taken the advanced course in douchey famewh0rey things and learned from the best in the biz. @Merrick, I like that line. “I hate the game, not the player.” If the player can play the game and still come out on top, then more power to him I suppose. But at what cost?

    Now I’m just going to go back over here and sit next to what appears to be a duck, call some spades “spades,” and watch the trainwreck from the sidelines.

  24. 99
    MERRICK Says:


    Besides saying he shouldn’t act pissy and juvenile when being papped at known pap hangouts, what else negative have I said about him? Btw, I say the same thing all the time…so I don’t know how all of the sudden it’s become a “HATE” thing.

    @Nikki: z

    . “You are truly crazy to expect him to alter his routine for “privacy”.

    Riddle me this,since he ROUTINELY eats and does grocery shopping, exercises and runs errands ,why is he not ROUTINELY papped? Please explain in a manner my crazy self can understand.

  25. 100
    MERRICK Says:

    @Duckman Walking:

    Quack, Quack. ; )

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