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Britney Spears: Good Morning San Francisco!

Britney Spears: Good Morning San Francisco!

Britney Spears treats fans to a free concert at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium on Sunday (March 27) in San Francisco, Calif.

The 29-year-old pop princess taped a performance for Good Morning America, which will air this Tuesday.

After singing “Hold It Against Me,” “Big Fat Bass,” and “Till the World Ends,” Brit was given a framed proclamation stating March 29 will be “Britney Spears Day” in San Francisco!

On Friday, Britney hit the stage at the Palms Casino & Resort in Las Vegas for two mini concerts.

25+ pictures inside of Britney Spears performing in San Francisco…

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Credit: Rick Rowell/ABC; Photos: Fame Pictures, SplashNewsOnline
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80 Responses to “Britney Spears: Good Morning San Francisco!”

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  1. 51
    yo sista Says:


  2. 52
    No talent Says:

    NO talent *****. she can’t sing, dance or write her music and dosen’t even try to? she is famous for all the worng reasons beacuase she is not a artist. she is so trashy , striping with her butt hanging out. Her kids will be so proud of her . Babies like Miley , Taylor , Justin , selena write their own music and sing and dance Live why old woman like Flopney can’t do so.

  3. 53
    * Says:

    @Whatever: get over it already. Posting about Brits Meltdown under diff names won’t make us care about Brits past. let it go lol

  4. 54
    Whatever Says:

    Ha!! See, except for the slightly challenged Britney fans, EVERYONE ELSE KNOWS SHE IS A HAS-BEEN NUT CASE!!!! Check out this story from Yahoo News. Sorry creepy and obsessed fans, Spears is forever a 5150!!!

  5. 55
    Whatever Says:

    @*: Sorry to disappoint you my little nut ball, but I only post under ONE name so deal with the fact that there are MANY people who think she is a total cracker!

  6. 56
    LAla Says:

    I LOVE BRITNEY!!! GO BRIT! 03/29/11 FEMME FATALE – Don’t give me Gimmicks…give me Britney!

  7. 57
    KOREY1991 Says:

    Britney looks smokin HOT!!!! I like the fact that this chick can literrally put on anything and look HOT! I really can’t wait till tommorrow…this kitten gots ya tongue tied in knots i see….Britney 2011!

  8. 58
    Melanie Says:

    Britney I love love love the black outfit..not a fan of the black hat, too ghetto. I love the silver outfit. Britney you look gorgeous..Drop Dead Beautiful! more like Drop Dead Gorgeous!!!! FEMME FATALE

  9. 59
    Kitten'smeow Says:

    Britney is an icon, I am definitly buying her album! I love her hair she looks great with long hair..I thinkshe looks gorgeous and she is a true depiction , that will love anything is possible, she is a fighter, a conqueror and BRITNEY IS GOING NO WHERE!! go BRITNEY!

  10. 60
    david_thor Says:


  11. 61
    Britnified Says:


    She has more talent than you could ever pull out of your fat ass!

    GO BRIT!

  12. 62
    BEN Says:

    The Amplifier…Britney Spears Career as a live performer has a Tombstone that reads 1999-2004.

  13. 63
    Whatever Says:

    @Britnified: Exactly WHAT is her talent? Lip syncing? Eating 24/7 until your thighs weigh you down so much until you can barely dance anymore? Yeah, you’re right – she’s SUPER talented! If she’s so talented, why did Rolling Stone put Rihanna on its cover the same week FATNEY’s cd is launching? Cause they too know she has ZERO TALENT and is nothing more than a hillbilly karaoke act with a 3rd grade education. You people are so messed up and delusional about this disaster of a 5150. Get a life and learn about REAL musicians who write and produce their own music and actually sing LIVE.

  14. 64
    Whatever Says:

    @Kitten’smeow: You love her “hair?” She’s basically bald and has been wearing extensions and wigs for THREE YEARS!!! All the meds she’s on stops her hair from growing back. What is wrong with all you blind fans of hers?

  15. 65
    efron Says:

    @Whatever: OMG please get a life dude, seriously. Replying lots of comments speaks really badly for yourself. If you don’t like Britney that’s fine, there’s plenty of other artists you can listen to, just keep in mind that everything you’re saying has already been said multiples times in all her posts, so yeah, old news. We already know she lip syncs, she doesn’t dances the way she used to and is never gonna be the same Britney from 2003, WE ALREADY KNOW IT, SO DROP IT. We’re still gonna buy her albums, watch her perform and support her, so you’re wasting your time typing hate posts, but as you made it pretty clear it doesn’t matter since you obviously have plenty of free time to waste.

  16. 66
    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Says:

    Do you like her hair???????????????

  17. 67
    Kitten'smeow Says:


    Your such a LOSER! Britney’s hair looks AWESOME! I LOVE IT extensions or not!

  18. 68
    TeEnaGedream Says:

    Britney looks hot…spicey

  19. 69
    InTheIndustry Says:

    Good for her!

  20. 70
    hgjfgh Says:

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    hgjfgh Says:

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  22. 72
    faith Says:

    I love Britney. In the midst of Gaga, Katy Perry, and all the other new artists of the past 10 years since she’s made the scene, Britney continues to deliver. She’s an icon for all the things she has done. Some people blame it on her knee surgery, some say it’s because she has two kids, or because she’s on mood controlling medication. Whatever it is, Britney’s just not there anymore. I don’t think her lack of dancing can be blamed on her knees or her weight. Alot of Britney’s new choreography doesn’t even involve heavy leg movement, it’s all upper-body and it’s still very lax and unenthusiastic. Beyonce is curvy, and she can still dance. I think Britney is just really tired. I’ve heard some interviews where she says all she wants in life is to live with her kids and a good man, and live a normal, unbothered life. She’s no longer 19 and new to the industry, eager to deliver. That spark is gone, I think it’s just her handlers that push her because she makes them money. She already has enough money for the rest of her life, and for her kids’ kids’ kids. But the industry hasn’t been able to create or find a new Britney, so they’ll continue to push her until she’s completely dry.

  23. 73
    TeEnaGedream Says:


    I 100% disagree with you. You are NOT Brit so you don’t know what she burns for, nor do I claim to. She is 29 no longer 19, but guess what she is an ICON and she is doing what she loves. I support her 1,0000000000000000000000000000% GO BRIT BRIT 2011 is yours!

  24. 74
    kim Says:

    bow to the queen . drop dead beautiful .

  25. 75
    Kelly Says:

    One thing is for sure Britney Has never disappointed, unlike Flopga she just doesnt catch a break being sued by some Korean girl band for literally plagirising their song, but Madonna’s as well. Britney has no compitition. Flopga is rubbish and she knows what she is putting out couldn’t hold a candle next to FM. BRITNEY WILL ALWAYS deliver and she has become iconic!!!! None of her albums have flopped and every single album evolved and were club bangers. I used to like Flopga but when I compare the hits of gag ga and Britney Spears, Britney’s songs are just so much cathier and makes you either want to dance or workout..either way it’ll make you move. Gag ga just doesnt have that “it” factor, thats why she hides behind masks

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