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Chris Brown: Back to Black Hair

Chris Brown: Back to Black Hair

Chris Brown has dyed his hair back to black.

The 21-year-old F.A.M.E. singer bleached his hair late last month.

“If you haven’t bought FAME yet you are missing out! All my followers get it! #teamcomeback leggo!” Chris tweeted on Saturday, adding, “It’s the weekend!! Get that album!! Blast it in your car!!”

It was announced late last week that Chris has parted ways with his publicist.

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39 Responses to “Chris Brown: Back to Black Hair”

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  1. 26
    Rubes Says:

    Guys chill, he’s not perfect, and neither are you.
    Everyone makes mistakes just ’cause he’s a celeb doesn’t mean he can’t make mistakes, get over it. So he’s trying to forget the rihanna incident, and move on with his life just chill. It’d not his fault the stupid interview lady kept running her mouth. Leave him alone …. if you’re going to hate just leave him alone.

  2. 27
    Jory Says:

    Ugly as always he’s 1st class loser IMHO.

  3. 28
    Jazzy Says:

    you guys are really ignorant..while you sit here andpost negative comments on how horrible he is and how he should be in jail..hes out there making money not thinking about any of you..if any of you are actual adults then your childish and you need to go back to highschool

  4. 29
    Schelly Says:

    This is talented artist and should be recognized for just that, not for the mistake he has made….can we PLEASE move on!!!

    It’s amazing how people can judge another and they have done no wrong in their past!!!!

    Mr. Brown – Please surround yourself with ONLY positive people that have your best interest at heart and GOD!!! There will be MANY times things are said and asked of us that push buttons with our tempers….DON’T subject yourself to this..YOUR BIGGER AND BETTER and do not throw your career away on crap!!

    There are many idiots and haters in the world that will pose many challenges to you…RISE ABOVE THIS.


  5. 30
    Schelly Says:

    We love your hair BLACK!!!

    Thank you,

  6. 31
    jenai Says:

    Lmao you claim to hate him and yet you still took the time and energy to click this post and comment, gotta love true fans. If you don’t like someone why waste your time and energy on them? And p.s. bashing him, calling him names or w/e doesnt make you a better person =)

  7. 32
    legxt Says:

    Funny how people roast on famous people. The Rihanna thing was friggin 2 years ago! If they both moved on why don’t you guys move on as well? Is there something wrong with forgetting the past and moving on to the future… He made a MISTAKE. He’s not god, I’m sure everyone’s been violent once in their life time. The poor kid is just trying to keep us, FANS happy. Don’t you realize you’re wasting your time ganging up on him ? And he’s right, it’s immature media like you who blow things out of proportion. He’s a good singer, dancer and really good looking. Jealousy is probably the word you guys are looking for.

  8. 33
    moniakey Says:

    yall people need to stop talking about my husband because if he want to dye his hair anyway he want then thats ok but yall is not him so leave him alone and if yall dont got anything good to say then dont say it at all…..

  9. 34
    Lauren Brown Says:

    @Kerri: He looked cute with or with his hair blode or black HE’S NOT BEING VIOLENT soo get you’re facts straight!!!

  10. 35
    aniyahh brezzyy Says:

    @Kerri: firstlyy there is nuthinn wrong wit his hair nd secondly he is not violent he had just craked for a minute but as u can see he is gettin betta so bac off plzz

  11. 36
    aniyahh brezzyy Says:

    firstlyyy it is his life he can do anythingg with his hair orr anythingg u can’t change him u can like him or not he is still goin have fans like there something bout him tht ppl dnt like but i do like he inspires me nd manyy wayss nd i am jus sayin u can live or u can hate ur choose but pick the rite one u want

  12. 37
    Hannah Says:


    Why do you care about what’s going on in Chris Brown’s life, and what he does. If you don’t like him, then ignore him, simple as that. I just find it funny how you’re just sitting there and saying **** about chris brown when clearly he is very talented and he’s a good person. PEOPLE MAKE MISTAKES, we are all human, sometimes anger takes control of our body and we do stuff without even thinking of the consequences. That’s what happened to Chris Brown, and now that he’s more mature he looks past it, learned his lesson and is trying to show the world who he has become. And that is a mature, responsible, warm-hearted talented person. I mean look at his album F.A.M.E, all his songs mean something, and they are all inspiring. Chris brown will go far in life, and be successful, and all the haters can keep talking but their words and including yours can’t phase him.

  13. 38
    DMonte' Says:

    Yall people are clowns if you dont like him why do yall constantly look up stuff that concerns him……. its been 5 or 6 years and you clowns are still stuck on Rihanna fish face lookin ass….I dont see you people on TV making good music and money like he is so STFU!

  14. 39
    Sade Says:

    I don’t understand how people can say ooo i hate chris brown so much and he’s a woman beater blahh blahh blahh & u r STILL reading the articles about him, STILL listening to his music and STILL checking for him. if u think he’s suchhhh a douchebag den dont pay any attention 2 him. I was and will always be a CHRIS BROWN FAN!!! nO matter wat i have his back and i will ride with him till the end. In the words of Mr.Brown himself “Dueces!!!”

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