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Anderson Cooper: Walking Manhattan Man

Anderson Cooper: Walking Manhattan Man

Anderson Cooper goes for a walk near the CNN studio on Monday (March 28) in NYC.

Earlier this month, the 43-year-old anchor was on assignment in Japan after the earthquake and tsunami struck the country.

Anderson reported from an area near the Fukushima nuclear plant but was forced to flee after a series of explosions increased radiation levels.

“Due to safety concerns we are leaving this area an[d] therefore not live for the second hour,” he tweeted, later adding, “Finally found enough fuel, now am trying to drive north away from possible nuclear problems.”

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  • Ian

    Where’s his boyfriend Benjamin? Just Jared used to “catch” AC and Ben together all the time out and about, but Anderson must’ve gotten you all to stop posting THOSE photos, heehee!

  • barefoot contessa

    Andrea Cooper should report “live” from dangerous locations other then a chair in a studio. Politicians lock jourolist in closet so they can’t see or hear what goes on! Andrea cooper LOVES the closet! ya Maybe he should report from the closet, ya, ya!

  • http://Ta Sligo lambert ^______^ cute

    He not import to tak photo

  • Tillie

    Benjamin is off to the side, don’t you know this is how they do it now? it’s like, poof!, they aren’t dating anymore! like the time Anderson was at the barber, and Benjamin was around the corner on his bike while they were texting each other!
    @Ian: @Ian:

  • Elin

    Does Anderson Cooper fly all by himself??? Does anybody know?

  • Kate

    @barefoot contessa: are you an idiot? he reports live from dangerous locations all the time. Japan, Hurricane Katarina, Egypt. Maybe you should get yourself educated before you make stupid comments. While you’re at it, I would advise learning how to spell properly.

  • Ian

    @Tillie: I think you have a point. There was even a photo of AC and Ben riding bikes and one showed Ben turning his bike and going in the opposite direction to get away from the camera.

  • kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    One of paprazzi

  • Mohamed

    Why do you guys care about his sexuality or who he shares a bed with. Worry about your own love lives. At least Anderson is doing something he likes and is in a really respectable career where he gets to make a difference everyday. He is reporting on Libya and conflict in the Middle East while you guys he talk about his sexuality. Get over it.

  • Sarafina

    Who cares about Anderson sexuality………. He is a great reporter..often getting himself in some dangerous situations.

  • pearl

    @Mohamed: because most of the JJ commenters are now paid hacks or ignorant homophobic trolls.

  • Ian

    @Mohamed: If you know anything about Anderson, you’d know that both his work AND his sexuality are BIG news on the internets. Don’t kid yourself about it.

  • http://Pam Tammy

    Love the guy regardless….Great reporter.

  • Melissa

    I wonder what hot woman he is dating and IrelandFriendFinder was amazing

  • barefoot contessa


    I can’t wait till they have children,

  • barefoot contessa


    my teacher is affirmative action, we don’t have to spell, Obama says only stupid people test and people who take test are boring.

  • barefoot contessa


    Why do you worry if I like Sarah Palin or watch Glen Beck? go watch the queers and shut up!

  • Jenny

    Nice pic of Anderson, but he wouldn’t be smiling if he had been photographed while walking with his partner Ben Maisani.

  • rhonda is here


  • Tillie

    Benjamin was there, but Anderson makes sure that Benjamin is not photographed with him.


  • http://@willow003 Willow Rose

    Love him. Wish he was walking around while I was last Weds! The only time I’ll ever be anywhere near the CNN building and I’m there the wrong day! ;p And all I know is Ben is super hot, regardless of what type of buddy he is to aCoop!

  • trevor

    @Ian: Just Jared doesn’t take any of these photos. Check the bottom of the post, these are from Splash News Online.

    People don’t spend every moment of their day with their partners. They have individual lives and their own things to do during the day, especially when one has a busy career like Anderson.

  • Ian

    @trevor: I know Just Jared doesn’t take the photos and I know that people aren’t always with their partners, but AC and Ben aren’t hermits and are spotted very often TOGETHER in Manhattan. I just thought it was interesting that when Ben started to obscure his face or turn away from the cameras, all the pics of them together stopped. That doesn’t usually stop the paparazzi from taking pics of OTHER stars with their non-celeb partners, but with Anderson, there seems to be a different standard.

  • Hilary

    Somewhat odd that Anderson and Ben seem to go to lengths to not have the everyday pics of them taken, but did not mind, and probably even wanted, the pics of them taken at the Vanity Fair Party and Mardi Gras.

  • trevor

    @Ian: There is not another standard in Anderson Cooper’s favor. First of all the paparazzi don’t bother other gay news people who aren’t officially out, just Anderson, so Anderson is on the losing side of the “other standard” there. They also don’t follow around and bother straight news people and their dates or partners normally, no matter how famous or private those straight news people may be.

    And lastly paparazzi DO get discouraged and stop taking pics of straight celebrity couples who sabotage their photos when the couple isn’t a big money pair whose photos are really in demand. There is very little demand from major paying customers for new photos of Anderson and his boyfriend in comparison to major actors and singers, so the cost/benefit analysis is simple and will naturally lead to less pics just like happens to similar straight couples.

  • June

    @Hilary: There hasn’t been any sign of them obscuring photos of themselves together since the Vanity Fair party or Mardi Gras, so they may have changed their approach all together.

    Who knows, though. There are a lot of straight celebrities who are fine being photographed with their family and partners at events but will get in car chases and stuff trying to get away from paparazzi when they are with loved ones and not at an official event.