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Courteney Cox & Josh Hopkins: Beach Couple!

Courteney Cox & Josh Hopkins: Beach Couple!

Courteney Cox keeps real-life romance rumors alive by vacationing with shirtless Cougar Town co-star Josh Hopkins on Tuesday (March 29) in St. Bart’s.

The Cougar Town couple was joined by her daughter Coco, 6.

According to a Cougar Town set source, “Courteney and Josh are great friends. There’s definitely nothing going on there.”

Courteney‘s rep adds, “The relationship is strictly platonic and they are away with a group of friends on vacation.”

Last month, Courteney, 46, and Josh, 40, were spotted holding hands after the cameras stopped rolling on set (see below).

Last October, David Arquette split from Courteney after 11 years of marriage.

New episodes of Cougar Town return to ABC on April 18!

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  • http://j carlota f.

    good for her! he is hot

  • ke$haluv

    how dare she do this to david! David is still attached and loves her. If she wants to date other men then she should get a divorce and actually be divorced when she dates another man. David can use this in court against her and her cheating ways, how dare she!

  • laverdadduele


  • Ruslana

    I don’t like how she is playing both cards- devoted wife and single woman. She doesn’t have to stay with David but this whole “i love him so much” act is getting old.

  • theodore

    well this is a surprise…

  • Finally the truth

    David is out of her life, she does not want him. She used him for PR for their Scream film. She is so with this guy for real. Her child knows who her next Daddy will be, LOL.

    Now what do you moralistic harpies have to say about this, she is still married to David, and has been lying for months. Where is your outrage and ranting and whining about other people’s lives?

    I personally have no problem with any 2 adults finding love and moving on. Life is too short to be unhappy. Her time with David had run its course.
    That’s just life.

  • Jawnifer

    this is not the guy she is with. it is the blond one.
    the guy here is the one that banged chinny and called her “sport fuqk”.
    thats how she got the name “tampon jen”- cuz she pulled it out and banged him cavalierly while on the rag.
    he called chinny his “sport fuqk”.

  • Kendra

    The way she was talking in recent interviews I thought they were on the verge of getting back together. I guess not!

  • lindsey

    @ke$haluv: hate to break it to you, but davids “dated” (sleeped with) others too… and i agree with the others, she needs to stop with the act and make a choice and own it.

  • Kelly

    I feel bad for David. He may have his flaws but he is a good friend of my ex-boyfriend and he is very upset the situation and he still loves Courtney very much.

  • ke$haluv

    @Finally the truth:

    how can you praise her doing this to her kid. The child must be so confused. Your married to daddy, but we spend time with this new daddy who you really like. But my real day is still your husband? wtf, SLUT!!

  • Finally the truth


    I am not praising anyone, just being realistic. This guy has been the one all along I think if this is the married/separated one who went out with her BFF Aniston and then called Aniston names. The other guy was the cover for this one. Or maybe they shared him, who knows?????

    Her child has to be confused anyway with the way David has been pushed aside by CCox. She lacks the ability to be truthful with the public that she is over David and long since moved on. No woman who cares about a man would say he could go be with other women and that is OK with her. David seems broken up about this but Ccox has never appeared hurt like he has. jmo

    CCox is a liar and a hypocrite and a control freak. I hope she lets David see the child on a regular basis but she has enough ammo on him to limit his custody if she wants to do so.

  • Finally the truth


    Appears to be just PR for the Scream film. Wouldn’t David be in St. Bart’s if she were being truthful? LOL

  • Zoe

    Good for her. Why everyone is so worried about david? He is crazy with the parties

  • Priscilla

    Wait, I thought she was dating the other guy from the show, Brian Holt.

  • susiequ

    Wow.. Courtney, her child, her new or old squeeze and her new breast.. all having fun on the beach..

    David you were a fool. She played this game to perfection. She let David go out and make a fool of himself and she kept quiet. Now she has waited long enough and is out and the people she fooled are all falling in line.

    But the hags won’t attack Courtney.. because her game was to make herself look like the abused wife. the poor woman that had to mother David. well she wins and David loses..

    I hope he finds someone to have a life with.

    Courteney is a fake. She and her Best friend.. who she has not been seen with in MONTHS and MONTHS.. hmmm that is the funny part.. maybe he is the reason for the friendship split.. Because there is something going on with Courteney and Jennifer..

    Two fakes.

  • getit!

    She definitely upgraded from david’s flaky @ss. Good for her!

  • nick

    I’m she’s moved on. No one wants to babysit their man. David needs to grow up.

  • Upgrade

    HE’S HOT

  • Joanne

    Wow Courtney! So you judge Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie and you go and do the same thing? You are sleeping with your co-star! You are still legally married and were when you fell for this guy. How are you better than Brad?

  • Missy

    Shut up you b*tch!^^

    If you knew anything about her you would know she is as close with Josh, Brian, Busy and Christa (the whole CT cast) as she was/is with Matthew Perry, Jennifer Aniston etc.. They spend whole days on set together for already 2 years, they’ve been through a lot together and are super close friends. You all are stupid if you believe media bullshit, 2 weeks ago she was certainly dating Brian Van Holt if you have to believe them, one week ago she was back with David, and now she’s dating Josh. Puh -lease, it’s obvious the only ones (wanting) to believe this shit and judge their asses off are the ones with a f*cked up life, or no life at all. And b*itching about others makes you sleep at night.

  • plez

    Oh Missy stop being naive. CC is not going back to David. She was just promoting her movie.
    Miss Divorce is not an option. Is going to get a divorce. Isn’t she lucky that David is a goofball and acted liked a fool. He should have played the victim card and had his friends tell the media how he was betrayed.
    BTW I see CC got new breast along with her tighen face. Trying to look good for the new guy.
    CC, Aniston and their friends are such hypocrites,

  • Missy

    Ha naive? You believe bullshit rumors they make up to earn money from fools like you reading and believing crap and i’m naive? B*tch i know them better than you’ll ever know, don’t try to convince me from anything you like to believe, it ain’t gonna work. You’re all worth one big laugh really.

  • Taylor

    I thought she was rumoured to be dating the guy who plays her ex husband?

  • i guess hollywood

    i dont get this. I thought she was the other day with her still husband David? I mean now she should get a divorce because playing with two guys is so not hot and definitely a no go. It’s just stupid and confusing.

  • dgdfgsgh

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  • brenda

    Where did Courteney get the big bobo’s from. She didn’t have those on friends.

  • Chinnifer

    That guy looks gay.

    she’s a whore

  • Alicia

    Cougar Town was filming in Hawaii, she probably brought Coco with her. I’ve never heard Josh Hopkins/CC rumors, only Brian Van Holt or whatever his name is. I think this is completely innocent.

  • EP

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  • Jenna

    disgusting!! shes not even divorced yet!!!

  • shame on you cox

    it was courteney’s lying and cheating and not to mention giving david false hope of a reconciliation that drove him crazy. she is the direct cause of his nervous breakdown.

  • Mrs. Lenny


  • MooCow

    Disgusting LIAR!!! Courtney set David up just like Jen set-up Brad Pitt. I wish David would call her out and expose these frauds.

  • Ryan Sheera

    Change the name of “the Goddess circle” to “the oldies cheaters”, she and her bff jen has VIP cards

  • shay

    your comments are pathetic

    David has the right to cheat and to sleep with another and tell the whole world on the radio by revealing intimate things, but she is not allowed?

    In addition, there is no evidence that they are dating. Friends were allowed to go on holiday together and I know that Coco looks happy in these photos!

    The first three photos are from the shoot in Hawaii!

    All haters are Brangelina fans, it shows!
    And all the stars before they divorced, already out with others people

    Missy is not naive but you’re the stupid. At first, you thought she went out with Brian because of rumors, later with pictures of David and Courteney leaving home, you have believed in reconciliation and now you see pictures with a friend and you think she cheat on David! And even if it’s true, she has every right. He also cheated on her and he is an alcoholic and immature!
    Everyone manages to break his way, Courteney is a strong person who does not show when it goes wrong, like when she was a miscarriage at the time in Friends, her character was trying to get pregnant!

    Anyone familiar Courteney say she is someone great, loyal, there for others …
    Your feedback is two weights, two measures depending on whether you like or not the person. If you think Courteney and her supposed relationship, consider the betrayal of Brad, the thief of a husband that is Angie and the other stars

  • Lmao

    I think the only reason she stays married is because she didn’t get a pre-nup

  • Lmao

    @Alicia: I thought the same but TMZ says the rumors have been around all month lol

  • Mina

    @ke$haluv: Ok so when you’re boyfriend or girlfriend will cheat on you and you and tell the world that he doesn’t see as a woman anymore, I’ll tell you to suck it up because he still loves you ok babyface?
    Grow up kiddo.

  • shay

    FYI, Courteney were with a bunch of friends which includes Josh!
    Before speaking, you should know
    And Jared you only post photos that suit you of Josh, Courteney and Coco to pretend they are in couple. That’s how rumors are created

    And even if they were a couple, why she would be a bitch?
    David slept with another woman and told to the radio, referring also to the intimacy between him and Courteney. He’s an alcoholic and an immature and I like David but I tell the truth!
    Coco is very happy in these oics, Courteney is a good mother!

    In any case, there is a holiday with friends, a group of friends

    Oh and Courteney is stunning, great body

  • shay

    They are with other friends and all the pictures come out not one where they kiss! What evidence do you have to advance these things!

    And even though Courtney “wrong” David (already she doesn’t cheat because they are separated even though they have not divorced), he also cheated! And since when, by going out with someone when you are still married (but separated) is disgusting?

    Double standards

    you are pathetics, get a life haters

    Brad cheated Jennifer (as he had deceived Gwyneth) and Angelina is a husband stealer. They didn’t wait for the divorce to have sex and betray. They just waited for the divorce to expose themself to the world

    I hope your boyfriend or girlfriend will cheat on you and people around you say only you are the guilty

    And like all celebrity couples, Brad and Angelina will not stay together. Look forward to your feedback!

    ciao bitches