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Enrique Iglesias & Britney Spears: Not Touring Together!

Enrique Iglesias & Britney Spears: Not Touring Together!

Enrique Iglesias will not be heading on tour with Britney Spears, as she originally announced this morning during her appearance on Good Morning America.

Enrique has great respect for Britney and is a longtime fan of her work. He is very sorry for the confusion this might have caused to anyone,” his rep told in a statement.

The 35-year-old singer is currently on tour in Europe to promote his latest album Euphoria and he plans on continuing his solo tour.

Enrique was recently approached for a hosting gig on Simon Cowell‘s upcoming competition series The X-Factor.

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  • BeyonceLover

    BRITNEY LIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    They Dumbf*ck crap

  • kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    They Losser and no life

  • kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    Oh How depressing

  • Stefanie

    It’s probably a good thing.

  • lilia mazunina

    THANK GOD HE’S NOT JOINING HER ‘R HER TOUT’LL PROBABLY BE A FAILURE THEN. WHAT A RELEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • MelB

    Either way I will be paying to see her, cant wait it going to be Epic!!!!! Britney CONGRATS on being #1 on Itunes!!!

  • Gregorrymnstr

    Love me Some Brit Brit

  • Kelly_girl

    Congrats Britney your #1 on itunesxoxoxo

  • Donelle

    Honestly FF is my fav album she has made so far. EVERY SINGLE song is a dance song. Love that i can pop it on and workout or dance !!! Thank Brit you delivered FAN FOR LIFE ;)

  • Donelle

    oh and Brit #1 on itunes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • B

    Now how in the hell can they say this was a mistake!! They could have told her before she got on tv and said she was touring, they know their people had signed up enrique. That’s just dirty and simon’s deseparate ass is running around trying to find judges after he insulted his best chances! x-factor isn’t sounding too hot anyway!

  • gio

    britney rules! i mean seriously?? who is listening enrique???:)))) it’s just funny

  • bell

    The reviews for her new music aren’t very good. Reviews for her performance are “a lot of walking around and not dancing.” Her fans gobble it up right away, but when all is said and done, she’s lost her edge. But at least she’s gotten out of the hole she dug for herself a few years ago.
    Enrique: Who knows? He beautiful. Is he still with Anna?

  • Lyla

    Lol! The femboy malfunctioned on national tv. Next time they should give her more medication and coach her a bit more.

    She’s brain dead.

  • Lyla

    Lol! The fembot malfunctioned on national tv. Next time she should give her more medication and coach her a bit more.

  • The truth.

    WOW! She is looking super old in the picture!

  • Jean

    her “people” really let her down with that mixup. i don’t see how there could be confusion about something like that unless someone wasn’t doing their job and failed to establish a solid confirmed agreement. to have britney announce and enrique correct really undermines the perceived strength of her launch. a step-backstep moment isn’t the way you want to start out.

    good thing her fans are so loyal to her though, i hope the reaction feeds her confidence.

  • Tomahawk

    OMG she was soooooo terrible on Kimmel tonight !

  • yo sista

    HIS loss.

  • jennie

    ENRIQUE IGLESIAS a big joke! who listened to him? 1 sh-t song from the jersey shore? i mean really this proves hes a joke to the world now some people never even heard of him by Britney making this announcement his name is now out there thats probably what him and his aholes management wanted whatever the case enrique iglesias made a HUGE FOOL OF HIMSELF now sleep on that but dont forget to take the haipiece off your head before you did LOSER!! BRITNEY will be amazing either way!

  • shiz

    enrique iglesias looks like a over the hill anorexic drunk! oh yes and dirty! who would want him on tour? stay by yourself enrique now drown in your sorrows for making a A-S of yourself!

  • Bebe

    Poor brit :(

  • Jane

    Wow, it is truely appalling at some of the comments left on here by bitter fans from both camps. It’s so sad that there are fans quick to be so negative. Support your artist but dont make them look ignorant by becoming angry at someone whom will not be touring alongside them. All the statistics in the world will show both artists have a great number of accomplishments. Fact is that all britney fans were going to go to her concert whether Enrique was there or not…and another fact is that all enrique fans have been enjoying his current tour without Britney.

  • EP



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  • JoC749

    She is a terrible joke. Whoever the choreographer was must be crying in his beer today. She made a fool out of him and the back up dancers. To tell the truth, none of this was good, not them or her. She can’t sing and if what she did was dancing then someone please shoot me and give me all the money back I paid for dance lessons for my daughter. My 3 year old granddaughter has more energy and moves than this tart. Don’t blame it on the surgery she supposedly had on her knee way back when. I know plenty of dancers who have had all types of injuries and surgeries and who dance in professional companies (my daughter has had her share). Believe me, my daughter danced better than Spears when she was 9. What a pitiful display. She should have just continued releasing music and stayed home or whatever it is she does. All the hype before this release about how hard she was training and rehearsing is such a crock of baloney. She really should just retire, spend some quality times trying to become a mother to her children and just spend all the money she took from young kids who thought she was special. She really owes alot of people their money back for the fake job she did at concerts all those years. I wouldn’t apy a dime to see her.

  • @ 26

    sounds like your an enrique wacko fan believe me i have young girls too 6 and 10 years old and i wish they can dance like BRITNEY shes a great dancer and can put on an awesome show. why dont you make a video of yourself dancing and stop knocking her talent and to say the least her beauty shes had alot going on in her life and has made a great comeback and will sell out her tour and her fans stand by her. I hope my girls can be see how she turned her life around and is a better person for it! enrique iglesias is known only for his GREAT FATHER JULIO IGLESIAS who can actually sing! and not humiliate woman with songs like ‘TONIGHT’ nice music he makes give me a break!

  • musicmind

    BRITNEY is HOT! and beautiful! enrique ugh! ugly!

  • Cheryl

    Very good career move on Inrique’s part. He actually “sings” and the faker, Brit-Brit, lip synchs. Britney needs to find a different career – she just isn’t what she used to be, she’s lost her mojo however, the only thing she ever did well was dance and that’s even gone these days. Poor thing.

  • jaye

    The word on TMZ they just about had the deal worked out, which would have been favorable to him, when HE backed out and decided he didn’t want to be second banana to Britney as he would be her opening act. Sucks to be him; sounds like someone couldn’t bear to have his man pride damaged lol.
    Say what you will about Britney, but she doesn’t need him. As for reviews of her songs or performances, doesn’t matter, it’s her fans who are making the money for her and she’s making a LOT. I really don’t listen to either or their songs, but I love the wounded man-pride part of the story lol.

  • tbwb

    I don’t get why everyone is bashing the other. Britney didn’t lie, she said what she knew at the time, because if u do look it up there are commercials for their tour, and that is a better deal for him because honestly how many enrique fans would have been able to go to the shows, because it would have been just an opening act for the britney fans. and sure she doesn’t sing live ANYMORE, but that doesn’t mean she can’t, she lip syncs for “perfection”, because her “live” vocals aren’t heavily edited. Im not trying to stick up for her or make excuses like “she had a cold” because i think she should sing live and continue with better choreo.

  • not the same

    while I think she’s come a long way since her breakdown, thank goodness,..watching her, she’s a shell of her former self. she’s just not the same…you really have to be a fan to listen forget buy her music, so nasal, I never thought she could sing. She’s only 30 yet she looks older, her face changed too. she seems to be in a good place now, and good for her. Seems she still has her loyal fans, and that’s good, in her case. I wish her well, she seems nice. But she’s not the same Brit anymore.
    Whatever, she made enough money to have a great life..and she seems to be enjoying it now with the stable jason at her side.

  • julie

    I think Britney looks great and still has it! once she gets on that stage where she loves to be and feels great she will be amazing! enrique iglesias needs to deflate his head hes a joke and made a HUUUUUUGE mistake not touring with her i think this could have opened up alot of doors for him in the USA where YES hes not well known and NOT well liked aside from the Latin community big mistake enrique big! and it now makes him look like a fool!

  • haha

    Enrique WHO?

  • haha

    Enrique WHO?

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