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Gisele Bundchen Talks Benjamin & Brazil

Gisele Bundchen Talks Benjamin & Brazil

Gisele Bundchen rocks leg warmers as she leaves the gym after a workout on Tuesday (March 29) in Los Angeles.

The 30-year-old Brazilian model returned back to Los Angeles after visiting Rio de Janeiro with hubby Tom Brady, where the two celebrated Carnival together!

Gisele recently told People that while she had a great time in Rio, she doesn’t think her 15-month-old son, Benjamin, is ready for the celebration just yet!

“[Benjamin] will have wait a couple years until he gets to experience the amazing fun of Carnival,” Gisele shared with the mag.

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Credit: Ed Sanders/Auerbach; Photos: Beverly News
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  • kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    Shes sick

  • lexy hates bilson

    She’s got a little sun but other than that she looks beautiful!!

  • http://j carlota f.

    my fav model

  • bree

    That’s a Dude!

  • http://Ja Sligo lambert ^______^ cute

    She have problem

  • gross!!

    She is gross

  • chrissy

    She’s looking so old… definately needs makeup to look somewhat pretty. I ALSO hate how she is so worked up over her image… did she really need to tell people magazine why she did not take Benjamin.. its like she’s worried they’ll write tthat she;s a bad mother or something. She seems like such a fake in my opinion

  • ace11

    that face….scary as hell

  • huh

    i don’t get the hype… this chick is soooo average looking. blah

  • gis


    lol ya she does look rough. I never found her attractive…

  • eat

    I;d wish she’d eat a burger or something… she looks like a skeleton. Plus she really does not look pretty without makeup. Totally overrrated in my honest opinion

  • freidas

    hmmm… her face looks scary yikes

  • boring

    yawn!!! ugly face and average body that looks like its hungry. Give me Doutzen Kroes anyday. Now that’s a model with a great body and beautiful face ;)

  • awww

    awww Gisele is losing her looks :(

  • ugly

    sorry but she has a buttaface… very fugly

  • Mari

    It’s so apparent that the nasty comments are by the same person.

    I think she looks great but a little flushed from her workout and/or the sun. It’s true that she’s unusual looking, but that is why she’s a supermodel and not just some catalog or swimsuit model. Her face has amazing bone structure.



  • Jess

    @Mari, I agree. Her bone structure amazes me and makes me think she deserves to be called one of the most beautiful women in the world.

  • Evian

    I never found this woman attractive at all. I think she just knows how to work people over and has great business skills but she is not the best looking model at all.

  • Jess

    Sorry for making two comments, but that same person who made all the negative comments is also noted for always giving Rosie Huntington-Whitely positive comments and every other female who’s considered a world-wide, extraordinary beauty he or she gives greatly negative comments and often spams like that.

    I wish JustJared would ban the IP.

  • Gi

    I don’t like her nose.. it ruins her whole face. But she does have nice legs i’l give her that

  • Reena

    Someone mentioned Rosie Whitely… i looked her up and that girl is ugly and has a man face. Gisele has a masculine face too and i don’t think she’s pretty (my opinion you don’t have to agree) however Gisele is only a little bit more attractive than Rosie. Both are not attractive. Now Adriana Lima is extremely beautiful… i love that girl :)

  • opinion

    This woman is a homewrecker and a complete bossy woman. No wonder she’s the top model out she steps on everyone’s toes to get to the top. Look at Tom Brady… she just had to have the best player in the league no matter if she got in the way of a relationship etc

    One of these days Tom will wake up and he’ll dump Gisele.. hell he did it to Bridget while she was pregnant… Tom will find another hot younger woman. I hate to bring up stereotypes but he’s a n athlete with woman crawling all over him one of these days he’ll take the bait and bossy Gisele will not put up with that.

    So its either two ways Gisele catches Tom cheating and dumps him or Tom dumps Gisele because of her stank, controlling personality

    I give this rekationship a few more years and that’s it.. these sorts of relationships never last forever

  • Shrill

    ya i don’t think Gisele and Tom will last. Tom has shown he has no class.. when Tom gets one of his complexes and wants some young hot thing to stroke his ego just watch how fast this Gisele/Tom relationship will erupt. Especially when his career is over.. he’s a football player.. short career span… he’ll need to have his ego stroked when Gisele is still out making the millions seeing as how she is a brand.
    GISELE IS NOT UGLY BUT SHE IS NOT DROP DEAD GORGEOUS EITHER… so for those saying she’s ugly i don’t think that’s true.

  • Sean

    Give me Brooklyn Decker any day over this skeleton. Where’s her boobs and a$$ ??? Plus in know Brooklyn doesn’t have the prettiest face but she sure as hell has a much better face than this Gisele lady

  • Evian

    Tom is a douchebag perfect for Gisele lol

  • lol

    It`s funny to read these bitter and jealous people leaving comment here. Sour grapes? lol It`s hard to see a happy and successful woman, right? Get a life!

  • Evian

    Also i’m happy others see Gisele is not all that sexy… because she is not on the Esquire sexiest competition list now. So being the top model doesn’t mean she’s the sexiest or the most attractive. Just means she’s very good on the business side of things.

  • Evian

    oh and others see GISELE for who she is too… she says the stupidest things read this article

  • Evian

    Hell Miranda Kerr is a stick figure but she’s way prettier than Gisele. Also ask any guy on the street and show them pics and they’ll pick Miranda over Gisele anyday. Trust me

  • cutie

    ummm is it just me or is Gisele looking kind of rough these days. She’s starting to look older than her age. Sad because i used to think she was the most gorgeous supermodel :(

  • tina

    Her son Benjamin is the most adoarable ever!! I’m happy he got his daddy’s looks! Hope he doesn’t get his momma’s big German nose when he gets older though.

  • yoda

    ichabod crane

  • sarah


  • kASSIE

    I’m always excited to see her pics. She’s gorgeous. But I never have clicked to post or see posts. I am so surprised to see so many jealous women posting. Unbelievable!!!

  • Big Mama

    She’s so ugly she probably snags lightning.

  • @Evian (and the other haters )

    Get a life already, loser(s)! It must be killing you that even though you don`t find her attractive she is successful ( probably way more than you are ) and has a beautiful family. LOL! I hope Jared is going to post about her brand new French Vogue cover. That`s right, not Miranda Cabbage-Patch Kerr or any other models. Giesele. I assume you`re gonna go nuts when you see that, right? LOL!

  • hahaah

    @Big Mama:

    lol that was so funny !!!!!!! hahaha i willl never understand Gisele’s appeal she is not all that

  • meateta

    Tom probably screams every morning when he wakes up and sees Gisele’s face

  • Love and Marriage

    The Boston group are here, apparently. They were split up. It’s been years and it’s time to let it go. You’re acting bitter.
    Gorgeous and fit. I love that Gisele is always working out. This is the type of commitment that keeps her on top of her modelling profession.

  • it’s the self talker folks

    this is ALL ONE PERSON posting all this sh*t on here… YEAH, you are the same loser that goes on and on about fugly ass BARFARELLI…. do you really think you’re that slick? what a effin LOSER!!! BAR IS UGLY and will never have the success of Gisele, so GET OVER IT and stop being such a mean ugly hateful spamming biotch… how much is BAR and her mommy paying you for this huh????? or are you TZIPI herself??? hahaha BUSTED!!!

  • it’s the self talker folks

    @Love and Marriage:

    no, this is the same person that posts under Barfs threads about how wonderful she is… it’s the same exact person and style of writing… what a sad sad little person to find so much time to do this… must be getting paid a hell of a lot. Gisele actually looks really pretty here and her body looks amazing!!!! suck on THAT!!

  • Selenaaa

    Her face is indeed very mannish. I don’t know i don’t think she’s that pretty…

  • Adri

    Everyone knows Adriana Lima is the hottest and best Brazillian.

  • interesting

    It’s funny how the person sticking up for Gisele is the one that writes the same hate stuff on Bar’s threads. Such a hypocrite lol

  • Chen


    I agree i absolutely adore Adriana!!

  • movie

    every model is bashed to all He*l and back on this site, lol. its nothing new. Until you make massive amounts of money off your looks, I really take your mean comments in one ear and out the other. I have seen Gisele haters; they are GROSS.

  • @42

    You’re right. Bang on actually and I think that comment #45 confirms this. This is unprofessional and it’s amazing that this stupidity continues. So you think that people in the modelling profession don’t know about this behavior?

  • fashiondreamer

    PLEASE don’t mention random panty models in the same sentence as Gisele, ugh. They will NEVER have her career or status. They have one face expression and half of them need to take a note from Gisele and hit the gym more often.

    Oh and the Boston stalkers are here. Quit living in 2007 and get over it that Tom didn’t want to be with someone who looked like his aunt Sally anymore. He wasn’t in love! deal.

  • @interesting

    well, barfy deserves it. ;)