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Katie Holmes: 'The Kennedys' Premiere with Tom Cruise!

Katie Holmes: 'The Kennedys' Premiere with Tom Cruise!

Tom Cruise comes out to support wife Katie Holmes at the premiere of The Kennedys on Monday (March 28) at AMPAS Samuel Goldwyn Theater in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 32-year-old actress stars as Jacqueline Kennedy in the eight-part miniseries, which will air April 3 on ReelzChannel.

WATCH: The Kennedys Trailer

On the red carpet, Katie met up with co-star Greg Kinnear, who plays her husband, John F. Kennedy.

FYI: Katie is wearing Ralph Lauren and a Jennifer Meyer diamond initial necklace.

15+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise at The Kennedys premiere…

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Credit: John Sciulli; Photos: Getty
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  • scientopsycho

    She does not iook thrilled to be posing with Tom. Where did Katie’s manic grin go?

  • oh lordy

    Looks like Katie made a quick run to Walmart for her dress, and Surly chose it. Eesh, money doesn’t buy good taste.

  • Donna

    she looks young again!

  • anonymous

    She looks pretty and very pear shaped thin. Her dress is lovely and well cut; Ralph Lauren is a very good brand.

  • mickey

    Tom looks even shorter than usual.

  • beabea

    I don’t care what they want us to think Connor Cruise is Tom’s biological child.

  • Joboots


    Yeah,how much longer we’ll have to deal with this cookoo of
    a hubby????

  • the barefoot contessa is busy

    I have time for Katie and Tom, call me, barefoot condessa, I’m no longer employed so will be happy to cook for you, love Ina

  • Romeo

    That’s your problem, #6.

  • toria

    What is with Tom these days–he shows up at premieres looking like he just got out of bed and put on jeans and the first shirt and pair of shoes he could find. Not saying he has to dress in a three piece suit, but geez, at least wear a pair of shoes that are clean–oh wait, he needs to choose a pair with the tallest lifts so he looks tall(er) than his 5’7″ — and what is with that smirk that Katie always has. The only picture she looks truly happy is with Greg K.


    Remember when Katie hung all over Tom and had that big fake “look how cute my tongue sticking out of my mouth” laugh is! Now she looks so fake and like she can’t stand being next to him. I give these two maybe one more year.

  • siennagold

    Katie looks fresh and pretty here. No more messy hair and haggard looks!

  • nanci

    He is showing his age Now …… Yea , she looks like she can just about make it though The photo shoot … Read the body language … In the pics ,she is Pulling away .


    oh dear she’s only 32…shit

  • hollywood

    Go Tom he is the best

  • FFer

    Tom’s bomber jacket is pretty cool.

  • kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    Crap x_X

  • josephine

    er…why is he wearing foundation? it’s not even the right shade!

  • Sun

    thats a 3 dollar dress. nice.

  • watch movie trailer

    I think they both look great.

  • bobbi

    Odd that the only time you see Katie smiling is when she’s posing with Kinnear.

  • Sheri

    I agree with the other poster … Tom looks disheveled like he just got out of bed! He looks sloppy and his shoes look like he just jumped in a puddle :(

  • kizbit

    I love how miserable she looks in the pics with Tom and then she sees Greg Kinnear and she’s all smiles and high fives! Very telling.

  • Bell

    They look as if they were walking down the street and suddenly they found out that Katie’s movie was being released. Very ordinary outfits.

  • Bell

    They look as if they were walking down the street and suddenly they found out that Katie’s movie was being released. Very ordinary outfits.

  • High

    She is SO STONED!!!

  • Annie

    Isn’t this Reelzchannels a Scientology channel? And Tom’s phoney is sure showing on the outside.

  • ck


    The difference between Greg and Tom is Greg has seen her naked ;)

  • annie

    There are some really lovely Tom Katie pics on Zimbio. JJ never shows the best of Tom and Katie…ever. The pics over there show them at their toothy best with each other , not only with Greg K.
    Love Katies look here.

  • jillyro

    Tom is aiming for the Johnny Depp/Brad Pitt, casual-cool-dude look, but it doesn’t work on him, only makes him look like he slept in his clothes, he does not have the cool factor to pull it off like they do.

    Hate Katie’s weird half-grin (is part of her face paralyzed? maybe from botox??), the way she stands makes her feet look pigeon-toad and she looks like she’s on something, her eyes are so unfocused. Along with the discount dress, not looking good.

  • winks

    Funny that her only genuine laugh/smile is with Greg Kinear.

  • gigi

    she looks nice, longer hair suits her better.

  • gigi

    she looks nice, longer hair suits her better.

  • Reah

    Ugh……She can’t even stand right…..always pigeon toed. Can understand why she usually has that silly smirk on her face…….she has an ugly natural smile as it shows in the last photo.

    Go home Katie…..and straighten your brat out,. That is your job.

    Forget “acting”, dancing, fashion designing….singing (ugh) and smiling….LOL did i forget anything else???

  • Hollyweird

    Was Tom working in the garage and didn’t have time to change? Man, he got old. He looks his age now. Pushing 50. Can’t stand him ever since he went nuts and said there is no such thing as post partum depression or depression at all and that all psychiatrists are bad and they are “Nazi’s”. What kinda nut thinks like that? Someone who needs to see a Psychiatrist, thats who! Katie is better dressed than usual here and looks nice. Atleast shes trying. Too bad she can’t act.

  • connie

    Katie: This dress looks super casual, something one might wear out to go grocery shopping. I continue to not understand her fashion choices.

    Tom: He is definitely trying way to hard to look young and cool. The half tucked in shirt, dirty looking shoes and messy hair is too funny! It probably took him hours to get this look together.

    Im surprised they didn’t drag Suri along….oh wait it looks light outside, she’s probably sleeping off the sugar high from the night before….

  • Romeo

    You’re a moron, #13.

    She doesn’t look miserable at all, #23.

    There is no such thing as Scientology channel, #27.

    Why do you always accuse celebrities trying to copy Brangelina, #30?

    Of course he got old, #35. That’s what AGING does to people. Get over that incident already. It was 6 years ago.

    You’re an idiot, #36.

  • connie

    Hey Romeo, calling others names like idiot and moron is so uncreative! Can’t you think of something else to say?

  • toria


    So Romeo, you are saying that one of the most powerful movie stars in the world–Cruise (and you are the one that says that)–looks good here? He shows up to a premiere in a beat up jacket, a shirt tucked in on one side, ill-fitting ugly pants, skuffed/dirty shoes, and dirty, messy hair–this is okay?

    This is the difference between a true movie star (Cary Grant, Rock Hudson, Elizabeth Taylor and those of that generation) and someone like Tom who thinks because he is Tom Cruise anything he does is fine.

    You know even ten years ago Tom at a premiere w/ or w/o Nicole etc. would have been huge news and his picture would have been plastered across every publication and blog (or whatever existed then). Headlines in the entertainment section. Front page in many papers. And now fewer sources are reporting his appearance than ever. He has lost his mojo, his power, his hold on the hollywood star system and on the public. He is desperate to get it back.

    Too bad. He won’t. And being married to a woman that is perceived by the public to have no talent isn’t helping his cause.

    And all of your calling people morons, stupid etc. isn’t going to change things. Go back to the cult and tell them you want to quit and get another job. Oh wait, Scientology doesn’t allow for freedom of choice. You do what they say or you are punished. Poor you. Bad choice to join you know.

  • Unknown

    Wow, she never looks happy with this man. I wish he would let her out of her contract so she can be happy again. I don’t blame them for dressing the way they did, it’s not like they’re going to real movie premier. I’m sure they’re both happy someone picked it up.

    Seriously though, Katie looks good. Just wish she could get out of that horrible marriage.

  • good for her

    i think it’s really cool that katie doesn’t given to the whole straight white teeth thing. she looks naturally crooked and brown.

  • kate

    those two are weird – no doubt about it. tom cruise looks BEAT

  • taco

    in pic # 14 she has the weirdest pose EVER, a big WTF to her right leg. but she looks fine. cruise is hot but he could have pick a better look. it’s a world premiere for god’s sake!!
    i remember him while he was married with nicole kidman. he was so elegant and charming…
    tell me whatever they want but 90′s were his best years. i’m glad nicole found her way and the love of her life, she looks so happy, she has everything now:great husband, two beautiful daughters and an amazing career…why i don’t see the same happiness in him?

  • zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    something about this older veteren “A” -list actor showing up with this wanna- be “B” actress younger wife that reminds me of celebs that take their parents to the red carpet. They aren’t the same creature, their miss -matched couple. They sort of creep me out.

  • Katie Holmes is PHONEY

    Katie should just STOP trying to be an “artist” and join the real Housewives of L.A.

  • Toni

    Katie has a really weird pose on photo #14… but the worst are her toes. Take a look at the full-sized photo – the horrible bunions and corns sticking out of her sandals… Doesn’t she own a mirror? Sometimes the most beautiful shoes simply do not flatter your feet. Katie, learn to choose!

  • from the hollywood reporter

    Another awful review for the Kennedys and Katie’a acting.

    Extracting a reason to watch this miniseries must have been some undertaking.

    Kennedys always feels like it’s telling you something repeatedly. Like how Joseph Kennedy kept telling Jack and Bobby that they were mere shadows of their older brother, Joe, who died in combat. Or that Jack’s a ladies man. Or that the Kennedys were Catholic. It’s hard to focus on the miniseries when you keep looking up to dodge the anvil coming at your head.

    If there’s an issue that the Kennedy family might have had good reason to be annoyed about, it’s the damning portrayal of Joseph Kennedy (Tom Wilkinson). But again, they need not have worried. The patriarch of the Kennedy clan is the biggest cartoon in the miniseries, so manipulative — Machiavellian, really —that even Wilkinson’s exceptional talent can’t rein it in. You lose count of the times Joe talks about throwing money at a problem. Everything and every person is for sale. Everything can be solved with money. The world can be bought. Anvil. Anvil. Anvil.

    In some perverse way, Joe Sr. is taking one for the team here. He should be billed in the credits as the “Evil Puppet Master” because that’s how he’s portrayed — working his “plan” to first get Joe Jr. then Jack and Bobby into office. Every time the camera cuts to him, you half expect Wilkinson to do an evil “bwahahahaha” laugh. He’s the Snidely Whiplash of American politics. He even hates God, by the way.

    The problem with the Kennedy family sparing a moment, if that’s true, in dissuading History to drop the miniseries, is that its unwatchable nature would have done the trick in less than two hours. One of the controversies surrounding the miniseries is that former 24 executive producer Joel Surnow, a — gasp! — Republican, was behind it. But when you watch the miniseries, it’s not a political viewpoint that ruins it so much as the leaden nature of the storytelling (it was written by Stephen Kronish, a former 24 producer who, according to the New York Times, describes himself as liberal).
    Republican, liberal, whatever. Kennedys is as snooze-worthy as a 650-page piece of legislative mishmash about organic farming.

    Since Kennedys was made for History, it’s not like you’re going to find any of the sex and nudity that Borgias or Camelot gets away with. There’s barely any bad language.

    So, what do you get instead? Funny accents. It’s like Kennedys hired Diamond Joe Quimby from The Simpsons as its voice coach.

    And then there’s the acting.
    The cast should have known that biographical dramas come with inherent dangers. For instance, every time Katie Holmes comes on screen as Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy, you think, “That’s Katie Holmes.” Or, “That’s Katie Holmes having the damndest time with Jackie’s accent.” You are never transported somewhere else by the character because the real-life subjects are so distinctive in your mind.

    It’s not as drastic with Greg Kinnear as Jack, but he doesn’t provide much distance between actor and character. With Holmes, it’s as if getting “the look” right was most of the battle. Once she talks, the veneer cracks. With Kinnear, he pulls off Kennedy half the time, and the rest you wonder why he’s trying to make Kennedy seem so dumb. Barry Pepper, as Bobby, manages to embody the character perfectly, and you forget you’re watching biographical fiction — but that might have something to do with Pepper being a bit less famous than, say, Holmes.

    Wilkinson’s acting chops allow him to pull off Joe (a man not nearly as visually omnipresent and thus memorable as his children). But then there’s the issue of the writing making him a cartoon on scale with something in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

    Honestly, they should have just put him in a bear suit.

    Diana Hardcastle as Rose Kennedy also can’t escape the accent or the writing, particularly because she has to be the Crazy Catholic caricature.

    If you’re thinking that Kennedys is a drinking game just waiting to be born, yes, that’s true. (Drink whenever Holmes tilts her head to the side; drink when Joe Kennedy is being a jerk, etc.) But if you’re thinking that this miniseries is so bad that it’s good, you need to be disabused of that notion immediately.

    Kennedys is a hamfisted mess, both slothful in its pacing and leaden in whatever underlying message was meant to be given. It’s not the Kennedy family or legacy that suffers here, but the people involved in the project. They had better hope people can’t find Reelz on their channel lineup.

  • theodore

    nice shoes Tom haha



  • Naia

    I cant wait to see The kennedys..
    Katie so pretty… My fav couple