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LeAnn Rimes: Chicago Chic!

LeAnn Rimes: Chicago Chic!

LeAnn Rimes does some shopping while out and about on Tuesday (March 29) in Chicago, Ill.

The 28-year-old entertainer caught a flight out of LAX the day before and shared a kiss with her fiance Eddie Cibrian before heading through security.

The couple is in Chicago while Eddie film scenes for his new pilot, Playboy.

“Such a long day for Eddie on set! I’m ready for some dinner!!! Going some place super special tonight!!,” LeAnn tweeted.

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  • joe dirt


  • Isis~

    Lean Rimes looks like Zelda from that old movie Pet Cemetary.
    Eddie will cheat – can’t wait to read about it!

  • Food

    Dear Leann –
    Y oulook like a man now that you lost weight. Not healthy, like a MAN.
    Nice abs but fuggggggly legs and face.
    Get it together, mkay?

  • barefoot contessa

    Don’t bother voting on DWTS, either Kendra or Kirstie will win. the otheres are PROPS! big scandle coming, its fixed!

  • Tina

    Nice picture of Kris Crocker..oh wait.

  • http://bettyj2u betty

    Leann is now getting back what she put Brandi through or else she would not keep trying to reassure herself and the public about Eddies love for her. All the PDAs is not convincing. Trust is essential in any relationship and there is none in that one. She can stop that BS tweeting about sisterhood among women she never cared about Brandi feelings when she was sneaking around with Eddie or using Brandi kids so what makes her think another woman would care about her. Having to live with a man you have to watch or be on alert will be her private hell. I hope she can take what she dished out.!!!

  • Deeee DEE

    Did Leann know Eddie was married?

  • Cheese Toast for Lunch

    COMMENT #1 has me rolling on the floor.
    She does!

  • gwen


    Who didn’t we see this one coming? We said that WEWE was going to do a major media blitz (ie-bombard the internet with tons of photos and articles EVERDAY of the week) this week because she is jealous of all the attention that Reese received for her wedding. It’s nice to see that she keeps proving our theories right. That is TWO photo-ops within one day and WEWE still isn’t included in the top celeb list? Must be because of her money.

    Now WEWE has been to Chi-town how many times and not once was she ever spotted by the paps? So yes JJ we know that she tipped you off. WEWE is the NEW HEIDI.

    Of course EC had a LONG day on the set,it must have been so hard for him to resist the urge to hook up with other women under WEWE watchful eye.

    WEWE must have yet another staged photo-op in store for her favorite mouthpiece because she made it a special point to annouce that she was going to a “special” place.

    It’s SO funny, ALL this time WEWE has been in Chicago and not once did the paps come seeking her, so she has to take her pap entourage with her.

  • Go Ask Alice

    I agree with Betty.

  • Jerry

    It is so disgusting to look at. No redeeming qualities.

  • Fake

    Starving for attention…wow, her lips have disappeared too….Next she’ll be sporting a pout trout. I’m over her.

  • Brenda

    She obviously gets off on doing bad things and rubbing people the wrong way. Guess she figures bad attention is better than no attention at all. Awww, poor Leann, can’t get any attention unless she causes a ruckus…So transparent.

  • gwen

    Super special place?

    I guess this is just another ploy to hype up her wedding because the getting naked thing didn’t go over very well with the public. While the media ate this nonsense up, the public saw right through it and immediately stated the obvious(ie-EC doesn’t argue with WEWE because he doesn’t care about her, perhaps she should vow to get off of twitter instead of getting naked, they must be arguing all the time since she had to add that comment about how they never argue, dumb of her to think that he won’t cheat on her, why is she providing TMI on a public forum).

    So what will it be? Photos of WEWE and her love entering a taxi to go to their special place/entering their hotel/entering or leaving their special place, getting out of a taxi or a couples spotted fluff piece from People mag detailing their special date.

    Now if we could easily predict that WEWE was going to pull a major media blitz, then we are right about EC cheating on WEWE.

  • samiam

    eat a cheese burger. maybe 2

  • The truth.

    She does have WAY more money the you trolls. Haters to the left….

  • Debra

    @Deeee DEE:

    Leann and her husband went on double dates with Eddie and Brandi so yes, she knew….she just didn’t care

    she knew he was married when she:

    flirted with him in front of his wife

    met him to scr** in hotel rooms and at friends houses

    was sucking on his fingers and kissing in a public resteraunt

    …she also knew that SHE was married but that didn’t stop either of them

  • Jean


  • Brianna

    I know someone on production and they said Eddie is looking at the girls every day. POOR Leann this must be driving her crazy. I feel bad for her.

  • blair

    @Brianna…who can blame him, he actually gets to be with real women, not a stick figure like leann.

  • !

    Leann is like toe nail fungus, she just won’t go away.

  • http://JustJared bored at work

    She just won’t let him out of her sight. She just had to be there whilst he was working on the new show. He didn’t accompany her on her mini tour yet here she is, in town and with these tipped off pap shots, making it all about her. He is working on a show and she is parading for the paps. Bet he will be thrilled with that – this is suppose to be his shot. He got ditched from the CSI show because of all the external press and now she is there again, whoring the ‘love story’ out, desperate to shove it down everyone’s throats without any concern that this type of press coverage is a big part of the reason he got fired from CSI.

    As they hooked up on set, she is terrifed of being replaced before the pair wed. Especially if this show gets picked up and he has a paycheck coming in and an unlimited supply of models around him everyday. Because he wil lbe out the door and in another woman’s bed the day he gets his own cash and isn’t living off her and the allowance she gives him. Watch for the over-compensation tweets that will come in the next few days. Problem for her is that she will refuse to belive that he is cheating so he will get away with it for as long as it takes one of the tabloids to get the fling on tape. She has put so much into this relationship publicly – I don’t see her walking away. I do ultimately see a restraining order against her.

    Wait, does this mean the show will be shot in Chicago? If this means that they will relocate to Chicago and away from the LA paps, then I am on board. But if Leann can’t organise the pap coverage in Chicago that she has in LA, will she support the move? Lord knows the Chicago paps (if they have any) won’t spend their days following these two D listers around or actively participating in any staged candids for the pair.

  • kitty

    kate bosworth take 2. bored.

  • Emma

    @bored at work:

    Great post! I think that is exactly what is going to happen if Eddie’s show takes off.

  • Candice

    LeAnn Rimes seems to be very insecure in her relationship despite her constant tweets declaring its near perfection. Is she going to follow her fiance around and sit on the set like some sort of stalker? Does she have no career left of her own (other than staging photo ops with the paparazzi) that could occupy her time? Clinging won’t make him stay faithful, rather it is repulsive behavior that tends to drive people away. Also, she tries too hard to drive the point across about how much she loves to eat. She would not be shriveling up the way she is if she were eating healthily. I imagine the dinner she says she is so ready for is her first meal of the day.

  • jillyro

    Her face is just awful, she looks like a skull now, all sharp edges and bones in the face.

  • !

    Maybe she’s out panhandling for her next meal (if she still eats at all).

  • Mags

    In LeAnn’s previous story in JJ “Naked”, Carey (post 61), gave a link to one of the gals Eddie is working with on Playboy:

    I went there (thanks Carey) and saw RGK’s 9:03 AM post about LeAnn.
    Kelly gave a link to:

    which is a photo of a story dated April 4, 2011 (in the future). WTF?

  • Dr. Fill

    Hey Leann, how’s all that tweeting about your personal life working for you?
    Yeah, that’s what I thought.

  • gwen

    @The truth.:

    Hey RACY/CBME/irena/Speak now!

    Did I call it or what? I said that now that SPEAK NOW had arrived watch as these WEWE “fans” come crawling out of the woodwork.

    WEWE, HATERS don’t exist, they are all in YOUR head. That’s what you said didn’t you?

    So how are you stalking this week and how many different twitter accounts are you going to use to do it?

    Yes I know it’s you SPEAK NOW because your little post about how the truth hurts. It must really hurt your feelings because everyone knows that you are setting up these photo-ops and that EC is cheating on you. You stage these photo-ops and then you get mad when you don’t get the result you want.

    Perhaps you should cancel the other photo-ops that you sceheduled for the week because the more the public sees you the more they dislike you.

  • lucy

    Eddie must not be considered a MAN anymore at all. especially in LR eyes because she has to go to the set today to take care of him because he’s getting a cold ,how enbarrassing > would just bet he has love scene today and she wants to be there to guard her PRIZED POSSESSION She needs to get her skinny butt back to L.A. and let the prize do his job. if he’s going to cheat he will cheat whether or not she is there to stand guard, .think she will cancel concert she has coming up pleading shes sick so she doesn’t have to leave him unattended

  • gwen

    Okay, now I could have thought that WEWE’s LOYAL and DEVOTED fans said that they were going to work on getting Crazy Women back into the top 40s, so can someone please explain why Crazy Women isn’t even in the top 60s on the Country Billboard list for 4/9/11 anymore? That means her song went from 200 plays to less than 100 in just ONE WEEK. How does one lose 100 plays in ONE WEEK? Her song went from 45 to somewhere in the 60s.

    You couldn’t make something like this up if you tried, the more WEWE and her love shove their “family”/faces/farce down people’s throats via fluff from WEWE mouthpieces, WEWE tweets, and staged photo-ops, the more it damages their careers. Seriously if CMT/Lifetime/NBC want success for their shows they need to tell WEWE and her love to lay low, stop feeding People mag and WEWE fluff pieces info, and shut up(aka close the twitter accounts right now).

    So does that mean that WEWE is going to release the remix of Crazy Women that she made with Snoop since Crazy Women just fell off the top 60s Billboard chart for Country?

    Why does WEWE fanbase disappear when she needs them the most? No other celeb has a fanbase like this? These loyal and devoted “fans” come to these sites to defend her, yet they won’t download her music on itunes and they allow her song to go from 45 to 60 something in just ONE WEEK?

    In WEWE’s and EC case, any publicity IS NOT good publicity. How in the world can one keep exposing one self to the media and public and it have the opposite effect?

  • gwen

    Getting a cold=Eddie probably called out one of his cast members name during his sleep and now WEWE has to go to the set to make sure her love isn’t hooking up with his castmates.

  • blair

    @lucy…..omg, that is beyond pathetic. EC must feel like a four year old having his mommy on set making sure his wittle nose isn’t running.

  • gwen

    Wow, I must be onto something because SPEAK NOW (aka RACY/CBME/irena) is in the other thread threatening to get me banned just like I knew she would. Just like I said, she even posted a comment implying that she has gotten me banned.

    That wouldn’t be good for JJ because that would just support what many of us suspect, which is that many of the “fans” showing up in these threads on this site are not fans at all but the celebs posting in their defense.

  • gwen


    WEWE will indeed cancel her concert. She is just too insecure. Someone(aka SPEAK NOW) is flipping out in the other thread, so EC must be cheating on WEWE.

    So when WEWE films for her CMT movie, is she going to make EC tag along as well? And then she will bombard the internet with DAILY photo-ops from Canada.

  • gwen

    Oh no WEWE is on some major DAMAGE CONTROL, so she thinks that she can make people believe that EC isn’t cheating on her with the bunnies by pretending to be their friend?

    Poor WEWE, if she trusted EC at all, she wouldn’t even need to be on the set at all.

  • Go Ask Alice

    Wow! This girl serious.
    Leann is serious about babysitting Eddie.

    Worst thing you can do with a guy is carry his balls in your handbag. He will get tired of the crap and run away.
    If you have to babysit your guy, then there are some serious trust issues.
    He will run away too.
    LeAnn babysits, suffocates the guy and she has to carry Eddies balls in her designer handbags. Sad.
    This might be the beginning to the end of LeAnn and Ed.

    Off the subject, and opposite, if a man wants to babysit you and you have to clock in to him, umm, that is the middle of an ABUSIVE relationship.Unhealthy. GET OUT right away!!!!!!

  • lanna

    i cannot say one good thing

  • Gwen Rocks!

    I feel like i was slacking ! I came to check JJ and there were TWO new “stories” on Iguana Face! Now all of a sudden she has the paps taking her pics in Chi town? Like you’ve said before, she is probably boiling inside because Reese Witherspoon stole her thunder this past weekend and Iguana Face is probably plotting as to how to get her “thunder” back when Prince William gets married.
    But of course she HAS to be back in Chi town. But I don’t think her “leash” on EC is short enough! Check out this tweet from BG herself…

    So happy to not be dating or marrying an actor! Every new job is a new hook up / affair. Iv’e been set FREE! Someone else’s probs now! Hehe!

    I guess that tweet says it all!

  • blair

    US Weekly has a poll of couples you are most excited about seeing get married and guess who came in last place? Leann & Eddie!
    Guess everyone knows this relationship is doomed.

  • Gwen Rocks!

    Why are they even in the poll? But not surprised they came in last place! After seeing that, Iguana Face is probably going to stalk other couples getting married and plot , so they will not steal her “spotlight”. IF Iguana and EC do end up getting married, the joke will be on HER! If she is that stupid to see that the “love” in EC’s eyes are not hearts, but dollar signs, then she should become the official poster child for DESPERATION! You can tell EC is not happy. Especially after being on a set of all these HOT, SEXY playboy bunny types. EC probably feels he hit the jackpot with this show! He’s a kid in a candy store! He probably can’t wait to sample all the “flavors” !

  • !

    re:above post I agree, Leann feels threatened and has to send out this passive-aggressive tweet to ward off any female she feels is a potential rival.

  • Gwen Rocks!

    @Leann vs. Playboy Cast

    Wow. Iguana Face just does NOT know when to stop! She is SO insecure, jealous, selfish, and vindictive that SHE is the one that’s pushing EC into all these HOT Playboy Bunny types arms!
    Is’nt SHE the reason EC got fired from CSI Miami? She was ALWAYS on set, stalking him. But when he got fired, she blames BG! If EC gets “let go” from this show, she will probably blame BG for that too!
    She probably figures that if EC does NOT work, her “leash” on him will keep him from straying. Well, as the old saying goes…”Once a cheater, ALWAYS a cheater!”
    Her tweet to RockGirlKelly was very passive agressive. I just find it comical that Igauna Face THINKS she has the “power” to get someone fired. Here is the tweet if you need a good laugh for the day!

    leannrimes LeAnn Rimes
    @RockGirlKelly hey sweetheart, happy you’re on the show as a bunny, but dint believe everything you read. See you on set maybe. Good luck

  • http://bettyj2u betty

    You people give Leann too much credit she couldn’t stop Eddie from getting fired from CSI so what makes you think she has such clout and he got the role he is appearing in now only because the brass wanted someone with a little more name recognition Eddie was not their first choice. Because Leann is obsessed does not mean other women are interested. If she was secure in her relationship other women would not be a factor. Leann just inherited all the problems Brandi let her deal with them.

  • MGS-5

    LeAnn V. PlayboyCast, !, Gwen Rocks!: I interpreted LeAnn’s tweet exactly as you’ve indicated. That kelly is a pretty girl! Nice smile. She looks like Eddies type, LeAnn wasn’t/isn’t (just his “secret” conquest not intended to become permanent because due to her perceived public image LeAnn had a virgin-like persona to her when the two met). Unbeknown to Eddie,LeAnn really had been living the Babylonian lifestyle and a serial SK@NK, just like he was LOL!

    Don’t ya think Kelly in fact seems/looks very much like SMJ (Eddies’s former squeeze he was co-banging at the same time as LeAnn – LeAnn got sloppy seconds)?

  • gwen

    @LeAnn V. PlayboyCast:

    What is so funny is the fact that the woman sent the tweet to Eddie and Leann responded, like she is monitering EC tweets or just like many people had stated that it’s been Leann tweeting from EC twitter account and not Eddie.

    That is interesting, her comment about seeing that woman on the set does come off as if she is trying to intimidate the women by forewarning them that she will be on the set to make sure that she doesn’t have anymore good times with EC.

    When she told the woman good luck, do you think that maybe she is going to complain to her pals and get that woman fired or make sure that she has as little contact with EC as possible while on the set?

  • Gwen Rocks!

    I think her “good luck” comment was more of Iguana Face trying to intimidate. But I think the REAL meaning was a warning to EC! LOL! meaning “good luck” trying to escape my short leash!
    Either way, Igauna is probably nervous as heck since she has to leave for another NOT sold out concert at some casino or county fair. I’m surprised she did not cancel that show so she can be close to her “sweets” to keep an eagle eye on his cheating ways!

  • Go Ask Alice

    I agree with Betty.

  • Go Ask Alice

    @LeAnn V. PlayboyCast:

    LeAnn Rimes is acomplete fool over Eddie. I hope she does not do something stupid when they split up, like take some pills.
    Really. The girl is a bit off. She thinks every woman is after Eddie.
    This girl Kelly played LeAnn like a $3.00 bill. Kelly is a nobody who just got a piece part on a show that is not even on the air and Kelly is trying to create buzz, rumor, about hershelf , get in the weekly mags and LeAnn took Kelly’s bait. Go Kelly!!!
    Kelly is not no where interested in a no one like Eddie .Really. She is trying to create buzz about herself,not take any away,LOL!!!
    You really have to change your opinion of Leann from one of homewrecker cheater to really, pity.
    Poor lil pitiful fool Leann.