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LeAnn Rimes: I'm Going to Argue Naked!

LeAnn Rimes: I'm Going to Argue Naked!

LeAnn Rimes gets cozy with fiance Eddie Cibrian while catching a departing flight at LAX on Monday (March 28) in Los Angeles.

The 28-year-old country singer recently tweeted some unique advice she got from a pal.

“A good friend just told me that the key to a successful marriage was to argue naked! I’m gonna do that from now on, when that rarely happens,” she wrote.

LeAnn also used her Twitter page to speak out about what she thinks are enemies.

“I must say, there is nothing more unattractive than a woman who puts another woman down. Us women already have enough problems in this crazy world, love each other. Speak kindly even to your ‘enemies’ if there are really such a thing. I believe “enemies” are in YOUR head, you create them. LOVE ALL…at least try,” she tweeted.

FYI: LeAnn is wearing M2F Brand Denims in Starflower and an alice + olivia by Stacey Bendet Amy Pleated Shoulder Top. She carried a Hunting Season Natural Python Hobo bag from Intermix.

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  • blair

    That’s one way to scare him off, Skeletor.’

  • MKhay

    what a dumb ass.

  • jillyro

    Is she totally delusional??? She is giving others advice on loving, not putting other women down when she went on a twitter rappage over Eddie’s ex for months??? Does she not see the irony??? She’s a idiot. Ugly on the inside and outside and she better start spending 24/7 dressed in clothes because I have a feeling seeing her naked will make him question his choice instead, not love her more.

  • bubbaness

    So humping on someone else’s husband while you yourself are still married is a way to make friends and support other women, huh?

  • Shea

    No, Leann, there is nothing more unattractive (besides you) than a woman who sleeps with a married man. Hypocrite.

  • Shea

    No, Leann, there is nothing more unattractive (besides you) than a woman who sleeps with another woman’s husband.

  • Carey

    Im sorry but Leann is just not that attractive.
    The LEGS are beginning to resemble twigs. She would look anorexic in person.

  • Thai

    Dumbass 100%.

  • gwen

    Really JJ, how many times have we seen WEWE and her love “getting cozy” at an airport? It’s like Popsugar said, WEWE and her love are officially the QUEEN and KING of ridiculously staged photo-ops. They really do pose for the paps like’s it’s going out of business.

    BTW, didn’t WEWE pull the same thing with DS? So why does the media keep trying to argue that this is love when they have already established that they use pda to compensate for their bad relationships? And you are sure that “getting cozy” has nothing to do with the fact that they are trying to hide the fact that Eddie is sleeping around? Or that WEWE wants so desperately to live her life without the opinions of others that she makes sure that she and EC are smiling in this airport photo-op because people pointed out how miserable they looked in the last one?

    KEY to successful marriage? When did EC and LR get married? Oh that is right, WEWE must be trying to start more rumors and get attention for her wedding because Reese Witherspooon, Jessica Simpson, and Kate Middleton are stealing ALL of her thunder. Didn’t WEWE tell E that she and EC don’t argue and that the key to a successful relationship was DEDICATION. Seriously EC and WEWE barely talk to each other as evidenced by the fact that WEWE is always on the iphone, but it’s great to see that the media would go to any lengths to push this nonsense. Would they even ignore EC affairs if WEWE paid them enough money?

  • !


  • Anna


  • gwen

    WEWE is such a *******. Didn’t she put BG down by sleeping with her husband, encouraging her fans and DB to stalk and harass her on twitter, tweeting mean and nasty things about BG, going to family day after BG told her not to, and by tweeting about BG kids after she was asked not to do that? Oh WEWE, this is what happens when she surrounds herself with too many yes people.

    So when WEWE goes on and on about “haters and the media/press being evil do her wise words on enemies apply to her? So by WEWE own logic her enemies are in HER head, and SHE created them, right. So when WEWE starts talking about haters and how mean the media and press are for daring to tell the truth, someone should tweet her enemy quote texact ords to her. No wonder EC “likes” LR, she makes him look like a rocket scientist. She can’t possibly be this dumb or does she think that the truce erased all the things that she has done?

    So is this who NBC/Playboy wants to represent them? A bunch of famewhores?

    Why did JJ even post that quote from Leann? Don’t tell me that they thought that people would think that it was cute. Yet another reason to believe that the media would do anything for the right price, including hiding EC affairs.

  • gwen

    Is it me or is Leann looking more and more like Brandi? Is that love, turning a woman who he claims to be madly in love with into his ex-wife?

    Leann’s revelation about how she and EC RARELY argue says a lot about the status of their relationship.

    EC and WEWE rarely argue because

    a) Well the obvious. Their relationship lacks communication. The only time they probably talk to one another is in these staged photo-ops and twitpics.

    b) WEWE spends the majority of her life on twitter talking about her relationship, so she can’t argue with EC since she is too busy writing “my love” and “I am so blessed” tweets and creating enemies.

    c) EC doesn’t find WEWE worthy enough to devote his time and energy to her. He just shows up for the photo-ops and after the cameras leave he probably goes back to whatever woman he has been sleeping with. How come the media doesn’t find it odd that EC isn’t at all bothered by how much time WEWE spends tweeting? Or that we rarely see EC out and about LA, which shows that he knows how to be discreet about his affairs when he wants to be. Wouldn’t a man who is madly in love be upset over how much time the love of his life spends on twitter Yet we have WEWE telling us that she and EC don’t argue. So these photo-ops where certain media outlets try to equate love with “getting cozy” and pda are wrong.

    c) Where is EC while WEWE is tweeting? I know that she often tweets twitpics to prove to people that EC is at home with her, but does anyone seriously believe that he is just sitting on the couch watching TV while WEWE tweets? The fact that we rarely see photos of him alone, is evidence that he knows how to be discreet when he wants to be.

  • click

    she is so repulsive, she looks like a slimy lizzard. Yuck.

  • blair

    @gwen…Eddie is a silent partner…he’s just waiting for his big payday.

  • bobbi

    I’m going to be “ugly” and put LeAnn down. ICK~!!

  • gwen

    From Popsugar:

    ““Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt have been the reigning King and Queen of ridiculously staged photo ops for the past few years, though there may be some new competition on the scene. LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian seem to share Heidi and Spencer’s flair for drama, posing for a serious engagement shoot and silly bikini beach strolls. Also like Heidi and Spencer, LeAnn and Eddie just love to share PDA in some of the most unusual places. Considering all of LeAnn and Eddie’s recent camera time, we’d like to know what you think — are LeAnn and Eddie the new Heidi and Spencer?”

  • sue anders

    exactly … we women have enough problems BECAUSE of women like you LeAnn who don’t have enough respect for marriage and family nor the ultimate respect – another woman’s husband!!
    Time to take a hard look in the mirror LeAnn and stop with the advice that even you cannot take….

  • Candice

    I don’t like to insult people, but LeAnn Rimes seems to think that she can do whatever she wants and never answer for it. She tweets things that she says we all should practice, yet did not, and does not herself. Her example of how to treat other women has been disgraceful. She is living in the public eye, no matter what her excuse is, most people do not approve of people who commit adultery. It is what it is. People have lost respect for her and view her relationship as very phony. She should be looking in a mirror when she doles out this advice on how women should treat each other. Also, giving out relationship advice is completely obnoxious considering her past. It isn’t what you say, it is what you do and I would never take advice from someone who has done what she has. I am sure others feel the same way.

  • kitty

    give the woman a sandwich. and as far as stealing someone elses husband….the ‘unattractive’ twig here deserves a smack.

  • !

    She got the cheatin’ gene from her daddy.

  • Matt

    This is what her career has become. Posting pics on JJ and making rediculous tweets so the rags will pick them up and she can get some attention. It’s called being a fame*hore and she’s pimping everyday while crying about her negative press. She’s at the top of the liar’s pile.

  • nata

    No, Lean, there is nothing more unattractive in a woman than taking somebody’s else husband. Just saying… You and Eddie Crap, I mean Cibrian, deserve each other. It will be just a matter of time until one of you cheat.

  • Emma

    It’s been said, but really? She’s the instigator of her own problems and terrible public image and she just keeps making it worse with her ridiculous twitters.

    We women should support each other? Did that really come from her, who cheated with another woman’s husband on her own husband? I’m sorry, I do support other women, but not other women who sleep around with other women’s husbands. Sure Eddie is mainly to blame for not keeping it zipped, since he had children, not just a wife, but that doesn’t excuse her.

  • Winks

    “LOVE ALL…at least try.” Well, Leann, just remember to TRY to love the woman who Eddie strays with after he’s your husband. And try not to put her down. As you say, “it’s so unattractive.” Soon enough, my dear, you’ll learn it’s easier said than done.

  • gwen

    WEWE isn’t going to be arguing naked, she is just going to continue to Single White Female Eddie’s ex-wife. Or better yet she will just sit on twitter (and EC won’t even care that she spends all that time tweeting because their relationship is just bad) write a bunch of “my love”, “my sweets”, “I am so blessed”, “don’t judge…” , or “haters…” tweets. Or even better continue to tweet about BG kids because as she stated we women have to stick together and what better way to stick together, than to tweet about another woman’s kids after she asked her to stop.

    I love that she writes even if their is such a thing as enemies. It’s funny coming from WEWE because she is always on twitter talking about “haters”. Leann’s stupidity is her downfall.

  • LOLz

    Whats sad is when women don’t respect other women or their relationships. Even worst– when you disrespect someone and then you won’t shut up about it. People make enemies when they behave badly with no regard about anyone but themselves, like, Leann did! She should live with Eddie and not flaunt her relationship to the world (through: photo ops and interviews–o and twitter) and she should stop with her cheap advice. Nothing worse then preaching what you yourself can’t do! She did what she did but if she would shut up and stop looking smug people wouldn’t hate her as much.

  • !

    How sick a person she must be to deliberately tweet comments that she knows she’s going to get negative feedback on.

  • blaine

    Yea I want to see the sisterhood of women from her when she finds all that female bunny fur in Ec toothbrush run bunnies run

  • *rolls eyes*

    I’ve never posted a comment about the whole Eddie and LeAnn c r a p, but for pete’s sake, SHUT UP YOU TRASHY W H O R E!!! I find it sickening how this hamster can go on and on an ON about a man she had an affair with. Have some class and show SOME fcking respect for his betrayed wife and children. Geez. Where is this obnoxious homewreckers publicist?

  • WTF?

    Ugly on the inside and out. Totally classless btich. Her squinty eyes and big nose should be the last ones commening on women sticking together. For the love of all that’s green, does this women think twice about the words that come out of her mouth? A homewrecker telling women to “stick together”?!’.kidding me!

  • Fake

    Yes, she is looking more like Brandi every day…and please, someone get her a stylist. She can not put together an outfit!
    I’m not sure why, but this couple gives me the creeps. I feel it won’t be long before his roaming eye takes him to another affair. She seems the type that will be absolutely crushed.

  • S.L.R.

    She makes these douchbag comments to keep her controversial and in the news. She is an ugly, fugly person who is showing her true colors by saying these asinine things. Both she and Eddie do not have any staying power and will soon slip into obscurity – the sooner the better!

  • Carey
  • gwen


    I guess they didn’t get WEWE memo, which is that WEWE thinks that reality tv stars are fame hungry.

  • Carey


    Leann is using LeleCib on Instagram.
    She stalks Brandi’s friend HurricaneKari (Twitter nic) on there.

  • Carey

    Leann has KEVIN BACON’s nose!

  • gwen

    I thought WEWE media blitz was going to start over the weekend, but it looks like she is going to be pulling a “Look at me” pr stunt EVERYDAY of the week. WEWE has really been busy over the last two days.

    So now Dailymail is calling WEWE and EC “getting cozy” moment, the “look of love”. Sure, so was it also the look of love when WEWE was doing the very same pose with Dean and was it also the look of love when EC was doing the very same poses with his ex-wife as documented by the Star article that reported that EC was still sleeping with his wife while he was telling the public that he was committed to WEWE? Another media outet has picked up her arguing with EC naked comment and spinned it into a fluff piece about how they are madly in love. They too failed to explain how WEWE manages to even have a conversation with EC when she is tweeting all time and why she morphing herself in EC wx-wife if EC is content and happy with WEWE.

    Either WEWE is really upset because the media was paying more attention to Reese’s wedding or WEWE is gearing up for her wedding/honeymoon and reality tv show media blitz.

    What is baffling is why the media continues to sell or push this farce as REAL LOVE? If it was real love, it wouldn’t be so predictable. We predicted that WEWE was going to pull a media blitz out of jealousy for Reese’s wedding, and sure enough here it is.

    Please NBC/CMT/Lifetime, make EC and LR lay low and shut up. These networks are hoping that media coverage from their wedding will boost their ratings, but everyone is getting fed up with how much famewhoring WEWE and EC do and then how they whine about the “haters” when it all backfires. Obviously the famewhoring has not helped WEWE and EC career and they have to call in favors from their friends just to get jobs, just look at how her “fans” allowed her single to get to 45 on the Billboard country list and won’t even download her song from Itunes. And need we breminded of how WEWE and EC weekly airport famewhoring hurt CSI and Chase?

  • gwen


    Well the transformation into BG wouldn’t be complete without the presence of BG friends.

  • EileenYover

    Nothing screams SISTERHOOD like stalking and screwing another mans husband and then once she has him, turn herself into the ex and then take out a fake twitter account to harass the ex and her supporters! Good thinking sweetie! Keep up the preaching you’re just making yourself look more and more stupid.

  • blaine

    Why wouldn’t she have Kevin Bacons nose? she has another womans husband ,another womans gold belt . if she likes it ,shes gonna have it >

  • !

    @Blaine LOL!

  • Edie S.

    The biggest laugh i got today was her taking a pic and labeling it Chicago Streets, and the pic was only of her Face…no streets in sight!LOL. I used to defend her cause i felt bad about all the back lash she recieved, but i don’t think she’s a very nice person, and all that psuedo cheerful babble on her Twitter page is just camoflauge for hatred underneath. Truly nice people don’t attract haters…there’s a reason for that. And whoever her pr person is must be passed out in a bar somewhere, cause i can’t imagine any competent pr rep would allow her to tweet such nonsense about Female Camraderie, when she wouldn’t even begin to know the meaning of Women supporting their fellow women. It would be in her best interest to lay low about certain subject matters, if she truly wants to backlash to end. I’m almost certain that she was behind those harrassing accts, , and it doesn’t surprise me a bit. I’m from Chicago, and hope she packs her bags soon and leaves our beautiful city!

  • blaine

    come on someone we want to see the tweets from the bunnies on playboy set making fun of her for hovering over him like an eagle. Bet the producers would love to tell her to go home. she’s going to ruin this pilot for him but she probably would be happy for him not to work N be a stay at home gigolo. She wouldn’t know the meaning of the word SISTERHOOD, except now she wants all women to respect her boundaries when it comes to her LOVE

  • blaine

    come on someone we want to see the tweets from the bunnies on playboy set making fun of her for hovering over him like an eagle. Bet the producers would love to tell her to go home. she’s going to ruin this pilot for him but she probably would be happy for him not to work N be a stay at home gigolo. She wouldn’t know the meaning of the word SISTERHOOD, except now she wants all women to respect her boundaries when it comes to her LOVE

  • blaine

    come on someone we want to see the tweets from the bunnies on playboy set making fun of her for hovering over him like an eagle. Bet the producers would love to tell her to go home. she’s going to ruin this pilot for him but she probably would be happy for him not to work N be a stay at home gigolo. She wouldn’t know the meaning of the word SISTERHOOD, except now she wants all women to respect her boundaries when it comes to her LOVE

  • gwen

    Wow WEWE is on the rampage. She is making sure that just about ALL of her mouthpieces are writing about their lovefest at the airport. Is this what WEWE is reduced to? Paying the media to make up for what her “romance” with Eddie lacks?

    This latest round of photo-ops from camp WEWE just confirms what everyone suspects, EC is indeed cheating on WEWE. She can’t get the fairytale she wants so she pays the media to create it for her.

    Well WEWE wanted to outdo Reese. It would be interesting to see what WEWE has planned for tomorrow.

  • Melissa

    Women should let other women cheat with their Husbands and TeacherDatingSite was amazing

  • Blackcat99

    Lee Ann Rimes would be the last person I would take advice from.Especially on how to treat other women.

    The ugliest thing a woman can do is cheat on her husband with a married man with children.

    I can’t wait till they marry then divorce and he sucks her dry.Payback is a bitch.

  • dfgga

    She is so full of it!