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Mila Kunis Defends Natalie Portman's 'Black Swan' Dancing

Mila Kunis Defends Natalie Portman's 'Black Swan' Dancing

Mila Kunis sips an iced coffee while leaving a friend’s house on Monday (March 28) in Los Angeles.

The 27-year-old actress recently spoke out about accusations her Black Swan co-star, Natalie Portman, didn’t do much of the dancing in the drama.

Natalie danced her a– off. I think it’s unfortunate that this is coming out and taking attention away from [the praise] Natalie deserved and got,” Mila told EW.

“She’ll tell you [that], no, she was not on pointe when she did a fouetté [turn]. No one’s going to deny that. But she did do every ounce of every one of her dances,” she said about the Oscar winner.

“[Her dancing double] wasn’t used for everything. It was more like a safety net. If Nat wasn’t able to do something, you’d have a safety net,” she explained. “The same thing that I had – I had a double as a safety net. We all did. No one ever denied it.”

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  • Kerri

    @Eric Shinn: Gross dude.
    I love mila kunis. She is so pretty damn i wish i looked like her.

  • kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    Hey babe mila go steal oscar from natalie

  • Annie

    I believe Nat when she says she learned some very basic pointe stuff and the arm movements were certainly her, but the thing is that people who went to see this movie went to see a THRILLER; they didn’t go to see a ballet or a ballet documentary. To be honest, the dance choreography was very mediocre period regardless of who was doing the dancing. If I had to give a weakest link for this movie, it wasn’t the acting (which was all very good) or the dancing (which was just a backdrop) it was the horror scenes. If the horror scenes had been more subtle and psychologically scary instead of just eeeewwww! and boo! Black Swan could have been a classic horror movie instead of just a cool movie.

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  • joan

    does anyone else also think that mila’s voice is obnoxiously annoying? when she opens her mouth, all i ever hear is “michael!” coming out of her voice- when she would nag that kelso dude on that 70′s show.
    on letterman, portman stated that she trained for black swan a year-and-a half and only lost the weight the last 3 months cuz she likes to eat. so basically, she is saying that she perfected ballet with a heavier body? or she perfected it in 3 months when she was lighter? what a bunch of crock.
    she must make her gynocologist father proud for using sloppy birth control methods. shotgun engagement.
    portman has done much better acting in other roles. black swan was just a mediocre performance. it was the dancing and special effects that made this movie stand out.
    natalie aint no prodigy and aint no little-miss-perfect that graduated from harvard like she would want you to believe.
    she went on “the view” after she graduated and acted so snobby and elite about it. no humility at all.
    devout jews do not publish papers and preach about it while getting sloppily knocked up by a guy with a live-in girlfriend. and they dont lie about dancing in a major motion picture and diss the true talent.
    selfish. folks will never look at her the same way anymore.

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  • Mila kunis

    Shut the f**k up kaz

  • http://oooooo Neva

    The Oscar award was not for the ballet dancing. Overall it was for Natalie’s acting. So Natalie congrats to you again.

  • Tula Lula

    Shut up Mila Kunface. It annoys me when people can’t give credit where credit is due. The doubles did all the hard work and yet neither of them can say that the doubles did a great job as well. And, please, ballet in a year and a half? That’s nothing. And Natalie’s performance was only mediocre like she is in the rest of her movies… snobby psycho.

  • brains

    one Jew defending another. Both are overrated, talentless cu.n.ts with boyish bodies.

  • paperclip


    You are one smart lady!!!

  • jillyro

    Think everyone involved needs to STFU about this now. Less said is better. Because as the saying goes “doth protest too much” and it’s making it worse, they need to stop. Next we will get a comment from the wooden floor they danced on claiming it was really Nathalie dancing on it, really!! Enough. They all need to pirouette away from this subject.

  • Sarah Sucks

    Natalie P and Mila P both played excellent parts in their roles in Black Swan. Mila didn’t have to say anything but she did tell the truth b/c the other b.itch known as an extra or body double wanted her name known when normally the extras sign a contractual agreement ,they get paid good money shut their mouth and go home. And if they are pleasant dancers who don’t cause any trouble they just might get asked to do another* movie *double.
    But Sarah Lane won’t have to worry about that b/c nobody will hire her so that she can shoot her big mouth off after the movie whine whine whine i want ppl to know i am the dancer behind the scenes and make me up a best double award OSCAR ASAP!!!
    Stupid should go to acting school. The movie Black Swan would never have hit the big screen if Sara Lane was the actress b/c she can’t act.
    The reason Black Swan won is b/c Natalie Portman is a good actress and nobody questioned if it was her dancing or not ontill this bimbo Lane Whiner started mouthing off. She is a dancer NOT an actress. It was never hidden that the women in the movie were using extras..NEVER so why the big deal?
    Black Swan would never have won for best actress if Sara Lane played the part b/c she can’t act. She freaking knows what she signed on that dotted line . The only thing they forgot to add was to tell her to shut her big trap.
    Going to look good on her to NEVER see her working on a movie again..
    Nobody needs a big mouth blabbing about how good they were when nobody knows or cares who the double is.. This Sarah Lane needs to learn how to do her job shut her face,grab the paycheck and go home.
    If i ever see a movie where they stipulate that Sarah Lane is the extra in a ballette movie i will be taking a pass.

  • Love4SAMCRO


    Well, it’s very clear that your opinions of Natalie has changed, but I think the bigger question is if you even liked her in the first place. It’s clear you didn’t enjoy her in the movie.

    For one thing, Natalie has never stated that she ‘perfected’ ballet. She did the dance to the best of her ability. And, if you actually read what Mila had to say (with or without her ‘obnoxiously annoying’ voice in mind) the real dancers were only used when necessary in the final cut. They’re both unprofessional dancers, obviously. And if you look closely at the scenes of the film (that’s if you’re willing to see it more than once) if was the complicated foot work that were actually used. You could tell they’re done by the pros.

    And how do you know the actual facts of her relationship with Millepied? Why did her choices disgust you so much? Would it have made any difference if she hadn’t graduated from Harvard? I honestly would be extremely proud of myself if I did. Wouldn’t you? It’s the fact that she chose to be in, and finish school, rather than act at the time; I guess that offends you.

    There’s one thing that you’re sort of right about, though, she had performed better roles, ie. Closer. Maybe you would have been much happier if she won the Oscar for her supporting role in that film.. or ‘been happier if she wasn’t knocked up, or had never attended Harvard, or wasn’t born a Jew, or if her father outspokenly told everyone that he wasn’t proud of her.. whatever makes you happy. She’s obviously not ‘perfect’ enough for you.

  • Love4SAMCRO


    Lol, and I just noticed that you commented on another post regarding Natalie, stating the same things with distaste.

    Someone needs to pull the stick out.

  • Susanne

    Sarah Lane was insulted by NP’s fiance who claimed that “Natalie did 85% of the dancing” which is obviously ridiculous.

    From the beginning of the movie’s PR campaign the producers neglected to mention that Natalie’s head was digitally placed on the double’s body for all the scenes. In fact the videos appeared on YOUTUBE but “disappeared” after Sarah made her claims.

    Portman received an Oscar for her acting performance but in this case how can anyone take the dancing out of the acting and vice versa especially when special effects were used throughout the movie. At the very least the doubles should have received more credit. Sarah Lane is a well known dancer and doesn’t need publicity for herself. On the other hand it must mave been very insulting for her when the choreographer (Millipied) basically said that Natalie did almost everything – if so, why did they put her head onto another body for all the dance scenes? I don’t blame Portman or the dance doubles but the producers and her fiance have not told the truth and they should admit it.

  • Helen

    Portman should have made more of a point of acknowledging the other dancer – she choose to lap up the attention and pretend she did all the dancing. This incredible story was part of what won her the Oscar. She should have been more honest.

  • Acting

    It’s called acting. . .

    Seriously I don’t get the drama.

  • No story

    I don’t no why people are hating she’s already won an Oscar for her performance = end off story. It’s a bit late attacking her now.

    Time to move on. The haters want to make something out of nothing.

    Every actor/actress in Hollywood uses a body double for little things so what she gave a fantastic performance and it paid with an Oscar.

  • h2o

    Is Mila man or woman. She has no hips or a.s.s. and no b.oo.b.s. So what’s so appealing about her again? Sophia Vergara, now that’s a hot woman!!!

  • Karih

    Just a Jew defending another Jew. They are all interdependent, whether they are right or not. End of story. You can’t become a ballerina (not an average dancer) in less than 2 years, so I hardly doubt Portman did 85% of the job, I believe Sarah Lane even though I think she was just a double and should have stayed anonymous.

  • spyfromthecold

    Portman did not pretend she did all her own dancing, only spoke of the hard work she did on whatever dancing DID end up on screen. She credited her doubles numerous times, including Kimberly Prosa (sp?), who Sarah “Everyone should get proper credit” doesn’t seem to actually credit.

  • Danielle

    Mila is so nice for defend Natalie =)

  • Melissa

    I love her, she should marry JT and TallPeopleMatch was amazing

  • lexy hates bilson

    You said it Mila!! These haters just want something to complain about.

  • Dieter

    JARED !!!!!! Totally love the ass of Mila’s !!!!!!

  • Hanne

    I think people tend to overrate Portman’s acting skills because she’s a ‘serious’ actress. Michelle Williams should’ve won.

  • ACA

    Enough with all this nonsense about Natalie PRETENDING she did all the dancing because she did not pretend. These are too many assumptions being made. Check your sources, because Natalie has mentioned her double many times and has thoroughly explained what she did & didn’t do in many many interviews. It’s so unfortunate for both Darren and Natalie to put so much hard work into making this wonderful movie with such a low budget.
    If you’ve seen the film, trust me, you can instantly tell when a double was used, and frankly, those “difficult moves” were not very difficult if you know ballet well.

    Mila is right, doubles are stand ins. That’s it. Sarah Lane had NO role whatsoever in the film. Lane has gotten ALL the credit she deserved, why? Because she is just a double.

    So if you’re going to disagree with Natalie winning the Oscar, then please criticize her performance as an actress, rather than using Lane’s, who is the true fraud here, complaints as part of your argument.

  • Bud

    There is nothing bad about having a body double. She did an incredible job! Cleary, it is just not possible to dance 100% like a professional when your primary goal is to be a good actress.

  • Kershaw

    Mila if she was not en pointe how did she do every ounce of her dancing scenes? Because I’m pretty sure Natalie is shown dancing en pointe throughout the entire film, in every dance scene.

  • Tanya

    @Bud: You’re jsut copying and pasting that comment.. I’ve seen it on every Natalie thread.

  • CC

    They should mention her at the end of the film as double dancer, and everything would fine, but they didn’t , the question is why? Maybe there was some benefit because of it. She’s not some person waiting at street in movie or double in action movie jumping on roof. – besides even stunts are mention as stunts not some hand model – where people don’t even know what exactly did that person do. The Dance was important for leader character, it trigger her psychosis. It seems that Portman dance scenes are without showing her lower body like waving her arms around in port de bras etc., not counting scenes where Natalie is just standing around in dance attire -that’s not dancing. Maybe if Natalie’s boyfriend didn’t start talking how Natalie danced all figures everything would be calm …. .. maybe ;)
    Natalie Portman is fantastic actress, she deserved for all her awards becouse it was for ACTING! and the dancer did the great job in FULL BODY DANCE, credit for Sarah !End of story ! Everyone is happy now. ;-)

  • MaXXoo

    Aronofsky needs to adjust his statement. He says of 139 shots, 111 were Natalie; 28 Sarah.
    What about second dance double Kimberly Prosa? According to that math Kimberley did 0 shots. That would contradict this statement from Kimberly Prosa:
    Says Prosa: “Natalie took class, she studied for several months, from the waist up is her. Sarah Lane a soloist at ABT, did the heavy tricks, she did the fouéttes, but they only had her for a limited time, a couple of weeks, so I did the rest of whatever dance shots they needed.”

  • Cassie

    OF COURSE Director’s going to defend his move, and his actor. Because he’s not only defending her, he is defending HIMSELF. Because it makes it seem like he lied, and just used CGI, while he was hyping up his main actor.
    He’s not going to say, Ooops you caught me. Yea I used CGI. You know what speaks the truth. The fact that they hid Sarah Lane, the fact that she wasn’t allowed to give interviews until after the Oscars, that she wasn’t credited as a double, but as a hand model, or lady in the lane, the fact that the CGI video showing face replacement was cut out from the video. Those are the things that speak the truth, actions, not words. Because even if Sarah Lane danced only 5% percent, the fact that they tried to keep her hidden showed that they worried Natalie wouldn’t get her Oscar if the Acadamy found out about her double.