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Britney Spears: 'Jimmy Kimmel' Performances!

Britney Spears: 'Jimmy Kimmel' Performances!

Britney Spears performs her smash single “Till The World Ends” during Jimmy Kimmel Live! in Los Angeles on Tuesday (March 29).

Watch the clip below, along with two comedy sketches featuring Britney. “Hi, I’m Britney Spears and this is the POO COCKTAIL SUPREME.” Love it!!!

Earlier today, it was announced that Enrique Iglesias and Britney will not be touring together any longer.

Britney Spears – “Till The World Ends”

Britney Spears and Jimmy Kimmel Get Tattoos

Britney Spears – Deleted Scene from Jackass 3D

20+ pictures inside of Britney Spears performing during Jimmy Kimmel Live!

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60 Responses to “Britney Spears: 'Jimmy Kimmel' Performances!”

  1. 1
    yo sista Says:

    LMAO at the Jackass skit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

    She’s such a great sport! And she did a good job! Her new album is excelent! <3333333333333

  2. 2
    BS#1FAN Says:

    Better than GMA love you britttttttt :*

  3. 3
    BS Says:

    Better than GMA love you britttttttt :*

  4. 4
    Chloe Says:

    I miss the days when Britney actually singed her songs live, none of this FAKE lip singing.

  5. 5
    Ehm Says:

    I don’t get it. She doesn’t sing, and now she barely even dances anymore. She seems so not into performing at all. But the song is catchy I guess and the fans don’t seem to care. She could be there just sitting on stage and people would still be screaming, just happy to have her up there.

    She should change careers, she doesn’t seem to like doing this anymore.

  6. 6

    I WANNA SEE HER IN A FILM!!!! I think she would be great in a romance – comedy film.

  7. 7
    greg Says:

    @ITSBRITNEYBITCH: Me too! She should make another movie!

  8. 8
    britney spears fan Says:

    I got some goodies here:


  9. 9
    kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!! Says:

    Why she back ?? dumbf*ck

  10. 10
    Chris Says:

    Cute voice :)

  11. 11
    Cathy Says:

    She has an amazing personality, she seems like such a nice person.
    but someone should make her wear something different, she cant really dance like “Britney Spears” in those silly corsets.

  12. 12
    kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!! Says:

    Hahahahaa back with spiled, 45 old

  13. 13
    Cathy Says:

    @kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!: how nice of you to attack a woman you hardly know.

  14. 14
    Audrey Says:

    Who the hell belives that she’s actually inside (Jackass)??
    When she comes out you can’t see her face.because it’s clearly not Britney!! They don’t get Britney dirty.
    And WTF was that performance?? She lipsyncing, which sucks but I woluld’t call ‘dancing’ what’s she’s doing. She’s barley moving!!
    There 100x better singers and performance, just like Beyonce, Christina or Gaga…

  15. 15
    kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!! Says:

    I dont care her video & i don’t wan’t to see dumbf*ck

  16. 16
    kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!! Says:

    I want to see Katy perry ;-D

  17. 17
    kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!! Says:

    O0000000hhhhhhhhhh How depressing

  18. 18
    mandy m Says:

    @britney spears fan:

    yeah i love it so much

  19. 19
    Sligo lambert ^______^ cute Says:

    I hate **** girl

  20. 20
    chardystew Says:

    Her new album is sooooooo gooooood! Def her best work! If you havent bought it yet you should! Get the deluxe edition, the bonus tracks are great and very different from the rest of the cd!

  21. 21
    Irena Says:

    She can’t dance like she used to and her songs aren’t as great as they should be but I saw a glimpse of old Britney in the Jackass skit and even in the Jimmy Kimmel segment!

  22. 22
    lexy hates bilson Says:

    Poor Brit!! Now that K-Fool knocked up another kid she’ll be supporting that kid too!!

  23. 23
    Anna Says:

    what days? she could never sing life..

  24. 24
    MangerBouger Says:

    OK. I like britney’s tune and everything but she needs to get rid of the person who dresses her thinking she still has that ‘Toxic ‘body type of hers. Dress her in something to make her new body even more prettier ! Same for the make up. Her make up used to be so “wow” and know it’s just crap.

    They still think that’s the 20s Britney, when she is not, she has changed/emancipated. Look at J-lo…she dresses smart, even with that back of hers that I couldn’t even accept even if I had it.

  25. 25
    lilia mazunina Says:

    I WANT ANOTHER BRITNEY I MEAN NOT STRIPPER ‘R SMTH OF THE KIND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. 26
    Thai Says:

    Too bad shes making a fool of herself with this so-called “comeback”. There is no “comeback” at all, its in fact a huge step behind.

  27. 27
    seriousbodoh Says:

    that was amazing britney LOVE U

  28. 28
    lyg Says:

    Man Britney used to come out on a stage and OWN it. From the dance to the look in her eyes!! She doesn’t have that anymore its just sad to watch her sometimes. I think she should do movies to or a sitcom because she does have that personality.

  29. 29
    ;D Says:

    Damn britney used to be so great on stage.. now she’s… mediocre… i mean she doesn’t even dance anymore….seriously she should stop ruining her career!!!! she has a great personality and a lot of talents so she could just try something else instead…not performing…

  30. 30
    DİLARA Says:


  31. 31
    Wesie Says:

    OMG , she is so cute!
    Loved her performances and the jackass thing was so funny!

  32. 32
    SHIT Says:

    Her album is really good ! But hey , why is she dancing i mean when Michael was dancing he was outshinning his dancers same for Beyoncé and GaGa ! When i look at the performance i just look to the dancers because they really know how to do it ! She does too you can see it but she DONT ! She should really take herself to a hole other level when it comes to dance because that’s kinda lame if you ask me !

  33. 33
    Lola Says:


    I ABSOLUTELY agree! The people who should be making the MOST MONEY off Britney, Inc. are the song producers (not the writers or musicians, if they even use musicians). They are TALENTED MUSICAL GENIUSES! The music ROCKS.

  34. 34
    Lola Says:

    I ABSOLUTELY agree! The people who should be making the MOST MONEY off Britney, Inc. are the song producers (not the writers or musicians, if they even use musicians). They are TALENTED MUSICAL GENIUSES! The music ROCKS.

  35. 35
    Steve Says:

    When I first saw TTWE performance in Vegas I though she had that energy back, but then i saw her old performances and I was like “what the hell happened to this girl” I mean, she used to be so great on stage with so much power even when the choreography is lame she still shine on it, and i didnt care if she lipsync or not because she danced pretty good. I’m not hater, i’m her fan and i miss the old Britney, but now it looks like she doesnt care about her career anymore, she lost that charisma she used to have. It looks like she’s being pushed to do it. I’m wondering what if she didn’t get married with kevin and keep perform, what if she didn’t have that knee injury, what if she didn’t get divorced with Kevin, would she still be the same ? It’s so sad to know that she fall too fast, actually a singer/performer should get better year by year and reach the peak of their carrer then fall slowly, but that happened too fast for britney, she got better from 1998 – 2004 and 2004 was her peak but the hiatus from 2005 – 2006 made her different and in 2007 – till now, she didnt give us what she used to have. Come on Brit, we want you… but if you don’t want it, then just do what makes you happy, you said you’re happy when you’re at home with your kids, then just do it. I don’t want to see you being pushed doing all of these :(

  36. 36
    SeeC Says:

    she is finished, she is awful…bye bye trashy britney

  37. 37
    Lucy Says:

    I’m amazed that people are willing to settle for so little in her performances. She’s stiff and lackluster and looks disinterested in being there. She’s clearly out of shape and has a hard time moving around. She has not sung live in years for one single performance, and that’s inexcusable. Swinging around the fake hair is not a performance. She doesn’t write anything and it’s not even her voice anymore with all of the autotuning that they’ve done; throw in the inability to perform, and I’m not sure what she actually brings to the table.

  38. 38
    MangerBouger Says:

    @Lucy: if you blame her for autotuning then you should have to do it so with 3/4 of the american music.

    Autotuning was created by americans ! LOL

  39. 39
    666 Says:

    Madonna, Gwen, JLo had kids too and they are waaayyyyy older, BS is 29.

  40. 40
    666 Says:

    genitals flashing, flagrant lack of articulation, daily fast food, daily starbucks, white trash teen mom sister, white trash breeds-like-rabbits ex husband.
    managed to lose custody of her children to their loser of a father, still under her father’s conservancy.

  41. 41
    treyc Says:

    You know how they compare young Elis to old Elvis? Young Elvis was a “Beast” Powerful, charismatic, hot, oozed star quality. Old Elvis became fat and could barely perfrom. Britney is the new Elvis and right now, she is “Fat Elvis:.

  42. 42
    VICTORIA Says:

    The real sane people who are with me, we all know Britney Trailer Park Trash Spears is done and can not make it in a GAGA WORLD. In Gaga’s world, you can’t LIP-SYNC. In Gaga’s world, you better be artistic and creative. In Gaga’s world, your dancing better be out of this world. I can go on and on. Britney is worst then Christina Aguilera. At least Christina Aguilera was in shape when she was promoting Bionic. Christina Aguilera’s awful personaliy and her mean spirit took her out of the game. Britney Spears is holding on by a thin string but she has to compete with the bottom feeders which are Katy Perry, Rihanna and the Horrid Keisha. Gaga is the Queen at the top. When her album comes out on May 23, 2010, Gaga will reign for a long time because she will be pumping out alot of videos for her songs. This is a message for Britney Spears. Stop embarrassing yourself, go home and take care of your kids. Also don’t forget to take your medication. That’s very important.

  43. 43
    j Says:

    Where’s the mic?? she’s not even gonna fake lip synching?!

  44. 44
    Alexia Says:

    Her eyes look really weird in the second video… what has she done to her face? She doesn’t seem happy or into what she’s doing

  45. 45
    taylor Says:

    The poor dear. She should just enjoy living her life out of the spotlight like her sister and raise her boys. Her eyes look empty and sadly she cannot dance anymore. She moves slow and doesn’t have the energy or charisma to be onstage as a performer. I wish her well but she should hang it up. The jacka$$ bit was funny though and yes it’s obvious they used a stunt double for the second half of it…duh.

  46. 46
    Cheryl Says:

    Pathetic. Seriously, pathetic performance. Lip-synching is just not acceptable.

  47. 47
    me Says:

    no talent,no beauty,plain boring to me

  48. 48
    Pork Chops Says:

    her fans must be desperate for something to follow, she barely has a pulse, omg embarrassing performance, the jackass skit was so lame, omg how fake and stupid, but again it might be a hit with her fans !

  49. 49
    BEN Says:

    To Adam Leber,you could cut production costs on the next tour by dispensing with the unused microphone…Quote by-Neil Hamburger’s Twitter.

  50. 50
    lola Says:

    oh shut up haters. She is back and couple of comments here wont stop her.

  51. 51
    Sun Says:

    she needs eyebrows :/

  52. 52
    taylor Says:

    Well it’s possible that she’s on prescription drugs for depression or bi-polar which changes a person’s personality somewhat, no highs and no lows and it keeps them in the middle. Perhaps this is why it looks like she’s going through the motions and has no heart in it, the meds won’t let her feel it like she used to. That’s my only explanation as to why she is SO different than who she used to be. If you look at her past interviews/performances before her public meltdown/lockdown she was sharper in her dance moves and her eyes had a spark in them and it which is missing now. It doesn’t have anything to do with her being older either. I’m not trying to knock her or anyone for being on medication, obviously it’s helped her get her life back so best wishes to her and her family. She should just do something else though, it’s hard to see her so different and disconnected to what she is doing onstage.

  53. 53
    Justice Says:

    I still like her but her performances are getting lazier and lazier each passing year, tour, etc. Step it up, Brit. You’ll be charging a ton of money for tickets and dishing some weak a** sh*t.

  54. 54
    S Says:

    LOL but that was not her getting wet and it wasnt her running after those guys…you could obviously tell it was a double but if I was famous, I wouldnt want to do it either lol

  55. 55
    Christy Says:

    Less than 5 years from now, it will be Britney who? The real reason why Iglesias dropped out of the tour is obvious. She’s pathetic.

  56. 56
    tatiana budnik Says:

    she changed and well she cant really dance as she used to and i just wish she didn’t lip synch because its bad and someone really needs to tell her how to dress because those outfits are really bad…sorry i love her but hate how she dresses..

  57. 57
    DJB Says:


    Seriously, you’re comparing her to Elvis. I fail to see any comparisons at all. Elvis had one of the best recording singing voices ever not to mention he sang live!!

  58. 58
    lovekillsmex Says:


  59. 59
    Shooped Says:

    during this performance she looked a little uncomfortable because her straps were falling off her shoulder. She had to re-adjust them like a million times. I would put her in something more body flattering and comfortable..shes a mom now, like seriously, do you think she wants to dance and prance around like she did when she was 19? Think about it. I think she did great anyways.

  60. 60
    heidi Says:

    she does look amazing for 29 years old and 2 kids but i think being on stage and performing she could be a little risky shes not picking her kids up from school shes performing she looks amazing i wish i could dance like her and shes a nice girl who has overcome alot in her 29 years of age so whoever is bashing her they she think twice about what shes been through and stop hating on her–she will have an awesome tour i wish her the best of luck!

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