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Chris Brown: 'Dancing with the Stars' Performances

Chris Brown: 'Dancing with the Stars' Performances

Chris Brown suits up for performances on Dancing with the Stars‘ latest episode, airing Tuesday (March 29) on ABC.

The 21-year-old singer performed “Forever”/”Beautiful People” and “Yeah 3X” on the show.

Chris‘ latest album, F.A.M.E., debuted at #1 on the Billboard charts this past week.

“I wanna thank all of my fans for making my album number 1 in the country!! I love you! We did it. I live for my music!! I survive for my fans!!!” Chris tweeted.

Chris Brown – ‘Forever”/”Beautiful People”

Click inside to watch Chris Brown perform “Yeah 3X”…

Chris Brown – “Yeah 3X”
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Credit: Adam Taylor; Photos: ABC
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  • pop86

    Chris still has anger issues, however his performance was 10x better than Brittany Spears.

  • http://B Sligo lambert ^______^ cute

    This homelast boy with farts girl bretny

  • http://B Sligo lambert ^______^ cute


  • annie

    All shit aside he’s a good performer

  • Lola

    Shame he had to mime but it’s a dancing show and he was obviously there to show OUT his dancing skills! Amazing. Can’t wait to see him live.

  • bubbaness

    He needs to stop being rewarded for bad behavior.

  • persian221

    @4 ITA
    He is a good performer, needs to work on his anger issues
    It’s time for haters to MOVE ON

  • Passby

    He is a good performer…it’s time to move on. Hopefully, he will work his issue but everyone deserves a second chance. Let’s move on!

  • Tev


  • Leona


  • MC

    Hurray for autotune!

  • Jon

    @MC: Bottom line, the guy beats women. Once an abuser, always an abuser. Look at the pics of what he did to Rhiannon. Surprised corporate America still gives this guy a chance.

  • lalou

    He deserves a second chance. He is an amazing artist. Can’t wait to see him live. His album is great.

  • i n f a m o u s l y c o o l

    all dancing.

  • sunflower27828

    Chris mom tweeted last night that he was sick. If he performed like that sick, can you imagine the show he will put on when he’s feeling 100%. Congratulations Breezy…..Fantastic Perfomance!!!!!!!!!

  • susan1

    he is very good performer! fantastic i love it!!!!

  • Annie

    Chris is so typical of people who are in denial. They never really stop to consider that THEY might have a serious problem instead the problem is always other people who won’t STFU, other people who keep bringing up the past, Rhianna who was asking for it, Rhianna hit me first, Raz B called me gay, Robin asked me some tough, mean questions waaaaahhhhh ad infinitum. Why should he get a second chance when he makes no effort to change? btw, he’s not sorry he broke that window. Afterwards he was out grinding against booties without a care in the world.

  • Mia

    @Jon: i’m sick of the phrase “once a _______ always a ________ “. It’s bull. I don’t know about you but there ARE people in the world who are able to better themselves whatever their situation. Look at you, pretending like you give a damn about Rihanna yet you can’t even spell her name correctly. Let the boy live and while he’s at it, put on one hell of a show! I burst out laughing when people try to convincingly state that Chris Brown has no talent because even if you hate the guy, his talents are right in your face. No denying it!

  • The B is back

    Clearly Chris Brown needed to be sanctioned about his behavior with Rihanna. As far as we know that was the first and hopefully the last time he has done this. While we do know there are many other celebrities who also have a file at the police station for domestic abuse. How in the hades did this 20 year old black kid get to be the Poster Boy for Domestic Abuse in America? Come people get real, white men have been bashing their women for ever…We have all read about them in the newspapers. Yet, they got to go on with their lives without the world breathing down their neck. Here is a 20 year old whose family had a history of Domstic Abuse…that is how a kid learns to handle his problems…He has paid his dues and Rihanna has stepped away and is living her life without his controlling and violent behavior. Get real people…

  • unbeliebable

    If my sister or mother was beaten to a pulp, would I want to see her abuser being given a standing ovation a year later and being applauded? Women and children beaten and abused: hold your heads up high, at the end you will have victory. No abuse goes unpunished. He can sell albums but he will always have to answer to God about what he did. Always.

  • unbeliebable

    If my sister or mother was beaten to a pulp, would I want to see her abuser being given a standing ovation a year later and being applauded? Women and children beaten and abused: hold your heads up high, at the end you will have victory. No abuse goes unpunished. He can sell albums but he will always have to answer to a higher power about what he did. Always.

  • The B is back

    @Annie: Nah ,,.,Chis is typical of a 20 year old who did something violent and stupid, got caught doing it, and paid the legal price for it. For people to try and make him the poster boy for Domestic Abuse in America, is silly and probably fairly racist. Yeah, racist…yeah, I’m playing the race card. There have been numerous police reports by high profile older white and black males who have been involved with battering their girlfriends and spouses…but they were allowed to go with little or no continuing media attention. A 20 year has to deal with this crap for months? give me a break, he’s 20…just how wise is he at this point in his life. Of course he’s pissed at being jacked up in every conversation about that incident. Should he behave differently ? Yeah, and we should have cured poverty by this time too! It is what it is… Talented kid and let’s hope he understands race in America…no matter how much money and fame, you are still black in America…also really stupid if you are beating on women.

  • Stacey


    But it is okay for Corp America to give Charlie Sheen support? Charlie Sheen again is 45 + years old and has been beating women, threatening women, abusing women for years. It’s okay to give him another chance, but not okay for the “black” kid who is (by the way 21yrs old) still has a lot of growing up to do. If Chris’ behavior hasnt changed in 20 years, then I agree with you.


  • to 22

    To 22: Black women make up a disproportionate percentage of women who are beaten and abused. Black girls are a huge part of the girls living in violent or abusive households. In fact it is racist to ignore their plight and to let any man be rewarded after showing abuse to a black woman.Not holding men accountable for the abuse of a black woman is RACIST.

  • ChrisJack

    I wonder if this Jackson wanna be used those fightin moves on Rhianna that nite. Frig him – anyone who lip syncs their songs when their tryin to make a comeback is a b!tch. I noticed his hair was dyed black again so that people would think “oh, different hair different Chris”. Ur an idiot if u fall for it. He has issues that his ego will never let him resolve. I have no respect for him at all….

  • to 24

    Charlie Sheen should be in jail. Just because Charlie is being applauded should not be the reason we applaud Chris Brown. What part of “he beat a woman to a pulp” that you do not seem to understand? What if that was YOUR daughter or mother?

  • Sunshine67

    Once a woman beater, always a woman beater is so played out and not true. If that is the case, there should be no such thing as the word change. Anyone and anything can change if they want to. So holding people to the the bad & horrific things they have done does not stop them from changing, it just stop you from changing how you feel about them even if they change or not. So the statement should be the disgust I feel about a woman beater is how I will always feel about a woman beater and that will never change. Because people change and improve their character everyday whether you want to receive it, acknowledge it or not. Which is your prerogative to do so. Which I believe is a problem within itself – holding on to the past.

  • Jon

    Rascist? This has nothing to do with the color of his skin. This has to do with him making poor decisions — one of them being beating up women. Talented? Perhaps, but that, once again, has nothing to do with him making poor decisions — one of them being beating up women.

    There are many talented, white, black, yellow, red, green people out there. Get somebody else.

  • mike g



  • Melissa

    that was great, loved it
    i love both songs, and he;s a good performer!

  • Amara

    Please leave this young man alone. He has done his time, and paid for the behavior. How will he learn if we do not forgive him and move on? This young man deserves a chance to move on with his life. He deserved a chance to perform without any negative feedback. Great performances Chris…keep going forward! There are people out there who love you and forgive you. We are praying with you and for you, you are forgiven when you ask GOD to forgive you—HE will not always hold this against you—NEVER.

  • mickey

    It’s easy for him to “survive” for his fans because he is the one doing all the hitting and attacking. What a tool. His music is as bad as he is.

  • melody

    Please and all the passes we have given Charlie Sheen. So now Chris can’t get a second chance. Please if America can give Brittany Spears a chance after putting her child in dange and her drunken antics. Then Chris deserves a second chance after two years. And even Rihanna drop the order of Protection and told people to get over it. So do us all a favor and build a bridge and get over someone elses past.

  • Jon

    @melody: The “Got Milk” advertising campaign has dropped Chris Brown. One of many to come. Thank goodness.

    Finally, by the way Charlie Sheen is also a piece of…but don’t confuse Charlie with the the subject here. The subject is Chris Brown and his poor decisions — one of them being beating women.

    This is not a race issue or a question of the guy’s talent. It is a question of corporate America sponsoring this guy of immorale character. As soon as the endorsements stop, so will the sightings of Chris Brown.

  • hehe*

    @Mia: I agree 100%

  • Sunshine67

    There you all go again, the issue is not about chris brown beating a Rihanna – that is your issue. Which is two years old. The issue is him appearing on ABC’s DWTS after trashing ABC’s GMA dressing room along with breaking a window. All of you who want to comment on him beating up Rihanna need to go and google some old articles two years ago. With the way people keep talking about his abuse on Rihanna the post may still be open. So good luck with that. If he beats another woman again, I can understand that, but he has not so on that issue I am proud of him and hope he keeps it up. I am disappointed in his display of anger at GMA. But I will take that behavior any day over domestic abuse. I just hope he gets or continue to get the help he needs in spite of his anger management relapses. I wish Chris Brown Good Luck with everything. I enjoyed both of his performances and I thought it was genius for him to lip sync, so he could focus on more dancing considering that DWTS is a dancing show. He is a great performer who does need to control his anger. I am rooting for him. Because unlike a lot of people I do believe he is trying to work on his anger and character building.

  • Abby

    When he was singing Yeah x3 was it live? Clearly the boy has anger problems and thats really sad but I will say this – he clearly knows how to put on a show.

  • http://deleted F.A.M.E

    that was an awesome show he put out there !!!
    congratz kid #1 you just now proved you deserve it :>

  • LEB

    @The B is back: AMEN!

  • Too Cute

    I loved his performances!!!!


    i wonder if you ever heard that he beat up a woman before or after rihanna! You sound so shallow minded! People like you don’t even deserve forgiveness in your life for anything at all!


    Clearly a dumb person! That’s what you are! If God can forgive a murderer then what is so hard in him forgiving someone that abused another person physically? You have no forgiveness in your heart at all!


    You know, its very bad to be so ignorant yet showing it to the world! As a dancer, i know very well that it is very difficult to sing while performing those dance routines! The same haters would have said he has no talent if his voice came out bad while he was dancing & singing because there is certainly no way he would’ve been able to pull off dancing & singing perfectly…..even Michael Jackson never did a backflip in his entire career! So think or at least confirm your facts before fooling yourself!


    WTF!!!!!! What year do you think we are? You must have gone to bed in 2009 & woken up in 2011!!! lmao!!!! The Got Milk b.s dropped him back then when he just got arrested for rihanna! fool!

  • huh?

    Anyone who defends him needs therapy, is an abuse victim or is just a backwards fool. He is and will always be a woman beater. Now he has to live with that.

  • caroline

    Chris was awesome!! And his album, FAME, is amazing.

  • CB

    @ huh? You are truly clueless! It is called forgiveness, try it sometime. Chris and Rhianna is over it way can’t you get over it? I think you are the one with the issues.

  • Lady K

    just let it go its wayy more to the story from what we know anywayy ..and from what i heard they suppose to be getting back togather..



    I’m sure that Chris is not the only 20 something in America who has ever hit a woman, and he wont be the last. The only difference between him and the rest is he is an entertainer. If he was a nobody living in the pj’s beating up his girl no one would care the least. He made a mistake and he paid for it everyone should just let it go Frankenstein did (Rhianna) she’s even happy the restraining order has been lifted go figure. Chris is young and thus has a lot of growning to do but in his own time just like the rest of us did nobody is perfect not even u reading this take a look in the mirror next time u judge someone see if what u r looking at measures up to the high standards u set for others!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • markamara

    At the end of the day…he has the last laugh because he killed it.