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Katie Holmes: Suri's Penis Gummies Explained!

Katie Holmes: Suri's Penis Gummies Explained!

Katie Holmes makes an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, which airs on Friday (April 1).

The 32-year-old actress told Ellen about her daughter Suri being photographed holding a box of “penis gummies.”

“Recently, I took her to get ice cream in New York at this place called Serendipity that we go to all the time. It’s for kids,” Katie said. “The clientele is children. We go in and we are waiting for a table and she grabs some gummies that are boy part gummies. I was horrified.”

“P-e-n-i-s gummies,” Katie spelled out. “I said, oh wow those aren’t Swedish fish.”

“They are called p-e-n-i-s gummies and they look like it. She was holding the box and I was like ok, wow we don’t need that right now. Because I thought if I said put that back and then she’s going to say, what is this? And I really didn’t want to have that conversation. I was like, why are selling these here? This is for kids. And then it was on the cover of a magazine that I’m giving her those gummies.”

Bigger pic inside…

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62 Responses to “Katie Holmes: Suri's Penis Gummies Explained!”

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  1. 26
    pooh Says:


  2. 27
    suzy Says:

    How very New York City. Gummy bear ***** in an ice cream shop!

    What a disgusting place this must be, sound like porn ice cream! Why? just for the sake of NASTY!

  3. 28
    DaVinciSmetana Says:

    She was buying them for her husband.

  4. 29
    omg Says:

    tommy girl made her explain , while he sat back stage eating gummy dicks

  5. 30
    nanci Says:

    why do they spoil Suri sooooo much ! kids have to be told NO sometimes.

  6. 31
    IcKe Says:

    come on now, please grow up.
    whats the deal about it. Every second person has a *****. its a NORMAL thing and its not unsavory to speak with your child about it.

  7. 32
    Grandma of Four Says:

    Well…I can accept the series of events! Sort of! I do feel the paps have been hounding this little girl. Bud I do have a question for Katie! (as I recall, this incident took place sometime around the midnight hour)…WHY in the world did you have your little four year old child out in the middle of the night for ice cream? THAT was more concerning than the gummie candy…although, I think the establishment they were at should take more care in their candy ordering! Just plain GROSS! :- (

  8. 33
    FFer Says:

    Tuesday morning at 8:16, I woke up from a dream about walking around Seattle at midnight with my iPad in hand, doing a google image search for the word [s u c k]. I came up to some women on the University Bridge sitting at a suicide hot line table. The ladies on the phone were crying just as much as the people who had called into their service.

  9. 34
    bubbaness Says:

    The beautiful thing about parenting is that you don’t HAVE to offer an explanation when you’re laying down the law. Just goes to show who has the power in that family. Plenty of other parents would redirect without fretting over an explanation.

  10. 35
    missy b Says:

    Jared’s excerpt is misleading. I saw a preview video of Katie on Ellen, and she made it clear that she did NOT buy the gummies. Jared left out the last part of her quote.

  11. 36
    missy b Says:

    Here it is.

    “I was like, ‘Oh my god, no.’ We put them back.”

  12. 37
    Unknown Says:

    I love Katie but I feel for this child having to live with these kinds of parents.

  13. 38
    juniper Says:

    The place Serendipity is not just for kids, many adults go there too. There are often lines outside to get in; it is a historic NY place. Katie needs to lighten up about this, and maybe stop feeding her child so much sugar.

  14. 39
    itsme Says:

    ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS SAY NO!!! Its time Suri learns the meaning of the word. Its a shame Tom and Katie don’t know how to raise a well adjusted child. I’m sure it has a lot to do with all of that Scientology crap….

  15. 40
    Isaa Says:

    Katie Holmes does not have parenting skills. Too dumb to understand the simpliest things. Too self absorbed in her “Career”… what acting career….just like someone JA…keeps making movies that don’t amount to anything …or being on broadway…only way she gets these roles is because of her connection to Tom Cruise. Stay home Katie and be a good normal mother and raise Suri like a normal child.

  16. 41
    Juliet Says:

    I’ve been to Serendipity and it’s definitely not a kiddie place. She’s flat out lying about that. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with a kid grabbing hold of a pack of ‘adult’ gummies (apart from the fact she was out at midnight) but KH should not try to blame the restaurant by claiming it’s a kiddie place when it isn’t. Besides why didn’t she just say, ‘no you can’t have candy at midnight.’ No explanation about what the gummies show neccesary.

  17. 42
    Frida Says:

    Well, I’m glad that she realizes that it was weird. The ***** gummies aren’t the biggest issue though. Ellen should’ve asked her why she insists on bringing her daugther out at midnight/ don’t dress her properly etc. etc.

  18. 43
    lol Says:

    @*****-gummies-explained/comment-page-2/#comment-17778498" rel="nofollow">FFer: ?

  19. 44
    toria Says:

    I’ve read that Katie is supposed to be smart. Got high grades. Why then does she consistently sound so vapid and moronic. Her quotes sound “like” the way a teenager would talk.

  20. 45
    Ann Says:

    The girl doesn’t know what they are, and won’t think to even wonder about the shapes. She’s young enough to only be thinking that’s it’s candy. And I agree, if a big deal was made, she might start wondering why. She’s not old enough to remember this event so it really doesn’t matter. I’d let her eat them.

  21. 46
    the use of the word LIKE Says:

    Katie should read this AOL article on the word “Like” and job hunting:

    For years Baby Boomers have been aggravated by young job applicants who use terms like, ‘uh,’ ‘like’ and ‘ya know’ excessively, and now there’s research that says it’s more than just an aggravation — it could well be a deal breaker.

    That’s according to research conducted by the Department of Psychology, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. For the study, they set up mock job interviews with hiring professionals, and then spoke with the interviewers about their impressions.

    They came to the conclusion that adult professionals were least likely to want to hire those who used the word “like” excessively and incorrectly. The interviewers also perceived the applicant to be less professional, and were less likely to recommend the interviewee for hiring.

    Gratuitous, as well as incorrect use of the word “like” seems to really rub many people the wrong way, and most of those who overuse it have no idea they’re doing it. Sentences such as, “So he’s like, ‘you’re the best worker I’ve ever seen,’ and that, like, made me feel I’m like, so professional,” could drive an interviewer mad. Surprisingly enough, the interviewers preferred ‘uh’ to ‘like.’

  22. 47
    isabel Says:

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  23. 48
    Chrissy Says:

    Did a grown woman just use the term “boy parts” and spell out the correct name for the male sexual organ? What an utter and complete moron. Katie speaks like a 15 year old who’s never seen a P E N I S. Oh wait. She’s married to Tom Cruise. I pretty sure she’s never seen his. Katie’s PR says she was accepted to Columbia. I’d like to see the acceptance letter. Lets face it. PR people can say whatever they want. She speaks like an idiot. Acts like a 12 year old and sounds so affected I laughed out loud.

    Seriously, if Suri’s only problem was picking up a package of adult candies, I’d say so what, but the fact is this child has cretins for parents, is being raised in a cult, is still using a pacifier and a bottle at 5 (nearly), wears high heels and makeup, refuses to wear seasonal clothing…etc. Hate to say it but the candies are nothing compared to what this kid is going to be like in a few years and it’s completely the fault of the two idiots who are raising her.

  24. 49
    FFer Says:

    Why was Kate on a show for predatory suicidal lesbians talking about child candy issues?

  25. 50
    maria Says:

    Unbelievably stupid explanation…just take the candy away from her and say no. Why does she need candy AND icecream at midnight!!!

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