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Miranda Kerr: Victoria's Secret Pink Carpet!

Miranda Kerr: Victoria's Secret Pink Carpet!

Miranda Kerr walks the carpet at the 2011 Victoria’s Secret SWIM Collection Pink Carpet Event hosted by VS Angels at Club L on Wednesday (March 30) in Los Angeles.

The 27-year-old Aussie model showed off her amazing body after giving birth less than three months ago!

Miranda was joined on the pink carpet by her fellow Victoria’s Secret angels, Adriana Lima, Candice Swanepoel, and Alessandra Ambrosio, and mingled with Kanye West inside the bash.

The angels have been tweeting from @VictoriasSecret all day to celebrate the launch of the new swimwear line.

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Credit: Jerod Harris; Photos: Getty
Posted to: Adriana Lima, Alessandra Ambrosio, Candice Swanepoel, Miranda Kerr

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  • Mari

    She looks so gorgeous. That colour also really suits her. :)

  • Sara Hoscilo

    Miranda Kerr has an amazing figure. I just love her curves. She’s so shapely. She’s a great example to women around the country. She proves that curves really are sexy! I’m not skinny, I’m curvy, but I think that’s the best way to be. Womanly. It’s sexy!

  • Carla Germanotta

    I’m so happy for Miranda. She must be over the moon!
    So far, unfortunately, I’ve been dealing with men with no backbone, who make promises they cannot keep. A lot of men don’t know how to handle a strong woman. I am a 34 year old divorced woman with a young daughter and it would be nice to have a son as well. We’ll see. I’m dying to have a baby. I’d like two. In fact, my biological clock is already ticking and I don’t know how to describe it. It’s just becoming a physical need now. I just really want a baby! I want to reproduce so bad! It’s less an intellectual decision than a physical calling. My body feels like it’s asking to reproduce, to have a huge belly and carry babies.

  • Hilary Cavallari

    Love Miranda Kerr!! She deserves to be so happy and have lots of babies. Really lovely girl.
    I turn 30 next week which I’m excited about and I see it as an achievement that I’ve got to this age without getting married and having children. Not that I’ve got anything against either, but I have been with so many guys who have said “You’re mine. Let’s get married and have kids” and I have always said no because I have always wanted my independence and my own life. This year hasn’t been easy, but now that I’m in a good place with having a great job and a toyboy and I’ve never been in better shape, I am looking forward to giving all that up. I wasn’t in a relationship that fulfilled me until now and what I did in the past was selfish. I take responsibility for everything I’ve done. I hate that people got hurt. But I don’t regret the outcome – a committed relationship with my toyboy. I’d love to have children in the next couple of years because the result is so worth it and my toyboy adores them. He is only 22, but I am really surprised by his maturity. But he’s got his career and things are going well, so I wouldn’t want to put him under any pressure. I don’t feel the clock ticking. If it happens, it happens. It’s a whole new world.

  • Lara Dane

    Woooo! I’m so excited for her!
    Being a new mother myself definitely makes me feel so much sexier than ever before. There’s a certain responsibility that I carry being a mom that makes me feel very confident and so blessed. Being a mom is the best thing that’s ever happened to me.

  • hollywood

    she has no hips

  • kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    adriana have nice color at all,
    candice sooo pretty ,but i hate blonde

  • kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    Miranda & Alessandra .average girl but they have nice dark hair

  • Emma

    She isl lovely! No doubt!

    but I’m just so sick of reading:
    ..only 1/2/3 months after giving birth, she rocks the bathing-suit/undergarments/sexy dress…

    :/ it’s like some sort of contest?! And it’s boring cause non of those model-mothers didn’t gain some huge weight, to make it a big issue…plus they work out during pregnancy.

  • Jordan

    No Behati or Rosie, fail.

  • Dasha

    Adriana is the best, she’s so beautiful.

  • lexy hates bilson

    She looks great! Love that dress!

  • Wow!

    Wow @ Miranda! She really shows what healthy living can do for you! I’m sure she stayed really healthy & fit during her pregnancy and now she looks amazing!

  • Boobs


    and she also has those enhanced boobs from the breastfeeding – lol

  • Hmm

    @Sara Hoscilo:

    I would hardly call her curvy, Yes, she does looks more voluptuous now thanks to nursing her baby (or a great bra) but mostly she is boyish and tall and thin. I think she looks awesome – but curvy woman – no

  • LadyB

    She looks great, but remember she was very skinny pre-baby. She shouldn’t lose weight, she should remain like this.. She looks more of a woman.

  • bree

    Miranda is really beautiful

  • bree

    Adriana is HOT

  • Annie

    She looks amazing. I really don’t see any extra weight on her than pre-preg – other than in her boobs! Lucky girl.

  • Bradley

    Adriana looks like The Heidi of the group now :/ bigger and older than everyone else.

  • YES!

    She looks fantastic!
    I’m so glad that she’s back!
    I missed her beautiful, sweet face!

  • Meh

    Miranda has always looked average to me. with as big exploda head to go along with it, meh. Adriana hasn’t been wow since 2005, ages ago. Ale has been looking bad lately sut surprisingly she looks better than she has in a while! . Candice she is my favorite but rather meh looking here. Where the F is Doutzen???? Now THAT is a beauty!!!!!

  • YAY!

    Oh, and the way that VS was hyping her return, they must have really missed her, too!


    Welcome Back to VS Miranda!!!!! She is so BEAUTIFUL!!!! Love the red dress!

  • meryl

    adriana needs her hair down to hide that huge face!

  • Tine

    Miranda and Adriana are beautiful <3 the other girls are nice too.

  • Rockon

    I like Candice and Miranda best because they actually get great high fashion work and are not boring models. Adriana and Ale have been in the business for 100 years and still can’t get a Vogue Italia cover, wtf???? Not a surprise they are pretty bad models. One dead fish face expression in ALL of their pictures. They only look good in cheap stuff like GQ or Victorias Secret.

  • Julie

    Love Miranda and Candice since they look more womanly now and lost all that baby fat in their faces!!! gorgeous! Ale is also beautiful!

  • hmm

    Candice is a really pretty girl, but she needs to tone it down.
    She needs to understand, as the other girls do, that they are a team, and not individuals out there.
    There is a brief video from the red carpet, and Candice is basically seperating herself from the group to pose for the photogs.
    She did it at the earlier event, too, Posing like she was at an individual photo shoot, instead of posing WITH Ale.
    She does this any time they are together. It’s like she is fighting for individual attention, instead of posing as one of the Angels.
    All of the other girls link arms, and relate to each other. She drops her arms and moves a bit in front of the rest.
    She’s gorgeous, but she comes across as a needy, desperate girl, when she doesn’t have to be that way.

  • chicka

    @hmm: Maybe its what will set her apart from being just another model to being; THE model. You kind of have to have a bold personality if you want to be a superstar model. You can’t just be some shy little smiling chick all the time. God did you see Linda Evengelista or Naomi Campbell acting like that? um no they posed on their own all the time in group shots like the DIVAs they were and look at their iconic careers? while the shy models often faded off into obscurity. Go Candice!!!! Vogue Italia cover, Steven Meisel does love him some superstars with personality. He is known to not want to work with girls he has to direct. If he has to direct you he is known to make you leave his studio and never work with you again. He likes his girls to do all the work and be actresses in front of the camera; enlighten him. Obviously Candice knows her stuff if she already got a Vogue Italia cover. I’m glad she doesn’t act or look like some sidekick.

  • aleale

    I Love ale the best! She looks prettier than she has in a while and healthy and glowing. I think she has the prettiest face,. love her dark sultry beauty and doesn’t look like some little cupcake girl. The only thing that ruins her is her horse teeth veneers :/

  • vanessa

    adriana looks olddddd

  • MC

    gosh remember the perfect models of the 1990s? whats happened to models? bloated faces,crooked teeth,funny legs,bad models. BLAH. extremely overrated and I now know why models aren’t on magazine covers anymore.. their faces are fug!

  • iknow


    Emma you know why they all look so great after giving birth? It’s called a labor package. After their C-section they also do a tummy tuck. It’s quick and easy, and very affordable for the rich and famous. It really is no miracle they bounce back so quickly, it’s science. I wish all women had the money to do the same thing so they can feel better about themselves and their bodies.

  • iknow

    oh and I forgot one more thing..the boob job. They do a complete package so when you go home and recover you are up and running with a perfect body in a couple weeks.
    Why thumbs down? I’m not hating, I saw this on Dr. Ray’s show dumba****

  • betty

    Miranda looks great wow.She is a stunner.Bloom is one lucky man.

  • wrong…


    How about eating healthy food and exercising? That works or maybe you haven’t tried it? I highly doubt these models had tummy tucks. Taking care of themselves by eating well and excercising is part of their job and that’s what they can afford – personal trainer, organic food etc.

  • $$$


    Completely agree

  • @30

    There is a time and place for everything.
    Miranda has a Vogue Italia cover, too remember?
    Candice just looks like she is TRYING to upstage the other girls.
    That doesn’t win you points with anyone.
    The other girls come across as classy, she comes across as a b**ch.
    BTW, when Gisele was posing with the other VS girls, she acted like she was part of the group, not the star that she is.
    THAT is how an Angel acts. Not like a diva.

  • helen

    it´s their job look great, with trainer, exicising, using a lot of make up and push-up bras. But really they are flat and skinny, no hips, no waist . they haven´t to take care of their children because they have someone to do it, and all time they get is for themselves. they are no real women. And a woman is not only a face or a body is too a brain. i don´t hate them because i think it is very stressful thinking all the time that perhaps some young woman some day will look younger and better than they are now, and in this society we should think more in be better person than only thinking about the face and body.It´s important but not the most.

  • Jacob

    If its not for Adriana’s amazing eyes and exotic coloring, she really is nothing special.

    and her neck is HUGE!

  • @40

    So since they are pretty, they aren’t “real women”?
    That is a bit sexist, don’t you think?
    I’m not sure about the other girls, but Miranda does a lot of charity work, and has started her own skincare line.
    She’s more than just a pretty face.
    Beautiful women can be smart, too.
    You say that “a woman is not only a face or a body is too a brain”, then you go on to judge them based upon their looks.
    Hypocritical and sexist, all in one post.
    Saying that they aren’t “real women” is ridiculous.

  • shanda

    Miranda,Ale,Candice look amazing!!! and wow at Miranda’s post baby body! She just had a baby and looks 10x better than Adriana!

  • Looks good

    Miranda looks great here but you can tell her waistline has thickened a little. That’s one of the sometimes unavoidable downsides of giving birth. However, one of the advantages is a fuller bustline.

  • Theblues

    I wonder why Adriana never gets posted about on here? she is famous no? It seems like she is always shafted. I see paparazzi pictures of her all the time looking less than beautiful lol and it never is posted on jj, why? There are recent ones and she has 3 double chins and no makeup on. too bad they weren’t posted.

  • @44

    Year, carrying a nearly ten pound baby has got to change you a little bit.
    She looks amazing, though!

  • Ajd

    Adriana is beautiful but not like her obsessed fans make her out to be. They act so blind. I see flaws on the girl, trust me…

  • doh!

    #46 here.
    That was supposed to say ‘yeah’, not ‘year’.
    *slaps forehead*

  • Mike

    Miranda Kerr is one fugly woman.

  • Big M

    ‘Mike’ is one fugly woman.