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Alexander Skarsgard: L'Ermitage Hotel Arrival

Alexander Skarsgard: L'Ermitage Hotel Arrival

Alexander Skarsgard works up a sweat as he arrives at the L’Ermitage Hotel on Thursday (March 31) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

Over the weekend, the 34-year-old Swedish actor tried to hide from photographers by keeping a low profile in a blue hoodie while running errands.

Alex‘s show, True Blood, is set to return to HBO for its fourth season in June.

Check out the new seasons teaser trailer featuring Alex shirtless!

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alexander skarsgard lermitage hotel arrival 01
alexander skarsgard lermitage hotel arrival 02
alexander skarsgard lermitage hotel arrival 03
alexander skarsgard lermitage hotel arrival 04
alexander skarsgard lermitage hotel arrival 05

Photos: Flynet
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  • bellyache

    He’s looking good!

  • http://J Sligo lambert ^_____^ cute

    Police here?

  • kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    1 of paparazzi didn’t get mony

  • Brunette

    Yummy :-)

  • Alexandra

    This man is delicious <3. I just wish that he would come to his senses and ditch Bosworth already. He is miles and miles better than her.

  • Hans

    So apparently Kate is loving all the rumors about the so called break up, she was saying. -it only makes the agony of the haters so much sweeter when they realise that it isn’t true.

  • HottieWithoutTheNottie

    Looks great, stained T-shirt and all.

  • waiting for BosHo

    @ Hans, Im sure you’re right…just waiting for the next “couple in love” pic…..I think Alex needs a stylist his clothes are awful

  • She is so Vanilla

    @6 so 2 stalkers hand in hand. I can see you too have so much in common with the GF (LOL). Askars must be proud to have 2 professional stalkers loving him so much. Better go add these pics to your Askar shrine doll.

    Who gives a sh** what Boswhore thinks anyways, if she thinks at all, I am still laughing at her because he threats her like sh** in public I hope they are still whatever so I can continue to laugh at her dumbness of being a lame famewhore who shadows his every move. Funny she didn’t want to stalk him here, considering it is a hotel or maybe he was too busy saying Hello to another more intimate sexy curvy friend. You are a a joke, so thanks for the laughs both you.

    FYI enough Askar left over because just like you suck, SD will suck even more EPICLY. Bad, bad, awful, tragic actress.

  • Tanter

    He looks good. I like that he dresses like he always has. No stylist here – it’s pure ASkars :)

  • Bosworth&Gyllenhaal

    Personally, I think that Kate is better suited to Jake Gyllenhaal. Anyone feel the same? This is my big push, I wish it were possible to start an online petition to make it happen:)

  • Annie

    I wish he’d get rid of that greasy hair and go back to blonde, but other than that he’s looking yummy, healthier than he has in a long time. He seems to perk up when Bosho is not around. I still completely don’t buy them as a real couple anyway, the whole thing is just too bizarre- the opposite gender equivalent would be if say Keira Knightley and Corey Feldman suddenly hooked up. Bosho really is a dead weight, her only talents seem to be not eating, giving good bl*w jobs and scoring drugs.

    @hans – hi Kate.

  • @Annie

    I don’t think it’s greasy, I think it’s gel. It could look better though.

  • Bosworth&Gyllenhaal

    I get thumbs down because I think they would both be happier with other people? Gonna go pout now!

  • 9021 Ohhhhhhh

    Alex looks good but then again he always does when the 80lb beige appendage is missing.

  • @ Bosworth&Gyllenhal

    Sorry B&G. Not meant as a thumbs down to you but I had to thumbs down because I wouldn’t wish the sk@nk on Jake or anyone else in Hollyweird. Her expiration date has long since past and its time to send her irrelevant, snotty, self absorbed, non-existant a$$ back to Boston.

  • Bosworth&Gyllenhaal

    Alex needs to find himself a nice swedish girl, someone who understands the way his swedish mind works. Kate needs someone she has more in common with, Jake is still my first pick for that.

  • Annie

    @Bosworth&Gyllenhaal: I like playing matchmaker too but B&G? Nah, despite the gay rumors I can’t see this, Jake is too flashy and ambitious, he always tries to get with women at the top of the game. I personally think Kate would be better off with some non-celeb but if she really must hang around I can best see her with some inbred European minor aristocrat. Kate has that pod-person look.

  • Bosworth&Gyllenhaal

    Compare Kate and Jake’s sister, Maggie. Seriously, I think Jake is already quite used to Kate’s personality type:)

  • Annie

    Maggie is talented, low key, and quite pretty in a very quirky way. Kate is a loud fameho who would turn up to the opening of an envelope with the looks of an alien Stepford Wife. I don’t see it.

  • Bosworth&Gyllenhaal

    Prepare to be annoyed! I’m taking my campaign on the road:)


    He looks great!

  • Cara

    I’ve got all my fingers crossed and I’m bursting at the seams hoping that its done..over..finito….please please please…he just looks soooooo much better without the anchor around his neck, and I’m not talking about the necklace

  • Africanuck


    Was that your email posted in todays Ted C b*tch back?

    Dear Ted:
    I think that Kate Bosworth needs to dump Alexander Skarsgård and hook up with Jake Gyllenhaal! They would be an awesome couple! What do you think?

    Dear Semi-Winning:
    We’ve been telling you all that Skarsworth are headed to Splitsville. We just get this weird vibe from their awkward body language. But as much as we adore Jake, Skars is one hot piece of ass, literally, and not even Gyllenhaal can compete. Then again, Jake’s got those puppy dog eyes we melt for. Let’s call it a tie, on our part. Good thing Kate doesn’t actually have to pick between the two. That would be brutal.

  • Elle

    Hot hot hot, guess he dumped kate… the post with “her friends” she looks thinner dumpily thinner….fingers crossed

  • Prettylittlethings

    He is looking so damned fine lately, more meat on his bones and strutting his ass off!! Much more confident without that bag of bones hanging off him. Even the growly face is gone with the paps.

    I agree though, loose the gel and let the blond look come back. Much sexier honey. Much Much sexier.

    And those boots, they are going to kill me yet.

  • Whatever

    Skars without scowl looking mighty fine here and I just love that he dresses the way he wants. I even find those stains on his shirt endearing, what’s wrong with me? Skarsgardfever……. LOL…

  • Bosworth&Gyllenhaal

    @Africanuck: I said I was taking my campaign on the road, did you think I was kidding?!!!:)

  • Rachel()

    This is the first post I’ve read about AS in a long time where JJ didn’t awkwardly make some K-Ho reference. Could we take this as evidence that they broke up? Did K-Ho’s check bounce?

  • Bosworth&Gyllenhaal

    The majority of people leaving comments want to see Kate and Alex break up, I’m behind that one hundred percent!! I want to see Kate and Jake together, so rally behind me! Join my campaign, I can’t make this happen all by myself, in the end we all win! Let’s go people:)

  • Camille

    You’re welcome for the tip off Jared. LOL!

    Hopefully he was meeting up with some secret lover for some actual womanly curves. He looks hot!

  • Butter_Fly

    Well, that’s a first. Never heard a stain being described as “endearing” before. In other words, y’all be crazy! lol. I know, I know, thumb me down. I can take it.

  • Bosworth&Gyllenhaal

    Headed over to the Gyllenhaal boards now:)

  • Gina

    I hope they have broken up. I can’t stand her and I’ve never liked her but I have this feeling these break up rumors are all part of the big PR master plan Robin has cooked up as a build up for the SD release (which we all know will bomb at the box office).

    I really hope I’m wrong but I’m guessing they will “break up” then get back together – probably in June when S4 starts, have a love feast through the summer and then really be over once SD comes and goes, which thankfully, will be quick.

  • Zola24

    Wow. Sure looking good. This man is a walking orgasm.

    (Please don’t wish KB on Jake. No-one deserves that, she’ll find her own level soon enough).

  • Zola24

    Don’t believe that my post, (35), now has asterisks. Let’s see is this works – the word was o.r.g.a.s.m.

  • Zola24

    Yay. Success. The power of Askars will not be defeated. Ever.

  • Africanuck


    Monica obviously thought she had one ;)

  • seeshay

    looks gorgeous, stained tee shirt and all, and seems to have bulked up a bit which looks good on him. Doesn’t look as tired or stressed as sometimes too

  • Africanuck


    Maybe she’ll get the part in Total Recall and get with Colin Farrell.

  • chucky_monkey

    Meanest April Fools Joke Ever???

  • Hannah2

    @ B and G
    You go for it girl!!! spread the word.

  • Doreen

    Thankfully the entire Twitter page of that person is dedicated to photoshops of Alex and sometimes Kate. This was the description for the page:

    “Absurd Photoshops of A Hot Swede, Interesting Places and Tasty Treats”

  • little m

    Fingers crossed for Splitsville! Anybody actually knows why he doesn’t have his anchore necklace anymore? It was his talisman, so he always remember where he belongs, or sth like that, according to what he said in some old intervievs.


    You’ve ruined all the other men for me thank you very mucho of that you sexy mofo lol



  • Danielik25

    I want to see Alex with someone beautiful like Alexis Bledel or Olivia Wilde!

  • Blackcat99

    @OMG ENGAGED!!!!: OMG!THAT IS SO FAKE!That is not Kate’s body.No ribs showing and that body has boobs!It says on the page it came from that it is PHOTO SHOPPED!

  • Blackcat99

    @OMG ENGAGED!!!!: OMG!THAT IS SO FAKE.That was PHOTO SHOPPED!That is NOT Kate’s body.That body has boobs and no ribs showing!Even the page it came from says it is photo shopped.

  • Cara

    @OMG ENGAGED!!!!:

    Its a fake…haven’t you noticed it wasn’t posted on the real JJ site??